The Truth About TJ Maxx and Marshall’s

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Have you ever wondered how TJ Maxx and Marshall’s can sell name brand clothes for so much less than department stores? Do their low prices make you question the quality of what you’re buying? Maybe it’s like what you’ve hear about outlet malls, where some of the merchandise is specially made at a lower quality than what you’d find at a regular mall?

Watch this short (2:43) video I made sharing the truth about TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, based on what I learned at an event called Behind the Seams held last month in Chicago. (This is a link to the video, if you can’t see the video viewer below)

I found some of what I learned at Behind the Seams to be very educational and helpful to me as a bargain shopper, so I’m sharing what I learned with you. Plus, you’ll see the inside of my closet, which might prompt me to ‘fess up to the crazy way I organize my clothes – by type (formal/informal), then by color, sleeve length, and collar length. I can always tell if someone’s been in my things :)

How Do They Keep Prices Low?

I learned two interesting things TJ Maxx and Marshall’s do to keep their prices low. First, they don’t have buy back clauses with designers. Major department stores that buy a quantity of dresses or shirts from a designer will include a statement in the contract where the designer will buy back whatever doesn’t sell at the end of the season. TJ Maxx and Marshall’s don’t include that clause, which means they can negotiate a lower front end price. They pass that lower price on to you and me, making us happy shoppers.

One other interesting way they keep their prices down is related to their advertising. You’ll notice that the weekly sales flyers for department stores feature specific brands. The designers pay for that advertising, and of course we ultimately pay for it in terms of a higher price. If you notice, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s never mention specific name brands in their ads, they just use general statements about having “department store brands.” Again, that translates to a lower price on the rack because the designer pays less to sell their merchandise in a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s store.

The Truth About Quality

Even as a bargain hunter I sometimes question “does lower price mean lower quality?” I really question this with clothing, knowing that a lot of merchandise in outlet malls is actually lesser quality than its department store counterpart. Good news! This is NOT the case with TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

TJ Maxx and Marshall’s carry the exact same merchandise that you’d find in a department store. Same season. Same quality. Same designers. They buy some of directly from designers and some from department stores that have purchased too much. Either way, it is brand new, first-run, department store quality stuff.

Since designers don’t buy back merchandise at the end of the season you may find an occasional piece that is from last season. The label always discloses this saying, “Last Season” so you always know what you’re getting.

I also found it interesting to learn that each store gets about 10,000 new pieces of merchandise each week. That reminds me of a thrift store, in that it’s a bit of a treasure hunt and you never know what you’ll find.

All in all, I feel like a more educated consumer after having attended the Behind the Seams event. That will translate into a smarter shopper since I better know how to fit TJ Maxx and Marshall’s into my shopping routine now.

Your turn: What questions do you have about how TJ Maxx and Marshall’s work?

**Disclosure: TJ Maxx and Marshall’s provided my transportation and lodging for the trip to Behind the Seams as well as a $100 gift card to use in their stores. All opinions in this video are mine. Read our disclosure statement for more details.


    • chris says

      LOVE TJ Max! I purchased a brand new beautiful Nautica carry-on suitcase for $60. The exact same suitcase at Macy's is $280.00. I saw it at Macy's the same day I bought it at TJ Max on May 7th. TJ Max also left the Nautica retail price on the bag for verification. Same skew number and everything. Amazing! Two months ago purchased a 12 qt stainless steel Al Clad soup pot for $125 at TJ Max. The EXACT SAME soup pot is currently available at Williams-Sonoma for $390.00. EXACT SAME!!!!! No scratches or dents. The discounts are insanely good. You do need to go once a week to see what they get in, because the merchandise is constantly changing. No customer service, no checking other stores for inventory, no on line ordering and lots of crowds. It's first come first serve, but if you know what your looking for or what your looking at, TJ Max is treasure trove of high quality brand name goods.

  1. Sarah says

    I wish I had a TJ Maxx closer– and it is a bit like a "treasure hunt." it's not a store you can go into when you don't have much time.

