Cub Foods’ Official Coupon Policy

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

We have received an official copy of Cub Foods’ coupon policy, revised 3/7/11. You can download it/read it for yourself here, but I’ll also highlight some points below. Thanks to Pocket Your Dollars’ reader Holly for sending us this information.

In my opinion, these are the noteworthy points with my commentary and thoughts on each:

POLICY: “Cub Foods only accepts original coupons and does not accept photocopied or reproduced coupons (including multiple prints of same series internet coupons).”

CARRIE’S THOUGHTS: This makes me wonder if they will accept only one of the same coupon printed from a PDF.

POLICY: “Cub Foods will accept expired coupons up to 90 days past the printed expiration date (subject to manufacturer guarantee of payment). Printed expiration dates are verified in addition to scanning the coupon for validity.”

CARRIE’S THOUGHTS: Some readers have mentioned recently that Cub Foods stores are not accepting expired coupons any more. According to this official policy, it appears as though they still are. Some Cub Foods will actually accept expired manufacturer’s coupons past 90 days. They do not accept any expired store coupons.

POLICY: “Cub Foods will accept ONE manufacturer coupon and ONE store coupon on the same qualifying item.”

POLICY:“Cub Foods does not accept competitor coupons (coupons generated by any competitor with competitor logo are considered competitor coupons) with the exception of Catalina Marketing coupons.”

CARRIE’S THOUGHTS: The way this is written it would mean that internet printable manufacturer’s coupons and in-ad manufacturer’s coupons from other stores, with that store’s logo on them, should not be accepted.

POLICY: “Cub Foods may issue private promotion ‘manufacturer coupons’ in advertisements that state ‘redeemable only at Cub Foods’ in which Cub Foods is the only retailer that will accept them.”

CARRIE’S THOUGHTS: To me this means that in-ad manufacturer’s coupons should not be used at other stores because those other stores will not be reimbursed.

POLICY: “Coupons that exceed the retail value of an item will be adjusted to provide the maximum value, not exceeding the price of the item.”

POLICY: “Cub Foods does not accept internet generated manufacturer coupons that have the following conditions:
• Free product without a required purchase. (Carrie’s thoughts: Buy One, Get One Free internet printable coupons are fine though)
• A redemption value that exceeds $5.00.
• The absence of a clear and scannable UPC bar code.
• The absence of a valid manufacturer address on the printed coupon.”

CARRIE’S THOUGHTS: The $5.00 maximum limit is new to me, but it makes sense, is reasonable and limits the stores liability against fraudulent coupons, but the rest of this sounds pretty standard. It’s stated elsewhere in the policy that “buy one, get one free” internet printable coupons are acceptable.

POLICY: “Rain checks for store coupons will be given out as long as the store coupon does not state on it ‘while supplies last.’”

POLICY: “Cub Foods will accept competitor Catalina manufacturer coupons.”

CARRIE’S THOUGHTS: Catalina coupons are those generated at checkout, by the Catalina machine, including manufacturer’s coupons for a specific item and manufacturer’s coupons for money off your next purchase, like Register Rewards.

Your turn: What do you think of this coupon policy? What questions do you still have for Cub Foods?


  1. JoAnna says

    Thank you for posting this, Carrie! I emailed them a month or so ago regarding expired coupons not being accepted and RR not being accepted and they told me their policy had not changed–but did not tell me what the policy was. I emailed back asking for the policy but they never got back to me. I will definitely print the policy and bring it to the store with hopes it is a yes for RR again :)

  2. Amanda says

    Wait- how do RR work at Cub?? That doesn't make sense to me. Has anyone actually gotten this to work?

    • JoAnna says

      Amanda–until recently I have used RR at Cub just like I would use any coupon at Cub. The last time I tried to use them I was told by the manager they were no longer accepting RR coupons. Hopefully this policy will clear the issue up and I will get a yes again :)

      • JoAnna says

        I had great success at the EP Cub for the last year but a few wks ago they told me no because they were being charged a fee to process them and be reimbursed??? I talked to a manager that had previously accpted the RR from me. Hopefully the prob is all cleared up now!

  3. SarahBeth says

    I'm still confused by this policy.

    POLICY: “Coupons that exceed the retail value of an item will be adjusted to provide the maximum value, not exceeding the price of the item.”

    I think Target has or used to have this as well.

    So if an item is marked on their shelf at $1.98 but you have a coupon for $5 off 2 doesn't that mean that the MFR will be sending them $5 back? If they are going to get the full face value of the coupon then shouldn't the customer also get the full face value? How would they notify the MFR that they only need to be reimbursed $3.96?

