Free Haircuts for Locks of Love Donors at Great Clips

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If you (or someone you know) have been growing out your hair to donate to Locks of Love, Great Clips provides free haircuts for those donating. Before you head out the door, be sure to call ahead to make sure that your Great Clips location is participating. Find a Great Clips location near you.

You can donate your hair to Locks of Love as long as it is at least 10 inches long and meets a few other guidelines. Your hair will be used to create hairpieces for financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss.

I (Laura) am considering growing out my very thick hair to donate to Locks of Love, so it’s good to know that I’ll be able to get it cut for free once it grows out!

(Thanks, Kim’s Shopping Blog!)

Your turn: Do you know of similar programs for Locks of Love donors?


  1. Keri Michael says

    I have done this twice! I lost my Grammie to colon cancer in 2002 & it happened very quickly, she was in the hospital for less than 2 weeks before she passed. But donating my hair in her name to children gave me a sense of peace & I was able to better deal with the loss. I highly recommend this program!

  2. says

    My two oldest girls have both done this. The first one I cut her hair myself (and thought I did a decent job). The second girl I took to Great Clips since I had heard about the free haircut, and they mail the ponytail in for you as well.

    Girl #1 and #3 are getting ready to donate this summer, but I think I might do it myself. First, Great Clips cut #2's hair too short, and she's lamented how long it is taking her to grow it out. If I had cut it, I wouldn't have cut off so much. Secondly, yes I had to mail in #1's ponytail, but she got a thank you postcard from Locks of Love that I was able to put in her baby book. #2 didn't get that since Great Clips sent it in. Of course it's possible you can tell Great Clips that you'd like to send it in yourself…

    If it were just me donating, I would go for the free haircut (I don't need a thank you postcard), but for young girls, the postcard is a nice touch.

    Here are their pictures:

  3. Jessica says

    I do Locks of Lover every 3 years. However I donate it myself and have a beautician cut it. I have had several bad experiences with hair cuts at GreatClips–so I would make sure that you either get someone you trust or a recommendation from someone else. Kuddos to GreatClips for offering this.

  4. Rebecca says

    Fantastic Sams also offers a FREE haircut with any Locks of Love donation. They include a FREE shampoo & blow-dry with their services all the time. Check them out. They are a great value.

  5. Kazz says

    I donated about 18 months ago… if you have 12 inches or more, Juut salon (Roseville) will also give you free haircut/style and send it in for you. I walked in ready to pay full price ($60) because I hadn't cut it in so long, I wanted to splurge, but I was told it was free. I did, however, leave a VERY nice tip!

  6. Monica Farrand says

    My 7 year old daughter just dontated her hair to LOL in March and we got it cut for free at Simonson's! They have you fill out paperwork and send the donation in for you, too. What an amazing cut (worth $40!) for free and they washed and blow dried it, too. It was her first haircut and such a great experience! <<I>> They do only have certain days/times that they do these cuts, so you'll want to call ahead to whatever location to find out what they offer.

  7. Monica Farrand says

    Oops! Part of my comment was missing – I wanted to say that I HIGHLY recommend Kylie at the Plymouth location! :)

  8. Stephanie says

    If you donate to Locks of Love, they SELL their wigs to children.

    If you donate to Beautiful Lengths, they GIVE their wigs away.

  9. Yvette says

    I went to the Aveda Institute 3+ years ago, and they cut & mailed my hair to Locks of Love for free.

    Last summer, I went to Spalon Montage in Edina. They also gave me a free haircut, but I had to mail the hair myself. I sent it to Beautiful Lengths this time to help cancer patients since Locks of Love only makes wigs for children with a rare disease and they sell the rest of the hair they don't need.

  10. Erin says

    My daughter donated to Beautiful Lengths a few years ago and is growing it out to donate again. I'm so excited to read about all the places that are willing to give free haircuts for this!

  11. kristin says

    i too donated to beautiful lengths. check them out…

    when i researched them and LOL, i liked beautiful lengths better because they use the hair donated to make the wigs. LOL sells the hair donated and uses the money to buy wigs. BL gives away the wigs where LOL sells them to patients. Also BL requires 8" ponytail where LOL needs 10". but i do like that LOL helps children, BL gives wigs to women. LOL has recieved LOTS of criticism about where all the hair and money really goes. there is also a place called wigs for kids that i do not know much about.

    all are great, they just go about it in different ways. you need to find which one speaks to you.

  12. Monica Farrand says

    Oh my gosh – I can't even believe I'm reading this about LOL! Horrible! Now I'm ashamed we sent it there…


  13. Stacia says

    My girls and I have donated twice to LOL and had it done at Simonson's. They do a great job and provide a special salon experience. I highly recommend them!

  14. V says

    Just an FYI… many salons give free hair cuts if you're donating to Locks of Love, including many of the higher end salons!! That's what I do every year! Yes, my hair grows really fast!

  15. Lisa says

    My daughter donated her hair 2 years ago to LOL, and is now ready to donate again – hopefully this weekend! I have checked into the Wigs for Kids, but they want a minium of 12 inches. That's a lot of hair especially when you want to have it styled some after the cut.