    I've found some real steals there— spent less than $20 on "last season" Nike Pro running tights (all black). "last season"… who cares?! Bought a sleeveless Nike workout shirt for $5, too, and a black thermal running top for $10 or so. I would have spent more on the tights alone at a sporting goods store.

    Thanks for sharing this info!

  2. Karen Mc says

    When a doctor recommended wearing New Balance shoes for a foot problem, I looked at a shoe store and then found almost the exact item at TJ Maxx for 1/3 the price!

  3. Therese S. says

    My only gripe about TJ Maxx is regarding the quality of the merchandise. Carrie states above that TJ Maxx carries the same season of a designer in other department stores. or it will state "last season" on the price tag.

    I have never been able to find current clothes….more like 5-10 year old styles.

    If I shop at TJ Maxx, it's more for housewares than clothes.

      • Maria says

        Pfft. 10-5 years is nothing. Try clothes from FIFTY OR SIXTY years.ago. I am a 16 year old girl ,and some of my clothes are from the 1960’s and 1970’s! I love vintage and I don’t like to dress in modern clothes, because I’m really not a fan of modern popular culture. I hate all that terrible trashy autotune music and unpleasant rap music so much!! Sometime sI feel like I was born into into the wrong time period and should live in the 1950’s and 60’s, because I love opera, slow romantic lyrical songs, to me music has to sound pretty and melodic to be considered good(half of today’s singers don’t even deserve to be famous, the only reason they’re famous is because their parents are rolling around in money.) and clothes today are too tomboyish(eww to jeans every day and plain boring t shirts and tennis sneakers- I like fancy dresses and pretty skirts and I wear them ever single day!) So just saying, 5-10 years is NOTHING to be ashamed of!

        • wheelz says

          Maria, I really love your attitude. I grew up in the 60’s and the music was music and the vocalists were vocalists. In the 70’s the music got even better. Americans were Americans and there was a true sense of United We Stand. What a shame to lose that.

        • Feryal says

          Hello Maria,
          I think exactly like you! You are totally right!!! Where are the artful, fancy, chic dresses of the 1950s and 60s? All women looked like the royals back then…
          I love vintage clothes and I really want to get to know you better! It’s very rare to find people who are wholeheartedly into vintage clothes, music and lifestyle these days…

        • Pepper Silver says

          Sounds like you need to visit You will go CRAZY! If you are lucky enough to live in Southern California, you can visit their brick and mortar store. This store is singularly a 50’s retro store. Fabulous clothes, NEW, but retro store, fabrics and colors. Given your propensity for vintage clothing…You will be in dangerous territory. Happy Shopping!

  4. BrendaW says

    We buy all of our olive oil at these stores. The quality/price is better than the grocery store. I didn't believe it until we got the Greek oil. You could dip bread in it without spices — THAT good!

  5. Lisa says

    I agree that sometimes the quality is lacking with clothes I've seen at these stores. Other times, it's definitely NOT lacking. I have shopped at Express religiously and often (like once a week) for a good 5-6 years now and see Express clothes at TJs/Marshalls that I never saw in an Express store. They do look like old styles, as Therese said. I've had some great luck with shoes though, and accessories like tights, handbags, and bedding.

  6. Haila says

    On the topic of "last season" – is it really possible to be thrifty and have an entirely new stylish wardrobe every season? I'm not trying to be snarky, I'd really like to know!

    I'm one of those types that pays not much attention to the latest styles – so the idea of tracking with what's in is daunting to me – let alone actually dressing that way. (I'm as happy as can be with my thrift store shopping, by the way.)

  7. Hilary says

    i am not a big fan of sorting through junky clothes to get one thing. over the years i have stopped in there and they tend to have last season clothes. and i have never seen a "last season" tag.

  8. MK says

    Great information! If you like TJ Maxx and Marshall's, then you should also check out a local shop doing the same thing: Opitz Outlet in St. Louis Park. My daughter and I could do a video on how to shop there…but we won't! :) Some of the best bargains to be found come from Opitz.

