Sam’s Club: Non-Members Can Shop Today + Gift Card Bonuses for Joining (Exp 1/15?)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Update: A reader left a comment saying they saw some promotional materials that advertised the Open House for the entire week, through Saturday, January 15. I think it behooves a call to your local Sam’s Club to see if non-members still have time to shop without an upcharge. The gift card promo has expired though.


If you wish you had a Sam’s Club membership, but don’t want to pay the fee, today’s your day. It is the tail end of Sam’s Club’s Open House, which runs through the close of business today, January 13. Non-members can make purchases today at the member rate, thus avoiding the 10% upcharge they typically tack on to non-member buys.

Also, if you are in the market for a Sam’s Club membership today might be day the day to buy one. If you purchase a Plus-level membership you’ll get a $25 Sam’s Club gift card or you’ll receive a $10 Sam’s Club gift card for purchasing a Business membership; offer is good only for in-club signups, but view the membership prices and benefits on Sam’s Club’s website. These gift card promotions are good only through the end of today, January 13. (Even if non-members can still shop through the 15th, I think this promo is done)

I just found out about this offer, at 1:36 pm on Thursday, which is why you are getting late notice of it. Personally, I may stop by to check their price on ground turkey (does it beat Aldi’s?) and pick up some milk.

Your turn: In the economic downturn did you drop a warehouse membership? Or, did you opt to get one as a money-saving measure?

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  1. angela says

    I love Sam's Club. I take a generic Clariten every day for allergies. I got a bottle of 360 pills for $12.98! I saved my membership fee in just allergy meds. We also have a very large dog so we buy our dog food there. As long as you know your prices, Sam's can save money. But if don't watch out, you can spend more than you need to since it looks like a good deal.

  2. Jaime says

    Keep it coming – what else does everyone stock up with any Sam's? I am going to go tonight since I don't have a membership anymore, but since I get such good coupon deals elsewhere I feel like there is not much I would need to get there… I am going to get fruit, ramen (my hubby eats 3 of the bags at a sitting!) and some ground turkey. Anything else I should be looking at?

    • Sarah says

      If you bake, check out the baking items, they are most likely cheaper. (I have a membership at Costco so I can't speak directly…but…) check out yeast, flour, tomato sauce, quinoa, milk, and meat.

  3. Meghan says


    I remember you stating that your husband is a graduate student. If he has a student id and valid email address for the college or university, you will actually get a $15 gift card back. And each membership comes with 2 cards. That way, you could get one and he could get one and get $15 back for the regular membership rather than $10.

    I don't live close to one anymore, so I didn't renew my membership after it expired in April 2010. However, they sent me something to renew and get a gift card. Even though I'm not a student any more, for whatever reason, they still let me get the Collegiate membership with my renewal and gave me the $15 gift card rather than the $10. I renewed it because I was checking prices on freezers as a combined Christmas and birthday gift to my older brother and his fiance for Christmas. The savings on it when compared to any other place (Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, Lowe's) more than paid for the cost of the membership.


  4. Christine says

    I sure wish we had known about this a little earlier! Does anyone know how often Sam's does this? Maybe I can catch the next one.

  5. says

    Are you sure it ends today? I received a flyer in one of my Star Tribune's this week – can't remember the day – that allows you to try Sam's Club for free any time between the 12th and the 25th with no up-charge. It doesn't say anything on the flier or in the fine print about needing the circular to receive the deal either. I'd call a store to confirm this offer really ends today.

  6. Meghan says

    The collegiate membership is valid year-round. You pay $40 for the membership and get the $15 gift card. Just ask for the Collegiate Membership.

  7. Marie says

    We have a membership, given to us yearly by friends for christmas, and I agree with the person who said if you know prices you can do well there. Lately, we have been buying milk there because it's $1.99 or $1.89 for skim. I don't have to try to figure out deals or buy more cereal I don't need to get free milk. Also, especially in the winter the fruit and veggies can save me money although i do get alot at Aldi's. Since we don't pay for the membership it's worth it to us to still have it. We definitely don't spend alot there though.

  8. Aira says

    Not sure if you're close to a Coborn's Carrie, but they have Louis Rich ground turkey for 90 cents/pound this week.

  9. Cheri says

    I love Sam's Club. I typically buy my carrots, $2.xx for a 5-lb bag; celery hearts, $2.xx for 3 stalks; potatoes; baking supplies, as someone already mentioned. I have also been buying some of our meat there. I find it to be much better quality than Rainbow. Chicken breasts are $1.99/lb, chuck roasts are around $2.68/lb. We go through a lot of cheese, and I've been buying their cheese too. It's not always as cheap as Rainbow, but I like the convenience.

    They gave us a free year of the coupons with the e-plus, which are definitely not worth the upgraded membership price, but we have gotten some benefit from them a few times on $1 or $2 off meat prices and Listerine was a great deal once.

  10. betty says

    I had a card come in the mail for a free 1 year membership,but my grandson lost it. Is there any way i can get another one?I would like to try sams out. I have a 17 year old son i need to buy bulk

    • says

      Betty – We do not issue membership cards, but there often are free weekends where you can shop at Sam’s Club without having to pay the non-member surcharge.

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