    I am trying to find the best place to take her to this time, as the last time I brought her to a place where I paid and sent out myself. That was okay with me beause she knew she was doing something nice for someone else! Last year we lost my sister-in-law to breast cancer, and it just made it more important to her to do this again!

  16. Marne says

    I donated to Pantene beautiful lengths in June 2008. I was glad that they only needed 8 inches. My pony was 11 inches. I liked giving it to PBL because so many people give to LOL. I also liked it because they make the wigs and donate them, at no cost, to female cancer patients. My husbands grandmother died of uterine cancer in April of 2008 so it was a way for me to honor her. I got my hair cut at Fantastic Sams and at that time (& at that store) they did not give me a free hair cut. I am getting ready to donate again so I'll have to call and see if they offer a free hair cut or not. PBL did send me a letter thanking me for my donation.

  17. Donna says

    I read up on both LOL and BL,,,the only thing about BL is that you can not have permanet hair color on your hair,,or a temp.or beg.dye hair coloring.Id go with BL but I color my hair.

  18. Barbara Tomblin says

    My daughter donated to locks of love twice in one year the next year my sister found out she had breast cancer and when they showed her wigs for sale they told her the hair came from locks of love and my sister told them that her neice donates once or twice a year they told her to pick out the one she wanted it would be free because my daughter donated hair and that touched my daughters heart and still donates.and I tell everyone that has long hair and going to cut it donate it.

  19. Margie says

    I found out that not all Great Clips do this. They used to from a corporate level but now each individual shop owner can decide whether they participate in this so people should call their Great Clips to verify before they go in. Otherwise, they may be very surprised to find they have to pay for the haircut.

  20. Heidi says

    Not all Fantastic Sam's do the free haircut either–I went to one this morning and they still charge you. Call ahead to check!

  21. Angela says

    I plan on donating very soon, I lost my father to brain caned when I was 12 years old and it was always my intention to do so I'm very excited but am wondering if anyone could tell me some of the guidelines I'll have to meet?

  22. Britni says

    This is not true:

    Q. What do the children pay for these hairpieces?

    A. We provide hairpieces and repairs free of charge or on a sliding scale based on the financial need of those responsible for the children.

    Also, LoL gives to children with many different conditions, while BL gives to anyone, but only if they lost their hair do to cancer or cancer treatments.

  23. Britni says

    This is not true, LoL only sells hair that they cannot use, eg grey hair, or strands of hair to short to use.

  24. Cathy says

    Great Clips used to give free cuts with a Locks of Love donations. Now they just claim they still do the donation but the cut is no longer free. I'm not sure how they can even claim they're still connected in any way. They handed me back my hair and told me that I had to go on line to find out where to send the donation myself. Not even a discount or an address to send it. Time to find another place that will at least send it off. I was doing it with Great clips for like 15 or more years. No more. Today was my last cut there

  25. Jason says

    Hello, my 4 1/2 year old has grown her hair out and she wants to donate it. We are probably going to go with Pantene Beautiful Lengths (just because of the 2 less inches they require) can anyone give me a few names (in the south metro area) of places that will cut/send the hair free?

  26. callie cayer says

    I,m a hair stylist in pasadena tx. I,ve cut several peoples hair and they have donated their hair to locks of love. I,ve been growing my own hair out to give it to locks of love,its now 12 inches to donate and i,m very excited to be getting my hair cut off,yay for the shorter hair to come!! And for such a wonderful cause!

  27. Karen says

    I am most disappointed in Great Clips. I have donated my hair on 5 different occasions, now Great Clips has decided to stop supporting Locks for Love. Sad.

  28. Kristen says

    I am about to donate for my 5th time.
    This will probably be my last time because my Gray hair is becoming a little more noticeable.
    Great cause for the children.

  29. Pam Taylor says

    I just donated my hair for the 4th time at my local Great Clips, and when I asked what I owed, they told me nothing. I would have been more grateful if they hadn’t charged me the first three times. This was in Delaware Ohio, at the same shop, and it made me think twice about ever going back. I wasn’t looking for a free haircut, but I found it suspect I had never been told this before.

  30. Cathy Wagoner says

    @ Pam Taylor, my experience here in Baltimore with Great Clips is that for at least the past 12 – 15 years I’ve been donating at the Dundalk Great Clips location. The 1st 2 times I was charged for my cuts and they would send the hair which was fine, after all it is for a good cause. After those first couple of cuts they started doing it for free and still sending the hair donation. That was great but two years ago I asked them if the still do the Locks of Love donations they said yes but there was a change in there procedure. They charged me for the haircut and give a coupon for 2 bucks for the next hair cut and I had to send the hair. After 2 years, who knows what I did with that coupon? I just did my last donation last month and they don’t even give the coupon now. What a rip! And there business has increased by at least 10 times since my first cut there. I think they’re just getting greedy now and don’t even recognize a good deed when it’s staring them in the face.

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