Walgreens Register Rewards: Redeemable At Stores Besides Walgreens?

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Are Register Rewards redeemable at stores other than Walgreens? Yes they are. Maybe this isn’t news to you, as it has been the scuttlebutt of Pocket Your Dollars’ comment section for a few weeks. We delayed in making a public statement about it until we got our facts together and felt ethically comfortable sharing this new money-saving strategy.

We would like you to help us put together a list of stores (first chains of stores, second specific locations) that have expressed a willingness to accept Register Rewards. Since Register Rewards are manufacturer-issued coupons others store accept them under the same terms and conditions as their regular coupon policies. That means if a store doubles certain coupons, then a qualifying Register Reward should double (at Roundy’s grocery stores a $1 Register Reward would double on a Wednesday to $2 off). If a store accepts expired coupons, then it should accept expired Register Rewards.

Before you start your happy dance, I’d like to give one gentle reminder. As you read the list of stores where readers believe Register Rewards are accepted, please know that this does not reflect the corporate policies of these companies. You may want to call the actual local grocery store where you shop, speak to the Customer Service Manager and ask if they accept manufacturer-issued coupons that have a logo from another store on them. Better yet, bring a Register Reward in and ask someone in authority if they would accept it. In everything, all the time, please be kind and respectful to the people you are interacting with.

We are opening up this post for folks to share which grocery store chains (first of all) and locations (second of all) have stated a willingness to accept Register Rewards.

Let’s kick off the list:

Cub Foods – Maple Grove

Rainbow Foods – Maple Grove (not anymore. In fact, no Rainbow Foods stores accept them anymore that we are aware of)

Your turn: Which other chains of retailers do you know of that accept Register Rewards? Which locations do you know of that accept Register Rewards?

P.S. – If you don’t know what a Register Reward is, find out what they are and how you can earn them.


  1. Kathy says

    Cub Foods in Edina on York Ave will take them.

    Cub Foods in Bloomington on Lyndale Ave will not.

    • Jamie says

      I have used certain cashiers who will accept them at Cub in Stillwater. There are two older gals who I know will not however I tried it at the self check out once and the gal had to come open up the machine, pull out the coupon and check it (I think she got a message on her monitor?) but ultimately said it was fine. Now I just look for her or ask at the self checkout before I scan it and they say it is fine.

    • penny says

      I just used rr's at the stillwater cub on saturday. Just ask the cashier to ask the manager. I've been using rr's at the stillwater cub since december.

    • SHANNON says

      I have used them here on several ocations no problem and called and was told yes. However the night head cashier lady is not very frinedly or kind and she would not let me use them.

  2. jo says

    I have found that the fast lanes (self checkouts) at Cub stores scans them with no problems. I have tried to use them at Rainbow but they will not accept them. Best to ask first.

  3. terri says


    • Leann says

      Is this a list of those that won't? I talked to a manager at the HWY 7/101 Cub last time I was in and he refused to take them. Will these others??

  4. Sarah K says

    I'm not sure about Register Rewards, but I had a Cub coupon for $3 off my next order that Walmart in Shakopee accepted. I have also gotten them to accept Kroger coupons for formula! :) As long as the coupon also says manufacturer's coupon they take them.

  5. Priscilla says

    Cub Foods – Forest Last does accept them.

    Once in a while a cashier will want to check with the manager, and they always confirm that they do accept them.

  6. Susan says

    Cub Food – MG; apparently reading others' comments above, the Cub on Vicksburg & 55 now accepts them. I was there a couple of weeks ago and was met with suspicion and the words, "We'll let you use them this time." So, hurray if they now accept them.

  7. says

    Cub Foods in Lakeville on Cedar and Dodd will take them. Some of the cashiers aren't aware of this policy so I let them know that I have done it nearly every week since December and I politely ask them to just try it. They scan the RR and it works just fine every time!

  8. Jennifer M. says

    Cub in Monticello accepts them. I asked a cashier months ago and she said no, but one time as I was in line to check out, the head cashier was at her little podium thing behind the check out lines so I asked her and she said "Is that a catalina?" to which I responded yes so she said they would take them and I used $12.50 in expired RR with no problem whatsoever.