  9. D says

    At TJ Maxx, I've now experienced twice buying or seeing items there that I could not find on the designer's website or anywhere else under the designer's name. It actually made me suspect that what I found was a knock-off. Is that possible? It seems like a really big risk for such a large store chain, but here's what I found:

    The first example is the pair of New Balance running shoes I bought a couple months ago. There was no mention of the model number on the New Balance site (even under the Made in China section, and even under the no-longer sold section where they list hundreds of model numbers).

    My other experience was more recent with a pair of Cole Haan boots. I can't find the boot anywhere on the Cole Haan site or on any other site via google – yet it had the Cole Haan brand name on the insole and sole. I didn't buy it and was suspicious because the construction did not look like Cole Haan quality.

    • Isabel says

      I agree with you, D! I’ve been trying to find a way to get a hold of customer service and tell them that some of their stuff is way out dated and/or knockoffs. I am a frequent Dooney & Bourke shopper. However, when I was in there this past Saturday I did notice a few D&B items that were absolutely fake!! I was super upset, because it’s a brand that I really love and this just makes it go down a notch in reputation. Also, I worked at a Salon for 10+ years and a lot of the hairproducts that they sell there are soooo old! A lot of the packaging is from when I started doing hair back in 2000. I would not recommend people buying that at all for their hair!! I’ll get a hold of their customer service somehow……. I will only buy their shoes and home deco.

      • Chocolate says

        Dooney Burke inc that her trade in purses in capital letters and her card inside the purse

  10. Susan says

    My TJMaxx receipt always shows a long list of the items I purchased.

    I need help (a month later) identifying what the SPECIFIC items I purchased were!

    For example: my receipt shows 82-HOUSEWARES…..80-GIFTWARE…..

    60-DOMESTICS ….84-DECOR ACCESS….(etc.)

    With my poor memory, how can I tell which department was for–

    a teflon skillet? a ceramic casserole? a cookbook? a silk flower arrangement?

    a box of gourmet crackers? a throw pillow? wine glasses? a duvet cover? a tablecloth?

    Is there some way for a customer to find out what DEFINES EACH "DEPT." ?

    i.e.What kinds of items fall into the category under the "DEPT.60" heading?

    Can i access a list of all of these categories & their corresponding Dept. numbers?

    • Teslyn says

      Hi, you still looking for an answer? I work for Marshall’s and we have the same Dept numbers as tj maxx, im actually over the home Dept in my store, so I’m familiar with all of those Dept #s

  11. amui says

    You are getting what you are paying.I use to work in a junior jean company and when TJMaxx buyers come in, they order in huge amount but squeeze the price. In turn we use cheaper threads and less embellishment. Although the merchandise may look the same as in department stores they are of lesser quality.

    • says

      Amui – Thanks for your comment. I saw it on You Tube as well where you said that this blog post commented had been deleted, but it hadn't. Not sure why you said it was, but it is here for everyone to read.

  12. amui says

    I put it a comment before march 3 that was much more detailed. However it was gone afterward, that is why i posted on YouTube. There is a fine print that said every entry submited are subject to approval. And your march 3 comment are replied within fifteen minutes of mine. I guess you do monitor this forum and youtube carefully and made me wonder how bias are the info.

    • says

      Amui – It's possible that your initial comment may have automatically gone to spam and we didn't catch it before we emptied the spam folder. That happens sometimes.

  13. amui says

    They are probably products make exclusively for TJmaxx, that is why you can't find it in the actual stores or online and find the quality not to par. Think about this, Cole Haan has their own outlet, why not move their merchandise to their own outlets instead of selling it cheaply to TJMaxx. Also most shoes found in TJMaxx are without box because in order to reduce cost seller purposely skip out the box, (box cost $$). Also the Converse sneakers you find in TJMaxx come in shocking colors, never seen a common color (black, white, gray) in TJMaxx.

    Have you noticed too that a lot of the Polo Ralph Lauren stuffs does have tag but it does not have a retail price print on it. Personally I think those are special order from TJMaxx. There can't be that many overbrought items or missed deadline from the manufacturers and department stores, 10,000 per stores per week, (buyer and productions managers must be super incompetent for constantly missing deadline or over buying and should be fired.)

