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Today, as I helped my kids in the bathroom, I was thinking about the ingenuity of the Charmin toilet paper extender, which prompts me to mention it to you again. It replaces the rod where you hang your toilet paper and is spring-loaded to fit within your decorative hardware. It literally extends out where the tube goes so that you can hang a double or triple roll of paper and actually have it spin.(In case you’re wondering, I often admire inventions and think about the creativity it took someone to solve whatever particular problem. This is no exception).

Charmin gives them away free with a limit of one per household.I’ve had mine almost two years and it’s been over a year since I mentioned it here, so I figured it is time again.

Your turn: Have you had problems getting the larger rolls of toilet paper onto your bathroom’s holder or am I alone with this isue?

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  1. Ms. BJ Ashley says:

    Please, Please… Bring back the toilette paper roll extender..if it is impractical to give it away for free again… then put a price on was and is worth it. I would buy 3 right away. If Charmin chooses not to carry it anymore please tell me a source where folks like me can find them.

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