    Cub in Elk River does not. I have asked 2 different cashiers there is they take them, but have not actually asked a head cashier or customer service person.

  9. Jen says

    I have used them at the Cub in Burnsville. I asked once and was told yes. Since then I have just used the self checkout and they always scan.

    I did have a problem the other day and the cashier just pushed it through – but does Cub also have a coupon to item ratio that can't be exceeded?

  10. dime time says

    i swear this is the last time i will type this, as it's certainly not gospel.

    i was told at the St. Louis Park cub that they weren't accepted there. the woman said that corporate-owned stores accept them, but others do not. is that correct? i don't know, but i've never called cub's corporate office to ask.

    on sunday my girlfriend went to cub in Minnetonka. she asked a person about the policy, he told her they do not accept them. she went through the self-checkout lane, scanned one, and it worked without issue.

    i like the idea of using RRs at grocery stores, but wonder about the economics of the program and if it will go away as the use of RRs outside of walgreens proliferates.

  11. Lisa ** says

    Oh Hooray! I always forget about that one but it's a comparable distance between my house and Blaine North/Riverdale which do not.

  12. JulieVW says

    I tried at the Rainbow in St. Louis Park on Saturday. The cashier was uncertain about if she could take the Register Rewards – but she went and asked and was told to accept it!!! THEN she apologized for doubting me. (I love the SLP Rainbow!)

  13. Pauline says

    Shaws Supermarket on Cape Cod in Massachusetts has accepted them in the past. I would just suggest you ask Customer Services before starting your shopping and tell them that they are manufacturers coupons.

  14. Shauna says

    Has any research been done on whether other stores do get reimbursed from the mfg. for these? One commenter stated that Cub does not. I'd like to know. If they get their money, I'm all over it. If not, I'd feel I'm taking advantage, even though it's a business decision they've made.

    • says

      Shauna – My understanding from the staff at Rainbow is that they DO get reimbursed, which is why they are willing to accept them. I waited for that information before I shared this information more broadly.

  15. Sonya says

    I attempt using a $7 RR at Cub West Maplewood on Rice & 36. The coupon scanned, and looked like it took $7 off, but when I looked at my receipt the $7 was not noted. I went to the service counter and they were utterly confused and ended up giving me the RR back. Watch your receipts!

  16. BethL says

    Cub Blaine North at 242 and Hwy 65 does take them. I used some expired ones there recently. At first the cashier and manager told me no. I started home but turned back around and talked to customer service. After I had left the manager called the corporate office where she was told that it is Cubs policy to accept the RRs. I don't doubt that all cashiers know that the RR's are accepted. I have since had to politely and confidently tell a night cashier that they accept them and she ran it through and it worked. One difference between which stores accept them and which ones do not may have to do with whether they are a corporate store or not.

    • says

      Melissa – I went to school for awhile in Crowley, TX. It was part of Jerry Savelle's ministry and Heritage of Faith Christian Center. Small world :)

  17. Rebecca says

    I was told by a cashier at Northfield Cub that they would not accept them, but I have a feeling she didn't have any authority (she didn't know what a RR was). I have used them at the self-checkout lane there with no problem.

  18. Mary says

    I have tried to use them at the Mtnka Cub (Hwy 7/101) and both the cashier and manager/head cashier would not take them or any coupons with a different store logo.

  19. Kierstien says

    THe Cub foods in lakeville off of cedar/dodd have taken them from me before a few cashiers will not…but i have talked to a manager who says yes they take them per an email they recieved from corprate in dec 2009 regarding these types of coupons. Just used rr's there yesterday no problem!

  20. Kristi says

    it worked at Rainbow in MPLS (lake street and Minnehaha). Perfect timing too because I have $10 in RR that I didn't want to spend at Walgreens. Thanks!

  21. dime time says

    as i noted previously, that is what i was told about cub stores accepting them, it's corporate stores that are OK with them. i have never seen a list of which stores are corporate.