    • JoAnna says

      SarahBeth–I also have wondered the same thing. Not sure how it works other than the store has a money maker and we get it for free.

    • Sarah says

      I agree SarahBeth! If I have a coupon that has overage on it (or as I like to say: it is a 'money-maker' coupon), then make no doubt if it is an advertised product in their sale ad, I will go to Wal-Mart (or even to Target now) and get the full face value of the coupon. Cub should realize their sales are DOWN due to their competition from their competitors. Come on Cub, give us (your shoppers) the same value of the coupon that you will get back!!

      • JoAnna says

        The registers at my Target usually automatically adjust the coupon down so it is not a money maker for us (but it is for them, I guess).

  4. Ashley says

    Also wondering about the RR thing. I have been skipping Walgreens as they only have deals on things I actually need every third week or so and figuring out how to use the RR before they expire gets complicated. If I could use them at Cub, I'd be all over those sales! I love my Cub!

  5. JordanS says

    I take this: "Cub Foods will accept expired coupons up to 90 days past the printed expiration date (subject to manufacturer guarantee of payment). Printed expiration dates are verified in addition to scanning the coupon for validity" to mean that they may not take some (or any) expired MFR coupons if they are not assured reimbursement from the MFR. Am I missing something? Would this be why some expired coupons are not accepted?

  6. SarahBeth says

    Sad to read this. I've used Cub coupons at Rainbow before – but now I feel bad that maybe Rainbow is not getting reimbursed!

    POLICY: “Cub Foods may issue private promotion ‘manufacturer coupons’ in advertisements that state ‘redeemable only at Cub Foods’ in which Cub Foods is the only retailer that will accept them.”

    CARRIE’S THOUGHTS: To me this means that in-ad manufacturer’s coupons should not be used at other stores because those other stores will not be reimbursed.

  7. sally says

    I haven't seen too many Cub coupons that say redeemable only at Cub. And I don't think Rainbow would accept them with that wording on them anyway.

  8. Rhonda says

    I stopped shopping on a regular basis at Cub about 1.5 years ago because they were so nasty with me about internet coupons. Additionally, I think that since they got a new CEO they have raised the prices to levels I had never seen from even local grocery stores. One instance: Miracle Whip larger Jar: Cub Regular Price $4.79 Target's Regular Price $2.99. I feel without coupons and sales they are just too high buck when I can drive 1 mile the other way to Target.

    It's sad because they were my main store for 12 years!!!!

      • Brittany says

        I haven't been to Cub in at least 6-7 months either. I used to just get deals at Rainbow, then do regular stuff at Cub since their prices were lower. At the suggestion of someone here, I started doing more shopping at Super Target. I stopped at Cub about a week ago as they're right across the street from my office, and was shocked at some of the prices.

        Between the lackluster sales they've been offering, double coupons at Rainbow, and what seem to be higher prices, Rainbow and Target are getting all my business nowdays.

  9. SaraToo says

    I agree about Cub's prices going up, I never shop there anymore because it's just too expensive. Super Target is always cheaper.

  10. Hilary says

    i agree, Cub prices are higher on many things and i surely do not like bagging my own items. i am glad that they clarified the catalina marketing issue. i have had a few rejected at the woodbury store. the cashier claimed that it was another store coupon.

  11. Kris says

    I have had trouble using buy one get one free coupons that are printed from the internet. They told me these coupons were no longer accepted as of the first of the year.

  12. Rebecca S says

    I think that this is really interesting:

    "Store coupons may require that the discount applies only with Preferred/Loyalty/Rewards Card use"

    I didn't know Cub had a loyalty program. Maybe they are going to start one, ala Roundy's Rewards card?

  13. Dawn N says

    I was there tonight and used the Purina One coupons for cat food to donate and she wrote the price of the one in and then subtracted $3 for the ohter coupon even thought the product was $2.39?

    I could bring the rec't back and have them fix it to the price and then pay the differnce or ? I didn't know this before I left and she didn't say anything so ?

  14. Shannon says

    Are Register Rewards considered catalinas? If not, I am thinking they wouldn't take them because of this statement below because they have the Walgreens logo on them…

    POLICY:“Cub Foods does not accept competitor coupons (coupons generated by any competitor with competitor logo are considered competitor coupons) with the exception of Catalina Marketing coupons.”

