Walgreens Shopping List 4/10 – 4/16/11

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Freebies this week at Walgreens include pantiliners, toothpaste, Easter candy and Gatorade, plus find some great deals on Biore cleansers and Easter basket fillers.

If you’re new to Walgreens shopping, then learn how the Register Rewards program works and learn how to read this shopping list. Don’t forget that some other stores will accept Register Rewards like a manufacturer’s coupon. Also, it’s a good idea to print out Walgreens’ official coupon policy and keep it with you in case an issue comes up at checkout.

This is a starting list of deals for the week and is not a comprehensive list of every sale item and its coupons, but just the best deals (things at prices I’d actually pay). We will update this list as readers leave comments with bargains they found at their local store, we get emails with deal ideas or we read about other deals across the blogosphere. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week, we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

Walgreens is the one store where an advertised sale like “2/$4” usually requires you to buy two products. The first one rings at full price and the second product will ring at a lesser price to bring the total to $4, using our example. If you ever question whether you need to buy two to receive a sale price, ask the cashier to scan one item for you. If it rings at full price, then you know you need to buy two products. If it rings at the sale price, then you don’t.

Your turn: What other deals did you find this week at Walgreens?


  1. Dawn N says

    I have one of the Luster White so it must be from the Pioneer Press. If anyone has the St. Paul Paper you might want to check your inserts.

    Thanks for the list

  2. Shannon says

    Spend $10+ on participating Hershey’s or Cadbury Products, Get $5 Register Reward

    ***Deal idea***

    Buy 4 Hershey’s Snapsy Chocolate Bunny 2oz. $2.50

    Use $1/2 Hershey's, Reese's, or Cadbury Centerpiece Items , 2 oz+ from 4/3 Smart Source insert

    Spend $8, get $5 Register Reward back

    Final price: $0.75 each after coupon and Register Reward**

    Best part is that the $5 Hershey RR rolls. I had one from a week ago and tried it tonight paying for the deal above and it printed out another. I'm gonna go try again in the a.m.

  3. Alex says

    If anyone has a leftover $2/1 Biore Cleanser from their Facebook page last week I was able to use that at Walgreens last week along with the Biore BOGO coupon. It would be an even better deal this week!


  4. Jen says

    Hi. Has anyone seen the infant care coupon booklet at Chaska, Eden Prairie, Edina, Shakopee or Savage? I'd like to do the pampers deal this week, and haven't found the booklet :(

    • krystal says

      I am not in those areas, but would be willing to check my store and snail mail it to you if you can not locate one.

    • Joeleen says

      Me either. But am in Mankato area, so wondering about difference in what is printed in insert (although thought SmartSources were pretty standard).

  5. Katrina says

    Does anyone know how many diapers are in the size 3 Pampers Jumbo package? Just wondering what the cost/diaper is. Thanks!

  6. Amy says

    That G-Series Gatorade deal is even better. I purchased all 3 for $5 and got a rebate form for a $5 rebate so free! It also printed out a catalina code to download a free fitness video and another catalina to take an online survey and get another $5! So $5mm if you send in rebate and do the online survey. But hurry online survey offer expires 04-17.

  7. Briana says

    If anyone has extra Got 2 B coupons I would be interested in them. email at brodewald1 at yahoo . com


  8. Brenda says

    Maybe ask as you check out? When I was at the Oakdale store last week, the cashier grabbed her coupon book and rang through the coupons for me (before I could even ask!). Worth a try?

  9. V says

    I see there is an in ad coupon for a BOGO on hot wheels cars; they end up being 65 cents a piece. I haven't bought hot wheel cars for a long time but isn't that a good price for those?

  10. Lynnea says

    Check out this link : http://wildforwags.com/weekly-ad/2011/04/09/walgr… They list the "code" the cashier can put in the register to get the $$ taken off. In the comments they talk about doing such a thing….not sure if your Walgreens will allow it, but you could try if you can't find the book. Although I'm sure it depends on the Walgreens.

