Local Deals: Discounted State Fair and Renaissance Festival Tickets + More

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I’m starting to wonder why I would ever pay full-price for tickets to anything anymore, as it seems as if I can get half-off tickets or gift certificates through a number of different websites and locations if I think far enough ahead in advance.

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MN State Fair Tickets. Get discounted tickets in advance at Cub Foods now through August 25; tickets cost $9 each (normally $11) and you can purchase an extra ticket to pay for parking on the fairgrounds. Whenever my husband and I go to the State Fair, we park for free in one of the many parking lots available with the bus service – it’s way easier than trying to park at the fair. Blue Ribbon Bargain Books are also on sale for $4 each. (Thanks, Minnesota Coupon Adventure!)

Bachman’s. Print a buy one, get one free coupon for 10-stem gladiola bunches ($3.99 regular price). This coupon expires 8/24/10. (Thanks, Lindsey!)

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. Club2030 members can get tickets for half-off ($5 instead of $10) to any Ordway or Ted Mann performance in the 2010-11 season when you enter the coupon code 5club2030 at checkout. $5 to see an orchestral performance? Sounds like a sweet deal to me! Limit 2 tickets per transaction, good for online purchases only.

Valley Natural Foods. Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville offers printable online store coupons every week. They also have monthly co-op advantage specials and member-only specials listed on their website. Check their calendar of events to find out about demos and classes going on (some free, some at cost).

Discounted Tickets to Valleyfair, State Fair and More. You can purchase discounted tickets to Valleyfair, the State Fair, the Renaissance Festival, Nickelodeon Universe, the Minnesota Zoo, AMC, Mann Theatres, Tires Plus and Galaxy Auto Centers with cash only at City County Federal Credit Union. Check out the list of offers here – some of these deals are really great! This credit union has branches in Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis and Minnetonka. (Thanks, Jolene!)

Your turn: Where’s your favorite website/location to get discounted tickets?


  1. Cheri says

    I wonder if any credit unions in Burnsville, Lakeville, etc. offer the discounted tickets. I'm going to check that out. Thanks!

    I shop at Valley Natural once or twice a month and knew about those offers. I just wish they had more on things that I buy frequently!!

  2. Britney says

    Just a clarification on the state fair tickets…I don't think you can use your ticket stub for parking. I'm pretty sure you have to buy an extra entry ticket and use that for parking. So like if you wanted tickets + parking for a family of 4, you'd have to buy 5 tickets and could use one for parking, or just pay cash at the lot entrance. I could be wrong, but this is how it worked last year.

    • Shelly says

      Thanks for clarifying that Britney! I was excited, but thought it seemed "too good to be true". We greatly miss the days we could park right on the State Fairgrounds for free because of having 4 or 5 of us in the car. When they started charging $9 to park – even for a group – we started parking and taking the bus. That works well, but I still miss just getting right in there on days that weren't too busy…

  3. JoAnna says

    If you plan to take the bus to the state fair you can order your tickets on-line and pay $4 instead of $5. They also have an option where you buy 3 seats (for $5 each) and get the 4th person for free (needs to be used all on the same trip). The tickets take a couple days by mail so plan ahead (you can't get them at the transit station early). Check out SW Metro's website or MCTC's website.

  4. Flannel Guy says

    TYVM for the Bachmann's deal. I live 1 block from Bachmann's and the wife is mysteriously and seriously grumpy. Wish me luck!

      • Flannel Guy says

        Go for it. Guys absolutely love, dare I say need, obvious statements. Mystery is for strangers, fulfilling needs is for spouses.

  5. Jen S says

    Regarding the State Fair. My local library (Hennepin Cty) does a kids drawing with a prize of 2 State Fair tickets. It's always just been a little box sitting at the reference librarian's desk. My son was thrilled to be a winner this year and we were thrilled to see that they will work for adults, so we only have to buy 1 child's ticket! The trick is to start looking for the box in July – we just got our tickets in the mail earlier this week, so it's probably done for this year.

    On parking at the Fair. Our favorite place to park is near the new stadium at the U of MN. It's only open on the weekends, but the bus takes the U Busway, so it's a straight shot – typically less than 10 minutes!

  6. says

    Genisys Credit Union located in Eagan does offer discounted tickets to its members. It only takes $5 to join. The savings from one Valley Fair ticket is about $13!! You can call 651-994-4898 or visit our website http://www.genisyscu.org with any questions.

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