Sam’s Club: Try Sam’s Club Free This Weekend (Exp 4/17)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Sam’s Club is hosting an Open House this weekend, April 15 – 17. Non-members can shop on those days, from 11 am – 6 pm, without paying the typical non-member 10% upcharge.

If you’re in the market for a Sam’s Club membership, then this weekend might be the time to do it. Any new members get a free gift of their choice; choices include a Sam’s Club cookbook or a $10 Sam’s Club gift card. Check out Sam’s Club’s membership levels and prices. If you can’t make it to the store, you can always join online (although I don’t think you’ll get the free gift) :(

I’m often asked if I think a Sam’s Club membership is worth it. Personally, I don’t think a Sam’s Club membership is worth it for my family, but I do take advantage of these Open House days. I will stop in this weekend and likely pick up dishwasher detergent (I’m brand loyal and their Cascade price is decent), 93% lean ground turkey [if the price beats Aldi], milk and cheese. We always browse the aisles to see if we’d save on anything else, but typically not.

Your turn: Will this free Open House get you into a Sam’s Club?

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  1. rebekah says

    Awesome!! We have found that Sam's brand decaf coffee is naturally decaf (with water, not chemicals) is the cheapest around – even beats the same stuff at Walmart by about 10 cents per ounce.

    I've heard that if you buy their boneless, skinless chicken breasts are $1.99/pound…at least if you buy a case. :o)

  2. Sidney says

    I'd be interested in hearing what other people think are some good deals at Sam's.

    Like you, Carrie, I don't think a membership is worth it for our family – but I do take advantage of these Open House opportunities.

  3. Carol says

    Yes, I'll go, as I need to add minutes to my calling card & don't want to be a guest on a relative's membership. Thank you!

  4. Debbie says

    We have a membership. Family of 8 and I rarely buy conveinence foods, I cook most things – so I shop mostly for baking goods, spices, meat, fruits, and veggies. We think it is totally worth it (if you can get a business membership, cheaper and more shopping hours). Of course they don't carry everything, but we can get most things we need there. Most items we buy we feel we get an equal and usually better price, often much better than store price, no messing w/coupons & if do/don't double 'em and no shopping on Sat. when everyone else is at the grocery and checkout takes forever. Time is $$ too. However SOME items are more so you do need to know your general prices. Milk is usually the cheapest there, without a coupon, and no 'limit 1'- almost always $2/gallon – for all kinds including whole. (may be going up a little now). Butter is typically as good as sale prices at the grocery's – this week it's up though at $2.50/lb.(it's normally been $2/lb) Grd beef is 90% lean for price of what grocery usually sells 80% for. We make all our own bread products – yeast is 2 POUNDS for under $5-beats store by lots (I saw jars of a few oz for $10 or more at grocery). Flour (unbleached, unbromated ND Mills) 25lb bag was 27¢/lb. Last trip sugar buying a 10lb bag was 60¢/lb I know on sale you can get this cheaper at grocery. A while back I noted brown sugar sold in 5lb bag was way cheaper than grocery reg. price – don't have current price on it though.) Oatmeal is a huge box of Quaker for much less than grocery. Romaine lettuce is sold 6 to a bag for under $5. Bananas and apples, watermelon (in season) usually beat store prices too. Go during lunch or dinner or on the weekend and there are quite a lot of samples which I figure pays for the membership especially if you take a couple kids with each time. :) We haven't been able to find cheaper tires anywhere else – and they include free life-time rotations, and car batteries too – with free installation. While you're there, fuel up, during high gas prices, you can usually save 10¢/gallon or more. (other good prices bulk popcorn (store in ice cream pails), canned fruit, tomato paste & sauce, olive oil, rice, noodles, real vanilla)

    • says

      Eyris – Last I checked their meat prices weren't amazing, but prices have gone up everywhere recently so I plan to look again. I will look at beef, salmon and ground turkey prices, since those items don't go on rock bottom sale too frequently.