    • Kierstien says

      Yes Walgreens RR's are printed from the catalina machine so these are considered catalina coupons and so you should be able to use them since it says "with the exception of Catalina marketing coupons" so the logo on catalinas should work just fine…so also coupons that print at rainbow target etc as long as they dont say ONLY redeemable at target,rainbow,walgreens etc!

  15. Lynnea says

    My Target does adjust, but then they write on the coupon what they actually deducted…so possibly if the store is doing it right they would only get reimbursed what they deducted. I had this happen to me at Walgreens this week. They wouldn't give me the overage, but wrote on the coupon that they didn't take off the full coupon amount.

  16. Christine says

    I have gotten them to work. the cashier usually looks at me funny. I usually end up pointing out that it says manufacture's coupon on the top, and then they accept it.

  17. Stacy says

    Went to cub at Riverdale in Andover. I had RR's to use. The woman called the manager over to see if they take them. The manager said they did. That was great since I was ready with their policy just in case she said "no."

  18. Heidi says

    I'm not too disappointed. I used to shop at Cub due to the close proximity to my home but almost everytime I went there, I would find something expired. Whether it was fresh foods or shelf products, I would notify customer service each time. After about a year, I sent an e-mail to corporate and was assured someone would get back to me which they never did. I am not that picky but do not want to purchase expired food.

  19. Amanda says

    Same here. I've never purchased expired food at target or rainbow but it's happened three times at cub. Now I check all exp dates.

  20. Renae says

    A friend said that she now takes her Walgreens RR that she used to use at Cub and puts them on a Walgreen gift card. That way you have more time than the 2 wk coupon expiration to use it up.

    Last time I was at Cub–not the normal one I go to–there was an issue with the RR coupons. They took them once a mgr. came, but this policy sounds like it will no longer be acceptable.

  21. Amy says

    Hello everyone! I work at Cub Foods and have for almost eight years, We take vendor/manufacture coupons up to 3months past expiration date including any you may find in the weekly ad and coupon book. At our store in we even take manuacture coupons from competing stores weekly ads as well (I guess no one read the fine print about only catalina coupons oops :)) If we are out of any item that is on sale you can get a raincheck and it will be good for an additional 30 days. I hope this helps a little!

  22. MsBehavin' says

    So, to make sure I understand the sum of the above posts: Cub DOES accept expired manufacturer and catalina coupons, regardless where they are from. Cub also accepts expired weekly in-ad Cub coupons. Is this correct??


  23. May says

    Cub accepts expired weekly in-ad MANUFACTURER coupons like the 4/$10 Coke one on the front page of this week's ad. They can't accept an expired "CUB COUPON" like the Kraft Mayo/Miracle whip one on the front page of this week's ad.

  24. Heidi says

    Can anyone explain why Cub Foods store coupons say on them 'do not double, triple or quadruple' when Cub Foods does not double, triple or quadruple coupons?

  25. Willie says

    Hello, does anybody know if cub takes expired cub coupons?

    Like the $5 off $50 they mailed out a few weeks ago that expired yesterday.

    Also I hear ya about cub shelf prices! But there produce is always better then rainbow or super target in the midway locations if you can even find what you want at the super target.

  26. Nina says

    Willie, when I called Cub in Crystal I was told that they will take their own expired coupons up to 3 days after the expiration date.

    Hope that helps.

  27. Vic says

    I have two $8 RR and am wondering if I have to buy $8 items at Cub in order to be able to use them. Let's say my order total is $25 and I have two $8 RR from Walgreens and I have no other coupons. Would they take $16 off my total order – even if most of the items I am purchasing are $2 or less?

  28. Vic says

    I have two $8 Register Rewards that I would like to use at Cub Foods. Do I have to find two $8 items in order to use them? It's unclear to me if the RR comes off of an item or off of the total sale. If I have a $25 order will they take $16 off (if I have two $8 RR)? I do not plan to use any other coupons – yet do not want to appear foolish if I go up the counter with several $1 and $2 items equal to $25 and try to use a couple of $8 RR… unless that is how it works. Please advise. :) Thanks…

    • JoAnna says


      The 2 $8 RRs will take $16 off of your order (just like giving them $16 in cash). You only need to use them for a specific item if that's specified. Hope that helps. Have fun :)

  29. katie w says

    So, will they accept expired Catalina coupons since they are considered manufacturer's coupons?

  30. Jessica says

    I was at Cub today and I bought 4 packages of the Johnsonville Bratwurst. I used 2 $1/2 mfr. coupons. This was fine. Then I had an additional mfr. coupon for free pasta when you buy a Johnsonville product and both the cashier and manager told me that I could not "double up" coupons. Is this right? I cannot find specific wording on this situation in thier policy and I feel that I was in the right about it. Help me!!!

