Free 24-Count Enfamil Premium Newborn Formula

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Do you see the advertisement above (click on it to enlarge)? It offers a free 24-count cases of Enfamil Premium Newborn formula for parent whose children fit the age requirement; your infant must be younger than 3 months or you need to be pregnant and due within the next 90 days.You need to call Enfamil at 1-800-BABY123 (1-800-222-9123) during their business hours to request your free case. Their hours are Monday – Friday 7 am – 7 pm CST and Saturday 8 am – 4:30 pm Central time. Offer ends January 31, 2011.

I just tested this number and the first time I tried dialing it I got a “number cannot be completed as dialed” message. I hung up and tried again, then was successfully connected. It is before they have opened up for the day, so I didn’t confirm that there are still free samples in stock.

If you haven’t already requested this, you can get a free sample of Enfamil Tolerance when you print and present this form to your pediatrician.

(Thanks, Scrumptious Tidbits!)

Your turn: Where did you find the best deal on formula? I have said many times that Sam’s Club was the best price I could find – even when the membership cost was factored in. (P.S. – This blog post is not a place to discuss the merits of breastfeeding versus formula feeding; any comments in that vein will be deleted)

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  1. Lisa W says

    Closed, bummer… Commenting so that I will remember to do this one tomorrow! My baby is just 2 weeks, this would be GREAT for us!

  2. Betsy says

    I just called and was able to order the sample case. I was told it would arrive in 10 business days via FedEx – perfect since I am due in two days with my baby :)

  3. Holly says

    Thanks Carrie! This is perfect – due in 6 weeks. Called yesterday and the woman I talked to was really nice. Said it would arrive in 5-7 days.

  4. jen says

    Hi. Just called and was told you had to have the flyer from your OB doctor to get it. Has a special code on it. Anyone else being told this?

  5. Sara says

    It worked just fine for me. They didn't ask for a code at all. I just told then I had a copy of a brochure offering a free 24 count case of formula. He verified my info and said I should have it in 10 days. Yeah!!!

  6. courtney says

    I just called and got a recording where I needed to leave my name, address, due date and the recording said i should be receiving it in the next few weeks. Thanks I hope this works I am due in 8 weeks.

  7. says

    I just received my case. I didn't need a code either. My DH was so surprised that they were giving away a whole case. It states it is a 24 count case, but I received 48 2 oz. bottles.

  8. Val says

    If you already have the child you need to tell them you are currently feeding the newborn formula or they won't send it to you!!

  9. Jenna says

    I got 48 2 oz bottles as well – not due for 6 weeks and told them I was going to bottle feed and breastfeed – hoping to just breastfeed, but wanted just in case it doesn't work for some reason. If I don't need it, there is always someone who will!

  10. kim says

    Called today. The cust rep asked how I found out about it. I told him that a friend had given me the brochure. He wanted to know what the other side of brochure said and I told him that I only had a photocopy of the side with the phone number. Then he proceeded with my registration.

  11. Katie says

    I just got mine today too and it was 48 2 oz bottles!!! Such a blessing since I am supplementing breastfeeding with some formula and formula is so expensive!

  12. Stephanie says

    I didn't read the comments first and called before seeing anything about the flyer at the doctors office and then I called back and said I had a flyer and they said since I originally said I heard it on the internet, that they wouldn't give it to me. So make sure you say you have the flyer from your doctors office.

  13. Tracy says

    I am so thankful to hear people are getting their freebies! I had a lot of my friends tell me: "Oh, that's a scam!" But it sounds like it was legit. I hope so! They are sending me 2 cases since I have newborn twins. Every little bit helps.

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