Problems With New Printable Shopping List Feature

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Introduced New Printable Shopping List

Many of you noticed this week that we introduced a new printing feature into the shopping lists. The idea is awesome. You will be able to check boxes for the items you plan to buy, then you’ll click “Print my list” and voila, you get a customized printable shopping list. It saves you paper and should make prepping for your grocery trip easier.

But, we have had unanticipated problems with the new functionality all week. It culminated this morning when the software that powers the printing feature crashed the entire site.We have disabled the new printing feature for the moment and will re-launch it when it is more stable.

Pocket Your Dollars Crashed This Morning

For those wondering how we didn’t catch these issues in testing, let me explain. We did install and test the software that powers the select and print feature. Many other sites are running the same plug-in. All seemed normal. But, in our real-life shopping lists we add and delete items throughout the week as we find new deals, new coupons for existing sales or printable coupons become no longer available. As our team went in and made those changes throughout the week the issues grew and grew. The select and print plug-in could not handle the ever-changing shopping list we present to it. In essence, it got confused about what it should print, to the point it gave up and locked up the entire site.

We have our technical support working on a solution so we can re-launch the very nifty printable shopping lists soon.

Being the optimist I am, here’s my glass-half-full take on this situation: At least those that have had problems won’t experience those anymore, right? (Any other positive spins?)

What’s Next?

It will take me 30-60 minutes to remove sections of code from all of the shopping lists that were supposed to print with this feature. Until then, the lists may not render correctly on your screen. Please check back later this morning as we are fixing them as quickly as we can.


  1. Tirza says

    the new print list feature is really nice but I think we'll all live til it functions again. the content is same :) thank you for your hard work! sip some coffee along the way!

    • says

      Tirza – Good idea. I think I'll go get one last half cup (I drink in half cups because I like my coffee piping hot), finish cleaning up the lists, then get on with some big, fun announcements about the PYD Live event. This has been a rough week (lists not printing all week, issues with giveaway forms yesterday, site crashed this morning, etc.), but today is going to be an awesome day!

      • JoAnna says

        I only drink 1/2 cups too because it needs to be super hot :) Same with cold drinks–glass from freezer with ice and the soda (or whatever) from the fridge.

        It will be a better day, Carrie :) And remember–we are here to support you, too!

  2. Lindsey says

    That explains why my lists printed just fine at the beginning of the week. It was probably before you edited anything. I love the feature. It will save me a lot of time copying and pasting into Word. Thank you!

  3. Katherine says

    It worked for me earlier in the week and when it did, I L-O-V-E-D it! Don't worry, I am sure we will all survive, so don't go crazy. I would rather hear about the PYD Live announcements!!!

  4. vas says

    Your have done a fabulous job with all you try and conquer – I know it will be wonderful once all the kinks are out. I LOVED the lists I was able to print! Thank you so much for all you do – God Bless you!

  5. JoAnna says

    Did I miss the big announcements? Or were theyaanounced at the town hall meeting? Wish I could have been there :)

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