Aldi Shopping List 8/22 – 8/28/10

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I have really fallen in love with Aldi. Yes, I know some folks detest it and complain about the produce, but for whatever reason I have been satisfied. Well, once I got yucky strawberries, but they honored their double guarantee and I got new ones, plus the cash back. That made me happy. I actually shop Aldi every week now for almost all our produce and some other staple items, like raisins, flour tortillas, and a few other things, then use the remainder of my grocery budget on the sales at my grocery store or drugstore.

First-time Aldi shoppers, you’ll need to bring a quarter (not 25 cents, but a quarter) for the refundable deposit on your cart and bring your own grocery bags. They take cash or debit card, but not credit card. Find an Aldi near you. If you don’t live near an Aldi, but can get your hands on an ad remember that Target and Walmart will price match equivalent produce items (if sold in the same quantity, packaging, etc.) and Walmart will price match generics if they carry a Great Value brand in the same size/quantity.

If it helps you appreciate Aldi a little more, read Wikipedia’s article about them and learn that Aldi is owned by the parent company that owns Trader Joe’s. Don’t forget Aldi’s double guarantee too, where you will get a replacement product AND a refund if you are not 100% satisfied.


Baby Carrots. $0.59 per pound. Aldi’s regular carrots are $1 for two pounds, so this is almost that same price, which is great for carrots.

Grapes. $0.79 per pound, but sold in 2-pound clamshell for $1.58.

Celery. $0.79 per package. I often buy a package of celery, use part of it for snacking and then chop the remainder and freeze it. I toss the pieces into soups, casseroles and stews.


  1. Jen says

    I'm trying Aldi this week and was wondering what other items are a "must look for" there? I always hear about the produce but wonder what else is considered an everyday good deal? I went to the IGH one when they first opened just one time (it wasn't really a good location for me compared to where I was living) but we have one in Savage that I drive by all the time and never stop for some reason.

    Is their milk hormone-free? What does a gallon of 2% cost there on any given day?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give an Aldi-newbie!

    • Alison says

      Milk used to be $1.98, but has been $2.19 pretty consistently lately.

      I like buying their raisins (sorry I don't know the price). Sour cream is 99 cents so if you need it and can't get it on sale at a regular grocery store, I think this is a really good price for 16 oz. Cream of mushroom/chicken soups are 59 cents – again, nice for if you need them for a recipe and haven't stocked up on them when on sale with a coupon. I think Tomato soup is 49 cents. Finally I get tortillas there – hard or soft shell for 99 cents. Those are some of my staples at Aldi. Hope that helps.

    • Alison says

      I forgot that tortilla chips are just 99 cents a bag and corn chips (think Fritos) are also just 99 cents. These are great prices.

  2. Emily says

    The milk is hormone free. I usually buy all of my baking goods – flour, sugar, butter, etc there as well as canned soups.

  3. Joy says

    Has anyone tried the Aldi's all white meat chicken nuggets that are on sale this week? They are a better price for the same size bag we currently purchase from Woodman's.

  4. Toni says

    I do most of my grocery shopping between Aldi's and Walmart. I go to Aldi's first, get everything I can on my list, and get the remainder at Walmart. Aldi's always has lower prices than anywhere else around where I live. I have never had a problem with anything I've ever bought at Aldi. I love it. I can get a whole cart full of groceries and some household items for around $60. To me, that can't be beat.

  5. Laura says

    I also love Aldi's for great prices on Dairy and canned goods. Their "Fit & Active" brand is great too. Love the quarter loan for the shopping cart that helps keep costs down and eliminates cart clutter in the parking lot. Aldi's does "sell" paper, plastic and reuable shopping bags if you forget yours. I think they set a great example in many ways!

  6. molly says

    My kids like the nuggets too. Most of their snacks I get at Aldi, and they can't tell the difference from the name brands from the other stores.

  7. says

    Freezing celery? Here's what I do. I keep zip style freezer bag in my freezer and put in celery tops, and any other leftover veggies (like when you chop an onion and have a 1/4 inch left or that last 1/4 cup of veggies leftover from dinner) When the bag gets close to full, I know it's time to roast a chicken. The next day, using the chicken carcass, I make clean out the cupboards soup. Dump the chicken, all contents of the freezer bag, add water, season with whatever you like and simmer. Strain out bones, add meat back in. Add rice, noodles, dumplings (my dumpling recipe is on my blog–mom's famous chicken soup dumplings!)

    Aldi! My favorite place! I'm glad you're trying it. Here are some of my favorites:

    Bacon wrapped beef tenderloin. We like to freeze these and take them camping.

    Bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins. Very Weight Watchers friendly and inexpensive. Delicious grilled, broiled, or pan-fried. I like to glaze with a little Aldi BBQ sauce before serving. They come individually wrapped and can be cooked from frozen if you forget to defrost them. They also have a pop up timer thing to insure that they're cooked to the right temperature.

    Speaking of BBQ sauce. Their brand is fat free and comes in a number of flavors. We like the honey flavor. The all natural stuff is even better, but costs more.

    Their cereals are great and most are under $2 a box, although this is not a stellar deal, it's good treat occasionally for our kiddo.

    Organic light vanilla soy milk.

