Hy-Vee: Buy a Chest Freezer for $199, Get $200 in Free Product Coupons

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

March is frozen foods month and Hy-Vee is celebrating that with an amazing deal on a chest freezer. In years past Cub Foods (and other SuperValu-affiliated stores) have done a similar sale, and if they do it again this year, I’d expect to see it in this upcoming week’s ad.

Now through 3/31 or while supplies last, you can purchase a Haier Chest Freezer at Hy-Vee for $199 and get up to $200 in coupons for free products. To see the sale’s details visit HyVee.com, select a store near you by clicking on the “Stores” link and viewing the Freezer Stock Up Sale ad under “Weekly Ads”. Find a Hy-Vee store near you and be sure to call ahead and see if they still have any of these in stock, as quantity is limited.

Keep in mind the $200 value of the coupons is based on the full retail price of the products and I doubt many Pocketeers would pay full price for much of anything :)

Here are the free product coupons that should be included in the sale, but may vary by location:

–          (1) Tombstone 12” Pizza (up to $3.34)

–          (1) Tony’s Pouches, Crispy Crust, Pizza for One or Larry’s Potatoes (up to $1.25)

–          (1) Digorno or California Kitchen Small Pizza (up to $2.88)

–          (1) Palmer’s 12” Hand Tossed Pizza (up to $5.49)

–          (1) Kraft Easy Mac (up to $2.50)

–          (1) Emerald Premium Nuts (up to $3.99)

–           (1) Breyers Ice Cream or Klondike & Reese’s Novelties (up to $3.49)

–          (1) Edy’s Ice Cream (up to $2.99)

–          (1) Hungry Man Frozen Dinner (up to $2.50)

–          (1) Kraft Cool Whip (up to $1.88)

–          (1) Grand Selections Frozen Vegetables (up to $1.25)

–          (1) HV Apple or Grape Cocktail Juice (up to $1.18)

–          (1) Snickers, Twix Bars or M&M Ice Cream Treats (up to $3)

–          (1) HyVee Cheese Sticks or Cream Cheese Jalepeno Bites (up to $2.19)

–          (1) Rich’s Sea Pak Shrimp or Farm Rich Mozzerlla Sticks (up to $4.99)

–          (1) HyVee White Bread Dough (up to $1.68)

–          (1) HyVee Potatoe Patty (20 count) (up to $3.49)

–          (1) Dannon Activia 4 Pack Yogurt (up to $1.99)

–          (1) Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeat or Chicken Strips (up to $2.97)

–          (1) Butterball Chicken Strips, Bacon or Turkey Sausage (up to $2.50)

–          (1) Kelments Brats (up to $3)

–          (1) Land O Frost Deli Shaved Thin Sliced Lunch Meats (up to $2.49)

–          (1) Hallmark Card (up to $3.99)

–          (1) Kodak Funsaver Camera (up to $3.99)

–          (1) Tyson Chicken Tenders (up to $16.99)

–          (1) Trident Vitality Gum (up to $2.50)

–          (1) Mars Candy Bar (up to $0.50)

–          (1) Nestle Candy Bar (up to $0.50)

–          (1) Post Honey Bunches of Oats (up to $2.50)

–          (1) Malt O Meal Value Plus Bag (up to $2.79)

–          (1) Tennessee Pride Breakfast Sandwiches (up to $4.77)

–          (1) Pepsi 2 Liter (up to $1.25)

–          (1) Tones Mini Spices (up to $3)

–          (1) Equal Artificial Sweetener (up to $3)

–          (1) Old Orchard Frozen Juice (up to $1.89)

–          (1) Mr. Dells Hashbrowns (up to $2.79)

–          (1) Healthy Choice Steaming Entrees (up to $3)

–          (1) Marie Callender’s Fresh Flavor Steamers (up to $4.32)

–          (1) Super Pretzels (up to $3.49)

–          (1) Mrs. T’s Pierogies (up to $3.99)

–          (1) El Charrito (up to $3.49)

–          (1) Daisy Brand Sour Cream (up to $1.49)

–          (1) 8th Continent Soy Milk (up to $3.99)

–          (1) Fast Fixins or Fast Classics (up to $4)

–          (1) Jones Golden Brown Pre-Cooked Sausages (up to $3)

–          (1) Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage or Roll Sausage (up to $4)

–          (1) Tornados  (up to $3.49)

–          (2) Birds Eye Blended Vegetables (up to $1.98)

–          (3) Handi Foil Basics (up to $1)

–          (1) $10 Hy-Vee Gift Card

Thanks, Hot Coupon World for the list of coupons!

Your turn: Have you or someone you know done one of these freezer deals in years past? Did you use all the coupons for free products?


  1. jenn says

    Do you think these freezer sales are worth it? I have thought about purchasing one for several years, but am unsure.

