Who Has the Best Price on Diapers?

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According to Consumer Reports an average family that uses disposable diapers will spend $1,600 – $2,500 to diaper one child. Knowing that many of us spend so much money on diapers, I went to work figuring out who had the lowest everyday price on various brands of diapers. I was surprised by the results and I bet you will be too.

I compared prices on the retailer’s generic brand, Pampers, and Huggies at six retailers including Target, Costco, Walgreens, Amazon.com, Diapers.com and Cub Foods (a SuperValu-owned grocery chain in Minneapolis)*. For ease of comparing, I looked at regular prices without considering sales or coupons. I also assumed, for the websites, that you would buy enough quantity to qualify for free shipping.

*Prices were gathered from physical Target, Costco, Walgreens and Cub Foods stores. Links throughout this article to those retailers are solely for reference purposes.

Which Generic Diaper is Cheapest?

First, let’s take a look at generic diapers. Amazon doesn’t carry generics so they were excluded from this comparison.

Cheapest store 2nd Cheapest
Newborn Walgreens Target
Size 1 Target Cub Foods
Size 2 Costco Diapers.com
Size 3 Target Cub Foods
Size 4 Target Cub Foods
Size 5 Target Cub Foods

Surprising finds about generic diapers

— It is a shocker to me that Walgreens had the lowest price for newborn-sized diapers; I expected them to be the most expensive across the board. Granted, Walgreens and Target are the only stores to carry newborn-sized generics, but Walgreens was a penny cheaper per diaper.

— I also found it surprising that Costco didn’t compete better overall. In fact, once you get into the larger sizes like 3, 4 and 5, Costco’s generics are $0.04 per diaper more than Target’s.

Who Sells Huggies Diapers Cheapest?

Size Cheapest Store 2nd Cheapest
Newborn Amazon Target
Size 1 Amazon Target
Size 2 Costco Amazon
Size 3 Target Costco
Size 4 Amazon Target
Size 5 Amazon Target

About Buying Diapers on Amazon

Amazon has strong pricing on Pampers diapers. The prices included in this comparison account for the automatic 15% savings you get as an Amazon Mom member. Amazon Mom is a free program that provides discounts, free shipping and other benefits.

You can save even more if you opt for Subscribe & Save through Amazon; when you select this option at purchase you receive an additional 15% off and authorize Amazon to send you future shipments at a specified interval, like every 2 or 3 months.

Subscribe & Save is advertised as no obligation, which means you can cancel your request for future orders at any time. In fact, as soon as your order ships you can log into your Amazon account, manage Subscribe & Save and ensure you won’t receive future shipments.

About Buying Diapers at Target

Target beat Cotsco for 5 out of 6 sizes of Huggies diapers without even factoring in coupons or other diaper-related promotions and discounts. Target is more generous with their diaper discounts than Costco, which means the warehouse club falls further behind in the savings.

Target stores accept manufacturer’s coupons, which often exist for diapers, plus we can often find Target-issued diapers coupons that can be used at the same time, on the same product as a manufacturer’s coupon. Plus, Target frequently runs a sale where you receive a $5 or $10 Target gift card when you buy 2 big boxes of Huggies.

Every week we put together a Target shopping list that highlights any diaper sales to help you stretch your family’s budget.

If you don’t use coupons, but buy Huggies, then you can order diapers from Target.com for the same prices I found in-store.

Who Has the Best Price on Pampers?

Size Cheapest 2nd Place
Newborn Amazon Diapers.com
Size 1 Amazon Diapers.com
Size 2 Amazon Diapers.com
Size 3 Amazon Diapers.com
Size 4 Amazon Cub Foods
Size 5 Amazon Diapers.com

Costco doesn’t carry Pampers diapers, so they were excluded from this category.

About Buying Diapers at Diapers.com

Yes, Amazon dominates Pampers pricing with Diapers.com coming in 2 or 3 cents per diaper more expensive in 5 out of 6 sizes. However, with some additional discounts available at Diapers.com, they may actually come out ahead for some of you.

