Get Cheaper Gas: Super America Doubles The Value of Gas Coupons

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To augment our discussion on 4 Ways to Pay Less at the Pump I mentioned last month, we’ve discovered a new gas station discount.

SuperAmerica Doubles Gas Coupons

Every Tuesday, Super America gas stations will double gas coupons, including competitor’s coupons. This is great because it lines up with Tuesday’s typically-lowered-price gas prices, which is super awesome! (Check for lowest gas prices at

They will double any gas coupon offering a per gallon discount, whether it is an SA coupon or a local competitor’s coupon. Corporate-owned SuperAmerica stores are participating in this promotion and not all franchises are. Be sure to call your local Super America before making a special trip.

To keep up with SuperAmerica, many, but not all, Holiday Stationstores are also doubling coupons on Tuesdays. You’ll have to ask at the register as it isn’t automatic at Holiday stores.

How This Works

For example, say you have a SpeedyRewards Card and have enough points to redeem for a $0.50/gallon coupon; redeem it on Tuesday and save $1/gallon on gas. Other coupons in the SpeedyRewards rewards catalog include $0.10/gallon and $0.25/gallon, which can be used on Tuesdays for double value.

Tip: You can help earn points faster by purchasing a $50 Super America Gift Card first, then using the gift card to pay for gas.

There is no need to have a SpeedyRewards card to get your coupon doubled. Those are just examples to illustrate how this double coupon promotion works.

Your turn: Are you going to take advantage of this promotion? What other tips or ways do you save on gas?


  1. Theresa Kasel says

    I usually purchase a $100 gift card to pay for my gas (it's worth 1000 points on my Speedy Rewards card.) Then I redeem that for a gas card for my points.

  2. Christy says

    Also, if you turn your Speedy Rewards card into a PayCard (simple online process to have it deduct from your checking account) you get an additional .05/gallon just for using your card for the first 90 days.

    • Gregg says

      Per their website you also earn double Rewards points if you use your Rewards Card as a PayCard – everyday, even past 90 days. Use to buy more gas cards (or candy bars!).

  3. Lauren says

    Has anyone done the research to find out which SA's in the St. Cloud are are participating in this promotion?

  4. says

    Went to Super America today, gas was higher then yesterday. Coupons bring it back down to what it was yesterday. Other stations cheaper. Whats up with that?

  5. says

    Since the beginning of the year I have found that SA raises there prices usually on Monday night or Tuesday morning so I try to get gas on Monday if I am buying it from SA.

  6. SarahBeth says

    I could not find phone nubmers on the link included above for calling your local Super America store to see if they are participating.

  7. Sandy says

    I just printed the Marathon Gas coupons and was able to use the 20 cents off one that was with a car wash purchase and the manager told the cashier to just take the 40 cents off since they do not have a car wash. Works toward 15 gallons of gas. So because of this article I saved $6.00! Thanks Carrie and all at PYD!!!

  8. Shannon says

    I used the 20 cents off coupon from this past Sunday's paper (business section) for Bobby and Steve's and they doubled it. Saved $8.00 (gas was 3.99 a gallon).

  9. Tammie says

    We saved over $17.00 at SA last night!!!! We were able to print a .50 coupon with SA card points. It was doubled to $1. Also we used the suggestion to buy a gift card first. We purchased a $100 gift card which was worth 2000 points. Then when you pay for your gas, you give them your SA card again and get points for a fill up. Use the gift card to pay and your good to go! It was the first time in a very long time we were happy when we left the pump!!!

  10. Michelle J says

    I'm super bummed. I sent my hubby to gas up tonight and redeem our 50cent/gallon discount with our Speedy Rewards points, but the manager said they only double competitor's coupons, not thier own. I was really looking forward to the $1/gallon…

    • Tammie says

      That's not the experience we have had! Both last week and this week we have been able to double a SA coupon!!!!

    • May says

      I was also told that they only double competitor coupons after I ran a .50 off coupon from the SR kiosk. I called Super America customer service and was advised that all of the SA locations in MN had been sold to Marathon. I called Marathon customer service for clarification and they just have only a voice mail box, so I am hoping for a call back.

  11. Beth says

    Which paper? Was it May 7 or 15? I checked both business sections of the 15th and didn't see any Coupons for Bobby and Steve's

  12. Jennie says

    The Super America in Ramsey off Bunker Lake Blvd. and St. Francis Blvd. is participating in the promotion. They will double competitors coupons AND their own coupons.

  13. Salome says

    I had the same experience as Tammie above. I did all the same things and saved almost $11 when I used the coupon from the kiosk. However, you have to remind them to double the coupon otherwise they will just take the 50¢ off. Luckily my store (near the corner of County Rd D and Hwy 88 in New Brighton) was already advertising this.

    Also, I brought in a competitor's coupon (from BP) and asked them about doubling the coupons. I was told that it does not matter if the coupon says 10¢ off gas with a purchase of XYZ. All they care about is the 10¢ off (or whatever amount). That is what gets doubled.

