LAST CHANCE: All You Magazine for $1/Issue (Price Going Up on Monday 8/30)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Update: I got word that this deal is going to expire at midnight tomorrow, Sunday, August 29. Starting on Monday you’ll still pay $40, but only get 30 issues, which is $0.33/issue more than what you’ll get if you order right now. Just so you know, once you order it seems to take 2-3 months before your first issue arrives.It always comes, but sometimes sort of slowly.


All You Magazine is a great source for coupons. You can now order a 40-issue subscription to All You Magazine for $40, which is the lowest per issue price I could find anywhere. It beats Amazon’s $1.40/issue on a two-year subscription. If you don’t order a home-delivered copy of All You, you can buy it on the newsstand exclusively at Walmart.

Why do I love All You Magazine?

Coupons. Each issue contains $80-$100 worth of coupons that I often use to get free products. Coupons cover the spectrum from toiletries like toothpaste and toilet paper to drugstore brand cosmetics like Sea Breeze, Neutrogena, Rimmel, Almay and many more to all sorts of grocery coupons.

Coupons. Did I say that the coupons in All You are often higher-value than what you’ll see in the Sunday paper or printable online.

Coupons. Get the idea that the coupons are the main reason I love All You. I am actually considering getting a second copy sent to my home so that I can double my savings.

My experience with All You is that they are a little slow to fulfill, but you will get your magazine when you order online. Don’t be surprised if two issues pass you by before you start to see them arrive in your mailbox. Hopefully it’s sooner than that, but a 6-8 week wait is very typical.

In February we ran an even sweeter All You Deal, which is now expired, and unfortunately we won’t be able to offer that low of a price again. I say that to assure you that $1 per issue is, in my humble opinion, an absolute rock bottom from now on. This deal will be available over time through Sunday, August 29. and you can find it on our More Money-Saving Websites Page.

Your turn: Have you found your investment in All You to be worth it in terms of the coupons you get?

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  1. has 24 issues for $22 so under $1/issue

    • Yep :) But, maybe they don't have an affiliate program? Either way, I got ripped off by campus fundraiser when I was a student there and won't ever order from them again. I was 20 years old and barelyl making it but got sold on the story one of the affiliates told me and wanted to help them out. i was out $40 and never got my mag. There was no contact info so I wasn't aware of what I could do about it. But, either way I would never order anything through them again.

      And, like you said the landofmags sub is cheaper.

      Also, I recently ordered through Here's how I did it. If you have an account with them, they frequently send $5 gift certificates out by email. Get the $5 gift certificate (not coupon, but gift certificate) code from that email. Then go through ebates. Right now they have some $5.97 sub specials available. One of them is a 3 month sub to All You. Use your coupon code and you'll pay $.97 and get back $.20. So, a net cost of $.77 for 3 issues of the mag. Pretty sweet!

  2. Hi Carrie, Can you advise the address where I can send extra and expired coupons for folks in the military? I hate to see them go to waste.



    • I've done a google search for the address and if you tyoe in military in the search field on this website you should be able to find the information.

  3. How much is it on the shelf at Walmart? $40 is just too spendy right now for a subscription..

  4. At my walmart they are $2.24. If you go through ebates, you can get a $5.97 sub at for 3 issues, then you'll get back 21% of that. Also, if you've ordered through them before check your email and may find a $5.00 gift card code from them ( to make it even cheaper.

  5. Crystal – I'm confused. Are you saying is a GOOD place to order through or a BAD place?

    • sorry. My rant was about campus fundraiser, which is the place mentioned in this post. I think land of mags is a GOOD place to order through. I have never had any problems and they have readily available contact info. I also have had good experiences with

  6. SarahBeth says:

    Here are a few websites with addresses for you:

    Carrie mentions these here:
    And Carrie talks about how to purge your expired coupons here:

  7. Jessica B. says:


    I tried going to to look for the $5.97 sub for All You and can't find it. Do you think it's gone? Thank you so much for your help!

  8. Or you can go to for a 2 year subscription for $22, which makes it less than a dollar per issue. :)


    We normally work with groups with helping them fundraise. It is possible that the group/fraternity/sorority made a mistake with your order in which it's their responsibilty to get the orders correct. I've been with the company for over 11 years and we are not here ripping people off and I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. Our website is www, and we have contact info on the site. I'm sure there was an honest mistake that could of been easily solved. I can still possibly assist you if you email me and let me know what the problem is and what you ordered in the past so that I can investigate! Thanks

  10. CRYSTAL,

    We normally work with groups with helping them fundraise. It is possible that the group/fraternity/sorority made a mistake with your order in which it’s their responsibilty to get the orders correct. I’ve been with the company for over 11 years and we are not here ripping people off and I’m sorry that you had a bad experience. Our website is www, and we have contact info on the site. I’m sure it was an honest mistake that could of been easily corrected. I can still possibly assist you if you email me and let me know what the problem is and what you ordered in the past so that I can investigate! Thanks

  11. Stephanie says:

    If you use landofmags – you can also use the promo code SEP10 to get an extra 10% off :) Just ordered mine for two years – $19.80 total!