First, Diapers.com accepts manufacturer’s coupons. Follow these instructions taken directly from the Diapers.com website:

Manufacturer’s coupons should be mailed to us at the address below before you place your order. Once we receive them, they’ll be applied to your Diapers.com account (please allow 7-10 business days for processing) and automatically applied towards future eligible purchases of the specific product listed on the coupon, before the expiration date.

You can send manufacturer’s coupons to:

P.O. Box 483
Jersey City , NJ 07303

Please be sure to include your (1) NAME, (2) EMAIL ADDRESS and (3) BILLING STREET ADDRESS with your coupons to expedite handling.

Click here for complete details

Certainly using coupons for name brand diapers like Huggies and Pampers would lower your out-of-pocket cost.

Plus, first-time customers to Diapers.com can get 20% off diapers for the first three months with the code D20AFF

What About Sales and Coupons?

All of this information is great about diapers, but better yet is to buy diapers on sale, with coupons and when you earn a store credit/loyalty program reward for the purchase. Shopping that way can get you diapers for half price or less. The problem is that those amazing sales don’t happen every week and when you need diapers, well, you need diapers.

When you are running low on diapers the good news is that ordering online is often less expensive than running to the store, plus much more convenient.

Your turn: What other money-saving ideas do you have for disposable diaper users? (Yes, we know that cloth diapers could be cheaper, but apart from that, how else can we save?)

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for Pocket Your Dollars.com. See Pocket Your Dollars’ disclosure statement for more details.


  1. Briana says

    I have been buying my Pampers thru Amazon since last summer. Amazon had coupons for 20% in several magazines, and then even $10 off a baby purchase a month or so ago. I still have 4 large boxes (192 ea size 4) that I paid between $2.00-$10.00 per box for, depending on what coupons were out at the time.

  2. Kelly says

    I buy diapers on Amazon! Plus I get 2-day free shipping. Can't beat the price and if I can buy it from the comfort of my own home even better.

    • says

      Rochelle – Good question. Two reasons I didn't include Toys R Us and Babies R Us. 1) I had limited capacity and comparing 6 retailers was all I could handle. In time I may consider adding them in. 2) Right or wrong, I have an operating assumption, based on what I've seen for their sales, that their diapers are significantly more expensive than other stores. I could be wrong, but even when I see their promotions and sales I rarely find a deal that gets me excited.

  3. says

    We go between Costco, Target and lastly Huggies when I can double up coupons at Target for the Huggies.

    I usually buy a couple boxes at Costco when they're on sale with their monthly coupons which ends up being less money for us because they end up being cheaper and I have to drive to get diapers less often. Of course, my kids are 2 and 3 so I know their sizes will stay pretty constant through a couple boxes of diapers…we're expecting again this fall though so it's good to know about the smaller sizes.

    One other thing…I've found that some generic diapers are often less effective and I would end up with more leaking and blowouts resulting in twice the laundry…which is why I used huggies so often when my kids were tiny.

  4. Kirsten S. says

    I would like to know the prices that you came up with as far as the cheapest without coupons. That way I can really know when I am getting a good deal! Would that be possible? For example when you say Target has the cheapest size 4 generic diaper how much are they per diaper. I know it depends if you are buying the smaller packages or the larger boxes, but I am curious what you came up with! Thanks :)

  5. sheryl says

    Did you compare any size 6 diapers? My son wears that size. I have gotten the best deals lately with sales and coupons at Walgreens and Amazon. But would really like to see comparisons on those.

    • Theresa D says

      Sheryl –

      What brand do you buy for the little guy? I too have a son who breaks out from most diapers. It seems Pampers are the worst for him, even the "sensitive" ones. So, I've been getting Seventh Generation. They seem to be helping (I'm using their detergent as well), but they're of course more expensive. Would love to know your thoughts :)

  6. Diana says

    What about Wal-mart? I was given some of their brand and they weren't bad. Also their prices on the name brands are usually a dollor less than Target.