    As for last season items from department stores' buyback clause, that mean those items went through a whole season of people handling, trying on (even returns after worn) in the department stores rack, which translate to items looking old and tire.

    But I have to concede that occasionally, you do find good leftover items from designers, from my personal experience from the lingerie/bra department. I find that true leftover designers bra comes in limited sizes, and often not in the usual common size. On the other hands, CK, Bali, and Lilyette's bra are found in all the sizes through out the years. They are so abundant that they get their own separate rack instead of being stuck together in the big rack.

    When I was working in a jean company I heard buyers from department stores complaining that we sell the same stuffs to TJMaxx, and in turn TJMaxx sell at a lower price than them which translate to steep competition to department stores. Also as i said before, when buyers from TJMaxx comes they place large orders but in return they squeeze the price.(we show the same style to Macys, Jcpenny, TJMaxx, ect.)The boss would then ask the production manager to use less embellishments to cut cost to meet TJMaxx price points.

    I am not saying that you shouldn't shop at TJMaxx, I shop there a lot. I just want to clarify that misconception that all TJMaxx merchandises are all designer qualities. Their motto seem to be that they are doing a lot of goods and favors to consumer by searching designers items at low prices and passing the saving to us, as if they are doing chairties. Garment industry is a business, Everything counts, a button, threads use, hangers, price tags, packaging the bottom line is making money.
    Be a smart shopper and don't be naive. If something seems too good to be true, then you are right. There is no such thing as free lunch. Your are getting what you are paying.

    • Nnenna says

      Actually I disagree. I bought a Guess jacket this past winter from Macys for $280 and a week later I stopped by a TJmaxx and they had the same exact jacket for $79. I naturally returned it and got it a tTJmaxx. Its the exact same and I am loving the extra cash in my pocket.

  14. Lekeshia says

    I always knew TJMaxx sold the exact same quality of merchandise as the major higher end department stores. I try to convince and tell other people that but they don't believe it. I have purchased several Ralph Lauren Polos for $29 which beats paying $75. I have gone in the department stores and compared the quality and they were exactly the same. Regardless of what people think, I am a very conscious shopper who is living on a budget but still like nice things, I will continue to shop there and take advantage of the huge savings!!!! Thanx for the clarification!

  15. tom says

    Great site!!! Its a very interesting debate about the Quality, but I am a die hard fan of the TJ & marshal's. My wife and I buy large amounts of clothing from every place that we can, we limit ourselves to items that are $5 or less. We purchase these items for the less fortunate people of disasters ETC… it seem that the big clearance sales are between now and October. Is there any indication when a store will have its big Yellow tag Clearance sale? so that we can be sure to get days off from work in order to shop! Thanks for this forum.


  16. sara f. says

    I as a young (21 year old) mom of two on a tight budget am very glad to read this! I have always been a very strict shopper since my family grew up not having much as I started working I was at marshalls all the time buying big brand items for cheap even though I had to much money for my age and could have bought coach purses at the coach as. A mom and with a brand new tj maxx store 10 minutes from my hous

    e I plan to pinch every penny till it squeels I was searching Google for info on the quality of tjmaxx clothes and ran across this I am going next weekend to put clothes for fall/winter on layaway (thank you tj maxx for layaway!!) And I can't wait my kids are growing so fast and my youngest already out grew my oldest winter clothes from last year and my oldest has no winter clothes at all it won't get cold here until mid to late October anyway so layaway will be perfect for these items ill have them paid off by the middle of October but know I'm still getting good quality and yes every now and then they have "dud qualiy" items but that's why you check the quality before you buy it. I wouldn't buy bcbg shoes if they felt cheaply made or a pair of lucky jeans that felt thin…but I look forward more now to my trip to tj maxx next weekend and can't wait to get myself and kids new clothes P.S. who keeps up with what's this season or last anyway?? I wear what looks good and feels good not what the media tells people to wear!

  17. Song says

    Well i bought stuff from Marshall. The difference is most stuff sell in Marshall was already from last season. Okay maybe some of it are current season.