    Yesterday I had the pampers coupon, and also used 2 man Q's…the cashier said I couldn't use the Walgreens one because it says "manufacturer's coupon". I politely disagreed with her, and explained that almost all their coupons say "manufacturer's coupon"… but it is in fact a Walgreens coupon. I asked her several times to scan the thing to see if it would work, but she wouldn't. So a manager was called….and she said "Well, have you scanned it?" Of course it scanned just fine and the cashier got a little training on Walgreens coupons while I was handed back my Pampers coupon to use again. I try to handle cashiers politely and patiently…..but FIRMLY. And if they don't budge…I ask them to call a manager….if it can't be resolved with a manager, I don't buy the item and head on down to the next store that will accept it properly. And of course if I misunderstand a coupon or misread a coupon then I gladly accept that as well. But oftentimes being persistent friendly and firm all at the same time pays off.

  11. Brenda says

    Does anyone know if the Luster White toothpaste is "regular" toothpaste, and not specifically for use with their whitening system?

  12. Kate says

    There are issues with the Easter candy deals. They are grouping multiple brands and in multiple sizes, so the prices aren't clear. I had concerns with the Russell Stover items.

    First, the ad says you can get a "Palmer or Russell Stover Chocolate Bunny to .7 oz." for 99 cents. The ad pictures the 1.5 oz Russell Stover bunny (look close to see the size). And I think it's the smallest chocolate bunny they sell. This turns out okay, because the 1.5 oz bunny rings for 99 cents, despite the ad confusion.

    However, there is a problem with the COUPON for Russell Stover, Palmer, Nestle, Life Savers, Maxim or Topps "Easter Candy" for 39 cents. It says it applies to the items that are .50 to 2.25 oz. That could potentially include some large chocolate bunnies. But I just tried to use it on the 1 oz Russell Stover eggs for which they always have 39 cent coupons this time of year. (They are regularly 59 cents or 2 for $1). The clerks have said they the coupon isn't working for this item and that it doesn't apply — even though it is Russell Stover Easter candy between .50 and 2.25 oz. And there isn't much else from Russell Stover that would be selling for 39 cents!

  13. Jen says


    If you have an extra that would be super. I don't know why they are so hard to find. Here is my email jnifrsza at aol.com and we can connect.

  14. Lisa O says

    I've been to 2 different Wags and had to ask at the pharmacy, a manager brought one from their back office, they keep them back there. They were happy to do it though. I suppose to keep people from grabbing 10, makes sense to me.

  15. Becky says

    My Walgreen's in Maple Grove has the Wonka Exceptionals Hollow eggs for $3.79. There is a $1.00 off Walgreen's coupon in their Spring Coupon book and if you printed off the $2.00 off a Wonka Hollow Egg coupon earlier from Coupons.com, it makes the egg .79. Not sure if this deal is everywhere but found it yesterday.

  16. Sarah Sonnier says

    Does anyone know if the Claritin deal would work on the Claritin D (or whatever the one is you have to get from behind the counter)?

  17. Karie says


    Buy 2 Biore Pore Strips, Scrub or Cleanser for $5.99 each, Get $5 Register Reward

    Buy 2 and use Buy 1 Biore Pore Strip, Get 1 Biore Cleanser Free from 3/6 Smart Source insert

    Spend $5.99, get $5 Register Reward back

    Final price: $0.50 each after coupon and Register Reward

    If you have a box at home, look in it for a $1 cpn. I tried it last night and got lucky…the register kept beeping, but the cashier knew what to do!

    I had the $1mfg cpn first in my pile, then the BOGO cpn…with a couple other cpns mixed inbetween them.

    Is this the sequence that coupons s/b inputted to the register for the best result?

    $off Mfg cpns first, BOGO cpns, then store cpns?

  18. Irena says

    about pampers diapers (cruisers): u can buy 2 for $18 get 3 back, u can use $2 off from infant care booklet, that will take $4 off, u can use 4/3 Procter & Gamble insert $3/1 that will take another $6 off.

    final price: 2 for $5, much better than 2 for $8

  19. Rachel says

    I work at WAGS and brought home 7 booklets. I took the Advil coupon out of a couple of them but won't ever use the rest if anyone wants them. Our store had plenty and no one seems to be taking any of them since the pile has been there for a month now. Email me privately and I'll snail mail them to the first 7 takers. If you don't hear back, just assume I got rid of them already.




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