  5. Heidi says

    I have never seen it WITHOUT the upcharge, and I just thought that it is NOT worth it to have the upcharge. Generally I don't think there is a whole lot at Sams that I couldn't get a better deal with coupons if I shop around, but I DO know they have different things (in bakery or deli etc….)that I can't get elsewhere, so we may go…………..can anyone tell me how much the trampolines are at Sams Club??

  6. Jessica says

    My husband and I price-shopped Sam's and Costco and I was impressed that many things there are price comparable to Aldi's, but with a name brand. Not everything, of course, but staples/things I often buy in bulk (tomato sauce, oatmeal, rice, flour, etc.) are. The milk and fruit prices alone more than make up for the cost of the membership.

  7. Cheri says

    We are a family of four. I do not buy much of the packaged items, except for potato chips and occasionally something else that I know I'll use and can't get cheaper. The chips are really large bags ad are 2/$5, I believe. I also regularly buy 5 lb. bags of carrots for $2.50 and packages of 3 celery hearts for the same price as the grocery store sell packages of 2. If we are going to eat a lot of salad, then I buy my romaine there. I buy fruit there and milk.

    I also bake a lot, so I buy the baking supplies there at a substantial savings, as the others have mentioned. I buy spices there and refill my little bottles. I also buy vinegar and baking soda for cleaning, and it is so much cheaper. I recently bought a huge thing of plant-based laundry detergent for around $8. I have been using Seventh Generation due to allergies here, and it is fine with my family and cost much less.

    I also buy meat there, except I've recently stopped buying their boneless,skinless chicken there because of the added solution in it. I find that the price is comparable to the grocery store, but tastes better and seems to be a better quality for me. It may be a tad more for the pork and beef, but the hamburger is the same price as the 80 percent. I can never buy a chuck roast at the grocery store without being disappointed, but Sam's chuck roast cooks up well.

    I agree that you have to watch the prices and not everything is a deal. They gave us an upgrade to the Plus membership about six months ago, and I really do not think the e-coupons are enough for me to actually make it worth the extra expense because I don't buy many of the items that seem to come up as coupons. Yes, I have saved some but not enough to break even on the $100 membership fee. When our renewal comes around, we'll go back down the regular membership.

  8. Annette says

    There are certain things that I usually pick up whenever I get to Sam's Club such as shredded (more like torn) Romaine lettuce-$2.98 for a 2#bag & organic spinach-$3.97 for 1#container-nice for when we have a salad supper with all the fixins. The frozen veggies-peas/5#, corn/5#, mixed veggies/5#, broccoli/4#, and whole green beans/5#-come in large bags and are about $1.10 to $1.25/lb. I love the big bags because I take out what I need, zip it back up and pop it back in the freezer. The whole green beans are so good that our guests have often thought they were from our garden. The other frozen veggies are very good quality as well. The whole carrots are 5# bags for $2.98. Another thing we often buy is State Fair corn dogs/30ct for $9.98 and Ore-ida tater tots/8# for $6.68-a frequent request for birthday meals in our house. There are also 8# bags of crinkle cut french fries for a little less. Contadina tomato sauce/6lb9oz is $2.48 which is great for making your own spaghetti sauce as well as other tomato-based recipes. There's also a large bag of plastic cups-12oz/330ct for $9.28- that really comes in handy over the summer when we have company over. We also use them all year for the kids' water cups. We put their name and date on it so we don't end up with lots of cups on the counter and no one knows whose they are-less dishwashing, too. With a date on them we know how long they've been around and can discard them when we think it's time for new cups.

    • Shannon says

      How do you store the remainder of the tomato sauce that you don't use? Do you freeze it or store the rest in the fridge? I've always wanted to buy the big cans, but I'm not sure if I'd have the room for the extra in the fridge once the can is opened (but I have lots of freezer space!)

      • Anj says

        I bought the big cans today. $2.48 for 155 oz. Once I open them and use what I want then, I store the rest in bags with my food saver. Keeps the air out, fresh taste in, and I can reuse the bags (Unless I store meat. Then I toss them).