    Let me give you an example.

    And compare the jeans you bought from Marshall for $20 VS $50 in retail store. You might find some quality difference. The color, the jean's thread line might curve a bit,

    The fabric might be same, it just the one you bought from Marshall is 5% lower quality compare to retailer.

    My another thought, since jean/cloth company make so many jeans and some of it are not meet the standard quality. (some of it might be bad quality then they sore it out and sell it to Marshall.

    (this is just opinion)

  18. Laura says

    I really do appreciate the work Carrie does, and this is really an important issue for me. I used to shop at these stores a lot and am trying to cut back, partly because I don't want to waste time and partly because I don't want to waste money on things that are poor quality of the result of substandard working conditions for those who make these garments that are so cheap for us to buy. I do have a concern about the sources of Carrie's information here. If the event she attended was sponsored by TJX, it would seem that they would be sharing the story they want people to know, which may not necessarily be the full truth. I think that is somehting to consider. I know a woman who does sourcing work in China. She goes to check out factories for big companies like Walmart. She told me that brands do make a set of poorer quality merchandise with the same label, specifically to go to places where they are sold cheaper. I'm not saying she has absolute knowledge- what she told me might not be the whole story either. But we do have to carefully consider the sources of our information. Being an educated consumer sometimes feels like a full time job! I'm interested in saving money but alson in supporting companies that do good things for the world. Thanks, Carrie, for your research into these things!

    • says

      Laura – You raise good questions and I am always open to hearing various opinions. The source of my information was an official TJ Maxx representative. They clearly stated that they do not source products at a lower quality with the same/similar label to be sold in their stores. You are right that you can choose to believe them or not. Personally, I chose to believe them. Could they be lying to all of us and their statements were blatantly untrue and intended to deceive? Sure, that is always something that a person or organization would choose to do.

      But, there is a huge risk to a company if they were out clearly trying to deceive. I choose to believe that they would not do that as the business risk is way too high to justify some sort of short-term gain. Could I be wrong? Yes. But, I'd rather be wrong and be believing the best in people and companies, than be wrong and be skeptical. That's just me and my opinion. We are each entitled to believe what we want and to react to information provided by brands about themselves with whatever level of skepticism we find appropriate. As long as the dialogue is respectful, I'm happy to hear that people disagree with me or view things in a different light.

      Thanks, Laura, for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts.

  19. Lisa says

    I use to work for marshalls, and actually none of the name brand items are real. But they have a contract with designers that gives them permission to plagiarize (COPY) their designer clothing and sell them at a cheaper price!!!

  20. p says

    There's definitely an explanation for finding products in-store that you can't find elsewhere. My guess is that a large amount of clothing at Marshall's is legitimately manufactured by the original brand, but doesn't meet the final "YES!" stage of the approval process. Think about it, Cole Haan produces a shoe that look like 25 other brands' heels that season. Cole Haan nixes the shoe from their Spring line…the only way to make a profit at this point is to sell the unwanted product to a store at a lower price. The remaining 20-some-percent of items (aka, ones you have actually seen on the website/department store) is overstock.

  21. Cn says

    I have been an avid shopper at TJ Maxx and Marshall's for over 30 years. They do indeed havedesigner clothes that are in season, as well as last year's styles. I have returned item's purchased at Macy's before because I found the same thing at TJ Maxx for much cheaper. It is the same quality, and that goes for its shoe section also. I am an interior decorator, and I purchase a large majority of my decorating item's from these two stores. I went to a design store that is exclusively for Certified Interior Designers and fell in love with a bowl and stand for a client's home. The $149 price tag made me walk away, however, 2 weeks later, the same bowl set showed up at TJ Maxx for $24.99. I swooped it up! I know that not all stores are equal, some are more organized and have more current items. If you find yours is hard to navigate, try a different one.

  22. Nicol says

    I love to shop so I am always looking for great deals and quality. I visited a Marshall’s today and after reading this article I made sure to pay attention to the details. I could definitely see and feel the difference in the quality. It was not what you would get from a department store.

