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Here at Pocket Your Dollars, we may focus on saving money, but finding money is a good idea, too.

MissingMoney.com is a free search of governmental unclaimed money/property records. Just type in your name and the state(s) of residence (including former states you’ve lived in) and you might find a record of money or property that rightfully belongs to you. If so, MissingMoney.com helps you receive your money by telling you how to claim it.

I (Laura) just did a search in the states I’ve lived in, and while I didn’t find any missing money for myself, I did find some belonging to one of my cousins. I’ll need to contact him to let him know!

(Thanks, Sandee!)

Your turn: Did you by any chance find any missing money that belongs to you?


  1. Katie says

    A few years ago, my sister-in-law found some money on these sites belonging to my husband's late ex-wife. It was an insurance refund check that was never cashed. He filed a claim form and was able to get the check reissued pretty easily.

  2. Melissa E says

    wow! i just found money for my cousin's wife! crazy!! i sent him an email to let them know and had to make sure i told him this WASN'T spam, because it totally sounds like it could be!

  3. Kathy says

    You can't really believe the "over $100" notation. My husband had a listing for over $100.00 and it turned out to be 3 shares of a previous employer's stock that was worth $26.00. It did buy 1/2 a tank of gas for our vacation, though.

    • Therese S. says

      Too funny Kathy.

      My husband also had an "over $100" notation and it ended up being an insurnace payment for around $75….not quite over $100

  4. Cheryl says

    Thank you. Found my DH's name on it. I think it is just a medical bill we paid twice, but every dime helps these days.

  5. Kirsten says

    Wow. A quick search found one listing for me and 4 listings for my brother! I had no idea! Filling out my form now.

  6. TM says

    Be careful about these types of sites. Sometimes government agencies use these to get your contact information for a debt they think you owe. Even if they made a mistake and did not contact you or sent something to an incorrect address, you could find yourself getting calls from a collection agency for a bill you never received. This happened to me and it was a big mess trying to get everything straightened out.

  7. tami says

    About a year ago I found my brothers name on this website and he was able to claim about $130.00 he didnt even know about.

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