Results: Brenda’s $0.46 Target Trip (99% Savings!)

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Pocket Your Dollars’ reader Brenda emailed us last week with some amazing results from her trip to Target. She managed to get a number of items, including milk, cheese slices and her husband’s favorite deodorant, for just $0.46 with coupons – wow!

Here’s what she bought and how she did it. Please note that these sale prices are from last week at Target, so you might not find the same prices at your store this week.

2 gallons 1% milk @ $2.49 each
Total: $4.98

1 package 2% Kraft Cheese Slices (22 ct.) @ $2.79 (sale price)
Total: $2.79

1 Degree Deodorant @ $1.97
Used $1/1 Degree Men’s or Women’s Deodorant Target printable
Used $1/1 Degree Men Deodorant from 3/27 Red Plum insert
Total: Free

2 Revlon Emery Boards @ $1.27 each
2 Revlon Emery Boards @ $1.47 each
Used two $5/2 Revlon Beauty Tools manufacturer’s coupons that she had previously received as a printout from a “catalina” machine
Total: -$4.52 (overage applied to the rest of her order)

4 Zyrtec (5 ct.) @ $4.76 (price cut)
Used four $4/1 Zyrtec Allergy Relief Target printable (Note: Target printable coupons usually state “limit one per transaction,” but many stores allow you to use more than one per transaction, anyway. Ask at your store to see what their policy is.)
Used four $2/1 Zyrtec Product printable
Total: -$4.96 (overage applied to the rest of her order)

1 Tums (60 ct.) @ $2.69
Used $1/1 Tums Digestive Aid Item 60 ct.+ Target printable
Used $1/1 Tums Product printable
Total: $0.69

The overage from the Zyrtec and Revlon coupons applied to everything that wasn’t free (milk, cheese, Tums). With tax, her total rang up as $0.46 for a total savings of $41.07. Plus, she used a Target gift card she earned previously from buying Smart Ones to pay for her transaction, so her out-of-pocket total for all of this was zero!

Brenda writes, “I never considered that they would actually give me the overage to apply to the rest of my order. I never factor that in my deals so that in case it doesn’t happen, then I’m not disappointed or irritated. I didn’t plan this trip out very much. I just had some coupons that I wanted to use before they expired.”

At Target, Brenda usually saves at least 50% and at Rainbow she can usually save 50-80%, depending on the sales at any given week.

If you have any great shopping trip results that you’d like to share with us, please send us a message through the contact form. Thank you!

Your turn: Where do you usually get the greatest savings on your purchases?


  1. debra m. says

    WOW! What store does she go too? Champlin Target won't give you more off than the product/s are worth.

  2. Lisa says

    I'm glad I'm not the only one to get a kick out of doing that. I LOVE that Target has Qs on their site to print and I often save 30-50% or more there. Great job Brenda!

  3. Mary Kay says

    This is fantastic Brenda! Thanks for sharing this with me! You are inspiring to hunt for bargains :-)

    Unfortunately, our Lino Lakes Target manually adjusts our coupons for the price of the product. Our store does not give more than the product is worth.

    BUT, I am SOOO glad yours did! You Go Girl!

  4. Dawn N says

    They don't give overages at the store by me. The manually adjust the coupon to the price of the item. What is the policy on that for Target does anyone know?

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tara F says

    That is awesome! The stores in my area won't allow you to save more than the product price, even if it is only a cent. They won't even adjust the coupon ): I love getting those awesome deals!

  6. Laura Swany says

    I'm curious too WHICH Target she went to? I'm not aware that any of the ones I regularily shop at do this.

    But GREAT job Brenda & thanks for sharing with us! :)

    LOVE my Target savings HIGH!

  7. Brenda says

    This was at the Oakdale Target. I find that it depends on the coupon most times. If it doesn't beep having the cashier notified, it seems to just go through. I haven't had them adjust the Revlon catalinas ever though. I'm stilling living off the "high" of this Target trip! Hee hee!

  8. Rhonda says

    I did almost that same transaction last week!!!! The cashier was most impressed about me getting the Zyrtec for free and she wrote down Pocket Your Dollars Website for her reference!!!!

  9. JoAnna says

    What a fun trip that must have been! My Target does not allow more than one of the same Target coupons in a transaction and usually the coupons automatically adjust down. I love Target but wish they would have a consistent coupon policy (along with stores that have a policy and follow it differently). Good work!!

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