  23. Snobby777 says

    They are a lot of “myths” that Marshall’s & TJ Maxx sell lower quality or overstock Ralph Lauren Polo goods. BUT, if you compare their items vs. Macy’s Polo items, you will see they are IDENTICAL! Meaning, only use Macy’s when sales are being promoted. Though, i do wish TJ Maxx/Marshalls would sell more discreet RLP items like rugbys, more discreet sweaters (not just the solid designs), coats/leather jackets, & caps. All in all, God bless TJ Maxx & Marshall’s for their affordable prices & availability of Ralph Lauren Polo products!!!!

  24. Kelley says

    Could anyone explain the number code on the Marshall’s tag? Does it give any clues to dates (food items, dog treats)- just wondering if there is some discreet meaning! THANKS!

  25. Rudy says

    I would also like to add that you can call Travel Pro and they will not deny that they make a private label product for Marshalls and TJ Max of which you can not get parts for as these products are not made of the same quality products and is the reason why Marshalls and TJ Max make huge amounts of money. Private label products are licensed by the same designers for they have nothing to lose and receive their profit albeit it be smaller for an inferior product. The revenue streams to these top name designers is impartial as they don’t care if the product is made in CHINA or anywhere else as long as they profit from it being made. Its hard to believe why so many women are duped into believing that they are actually receiving the same product for hundreds less. The retailing of clothing has been masquerading these deceptive tactics for years but never have they been as widespread as they are today especially with the economy being what it is today and people are so designer conscience that they will buy anything as long as they think it is of the same quality. Other industries can not operate by these same standards for example you will not find a knock off Mercedes Benz as the reputation of the car manufacturing company would be greatly at risk. Clothing is another story completely as inferior materials and poor craftsmanship are the main reasons why many manufacturing companies stand to profit huge sums of moneys for what truly is false advertising. The fact that the designers have their hands in the till from making in essence two products with the same names and then duping the public to believing that they are one in the same is truly a crime and I can only hope that the US finally steps up and ends this charade once and for all.

  26. David says

    TJ Maxx:

    Mens ESQ Watch $79.00 – Same watch – this seasons, same model selling at Macy’s $395.00

    Men’s Nautica ties $9.99 – Compare to $59.00 at Macy’s

    Me: Between jobs and still have to look great on very limited income. Thanks TJX!!!

  27. says

    One time I went in there 5 years ago bought 1264$ for 468$ I still have all the clothes for lounging around the house none have came apart or one stitch out of place no nothing no I will shop here more often now that I know this stuff thank u

  28. Alan says

    All I know is I bought 3 Polo Ralph Lauren Shirts from TJ Maxx for 30 bucks a piece that would have been priced at $60-$70 at ANY department store. Same quality. Same fabric. Same shirt. I’ve been buying for a long time. I know whats up. It was a lucky find but a find none the less.

  29. CARL CLENNY says

    I’ve been going to Marshall’s & T.J. Maxx off & on for over 10 years & I’ve “NEVER” seen any tags indicating last season.

  30. says

    I’ve shopped at TJ Maxx and at Marshall’s for years. There are certain name brands that do not appear to be the same quality as those sold in the department stores, while others do appear to be quality. For example, I purchased NYDJ jeans last summer at Marshall’s and found the exact same items at Nordstrom and at Lord & Taylor. This season I tried on some NYDJ jeans that appeared to be lesser quality and that did not fit me size-wis- and I chose not to buy them. The same thing has been true for shoes, housewares, etc. I think that the key is simply being a careful and informed shopper when selecting merchandise. My sister-in-law used to spend a fortune on Carole Little clothing- it was gorgeous and very high-quality. When she came with me to Marshall’s, she swore that the Carole Little items felt cheap and were definitely not of the same quality. So whether the Carole Little that Marshall’s carries is a lesser quality manufactured specifically for Marshall’s or not, the few Carole Little items I’ve purchased and worn have not worn well at all- so I know not to purchase this brand from Marshall’s.

  31. Conrad says

    This is obviously a complex issue…I thank you, Ms. Rocha, for welcoming comments on it!

