Worklife Rewards at Office Depot: How The Program Works

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Worklife Rewards from Office Depot is their store loyalty program. It is free to join and when you use your member number for online or in-store purchases you will earn store credit.

Here’s my summary of how it works (read the Terms and Conditions for complete details):

— Register for a free Worklife account. You can set one up for your family personally or for your business, but there is a limit of one account per household.

Earn Worklife Rewards when you shop online or in-store at Office Depot. Standard reward rates are 10% back on ink, toner, paper and Copy & Print Services or 1% on most everything else. Occasionally Office Depot will advertise products that generate a much higher than normal reward rate (sometimes even giving you 100% back)

Worklife Rewards will be deposited into your account within 4-6 weeks of your purchase

— Quarterly you will receive an Office Depot gift card if your Worklife Rewards balance is at least $10. The gift card will be mailed to you and you should receive it within 60 days of the end of a calendar quarter. If your balance is not $10, your earnings will carry forward until you do reach $10.

— Use your Office Depot gift card to make future purchases. But, unlike other office supply programs, if you use your gift card to buy items that should earn you additional Worklife Rewards, you will NOT get the additional Worklife Rewards credited to your account. You can buy sale items, make copies, and print photos using your credit.

If you have more questions about the program, check out their FAQ.

Your turn: What do you think of this loyalty program compared to that of other office supply stores?

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  1. Sue says

    I just read the terms and agreements and it is NOT a credit card; it just a rewards card, similar to Hallmark and Best Buy rewards. As long as you remember to have your card scanned every time you shop, it will track what you purchase and how much. When it is time for the gift cards to be sent out, it will have the total that you have earned.

  2. SHANNON says

    Does anyone know, if you use your reward to pay for the stuff that has 100% back, do you not get the rewards for those items then?

    • SHANNON says

      In case anyone else was wondering I found my own answer in terms and conditions. If you pay with rewards or gift card those purchases do not qualify for rewards. Bummer.

  3. Brenda P says

    I made large purchases two weeks in a row using the 100% back items. But when I look at my Worklife Rewards account online all I see is a minimal reward — the regular 1% back + 20% for toner I purchased. But everything other than paper and toner should have been 100% back. I emailed them twice asking about it with no response. Should I be getting on the phone now, or does it take longer for those rewards to show up in your account?


  4. Brenda P says

    I did call Worklife's Customer Service department today and was told that the additional reward amounts that happen when those special promotions are offered typically don't show up for several weeks after the promotion period ends.

    So I should just sit tight!

  5. Skirnir Hamilton says

    I have actually been wondering the same thing. Last time I looked it was over a month since the purchase and nothing. Will have to look later and see if it is finally credited to the account.

  6. Richard L says

    With the help of my students, I've been able to earn a tremendous amount of money for my department with this program. Even in good times, we've never had a budget that approached the amount that I've earned by turning in ink cartridges (over $600). It's good for Office Depot too. When my mother-in-law needed a new computer…I went to Office Depot and I encourage all my friends and colleagues to look there first to reward THEM for this great program. They're now limiting us to 20 cartridges a month, but we're still talking about $300+.

  7. ralph Bishop says

    After trying to get the information on my my recycle rewards I just gave up. It's not worth the time. I'll just go buy my ink cartridges some place else.

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