How to Earn Rewards From the Pampers Gifts to Grow Program

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

If you haven’t joined Pampers Gifts to Grow yet, it’s a great rewards program to be a part of, especially if you regularly buy Pampers products. It doesn’t take long to join and you don’t even have to buy Pampers to benefit from the program (though it helps if you do). In addition to earning rewards, you will also receive occasional high-value Pampers coupons in the mail.

How It Works

Sign up for a Pampers Gifts to Grow account and enter the codes found inside Pampers packages. Each product and package type is worth a certain number of points. You can find point values for each product on the Pampers Gifts to Grow site.

Pampers also regularly releases promo codes that you can enter into your account and earn free points. A great way to be the first to find out about new codes released is to “like” Pampers on Facebook.

What Can I Win?

You can redeem your points for a variety of things including Shutterfly products, gift certificates, toys and more. Or if you prefer, you can donate your points to one of the charity choices provided. Once you’ve earned the number of points needed for the prize of your choice, you can redeem them. You can check out all the rewards here.

How to Get Started

To get started, you will need to create a Pampers Gifts to Grow account, which only takes a few minutes to do. You will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes drawing for a free year’s supply of diapers for registering. (Let us know if you win!)

Pampers has a variety of ongoing codes that can help start you on your way towards some fantastic rewards. Enter the codes below to earn a total of 20 points. Note: A majority of the time, no expiration date is given for codes, so if any of these codes are expired, please let us know by leaving a comment on this post.


You can also browse other codes we have posted in the past (some of which may be valid) here.

Where to Find Codes on Pampers Products

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways you can earn points – by using the free codes Pampers regularly releases and by buying Pampers products. It’s pretty easy to find the 15-digit codes on the products, but where they are located varies by product.

Jumbo diaper packs: Codes are on a small, white label located inside the package
Boxed diapers: Open the box and remove the individual packages. The codes are on a small, white label located either on the inside or outside of the individual packages.
Tub wipes: Open the lid (like you are going to take out a wipe) and the codes are etched on the inside lip
Refill wipes: Remove the individual refill packs from the bag. Codes are printed on each refill pack and are located on one of the sides.

Refer Friends

Pampers recently added a referral incentive, too. For every friend you refer, you will earn a 10-point bonus. Plus, that friend will get 50 points for signing up, too.

Your turn: What do you think of this rewards program?


  1. Karla says

    I just heard that they are doubling the points now. Enter the unique 15 digit rewards code from your package of Huggies diapers or wipes and click on the”Go” button

    You will then see a pop-screen that asks where you purchased the item. There should also be a box that says “Have an offer code?” In this box, enter the offer code 89217100. The offer code is just an 8 digit code that allows you to double your points when it is submitted with your rewards code!

  2. Joy says

    You can also try these code:








  3. Fawn says

    For anyone just reading this post and signing up, as of 4/11/12 the only codes that still work are CAREFORNEWBORNS and WELCOME2VILLAGE.

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