  14. Hilary says

    the twin cities sa stations have been getting their gas from the non-union marathon refinery in south saint paul for awhile. we avoid super america/speedway as they purchase their gas from non-union unskilled labor refineries.

    we buy kwik trip, holiday,pdq, as their gas is from the refinery in rosemount that is union labor and higher quality.

    bp is also a great choice

  15. Chris O says

    I don't know about the competitor's coupons, but if you use the Speedy Rewards coupons, it says on there "up to 25 gallons." I just used the $0.50/gal one today, so it doubled to $1/gal, and I saved almost $17! Next time I think I'll bring a gas can or two to get a full $25 off.

  16. Chris O says

    I had that problem at Maple Grove with one of the employees at first, but the manager came over and he doubled it, since it says that it's a fuel coupon.

  17. Chris O says

    Yes, and they doubled my Speedy Rewards coupon for $0.50/gal to $1/gal. The guy who rang me up said that they didn't double those, but the manager came over and he said they did.

  18. cindy says

    How does it work that you earn more points by purchasing a gift card to use for gas when the website says that gift cards are restricted items and don't qualify for reward points. Won't you get the same amount of points whether you use one of their gift cards or another form of payment for gas?

  19. Salome says

    Thank you for this coupon. What a lifesaver!! I've had tons of luck with it. Now they have another one that expires 7/18/2011 for 25¢.

    • Lauren says


      In your experience with this $0.25 off coupon, has SA said you must buy their equivalent of the "Ulitmate Car Wash" listed on the coupon in order to use the coupon?

      • Salome says

        No. The only thing they're concerned about is the dollar value of the coupon. You don't have to get a car wash or whatever stipulation is listed with the coupon.

  20. cgc says

    I work for superamerica and Marathon actually sold us to a company called Northern Tier Retail. But at my location in the NW suburbs of Minneapolis, we do double our Speedy Rewards coupons. Most others do too. Everyone, however, isn't aware of this and may not do it. Go to either of the locations in Maple grove if its convenient for you and they will be honor it. Hopefully this helps

  21. cgc says

    If you come yo the one off of cty rd 30 in Maple Grove they will double any coupon even if it has a carwash mentioned to it. They don't have a carwash but they will honor it anyways

  22. mike says

    Coupons are great. It seems like the SA should honor the .50 SA coupon for gas even on double Tuesday. The SA rewards website states quoted: We double fuel coupons ( even our competitors). This leads me to believe they should all double the .50 coupon. If the say they only double competitors and not there own then they should change the Sa rewards website.

  23. Kurt says

    Since the loyalty coupon is good for 25 gallons, we bring two cars over, park on opposite sides of the pump, and fill both from the same pump. Some places do put the loyalty coupon in with the 25 gallon limit, others do not – so it's possible to get the doubled 50 cent on as much as you put in (did it once with 3 vehicles, 45 gallons total)

    Never had an issue with getting the loyalty coupon doubled.

    One item that is inconsistent, is that this past week I was told at one of the stations that they will double a competitor coupon IN ADDITION TO the loyalty coupon. However, ask about that first. I've so far only found one SA that will do that. For the online coupons, I think there was some confusion – according to their website they will only honor printed online coupons with a quantity limit and expiration date.

    This past week, I got $1.20 off per gallon. A 10 cent coupon in a Twin City metro suburb I did a search for, found one via ValPak, and a 50 cent loyalty coupon.

    Also, they have a typical promotion where you get 1000 points for a $50 card, plus another 10 pts per dollar – so $100 gift card = 2000 points. That means that every $500 in gift cards = 10,000 points, and it takes 8750 points for the 50 cent coupon.

    Here's their policy, copied from the website:

    Fuel Coupons (“Coupons”) that are accepted must meet the following requirements. Must be an original with the competitor's name or logo visible, no copied coupons will be accepted. The expiration date must show and no expired coupons will be accepted. Restrictions on the coupons will be followed, (Example: 5¢ off a gallon with a car wash purchase). Coupons from the state in which the location operates will only be accepted. Discount cards, similar to “show and save”, text coupons via mobile devices or other electronic coupons will not be honored as a physical coupon is required. Online coupons must be printed and follow the previously stated guidelines. Unless otherwise specified on a legitimate competitor’s coupon, one coupon per transaction. SuperAmerica reserves sole discretion to determine the legitimacy of a coupon and whether it will be honored.

  24. wit says

    sa put a limit of 4.00 on my savings when I tried to buy 30 gallons on double day with a .10 coupon whats up with that

    • cgc says

      When someone gives us a coupon we have to follow the gallon limit on the coupon. It sucks but its what we are told to do. If there wasnt a limit on the coupon then id bring it to store management

  25. Julie says

    If you get a Fuel Card instead of a Gift card you get the same amount of points but it also takes an additional $.03 off a gallon. The only draw back is that you can only use a gas card on gas.


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