  7. sally says

    Obviously I don't have any babies to buy diapers for. But I have a Granddaughter that has 2 in diapers so I will sending her this list. I also have a Grandson & a Nephew that have 2 in diapers each & they both just got laid off from their jobs. So this list will come in handy for them. I'm sure this list took a long time to compile & it was needed. Thanks Carrie for doing this.

  8. karen says

    I'm a daycare provider that requests my daycare families use Luvs because they're genrally cheaper have the fewest leaks & blow-outs in my experiences (& based on kid's 9th grade science prject.)…would have liked to see them here too.

    • says

      Karen – I did actually do a compare with Luvs, but so few of the stores carried them, that I left them out. I can sort through the info and add them back in.

  9. rebekah says

    I've always heard that target brand are the best deal – good to see that's pretty true. Is there a reason Walmart wasn't included? We do use cloth diapers (there are some SUPER cool options now that are more like disposable, even our daycare takes them), but I needed disposable wipes for daycare. I found that for the most "natural", basic wipe, Target brand was the best deal.

  10. Jesse says

    I am so happy I cloth diaper my twins. Cheapest option by a landslide! I'll diaper 2 kids for under $1,000 (including detergent and utilities usage). And we've had only a handful of blowouts and leaking incidents – the real elastic on cloth diapers holds everything in better than the fake elastic and leg gussets on disposables.

    I have bought disposables for vacation and for a babysitter and Rainbow's Roundy's brand works great. I'm not sure where it compares to others, but I know they have some sort of baby promotion going on where if you spend X amount of dollars between X and Z dates, you get some sort of reward.

  11. Jennifer says

    How does Soap.com compare for health, beauty and household cleaning supplies? I would really be interested in laundry detergents since I am thinking of ordering diapers form diapers.com.

  12. Theresa D says

    Thanks so much for the info Carrie. Especially since Parents mag. doesn't have the Amazon coupon again! :(

  13. Andrea Tuerk says

    For my son who always leaks out I use Sam's Club diapers. They are pretty cheap and almost always keep everything in, even overnight.

  14. Steph says


    We've been buying our son's diapers from Sam's Club since he was born. The only one that don't bother his sensitive skin are the Pamper's Crusiers and the Pampers Swaddlers. I never did do a price comparison, but it seems as though we are saving a lot of money buying these case quantities. I'm not comfortable buying diapers online, had my identity stolen once, so in your opinion is Sam's still the best option for us? Thank you!

  15. Nancy says

    Luvs is the one diaper that I wouldn't buy! I bought some once; & the fragrance was overpowering even before I opened the pkg., so I returned them to the store.

    I complained to the company that makes them; & was told that they had to use a potent fragrance to cover up the smell of the chemicals used in the diaper. Is that what you really want to put on a baby's skin???

    • Rochelle says

      I thought the same thing Nancy! We refuse to buy them after the one purchase. The smell was unbearable! Horrible!

  16. Raine says

    The difference between the walgreen's brand and costco's is night and day- Costco's brand is awesome- better than huggies in my opinion, while I would never buy walgreen's brand again- it's like not wearing diapers at all in my opinion- they leak and get soggy in a minute… I've found that CVS is the best place with coupons and bucks back as far as quality, and I mean for huggies and pampers. Their CVS brand run huge, but are not too bad as far as quality.

  17. Alison says

    I know that so many people have such strong opinions about certain diapers, but in my opinion, I've used all the kinds of diapers on my 3 kids, and feel like if your kid is going to have a blow out, any diaper might leak. Not only have I done ALL the diapers, I also do cloth, so feel like an expert in diapering. Yes, I love cloth because I have saved a ton of money. You don't have to by that many cloth diapers. I bought 8 Bum genius one size diapers and have reused them over and over and over. I use disposables at night and on vacations, and if I am behind on my laundry and have all 8 cloth diapers dirty. : ) Now I really only buy diapers when they are at a rock bottom price – or pretty much when ever Carrie posts one of those super amazing deals. Finding what works best for your family is the key!

  18. Melanie says

    Do forget at Target if you use your Red card (it can be debit or credit) you get 5% off all of your purchases, which helps a lot when you are buying diapers and formula. No I don't work for Target, I just really love Target : )

    Thanks for the list Carrie!

