It’s Time to Vote for My Audition Video on Oprah’s Website

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After spending last night in the hospital with my daughter Olivia, I woke up this morning to an email from Oprah’s OWN show saying that my video audition was finally live on Oprah’s site and available for voting.You can watch my audition video here.

Even if you’ve already seen the video on You Tube, I’d love to have you watch it again – as the total number of views is tallied on the site – and, if you like the video I’d ask you to vote for it as often as possible – again, that number is tallied publicly and I’d like to demonstrate support for the concept.

You do NOT need to register to vote and you can vote as often as you’d like according to the Frequently Asked Questions page on Oprah’s site.

Just to clarify the purpose of voting for these videos. First, one person from the five videos with the highest votes will automatically gain a spot on the new reality series whose grand prize winner gets their own television show. Second, for me personally, I commented in my paper application, which is not available for public viewing, that I bring a leadership ability that is critically important for a television host. I’d like to demonstrate that by having my video receive a tremendous number of votes in the remaining few days of this contest; voting ends Saturday, July 3 at 11:59 pm PST (which is 1:59 am on July 4 CST).

Oh, and one more thing. I have heard from someone else that some people are getting reject letter from Oprah’s team almost immediately after their video is posted (or maybe when their video is not posted because it violates the rules?). Good news, I haven’t gotten a reject letter so I think I made it passed the first hurdle.

Please share this link with your Facebook and Twitter followers, vote time and again and bear with me as I remind you everyday to vote.

If you are wondering what this is all about, please read my previous two posts about Oprah’s contest.

Your turn: I welcome ideas on how else we can promote this video and generate more legitimate votes for this contest. What do you think?


  1. says

    I clicked "vote" and it said it was counted, but when I came back later, the number of votes was still the same….how are the votes tallied, and how many times can you vote per day?

  2. Cari says

    I voted, but have the same questions as Jessica. I read the rules but couldn't find where it said if you can vote daily or vote once or what… Let me know if you or anyone finds out. Thanks!

    • says

      I read the rules and it does not say you can only vote once per day so I think you can vote as often as you want. I think that has to be the case for people to get 8 million votes. The rules also don't specify that you need to register and login, so I assume you don't.

  3. Karen says

    Love the video Carrie! Great work! I know you'll do great! I voted & then added it to my favorites so I can continue to vote everyday! I'll pass on the word via FB as well! Thanks for all you do!

    • says

      I found this on the FAQ page: How often can I vote?
      You can vote as often as you like. We have installed software monitors to prevent robot voting or unexplained spikes in vote activity.

  4. Mags says

    I just wanted to say that I tried voting multiple times in a row and the vote count didn't go up after my first vote. Not sure if it's leaving a cookie or if the multiple votes will be tallied later. In either case, might be a good idea to try to vote via different computers. Good luck Carrie!

  5. Ruth W says

    i think the vote tally isn't immediately updated. i think there must be time increments for updating. But that's just my assumption based on the message about waiting for the votes to be tallied.

    Vote early and vote often for Carrie!!

  6. tami says

    Just voted for you. You were AWESOME and you are exactly what America needs. You are over 2500 votes right now. I am wishing you all the best Carrie!! If anyone deserves to win it is you.

  7. Stacey says

    Aside from the viral nature of facebook and twitter Ideas for promoting…

    * Send out an offical press release to newspapers "Local Do-it-Yourselfer throwing her knowledge in the ring with Oprah VOTE NOW" or some catchy title of your making.

    *Contact your professional organizations where you have taught to let them know.

    *Contact your "people" at the stations you have done spots …radio/TV…giving them the "inside scoop" press release. They may promote it on the station.

  8. Ruth W says

    Come on everyone!! Spend 2 minutes hitting the "Vote" button and then hitting the "return to previous page" button and keep repeating. Carrie's vote totals will quickly rise!! We can do this for her!! Keep voting Pocketeers!!!!!

  9. Jane J says

    HELP ~ what are your ideas to shine a magnifying glass on Carrie’s reality show entry for Oprah?

    Of the entries we have viewed, very few are centered around financially impacting a huge number of people at the same time.

    Given that Carrie would never toot her own horn, even to the benefit of others, how could we as a team create a BUZZ so that more people see & vote for her show today, tomorrow and Saturday????

  10. Kelly K says

    Maybe we could get people to "pledge" to do a certain number of votes a day. 10 people x 100 = 1000 votes a day! Surely there are more than 10 people who have been impacted by Carrie and Pocket Your Dollars and would like to "give back" in some way!

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