  31. Cher says

    Cub doesn't accept a coupon for the free item in BOGO.. you are already getting the item for free..

  32. Cher says

    because johnsonville is the one that is refunding the store… not the pasta company.. so you would be doubling up on johnsonville coupons

  33. says

    The whole feel of Cub is so different than I remember as a kid, since I was young it was always the place to shop for service and great prices. Lately within the past year or so I have just had so many hassles with attitude more than anything when I have a bunch of coupons and need to separate/divide my orders, the prices have been on a huge rise and seem to keep going, good for sale here and there but not good for normal shopping.

    Bottom Line: SHOP RAINBOW! they have the best prices, even without coupons and where will you find a better deal than double coupon daze and I never get that look and snub when I separate my groceries to extend my savings! this week I bought 6 boxes of cereal for $3 after my coupons and got milk and eggs for free! also got boxes of hamburger helper for $.50 each! now I am no extreme coupon lady and I do not have a stock of random things in my home, just buy what I need and plan according to sales if I can. Simple math and store coupon+double manufacture coupon+in-store sale= huge savings, and hello they have a reward card.

    • JoAnna says


      They should accept expired printables the same way they accept insert coupons–the Cub stores I frequent do (Chanhassen, Shorewood, Eden Prairie).

  34. Sue says

    I am curious about stacking. Cub in WSP told me I could not do it. I said Yes, I can. I have in the past. So she got on the phone and came over and "forced" the reduction on the register. Do you know if this is an issue with Cub or any of the major stores in the Twin Cities? I do not see it in Cub's policy that they will not stack coupons.

  35. lar says

    The policy seems pretty clear if you read carefully. You can use one store coupon (that is a coupon from Cub foods) and one manufacturer's coupon (one made by the company manufacturing the product) on a single item. That is it. If the store has a coupon for Campbell's soup and you also have a coupon from Campbell's for their soups, then you can use both of those, but no more.

  36. lar says

    All the coupons like this that I have seen have a space for the clerk to write in how much the item actually costs the store. The store is only going to get back the actual cost of the item. If the coupons says $5, it will probably also say "not to exceed the actual value of the item." If it says get one free, then the store will write how much the product costs. The store is not making money on the coupons.They cost the company time to process, so in a sense it costs the store money to let you use the coupons. Of course, they hope to get more customers and sales as a result. While it's nice if a store chooses to honor expired coupons or to double the value of a coupon, I'm not going to give them a bad name if they choose not to.

  37. Jackie says

    I went to Cub today and they said that they recently sat down with walgreens and are no longer honoring thier register rewards – do you have any ideas or info on this?

  38. Laura says

    Does anyone know if the expired coupon policy applies also to printable coupons? I have printed coupons in the past and know are expired (less than 3 months), can I still use them? Thanks!

  39. Rethinking Savings says

    Do any one know if the Cub Foods Coupon Policy has changed? I went shopping this weekend and was told that they only except coupons 30 days past the due date. I have tried to look up the policy online but had no luck. Any assistance that can be provided is appreciated.

    • JoAnna says

      If they send one I bet lots of us would love a copy. I emailed few months back and all they told me was the policy hadn't changed. They did not include a copy as requested.

  40. Layne says

    Used to be an almost strictly Cub Foods customer…but now I only go to one of their stores once every other month or so. Cub Foods has clearly gotten much less promotion than the past — "loss leaders" are increasingly rare. Shelf prices are slightly better than Rainbow – but not compared with Target, Walmart. Must be tremendous corporate margin concerns at SuperValu for this change to have occured.

    I will admit to becoming a Rainbow Wednesday and Saturday shopper (thanks! to Carrie et. al).

  41. JoeAnne says

    Can you use coupons with an EBT card? I'm an out of work single mother who really ONLY has enough money to pay the bills and would like to save as much as I can with my EBT card and get the most for the STATES dollar and enough to feed my small family I would like to make the most of it. I have worked since I was 15 years old and am going through a rough patch right now and want to get the most out of what I have.

  42. says

    “Cub Foods will accept expired coupons up to 90 days past the printed expiration date (subject to manufacturer guarantee of payment). Printed expiration dates are verified in addition to scanning the coupon for validity.”

    Not necessarily true, I have managed to get coupons accepted that were about 10-20 days expired!

