Jelly Belly Beans: Belly Flop Beans for $2.70/lb Shipped (70% Off)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Jelly Belly beans are one of my favorites, but they cost more than I like to spend. Belly Flops by Jelly Belly cost half their regular-shaped Jelly Belly cousins, but even at $4.50/lb I won’t buy them.

But, right now Amazon is selling 2 pound bags of Jelly Flops for $8.99, but when you buy 5 and use the code F634CA2J at checkout, you’ll pay $26.97 for them, plus get free shipping ($5.40/bag or $2.70/lb). This is the best price I’ve seen since last summer’s $2.20/lb blowout (since expired).

With Easter right around the corner, maybe you can go in with family or friends and buy 5 bags to use as egg fillers, in Easter baskets or in candy dishes.

Jelly Belly’s Belly Flops are Jelly Belly beans that didn’t pass inspection. Maybe they are a wild shape, they escaped the Jelly Belly stamp, or in some cases the flavor doesn’t match the color, but they are a fun, conversational candy.

P.S. – I did see this sale on Amazon one time before, but they ran out of Belly Flops before I could share it with you. If you’re interested in getting these before Easter, I wouldn’t hesitate to order them.

P.P.S. – If you prefer the regular shaped Jelly Belly’s that pass inspection, use code BUNNY at to save 10%.

Your turn: What are your favorite jelly beans, Jelly Belly or otherwise?

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  1. jo says

    I have been waiting all year forthis promo. These are the best jelly beans and irregulars don't affect the taste. Thanks Carrie – I was watching Jelly Belly Website and not Amazon

      • says

        LOL. I am scouring my FB friends for someone to go in on this with me because I do not need 10 pounds of my favorite jelly beans in this house. 2 pounds, well, that's acceptable. I am soon and very soon going to place my order :)

        • jo says

          I share them at work as a treat and will include some with my nursing home care package of soap, toothpaste etc.

  2. Heather T. says

    THANKS for the tip just in time for Easter, I LOVE jelly beans and jelly bellies are the best I was contemplateing going to the factory in Milwuakee to get the flops but now I don't have to although we are going there in May and the 10lbs will be gone by then really I will eat a whole bag at once, I better call my dentist now;}

  3. liz says

    love jelly belly jelly beans- our Dollar Tree store has belly flops for only $1 a bag- great price- keep an eye out for 'em!!

  4. George Borys says

    If you know anybody who is hospital bound, there are 2 purchases you absolutely must make.

    1. Buy a case (10 or 20 bags) of Belly Flops. Hand the 2-pound bags out to all the attending doctors and nurses. They are guaranteed to inspire unparalleled attentiveness to the patient's every whim.

    2. Buy a bunch of "Solar Powered Dancing Flowers" from the local Dollar Tree store. Solar powered hula girls, solar powered bobble-head Spiderman dolls — whatever they have for $1. It might take some scrounging, since they tend to sell out as soon as they hit the shelves. It will confound the hospital staff to see the patient's intimate familiarity with the forces emanating from the sun.

    This is a known working strategy, and has been applied brilliantly in venues ranging from hospice to intensive care to the nursery ward. Pardon the grammar, but you've gotta make the world a funner place!

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