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Shop 4 Freebies is another source for you to use in your quest for freebies. Similar to Pocket Your Dollars, they share various free offers from around the internet. In fact, you’ll notice that many things they talk about are also referenced here, at Pocket Your Dollars. However, they occasionally have items we don’t report on and vice versa, so it’s a nice site to bookmark and check out. Their offers change daily,

Just as no newspaper can cover every story, no website focused on deals and freebies can cover everything. Frankly, there is just too much free stuff for any one site to report on.

Consistent with our 2010 goal to increase Pocket Your Dollars’ readers money-saving self-sufficiency, I share some of these other sites (which some may even classify as competition) because I want you to be able to save as much as possible.

Your turn: Which money-saving/deal/freebie website is your favorite and why?

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  1. Shannon says

    Thank you for the link Carrie. I appricate your willingness to share. I have to say I always come back to your site to click through to and other resources though!

    • says

      Thanks Shannon. For those that don't know, I get a small commission when you print coupons through Pocket Your Dollars and even when you order some freebies and do other actions here. It is very kind of you to support the work that happens around here :)

  2. Katherine says

    Carrie – I had no idea…but wondered how in the heck you make any money with all the work you do! I stop at your site first 99.9% of the time and click on your links. Glad to know it's worth doing! :-)

  3. Christina says

    I have been signed up with shops 4 freebies for awhile now and recently unsubscribed because I noticed that many of the freebies they advertise are at small companies that did not anticipate such a huge demand. Consequently, I would often get e-mails back from these companies apologizing for not being able to send out their freebie due to the high demand. I decided it wasn't worth my time. Just a word of caution…

  4. tami w. says

    I like It was the first site I was turned on to. Then I saw you on TCL so I visit both of you every day. Of course I like to favor the local store!! LOL.

    Thanks for all you do. I appreciate it very much. I've been seeing you a lot lately on tv.

  5. Stacy says

    Carrie: I am new to your site (saw you on KARE11) and love it. I just want to make sure I am helping you get your commission…when I click on a link and it brings me to another site…do you still get a commission if I print a coupon?

    I just posted on my FB about your website. Hopefully more will be visiting today to see all you have to offer!

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