  43. says

    I was just at Fridley Cub & told by an assistant manager they do not accept RR b/c it says "redeemable only at walgreens". Treated absolutely awful – they have been accepting them for quite awhile & their coupon policy seems to state they do accept them. But the biggest frustration for me was that they expired yesterday. $16 worth. Yikes! I hate being told coupon policy when you know it so well already. Last week they accepted them no problem. Anyhow, it hurt me enough that I will be avoiding that Cub & emailing corporate about the situation and way I was treated. I coupon to save $ for my family; I am not trying to steal from stores.

  44. Valerie says

    Can you use a catalina that I got from Rainbow? From reading above, I don't think that they will take it since it says Rainbow on it.?

  45. says

    Wanted to follow up: I emailed Cub after this experience b/c it left me so frustrated & hurt. The Fridley store director emailed me back with an apology and told me that they do accept RR's & that her employees have been informed. I was thankful for an apology. Just thought I would pass that on to my fellow Cub couponers.

  46. Willie says

    About 6 months ago I posted about the expired $5 coupon cub sends out in the mail and at the time they did honor the coupon for up to week after it expired.

    I always try to use the coupons when valid but it doesn't always work out that way, so anyway a few months later

    I was at the cub in midway the day after my $5 dollar coupon expired and they would not accept it. I tried to explain that I was told I could use the coupon up to one week after it expired and other cashiers let me do it in the past… The lady kinda snotty with me and said they were told they can't do it anymore and I should go talk to the manager at the service counter, so I walk over there and plea my case to her and she just flat out denied me the funny thing is… she was batching up the coupons for the day and I saw a bunch of the same coupons I was trying to use in the batch! So I just said to her it looks like that's a selective policy. Then informed her I would not be shopping at cub anymore.

    I have not been back to cub since that day. I used to split my trip between the midway target and cub because alot of the stuff I get weekly is cheaper at target like fancy feast cat food 52 cents at target 80 cents at cub and I but 24 cans a week! And all there prices just seemed to keep going up and up and up. So even with the 5 dollar coupon I was still paying more then I would at cub. And now I have the target debit card so I save 5% on all my purchases and don't have to worry about if my coupon expired and save myself 30 minutes a week by not having to go both places. Sure cub has a little better produce and better selection but I don't buy that much produce and when I shop later at night, and by that time cubs produce was picked over anyway.

    So thats my story. I just don't get why cub can't get there policies in order and let there employees on board with them.

  47. JoAnna says


    You are lucky that you were ever able to use an expired Cub store coupon. It has always been their policy to only accept expired manufacturer coupons. The $5 off of $50 coupons you saw the employee bundling probably weren't expired as they do have current coupons out like that right now (from their home delivered coupon booklets).

    Though, I agree whole heartedly that a store should follow their coupon policy because it makes life less confusing and be kind (though we all have bad days).

  48. Christy says

    I need some clarification and help. I have TEN $1 off certificates that say "SAVE $1.00 on your next purchase of $1.00 or more". These printed off at the register the last time I shopped at CUB foods. Problem is I forgot they were in my wallet and now they are expired as of 11/20/2012. They must have only been good for a week or two. Would CUB still accept them? They do say in upper part "manufacturer cpn" and then the expiration date, but they also say "redeemable at CUB" in the upper right corner above the UPC code. Please someone help me figure this out. I would be shopping the CUB in Stillwater MN.

  49. sharon says

    Awhile ago, Cub wouldn't take my RRs because it states on there "only redeemable at Walgreens". Some RRs don't have this statement and I'm assuming they would take those. I know Cub takes competitors catalinas but I'm wondering if they only take the catalinas that don't specifically state that its redeemable only x store? Any thoughts?

    • JoAnna says

      It depends on the store, cashier, manager…..if they accept them or not. I have had great luck with non-expired RR at the Cub on 41 and 7 in Shorewood.

        • JoAnna says

          Did you get a no from the cashier? If so, you could always ask at the service desk, ask for a manager at that store–you may get a different answer.

          • sharon says

            Actually I was at a self-check out and the cashier in charge came over and was pretty firm about not taking those RRs. He said that people have been exploiting them or something. It sounded like he was instructed by someone to not take them, i.e. like a policy change. I think next time I'll check at the service desk before I shop just to make sure someone gives the ok. Thanks again!

  50. Amanda says

    Can someone point me in the direction of the new Cub coupon policy? This post says it’s expired. I’m assuming that means the policy has expired, however I can’t find a new post and discussion of they policy. Help!!


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