  12. Maura, thanks for your response. When I clicked on the link featured here I didn't see any contact info readily available but it's good to know that is available on the homepage.

    Also, I doubt there is anything you can do since this happened in 2004-2005. (In my email I said 7 years, which was incorrect, but still a while). I know it's a long time to remember this but it's not often that I have completely lost $40 so it has stuck with me. It seems that service is better now though and I'm sure others will have more luck.

    Thanks again,


  13. Stephanie, Where do you put the promo code?

  14. Carrie, I would love it if you could share this with your readers. I posted about a previous experience with Campus Fundraisers. As you can see in the comments, Maura contacted me about this and really went above and beyond to solve this problem. I really can't think of any other business with customer service that would rectify a problem from 5-6 years ago! From now on I will definitely encourage others to support this fundraising organization.

    Thanks so much!


  15. Thank you Stephanie! I just ordered two years for $19.80 also!!

  16. Thanks for the tip…we've been looking at getting a sub to All You. Now we have.

  17. I already have a subscription but would like two …

    Would they send me 2 a month, If i signed up for another subscription


  19. Just signed up for 2 years at the $19.80 rate using the SEP10. Thanks for the code!

  20. I know that with a subscription, AY arrives around the beginning of the prior month. IE: May's issue arrives in the middle of April. Does anyone know what day it goes on Walmart racks?

  21. I just saw this and was able to order using the SEP10 promo code; great deal! Thanks for posting the promo code!

  22. sweet just ordered the ALL YOU mag with code. Thx Stephanie for the code and especially CARRIE for this stupendous, superb, outstanding website!!!!

  23. Just went to and ordered 24 issues for $22. PLUS… has a 10% off code (SEP10) dropping the price to $19.80!

  24. Just placed my order for All YOU through landofmags. Was still able to use the SEP10 promo code. Thanks for the info!

  25. Hi Shari,

    I can only find price of 24 issues for $24. Was there anything special I need to look for to get the $22 rate?

  26. Just purchased 24 issues for $21.60 from after the promo code SEP10 was entered, as the 24 issues for $22 is not available. Thank you everyone!

  27. Thanks Carrie for this website and all the information! I'm slowly starting out….saving the coupons, checking the sales, etc. The money I'm saving already has surprised me and I live in small town rural MN… to drive to the nearest Walgreens or discount grocery store takes 1/2 hour….I have to really plan these trips out…but it's working!!! :)

  28. Awesome! I've been getting All you for a long time now and the last I paid was $1.37 an issue for 2 years. This is GREAT to be able to get it for less than $1 an issue. Although its not $22 anymore, I'm just happy it's not $1.66 an issue which is what All you is trying to charge me now for renewing. As long as I've been a customer, you'd think they give me more of an incentive to renew.

    Thanks again for the info guys! :-)

  29. I just purchased 24 issues for $21.60 from after the promo code SEP10 was entered. That makes it 90 cents an issue. It also states "Please allow 8 – 12 weeks for your subscription to begin and in some instances as long as 16 weeks." Thanks Carrie for letting us know the price would be going up tomorrow and thanks to others who have posted the web site for landof mags and for the promo code to help me save even more!

  30. hello,

    this is why i shouldn't be on the computer after the witching hour, but went to the website only wanted to print out the prices before buying to compare to other sites, but somehow clicked all the way through, how do I cancel the order?


    Holly Kimball

  31. Flannel Guy says:

    I ordered 15 issues for $15 at this site. (Please allow 8-10 weeks for magazine subscriptions to begin). I figure I only need 15 months of beauty tips since I'm solidly in the much-coveted "Silver Fox" stage already.

  32. me too.

  33. Thanks for the landofmags info, just ordered for my mom.

  34. THANKS, JASON!!!

    Yep, we've been able to offer the All You Magazine subscription for $.83/issue for quite some time now.

    HEAD ON OVER NOW… IT'S 30 ISSUES FOR $25.00 WHICH WORKS OUT TO $.83/ISSUE. It's better than you'll find anywhere on the Internet.

  35. Kara McGuire says:

    I almost used this deal, but then noticed that the page isn't encrypted in a way that ensures all of the information transmitted is secure. Not worth identity theft to save some money!

  36. Carrie,

    You're welcome! We love to save money and this is a great deal!

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