  19. says

    When my son was in smaller sizes, we would stock up on Walgreens generic diapers when there was a B1G1 or similar sale. Walgreens diapers are, by far, my favorite generic diaper but for larger sizes I've had great success with Target generic as well.

    The one thing I'll say about Walgreens diapers is that they run small so I'd try a pack out and see how they fit or just go up a size just in case starting out. I always used a larger size for my son at night and they worked great.

    Factoring in the Target printables, the 5% RedCard discount and the fact I'm usually there anyway (saving me a trip elsewhere and gas) Target generics usually beat out most anything else I can find. We've also done the Amazon diaper deals with the magazine coupons and Subscribe and Save and have been really happy as well.

  20. says

    My son is in size 6 and I've found Target diapers are a really good price. They had a $1.50 Target printable out there off 60 ct or larger and that made it an even better deal. Add in the 5% discount for using my RedCard debit card and it was a great deal.

    Even without a coupon, Target can beat Huggies some days even when I have a Huggies coupon.

  21. Gina says

    Our son also is very sensitive and will break out with certain diapers. Pampers are the worst for him – instant red rash after only an hour of wear. Luvs give him a rash, Target he blows out of, Huggies leaves little gel pepples on him, so we're pretty much limited to Kirkland (Costco). Too bad, we see so many people getting great deals (especially through Amazon). We wait for the $5 off coupons and buy 2 boxes then (the coupon is limit 2).

  22. Gina says

    I think it really come down to each kids. Some diapers just fit some kids better. Makes sense, since we aren't all one shape/size. I've heard from parents who used one brand on one child, but had to switch for the next because they didn't hold up the same from one kid to another.

  23. Shannon says

    The best sale I've seen at Babies'R'Us for diapers was a certain percentage off and then a free gift card. Even with that, they were still EXTREMELY high priced for diapers. Definitely not worth the trip for me, considering they have so few things you need on a daily/weekly basis.

  24. Shannon says

    Kudos to you!! I changed my mind from using cloth, to using disposable once we found out we were having twins. I would've never had the time to wash them (we don't have any help)!! I'm hoping for our next kid though! Good work!

  25. Shannon says

    I have had really good luck with the Target brand diapers for our boy/girl twins since they were about 8 months old (until then we used Pampers and Huggies because of their sizes). There used to be a Up and Up diaper coupon on-line and now they never have one. Also, they increased the price for the large box from 19.99 to 20.99.

    Has anyone been finding a Up and Up coupon for diapers?

    If not, have you found the right sale for a size 4 Huggies, is the same price as the Up and Up?

    Any luck on getting actual Target coupons for diapers (not just manufacturer coupons)?

    I thought I had finally figured out by "best" sale for diapers and now I can't get the same deals anymore. Also, I haven't seen a Target coupon for Huggies in a long time, they've all been manufacturer's. So, thank you for the list!! Maybe I should start trying Amazon.

  26. Kate says

    Just a note on the Huggies diapers, I almost had a heart attack thinking that I as paying more for diapers so I also compared with the discounts amazon offers. If you do amazon.com and sign up for their subscribe and save the difference in size 3 is 0.10 cheeper per diaper then Target!!!! Plus they show up to my door on a monthly basis which is also really worth something!

  27. Theresa D says


    Have you tried Seventh Generation? You can order those through Amazon, use the S&S discount along with the coupons from Parents Mag. and they are quite reasonable. I've also tried Earth's Best, but like 7th Gen better. Just hoping that the coupon comes around again :(

  28. Lindsey says

    Aldi sells diapers sizes 3-5. My son is in size 3 right now and the pack of 36 diapers is $5.39, cheaper than Target's. And they work just fine on my son. I'm going off of memory right now, but I think all their sizes are the same price…$5.39.

  29. Carissa says

    My kids all broke out from disposable diapers so I thought using cloth was best, but then we went on a trip so I thought try again. It seems some diapers have perfume in them and that was the reason the kids broke out. I use huggies sensitive now with my daughter and she is fine, never had a break out.

