Be Snack Ready: Frito Lay Special Offers

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Sign up for to receive free samples and special offers from Frito-Lay and Walmart.

Right now it looks like it’s just a heads up on current Walmart deals, but they’ll be offering free samples and printable coupons soon.

(Thanks, Money Saving Mom!)

Your turn: What other parts of the Be Snack Ready site do you find valuable?


  1. deb says

    Doesn't it bother you how much info FritoLay asks … how much info these consumers are gathering on us? Is it really worth i for a few snack coupons? Just wondering your thoughts. I found this way too intrusive and decided not to pursue this one.

    • Kristen says

      I thought they were a bit intrusive too so I chose not to answer them (it said "(All questions are Optional, and no information will be shared with outside parties").

  2. sheepy says

    I don't mind answering some of them, but what does my ethnic background have to do with my snack habits?

  3. Sunshyne says

    I think they ask for ethnic backgrounds as questions like that just to find out certain things like demographics….like when you take surveys…they want to know who their audience/consumer is that is buying from them, how much they buy etc…its really no big deal to me as long as they dont ask for my social security # I'm fine.

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