    I’m only adding my observations to the mix, given I do not absolutely know when/if TJ MAXX sells inferior quality of products OKd by the manufacturers, but I am open-minded to listen to the positive and negative feedback above and especially from amui, who makes a lot of sense.

    …when it’s too good to be true, then it usually is…i do not have a hard time at all believing the Representative was straightforward…but were they thorough and complete in the information disclosed…if not, then they might have been dishonest and purposely deceptive…at the same time i could believe the rebuttal that standards in total manufacturing have gone down across the board…Why?…i have shopped at Marshall’s and TJ MAXX for decades (?!) as well as major department stores such as Target and Sears and Macy’s and it seems that the finer details of stitching and buttons and snaps and dyes have gone down steadily over the years…i realize this is a rather vague generalization ( i remember poor workmanship in clothing being sold many years ago, too )…but if many reading this can relate, then it’s something valid to consider…

    …i do believe it is human nature not to want to be duped, nor admit our errors of judgment and trust in doing so, thus tarnishing our joy over finding great deals…i don’t enjoy it!…so, i am a bleak optimist in this regard…i listen to gain helpful information, then use my instincts and observational skills to analyze any name brand item i see at the store…if it looks great, but not of good quality, then no dice…if it passes the test, then chalk up another victory in the frugal column!…

    I appreciate this page and the comments given. :-]

  32. Jason Silva says

    when I read the title I thought it was going to be some crazy story about people having their human rights violated overseas and Marshalls and TJ Maxx hiring paid thugs to steal from department stores lol.

  33. Nancy says

    SO how DO TJMAXX source such things, i wonder how much for they buy from vendors if they can afford such prices, eg bedding sheet sets, i have seen the best of best coming in $40 in TJMAXX, any light on this?

    • Bo says

      I was thinking the same thing! My local store has men’s clothing but there is NOTHING on the website for us. They are losing a lot of money by not offering men’s clothes.

  34. says


    I am searching for a particular rug that I would like to locate at one of your stores. Are you able to do a computer search, if you are given the UPC code and the vendor name? This rug is from the Jamison collection, 100% Polyester Shag, (28X48) with the price of $29.99, off-white with tinges of blue. TJ Maxx’s ticket number is 62-5510-815224-002999-06-1. At the bottom of the ticket is 96V. Would so much appreciate finding another one of this same rug.

    Thank you [Edited by moderator]

    • says

      Nancy, we are not associated with TJ Maxx; this is just a blog post we did about their store. You will need to contact a store to have that information looked up.

  35. Craig says

    Unfortunately, not all that you say is true. The majority of what TJ Maxx, Marshalls and especially Homegoods has in their stores DOES have minor defects. When it comes to clothing, it’s more difficult to notice. When goods are inspected by the original buyer (like a Macy’s) any irregulars are put to the side..that’s when a company like TJX swoops in at a discount. Example, look at any collared knitted shirts, you’ll notice frequently that the neck sizes or sleeves are irregular compared the size of the shirt.

    If you buy a handbag or luggage, you’ll notice the pattern may be slightly off or it was sewn together to create a strange skewed effect, by accident of course, just a side effect of mass production. All of this is perhaps most evident with Homegoods. You’ll find silly things like on a piece of ceramic, furniture or rugs for instance, there will be minor defects such as lack of completed design (an eye missing, etc..), poor construction, chips, whatever. Details the average shopper either wouldn’t notice or won’t care about b/c of the price.

    Either way, when you know what to look for, their goods are NOT what you would find at a REAL department store. This is a major reason why goods at a Macy’s are more expensive, b/c they care about what the sell you: Quality goods that are manufactured the way they were supposed to be. Not irregular goods.

    Designers and Major Department stores are happy TJX exists or else they would be stuck with goods they don’t want to sell due to their own high standards. TJX is happy consumers are so object hungry that they fill a need for people who like to buy crap…and a lot of it at so-called bargain prices. Example: These stores could never thrive in a country like Japan. Eventually it would drive the Japanese crazy due to their Zen sense of balance. A culture that prides itself on perfection just won’t bite.