  2. Flannel Guy says

    The Cub deal was definitely worth it for me last year. I needed a freezer and I used most of the free food coupons @ Rainbow to get to the $25 threshold,,,,worked out very well for me.

  3. Karen says

    I did the Cub freezer deal last year and with the exception of 3 of their coupons I used all of them. The freezer is doing just fine and I appreciate the extra space.

  4. Ryan says

    I've seen past discussions about the Cub freezer deal, and it sounds like many of the Cub coupon items have frequent BOGO sales at one store or another. I'm not sure how this compares to the Hy-Vee deal, but it's something to keep in mind.

  5. V says

    I did this a couple years ago and gave the freezer away as a gift….I am going to do this deal again.

    Question is: Has anyone else done this and used the "HyVee free coupons" along with a "Manufacturer’s coupon" per item? Will that work? As long as I have enough other items to cover the fact that they won't give me money back; I would have to buy other things to use that up on. I thought that last time I did this someone later said you could do that. That way it helps cover the cost of tax on the freezer as I still will have to pay the tax on that.

  6. Sarah says


    Do you know if Cub is going to offer this deal? When do you think it will be offered? Thanks for all you do! I'm enjoying all of your ROCK BOTTOM deals!

    • Sarah says

      NEVERMIND……I'm sorry I didn't read the fine print of what you wrote in the beginning: In years past Cub Foods (and other SuperValu-affiliated stores) have done a similar sale, and if they do it again this year, I’d expect to see it in this upcoming week’s ad.

      I'll wait to see this upcoming week's ad :)

  7. Deirdre Vanko says

    I just called our Cub foods and they said that it will be this Sunday that promo starts. About a 5.1 cubic – igloo freezer for $159 and $159 in coupons. It sounded like limited supply. Our Hyvee has double the amount that cub will have

  8. Lisa F says

    Sounds like a good deal. If I didn't already have a small chest freezer, I'd be buying one next week.

  9. V says

    Carrie~ Hey girl you just made me $15.00~ I was going to copy and paste all the coupons you listed for the freezer deal (I am going to try match manufacturer coupons to the Hy-Vee ones) and saw at the very bottom the list a $10.00 gift card. I never got a gift card in my coupons. I called another Hy-Vee and they are giving a $15.00 gift card…so I called the Hy-Vee I bought my freezer at; I told them I read online that I was suppose to get a gift card and another Hy-Vee in our area was giving a $15.00 gift card and after about 10 minutes they came back on and apologized saying they missed that part of the deal….that I can bring in my receipt and get my $15.00 gift card! Thank you Carrie!!! Had I not read this link to read I would have never known I was supposed to get one! :) You're a peach!

  10. Brenda says

    I was so happy to see you include something from Hy-Vee! It's a huge presence here in southern Minnesota ( we have 3 in Rochester). Are there any Hy-Vee stores in the Twin Cities? Have you ever though about including them on your weekly shopping list? Just wondering.

    • says

      Brenda – I have thought about including a Hy-Vee list and hope to make one available via another blogger later this spring. We don't have any in the Twin Cities.

  11. Sara says

    On the coupons, do they have to be used at a Hy-Vee store? I realize the Hy-Vee product specific ones would be, but what about the rest of them? Considering if this is still a good deal since I live in the twin cities.

  12. Sheila says

    I just bought the freezer for $199. The cashier asked if I would like to use my $15 card on it. I also used my student ID to save an additional 5%. Along with the coupons listed above (that are only usable at Hy Vee) I received about 6 manufacture coupons. I also got multiple copies of some of the listed coupons (6 candy bars, 3 pepsi, 2 cool whip, 2 kraft). One warning- the Hy Vee coupons all expire March 29. Mankato's hilltop had 40 freezers when I left. I, too, would like to know if I can stack these with manufacture coupons.

    • says

      Sheila – Can you tell us what the coupons say about where they are redeemable and what any other fine print on them reads? With that info we could likely figure out whether another coupon could be used alongside them.

      • V says

        They say:

        Super Coupon

        Tombstone Pizza

        (the size)

        Max value: $3.34


        Hy-Vee: Limit 1 with coupon. Limit one coupon per person

        Good through March 29, 2011

        They are printed on plain white paper and it does not say Manufacturer coupon on them or that they can't be used with any other offer

  13. V says

    Sheila~ Hey me too! :) I guess we just had to figure it out ourselves~ I did give them my manufacturer coupons first…not sure that it made a difference either way.

    This Hy-Vee that I did this at is SUPER good about coupons….later this week I am going to try do the same thing at a different Hy-Vee with some more of the freebie coupons; this other Hy-Vee is extremely picky about coupons! So I wouldn't be surprised they won't allow it. The thing is; this picky coupon Hy-Vee is in Minnesota so no tax on food the other one that allowed two coupons per item is in South Dakota so there I pay the tax on the free food.

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