  22. TM says

    Does anyone know if the Cub Foods in Eagan takes RR's? I usually go to the Diffley and Lexington one and would love to be able to use them there instead of Walgreens before they expire.

  23. Sun says

    Cub Food, in Madison, WI – the one off of Nakoosa Trail. They also take expired coupon for upto 3 months. So, if you forget to use it, you can use it at Cub Food. Cub told me not only do they take catalina coupons, they will take any MANU Q that prints at the register.

  24. Shannon says

    Cub on Minnehaha and Lake refused my Register Rewards. Weekend manager on duty said they were not a corporate Cub and would not take them.

  25. Shannon says

    Went back to Cub Foods in St. Anthony and cashier refused Register Rewards, actually made a spectacle of it–waving my rewards in the air over her head while she was talking on the phone. The customer in line behind me even got involved in the conversation–it was an awful experience, and I left the store crying. I was surprised at the whole situation, as this is usually a wonderful Cub to shop at. I have been a loyal Cub shopper for 20+ years, if they continue in this inconsistent manner–Rainbow will get ALL of my business.

  26. Katie F says

    My RRs were refused at Cub in Plymouth (Vicksburg/55). I went to Customer Service, and she said that they don't take them anymore. I asked if this is their formal policy now, and she said she wasn't sure. She ended up taking one of my RRs and giving me that amount in cash..odd!

    I don't want to be breaking the rules, but I'd like a clear call on this one.

    I don't normally shop at Cub (b/c Rainbow double daze make their groceries cheaper), but I will if they continue to take RR.

  27. Angela says

    I was wondering, does this list (blog?) need to be updated? it says at the top that the Rainbow and Cub in Maple Grove accept register rewards. However, in one of the weekly shoping list either Carrie or Laura mentioned that "their" store doesn't except RR anymore.

  28. Stacy says

    Last week the Rainbow at FL wouldnt take them. I had two RR that were one dollar off. The register took them but didnt double them. I asked the cashier why they didnt double? He asked the manager who very rudely told him "bc we dont take Walgreen's coupons. Manually take them off." Another cashier piped in and said, "yes we do, they are manufacture coupons." The manager refused. She went into her office to "double check" (with whom, I dont know) and came back and said they dont take them and never have. She was very, very rude. I actually didnt go to Rainbow this week because of the experience.

  29. Lisa in WI says

    Pick n Save in Sussex, Wisconsin today, took a catalina coupon from a Kellogg's deal obtained at Piggly Wiggly with Piggly Wiggly logo on it. Coupon did say manufacturer coupon on it. This isn't a Register Reward however it might help someone anyway.

  30. Luther Bell says

    The Cub on Broadway in N Mpls doesn't take Register Rewards. They adamantly told me that it can only be used at Walgreens, and that's why they wrote their name on it. Our coupons say Cub on them…

  31. Katherine says

    Just tonight Cub in Hastings told me they now accept RR's. Up until a couple weeks ago they wouldn't take them but I ask every time I go and this time a supervisor said "we now take them!" Yay! :)

  32. Jolene says

    Cub in Elk River took them for me today. I was using the self checkout line if that makes a difference, I'm not sure…

    • JoAnna says

      Krista–I have read comments that a manager has said yes but on a case by case situation and the RRs were not very expired. If you get a no try another location and also Cub Foods.

  33. Danielle says

    The cub in Woodbury stated as of last week they will not except them…i had used them multiple times before there!

  34. Thao says

    I tried to use a register reward (for the first time) and I guess they don't accept them at the Woodbury one. :(

  35. Susan says

    Maple Grove Cub no longer accepts RR. Probably update that on PYD website. I don't know who, but Walgreen's, takes them in Maple Grove.

  36. melissa says

    I used register rewards at Rainbow this week. The condition is that they can't say "redeemable only at Walgreens." Most of the RR do say this, but I had some from P&G that did not. Read those RR !

  37. Deborah Alman says

    Yesterday, the Cub Foods in Champlin took $33 worth of RR, and they were expired by about a week. I asked first and he said no problem. I was so happy that I didn't have to write off $33.

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