  9. M says

    We've had our membership for several years and did primarily all our shopping there until I started using coupons about a year ago. Although i do find a lot of things cheaper with the coupons and have gotten some really good deals I still buy all my meats and most of my produce at Sam's. We've found some really good deals on meat only buying when it's marked down and we've never had a problem. Like Cheri said you can get a lot of things much cheaper, you just have to know your prices. Since shopping the regular grocery stores more I've been able to determine which items to buy where.

    We have found that the produce usually is cheaper and tends to be much better quality – even if it is a few cents a pound more than other stores sale prices it still generally looks better and is larger in size. I have bought produce elsewhere on sale and I'm usually not as satisfied with it. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies and that is always the bulk of our purchase.

    We also like to buy in bulk to reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging and always reuse the containers that we do get. Buying in bulk also cuts down on the number of trips we have to make as well as what we throw out. We recycle and compost most of what we have and rarely ever have a full bag of garbage in a week's time. While I love using coupons and getting really good deals I do find myself making more trips than when I was just shopping exclusively at Sam's.

    I too was able to get a free membership upgrade and although we have gotten several items cheaper with the upgraded membership I don't think it has been enough to warrant the additional cost – when our membership comes up for renewal we will go back to our regular membership level.

  10. michelle says

    my daughters birthday is this weekend and i would like to purchase a sheet cake. do they do custom orders?

  11. V says

    Hmmm this was all very interesting!

    I didn't see any mention of those mini Cheesecakes Sam's have.

    My son wants those for his graduation party. I was planning on making a trip with a family friend to get them. But I should be able to get there this weekend…but my question is do you think it is too early to buy them? Graduation is 5 weeks away yet. Well they still taste fresh/good?

  12. Kathy says

    Michelle, Yes they do custom cakes at Sams. Usually need a 24 hour notice, or you can pick one up premade and they can write on it for you. The bakery at Sams in amazing. Best cakes around. You can get buttercream frosting( not too sweet, or the whipped frosting) The bakery is awesome on everything. You can also get a 30 pack of cupcakes. I think around $17 for a half sheet cake or 30 cupcakes . Way cheaper thatn Cub. 6 footlong subs for around $3.50. great for lunches. 12 pack of muffins mix and match flavors for around $6.00 and they are huge muffins. Twice the size of cub. Sams meat department is also great. Costo on the other hand does not have a good bakery at all, in my opinion. I have both Sams and Costco membership, and save well over the membership price in gas alone. When I see the BP and other stations go up in price, I drive right to Costco and the gas won't change for at least another day or 2 and it will be at least .20 a gallon cheaper, and when your filling up a big SUV, it makes a huge difference. I save anywhere from $5-$9 per fill which more than pays for the membership when filling 2 vehicles . Plus with the Amex Costo card you get another 3% back on gas.

  13. K... says

    If you go in the morning, look for meat that is marked down to sell that day. I got 90% lean ground beef marked down to $2.30 lb, which is an excellent price for that lean of beef.

  14. Anj says

    I let my membership lapse in February, due to the fact that I didn't go often enough to make it worthwhile, and many of the things I bought, I could find ata better deal when the coupons and salees landed right. But, there are certain things that brought me in there today. Batteries, are a great deal there. Large bulk cans of tomato sauce~ $2.48 for 155 oz. There bulk packages of Chicken brats (various flavors) are great and versitile. And CHEESE. If you have an addiction to fancy fromage, like I do…You can't beat their prices on Jarlsberg, Brie, Havarti, etc. The Mozzarella roll 2packs are also priced to please. But, their basic shreddeds and slices and such are better bought on sale with double coupons. The Cliff bar products are also great. They have a good price for the organic cliff bars, Zbars and fruit ropes that are usually over $1 a piece in the stores.

  15. Debbie says

    Tomato sauce big can is great – freeze rest, or just make a crock pot full of whatever you're making w/it (for us spaghetti) and you get 3 or 4 more meals cooked all at same time, thaw & eat.

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