  36. Monica says

    Back in April, my husband and I were shopping in the newly opened Marshall’s store in our hometown. He found two pairs of cargo shorts that we purchased along with a few other items. My husband has been wearing the shorts regularly, and therefore, they have been washed several times. The brand of the shorts were labeled with an Iron Co label both on the tags and also inside the waistline of the shorts. After their last go around in the washer the tag on the inside waistline began to peel off. Much to our surprise, there was another tag underneath the Iron Co. tag. It read Op or better known as Ocean Pacific brand. Both pair of shorts have the same original tag of Ocean Pacific. I was just wondering if it is common practice for Marshall’s to re-brand items so that customers think they are buying name brand, but really could drive to the local Wal-Mart and buy the same product?

  37. HeatherShopping says

    For many years I lived between a TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Both were great, but you did need to have time to find your size and what you like. Now I live farther from these stores and sometimes wait for a big sale at the mall. I’m trying to figure out if the quality is different at TJ Maxx these days. Sometimes I find the quality to be just like a dept store. It really goes by the brands. Some brands make clothes with a variety of quality within the brand. Also, I found some great things at a TJ Maxx that I never saw in the mall.

  38. megan says

    I have noticed they sell allot of fake items. When they sell juicy couture and true religion jeans ect. all real items say made in usa. Check the tags on the items they have. They are the same knock off items the flea market sells and vendors get fined for selling. Made in china, japan ect. Never understood how they got away with it.

  39. cw says

    Many of the items sold with department store names were not acceptable to the actual store and they declined them and they ended up at Marshalls/TJX. I know because I worked at one. Often declined due to quality.

  40. MJ says

    I don’t really think of either store has having appealing clothing. Cheap and ugly. OK for towels and other stuff but not clothes.

  41. Rose says

    I shop at the Nordstrom Racks for three reasons: Nordstrom buys more apparel of good quality and then ships “leftovers” to the Racks, where prices are incredibly low. And Nordstrom carries petite sizes, so the Racks do as well. Finally, I can shop online at the Racks.

    TJ Maxxes and the Marshall stores excel in accessories, shoes and handbags, but much of their clothing looks cheap, in choices of fabrics, fit and quality of the sewing.

    There’s a lot of junk in those stores, and Carrie, forgive me, but you went on a junket for the two companies, so I would expect your favorable reviews of them. After learning the ropes as a newspaper reporter, I refused any freebie, for fear of tainting my articles. Actually, your full disclosure should have appeared before your report.

  42. tina says

    I’m not sure if the quality thing is true…it seems almost everything I buy there rips or falls apart at the first to third wear. I can’t see the life of the garment being one wear. The last two things I got, one ripped at the shoulder seam. The other the beads fell off center front just from trying it on!, they wouldn’t let me return or exchange it either. Even with next day recipt and tags. Maybe I’m just unlucky.

  43. Kelly says

    I’m very disappointed in the Charisma sheet set I bought at TJ Maxx for $50.00. The sheets were wrapped around a piece of cardboard that had oil spots on them that smelled like chemicals they embalm people in. I removed the sheets and they were not 400 count sateen as they were thin and scratchy. The dots were only printed onto one side of the material like they were 180 thread count kids sheets. They reeked so I washed them and put them on my bed but they were so thin and scratchy I took them off and plan on returning them. These are not Charisma 400 count sateen sheets and I have only encountered that chemical smell on cheap items traveling on ships to keep the rats from shredding them.

    I think TJMaxx is selling cheap sheets under the Chaisma name as these were knock offs. I will never buy sheets there again. I bought Nautica and Calvin Klein sheets for my son there with no problem but that was years ago. Just buyer beware!


  1. […] The same can sometimes be said for Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores, but their items are usually sold at lower prices because of off season pricing. In addition, these department stores don’t include buy back clauses with their designer distributors and they pay much less for advertising, since these department stores use generic statements to advertise their stock. To read more about the way you save money by buying your brands from department stores, jump over to Carrie Rocha’s article at Pocket Your Dollars. […]

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