    Their milk is hormone free and hovers around $2 a gallon.

    Aldi has a version of Fiber One bars that taste just like the original at half the price. A really great yummy treat.

    Their fish and shrimp cannot be beat for taste and price. Now, I'm going to put a disclaimer here, I do not know how they are caught. I haven't looked into how it's fished or any of that, so perhaps if I do so I won't feel so good about it. But, right now, I have to sacrifice some of that in the interest of cost saving. A pound of salmon fillets is only $4. Almost 2 pounds of Tilapia for under $3. Prices do vary, but I've found their frozen seafood to be an exceptional value.

    Flour, sugar, brown sugar, canola oil, cocoa, REAL vanilla (not imitation), real semi-sweet chocolate chips, sea salt, roasted minced garlic, mustard (all kinds), ketchup, vinegars, salad dressings, spreadable fruit, tortillas, rice, organic soy milk, 100% grape juice (both white and purple), spaetzel and other specialty noodles and other German gourmet products, Aldi brand "Eggbeaters", turkey bacon, huge whole roasting hens ($0.79 per pound!), Cornish game hens, tender frozen baby green beans, whole frozen asparagus (better than fresh! We love to roast it.), canned fruit and veggies (the canned baby peas rival any premium canned peas at the grocery store!), canned mushrooms, and Aldi brand "Skinny Cow" ice cream sandwiches (which are so much better than the original, but with the same calorie count), Imitation lobster and crab sticks (great for lunches and snacks), premium lunch meats, super lean ground beef

    I could go on and on, but what you must remember: THEY WILL TAKE ANYTHING YOU'RE NOT SATISFIED WITH BACK, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! So, you're out nothing if you don't like it

  8. says

    They carry Kirkland brand chicken. WE are very happy with Kirkland brand. for those of you who like to shop Costco, that is the same brand that they carry!

  9. Lindsey M says

    The milk price varies depending on it's expiration. If it's getting really close, you might see it as low at 99 cents/gallon. But typically it is around $2/gal.

  10. Lindsey M says

    Gianna – I thought the same thing at first glance. But it is actually "Kirkwood" at Aldi. Different than Costco. I think this is a common misconception. But regardless, the chicken tastes fine to me!

  11. Stephanie says

    Actually, Aldi carries KirkWOOD brand chicken. It can easily be confused for the Costco brand KirkLAND but is fine just the same.

  12. Heather says

    I agree with your overview… we love Aldi too. And, like you said, the money back guarantee is great. One time my husband didn't like the new generic Red Bull they started carrying and wrote Aldi a letter. They refunded our money, gave us a new package (which was still the new kind that we didn't like) and then forwarded our note to the manufacturer. The manufacturer just sent us a case of another brand of energy drinks they product to apologize for our complaint and that they'd look into changing the recipe. Now that is what I call good customer service.

  13. SarahBeth says

    Some of my fave buys at Aldi: cinnamon raisin bagels $1.89, hot dog buns (white) $0.79, deli-style pizzas ($6.99), chips $0.99 or $1.29 (or $1.99 for Kettle chips) cheese, butterscotch chips, mini marshmallows, dried fruit mixes, powdered drinks (lemonade), granola bars, hummus. We've tried lots of stuff to see if it compares to brand name and can rarely tell the difference.

    My husband likes their chex mix, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, frozen pizzas and triscquit crackers better than the brand name!

    Oh! And for those times when you make plans with friends and need a last minute "can you bring dessert?" item – I always keep a frozen cake in my freezer – believe it is Chocolate Cappuchino or something, it tastes like Tiramisu – $2.99 and always a hit!

  14. marie says

    We love Aldi's too. I mostly buy Milk and Eggs, all baking goods, raisens, fruit, apple juice, canned creamed soups, frozen shrimp and fish- awesome taste and price, the chicken nuggets for the kids, bread. I love the suggestions of others and will now try some of them. I think Aldi's is like anywhere else. You may try something and not like it but you can't go wrong with there guarentee. I think sometimes people just don't want to take the time to call any store or go back to the store but it's really not that much of an inconvience. And if I do have to go back well then I use the opportunity to pick up more stuff so it's not a wasted trip. I never knew you could freeze celery. That's why I love this site because I learn even more money saving tips from all of you wonderful people!~!

  15. marie says

    Not really sure where to post this but I was wondering about freezing chicken noodle soup. I thought that you could but someone mentioned that the noodles would be to soaky later? Is this true? Do you make it without noodles and add noodles later? I am so new to this whole freezing thing. I appreciate anyone who may know or have even more tips for me. Thanks in advance.

    • Kim says

      Check out from your library a book called Mega Cooking by Jill Bond (or any other of hers). She was a great help to me : ) I actually like freezing things uncooked/unheated as much as possible.

  16. Anne says

    I just dice mine fine and put it in a large ziploc to freeze it (so the pieces aren't all clumped together. Later, when they are nice and frozen, I'll kind of roll up the bag, and it makes a smaller "presentation" in my freezer. I just add it to soups, casseroles, and even our new favorite: chicken salad!

  17. Sue K says

    The milk is always priced around $2.00. The highest we've seen is $2.19. They have great prices on their yogurt, ice cream & frozen food. I'm told that their brand of specialty chocolate.

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