  30. Michelle says

    The generic BBRU brand has had some great sales to make their diapers cheap. However, they changed the tabs recently (they are now too stretchy), which causes them to fall off a lot more easily (I also have a skinny peanut though).

  31. Lisa says

    Amazon has changed things. I ordered the end of March and got 15% mom and 15% subscribe and save plus free 2 day shipping from prime. Now you cant use subscribe and save and prime together. Nor can you get MOM 15% alone, it only can be paired with subscribe and save. So your choices are to save 30% with free Standard shipping (not even a choice to upgrade) or NO discount price and free prime 2day shipping (and you can pay to upgrade to next day)….. my order last night came to .12 per diaper which is still good, but ive got to wait longer for it.

  32. Saver says

    This question has been asked and I haven't found the answer, although I'm sure it's on here somewhere. Without coupons, but with sale prices diapers seem to be about .21 – .25 per diaper average depending on size. My buy price has become anything under .20 per diaper if I'm running low on diapers. Does anyone else have different numbers? Thanks.

  33. Kendra says

    Is it possible to get a breakdown on a good price per diaper per brand? I always wonder if I'm getting a good price?!?

  34. says

    Walgreen often has buy one get one free or 50%, they also have coupon often. (There is one in baby's book that's good until the end of the year. ) I pay 2-3 per pack. $0.20 per diaper at the most. They are as good as Huggies.

  35. Diana says

    I buy from amazon too but I can never find the 2 day free shipping? I am a part of the subscribe and save thing and a amazon mom but it never comes up for me when checking out. how do you do it? I buy papers swaddles sensitive size 2 because my baby has really sensitive skin

    • says

      Diana – Amazon used to offer free 2-day shipping with Amazon Mom + Subscribe & Save, but they no longer offer the 2-day shipping with diaper deals (although shipping should still be free with Amazon Prime).

  36. Diana says

    Where can I find coupons on diapers? I buy from amazon too. I am starting to look more into becoming a couponer but having a hard time finding coupons? Where can I look besides the Sunday paper?

  37. Katie says

    I have been using diapers.com for 3 months now and have found that with their sales, their automatically applied e-coupons and discounts I can consistently get my son's Pampers Cruisers (size 4) for around .5 cents per diaper. Plus, they frequently offer free shipping and all orders over $49 are always free shipping – and ordering diapers and wipes usually brings my order to just over that total anyway. I usually receive my diapers in 2 days. I compared Amazon and found I can actually get a better deal on diapers.com because they carry a larger size box (186 count) than Amazon (160 count) for the same price.

  38. Bill K says

    Amazon has recently changed the Amazon Mom Program and Subscribe and Save on diapers. You can only get a maximum of 20% off of diapers with a 15% Amazon Mom discount and a 5% Subscribe and Save (reduced from 10%). Additionally, after a year, you must purchase Amazon Prime to continue to receive the Amazon Mom discount. Makes this much less of a deal.

  39. Jeff says

    I am looking at buying about 500,000 diapers a month for some third world countries that I work in. I'm honestly not looking for best quality but the very best price. Could you point me in the right direction please?

    • Wally Morgan says

      Hello Jeff, we supply large-scale, country-wide diapers to national importer-distributors. Please email me if you are looking for the best deals in diapers. Please note that we ship by the container-load as our minimum orders.

    • says

      Lindsey – I've discovered Aldi's diapers recently, too. I'm a big fan! I just wish that they put the size on the diaper itself – my son is in size 5 and my daughter is in size 3 and it's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the two when they're jumbled up in the diaper bag.

  40. Brandy says

    Walgreens has a week long sale almost once every other month but 1 get 1 free on their brand diapers

  41. Mae says

    This is very informative. I am now using Luvs however due to the fact that huggies give my little one a bad rash and are known to cause chemical burns. The chemicals in their snug and dry can leak and really go badly for little ones and I think that’s what was happening with my girl. Her rash was terrible even with us changing her a lot.

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