OfficeMax: Free Backpack After MaxPerks Rewards

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

OfficeMax has backpacks available free-after-MaxPerks Rewards this week with a limit of two per MaxPerks account. The best part, in my opinion, is that you can get them online and when you spend $50 or more you’ll get free shipping. That makes shopping a lot easier to do, especially when kids are involved, in my opinion.

MaxPerks Rewards is OfficeMax’s free loyalty program. Although their website says it is open to businesses or teachers, including home schoolers, some people say that when they’ve asked at the store they are able to enroll – regardless of whether they teach or own a business.

This is my favorite office store loyalty program since the Rewards I earn can be used to buy other products that generate MaxPerks Rewards. So, I can buy these backpacks, then use the credit I’ll get (which will arrive in my account in September) to buy a future free-after-MaxPerks product. Plus, there’s no paperwork to fill out to get the rebate, just enter your card number online or have them scan your card in-store.

Your turn: Are you buying backpacks at OfficeMax this week or not? (P.S. – Staples also has free-after-Rewards backpacks this week and we’ll post about that later today)

Free After MaxPerks Rewards

Buy $50+ in merchandise online and you’ll get free shipping.

Backpacks (Limit 2)
Spend $28-$98.99, get 100% back after MaxPerks Rewards
Final price: Free after MaxPerks Rewards

Other School Supply Deals

Items that are also available online are hyperlinked to the appropriate pages within OfficeMax’s website. Items are available without limit, unless otherwise noted.

Westcott 5” Scissors, Blunt or Pointed $0.20 (Limit 3)

OfficeMax Glue Pack Combo $0.25 (Limit 3)

X-Acto Pencil Sharpener $0.25 (Limit 3)

Sharpie Single Markers $0.25 (Limit 3)

BIC Cristal Pens 10-pack $0.50 (Limit 3)**
**Since we’ve seen pens free at a variety of stores in recent weeks, $0.50 has started to sound like a lot of money to me

Just Basics Cap Erasers 25-count $0.50**
**These are available online, but the online price seems to be a little more than what is advertised in the sales flyer.

Schoolio 12” Flexible or Shatterproof Ruler $0.50

Post-It Flags, select varieties $2.50**
Use $1/1 Post-it printable
Final price: $1.50 after coupon
**These are available online, but the online price seems to be a little more than what is advertised in the sales flyer.

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  1. Brenda says

    So the Rewards expire 90 days from issue, right? Am I reading that correctly?

    I'm contemplating a couple of reg price $98.99 wheelie backpacks for both of my little ones, so they can wheel their own stuff on trips… any opinions?

      • says

        Personally, I wait for a good sale on copy paper and buy a bunch of that. Or, they have printing and copying services – if you happen to need invitations, announcements, business cards or something similar.

      • says

        PS – I also have a wish list of some things I've wanted and maybe you have the same…a new desk chair, a 4-in-1 copy/scan/printer/fax, etc. If you have any of those things on your list you can buy them. Or, as a last resort buy some Christmas presents – software or something else.

  2. Marie says

    I just talked to them on the phone as we eneded up with two cards (go figure) and appearently they say that you can not use the rewards to buy more items with rewards. So if I get a backpack with my current rewards, I won't get more rewards.

    If you don't know if you will use the rewards, stock up on INK that's so expensive and does not go bad. I would also use it to get software if you need it, they have that or other things that they have that you might get elsewhere.

  3. Sara says

    I just bought a backpack at staples. Its a mail in or online rebate that will arrive in 4 weeks. Totally excited!

  4. Rachell says

    I got the backpacks and also used a $15 off a $50 purchase coupon that I got in the mail through the Max Perks program. I can't wait to see if I get the Max Perks rewards for the total value of the backpacks or for the amount I actually spent with the coupon. Possibly a money-maker??

  5. SarahBeth says

    Went to OfficeMax today and got the scissors, sharpener and glue pack. The glue pack seemed like the best deal – even though it is a store brand. The sharpeners were also nice, but they were all glittery – even the blue one – so not very "teenage-boy friendly" And the scissors would be great for the little ones – these are also nice to keep in the car, purse, etc for that last minute coupon cutting!

  6. bpvh says

    Maire — While subject to change, to date, both 100% back in rewards offers and fixed value rewards offers (buy Y, get $X) paid with MaxPerks have "rolled". The only Maxperks rewards offer that did not roll is a recent 20% back offer. The 100% back offer online the past two weeks rolled as did the in-store offer from last week.

    Rachell — How does coupon usage impact Maxperks rewards offers:

    MaxPerks has several types of rewards offers. The two most frequent are percentage back (e.g. 100% back) and fixed value (buy Y, get $X) . To date, coupon usage has reduced the rewards payout on percentage back offers like this backpack offer but has not reduced the rewards payout on fixed value offers (this is for OM coupons, I can not recall how OM treats competitor coupons).

    whoever posted "Remember that MaxPerks will be credited back at the end of the quarter and they are like store credit"

    When the rewards from the backpack offer will be paid out depends on whether a member of the "Business" or Teacher program. According to the fine print of the offer, business members will receive the reward in September and teachers in October.

    The October payout for Teacher program members is actually on-time — teachers members are paid quarterly in the month after the quarter ends and the quarter ends September 30th.

    The September payout for Business program members is late — business members are generally paid monthly in the month after the transaction. Here, the transaction occurs in July so the payout should be made in August but OM is holding the backpack payout for an additional month.



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