Neutrogena Clinical Products: Free-After-Rebate 7/11-7/18 (Up to $40)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

High-value freebie alert! This deal is good next week only, and we’ll include it on all the weekly shopping lists as a reminder.

If you purchase any Neutrogena Clinical Product next week, July 11 – 18, you can get the full amount back via mail-in rebate. Although purchases have to be made next week, you have until July 31 to submit the rebate form.

My recommendation to you is that you print the rebate form now, in the event that Neutrogena takes their rebate form offline, which they have done in times past. Type in your name and address, then print it and set it aside. After you make your purchase, just cut the UPC off the box and send it, the form and your original receipt in to Neutrogena.

Is this a generous offer or what??

Your turn: Have you tried any Neutrogena Clinical products? Any recommendations on which we should try?

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  1. Super deal! Hope it's still available when I can get to a computer.

  2. WOW!!

  3. My sis just printed it for me but she said it wouldn't let her type name and address on form and print. Anyone else have this happen? Hope it's ok if the info is written in.

  4. I was able to fill in my information and print it. Great deal!

  5. cynthia says:

    worked for me….thanks!

  6. Helen Huntingdon says:

    I'm not familiar with their new line, but just as general advice based on my knowledge of sunscreen chemistry: I'd suggest sticking to the products without sunscreen, and then only using them at night. Make sure you do protect your skin from sun thoroughly the next day, or better yet for three days afterward for a new product whose effects aren't fully established by consumer review.

  7. Helen Huntingdon says:

    Having eyeballed their ingredients list, and as general advice for any new anti-aging products, I'd suggest doing a patch-test first: Apply it to the inner skin of one elbow and wait a day. If that looks good, I'd suggest a few days of using as you plan to on your face, but on the upper chest instead, and then consider how you like whatever it's doing. If it's all good, then go for the face.

    There can be a lot of variation from person to person on how these products work. And unless you have the sort of wrinkles we associate with 80-year-olds, this one might be overkill used every day. One or two days a week might be plenty.

  8. I ordered mine through for $33.99 but only paid $26.91 due to " Dollars" I had earned. Free shipping and no tax! I would have ordered mine through WalMart to take advantage of the $15 eCard but everything was wiped out.

  9. Maryellen says:

    Good on any day,night or eye but not the starter kit.

  10. Carol Bruhn says:

    I haven't been able to find the product – anyone know where I can find it?

  11. Maryellen says:

    CVS and Walgreens have it.

  12. How do you submit the original receipt if you order it online?

  13. Charlene says:

    just got mine at Target…and I had a coupon from a newspaper (who knows where I got it) for $15 off, so I made good money on this one. Thanks for the advice on doing a patch test.

  14. There is a coupon for $5.00 off any Neutrogena Clinical product at

  15. Can you use the $5 coupon and the $40 mail in rebate on a single purchase? Also, how do you mail in the receipt if you buy it on-line? Anyone done that yet? Thanks.

  16. I saw in the CVS ad that there was a rebate, and you could get it free, so I bought it. I wasn't able to get online and search for the rebate, as we left on vacation the next day. Now I can't find it! I can only find a $15 rebate form…any ideas?! Sure would be disappointing if it wasn't really free!

  17. has anyone received the check for this rebate??

  18. Norma Phillips says:

    Submitted my rebate claim on July 17th and am still waiting for the $40 check. I printed the form and mailed it with the original receipt all according to your instructions. Still waiting.

  19. mailed out on july 12. no rebate. does anyone know if there is a number one could call. I have copies of what I sent.

    thanks for your input

  20. I mailed mine in on July 12 also, and still haven't received anything. I did call neutrogenas customer service number, and asked if I could check on the status of the rebate and confirm that they did indeed receive my rebate form and original receipt. The lady was not helpful at all. She said that she had nothing to do with the rebate center, so I proceeded to ask if she had the rebate centers number…she said she didn't and did not know how to get it. She took my name and number down and said that she would make a note of me calling and would send it to the rebate center and then gave me a reference number. I asked her would I receive a call back, and she said "No, I highly doubt they would ever call or email you back, but you could continue to try!" So, I am still waiting for mine too! Good luck!

  21. stil waiting for mine too- i mailed it around July 18. hoping to get my money back. has anyone gotten theirs?

  22. I mailed my rebate on July 19th. I love the product but have not received by rebate. Are they being mailed out soon?

  23. could someone kindly give the phone number of the neutrogena folks that handle the rebate? may be if we all call, it will speed up the process. thanks.

  24. try 800-582-4048. they are saying it is a 12 weeks wait rather than the 6-8 weeks as stated in the rebate form. sounds like they are overwhelmed with people that tried it for free…………..

  25. I got mine yesterday for the full amount of $39.99. Thank you neutrogena.

  26. I got mine but it was for $5. I need to call. Should have gotten $34.99 back.



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