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All You magazine is a coupon-rich monthly publication that is sold on newsstands exclusively at Walmart. But, for those of you that plan to purchase it with some regularity, it is much more economical to get a home-delivered subscription.

The best price I’ve seen for All You Magazine is through eFundriasing/QSP, which is an arm of Time Inc. You can get 15 issues of All You magazine for $20 or 24 issues of All You for $30, plus a $0.99 processing fee, which is $1.30 per issue, when you order through them. No coupon code required. This is only a slightly better deal than Amazon’s $1.40/issue on a two-year subscription.

What’s the Big Deal about All You magazine?

I mention All You magazine with some frequency because it is a monthly magazine full of coupons. Each issue contains $80-$100 worth of coupons that I often use to get free products. Coupons cover the spectrum from toiletries like toothpaste and toilet paper to drugstore brand cosmetics like Sea Breeze, Neutrogena, Rimmel, Almay to grocery coupons. The coupons in each issue tend to be higher-value than what you’ll find int he Sunday paper for the same brands.

I guess there are articles in it too, but honestly, I never read them (just sayin’…). Coupons are the reason I subscribed to the magazine and they are the reason I’ll continue to get it.

Your turn: Has your investment in an All You magazine subscription been worth it?


  1. cindyjo says

    I enjoy All You, its easy to skim through and the coupons are very good. I like their recipes, easy to find ingredients and practical ingredients. I was able to get it for $7/year last fall, and ordered a 4 year sub. Contemplated getting 2 subs for myself, just didn't want to get that coupon crazy.

    I would want to remind you (general you) that All You also puts out recipe magazines and health and fitness magazines periodically. They have some coupons in them, but not a lot, and are more like $5/issue. So when you buy on the newstands, make sure its the monthly magazine.

  2. Jason says

    I know I said that Coupon Allies had the great deal on All You, why is it now directly to a link you have with the fund raising magazine people? Your post makes it sound like a fund raiser, how much are you getting from each subscription? As a fan of Coupon Allies, it seems unfair that you would not give credit to them, since they had the deal first, one of the people from Coupon Allies wanted to share the great deal with your readers, not have you direct money into your pocket.

  3. says

    Wow, neat. Definately a better deal than the subscription renewal would have been come December when mine would renew. Usually a $1 an issue then. But I will say there was a $1.99 (I think) fee tacked on to the $25 for 30 issues. Still a good deal though. I know once I got it for $10 for a one year subscription when my son had the fundraising sale at school, but he doesn't have that one anymore, so had to start looking elsewhere. Thank you pocket your dollars!

  4. MK says

    Just an FYI, I ordered a two year subscription to All You from Land of Mags for $21.60 (using Carrie's instruction below to get an additional 10% off and give her a few cents also). That makes it .90 cents per issue. It's not .83 cents, like my current subscription, but I'll spend the .07 cents more for a great coupon source and fun to read magazine. Let us know if that $7 a year comes around again and I'll order a second subscription!

  5. Sheila Knudson says

    I LOVE the website. I don't subscribe to the magazine, but wonder if the website has the same coupns as the magazine. This is my frist time on pocket your dollar and I wish I had all day to look cause I am so excited!!

    • says

      Sheila – Welcome and thanks for reading! All You magazine has very different coupons from the website. The magazine is sold at Walmart if you'd like to check out a single issue before committing to a subscription.

  6. Susan says


    I am a devoted user to your site. However, I noticed you did not respond to Jason's comments but to the next persons comments. I am wondering about your response to Jason's question.

  7. says

    Even better scenario: All You for 83 cents per issue, 30 issues $25, plus get a free movie ticket and free $25 restaurant-com e-certificate. 40% of your purchase will help a non-profit group trying to get licensing for naturopathic doctors in WI. To snag the whole deal – Click on my name above for the link, then click "return to WNPA page", click "join the campaign" to set up your own landing page, then send 12 emails through the site (send one to your nubby or an alternate email address), and after 1 sale (you own) you'll get the bonus ticket and e-certificate. You can also do renewals and choose from hundreds of other magazines there too..

  8. Deb says

    FYI – the Healthy Choice Steamers and the Banana Boat sunscreen coupons are in the May issue of "All You" not the April issue.

  9. Rethinking Savings says

    I picked up this magazine from my local Walmart and am really impressed with it! It really does pay for itself. I will grab it one more off time of the news stand but I do think I will have to subscribe. Thanks for the great tip Carrie.

  10. Alissa says

    Carrie, et al,

    I would like to echo Susan's inquiry about a response to Jason's comments. I'm sure there are others who would also like to see a reply.

    Thank you for your work on this site; I use it weekly.


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