Coupon Policy for Roundy’s Stores: Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick n Save

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I am a firm believer in using coupons appropriately and in line with the manufacturer’s and retailer’s rules.  Because I post shopping lists that match Rainbow’s sale prices with coupons, I thought it would be helpful to share their coupon policies as I understand them. These policies apply to all Roundy’s stores including Copps, Pick ‘N Save and Rainbow Foods.

General Policies

Roundy’s general coupon policies are as follows:

Internet printed coupons. Coupons printed from the internet must be legitimate, printed in color or black and white and have the following:

  • “Manufacturer coupon” printed on coupon
  • Bar-scan code
  • Current expiration date
  • Website where printed from must be on coupon

Manufacturer’s coupons for purchased products only. Manufacturer’s coupons will only be accepted for purchased products. Items received for free through store promotions (“meal deal” or “buy one, get one free”) are not considered purchased products; therefore, manufacturer’s coupons can not be used for these products.

Maximum value of coupons. Coupons are accepted only for products of equal or greater value; they do not give cash back on coupons. Sales tax is paid by the customer at full retail.

Free product coupons. Free or “buy one, get one free” product coupons printed from the internet will not be accepted at Roundy’s stores; free or “buy one, get one free” product coupons from the newspaper will be accepted.

Maximum value of internet printed coupons. There is no limit on the value of an internet printed coupon.

Right of refusal. The store has the right to refuse any coupon printed from the internet at any time.

Stacking store coupons with manufacturer-issued coupons. A store coupon can be redeemed with a manufacturer’s coupon for the same item.

Doubled Coupon Policies

Roundy’s stores doubles coupons (a “doubled coupon” means that a $1 off coupon is equal to $2 off):

Weekly. Every Wednesday – even when it is not explicitly advertised in the paper. Right now, Roundy’s stores are also doubling coupons on Saturdays (through September 2012).

$25 threshold. Roundy’s formal corporate policy is that the sale price value of the groceries in your transaction must be at least $25 for your coupons to be eligible for doubling. However, the registers are currently programmed (as of March 18, 2010) to double coupons when the shelf price (the highest price listed on the shelf tag, which is usually the full, pre-sale price) before coupons is $25. If you plan your transactions using the shelf price versus the sale price, you do so at your own risk that the registers have been modified to align with their formal corporate policy.

Only five. Up to 5 manufacturer’s coupons can be doubled per transaction.

It’s automatic. The registers automatically double the face value of the first five eligible coupons scanned if your groceries meet the $25 threshold.  All that to say, the cashier does not push a button or manually “approve” you to have doubled coupons.  The register just does it.

The first five. The first 5 eligible coupons scanned will double – that means you should hand the clerk your 5 highest value coupons first.

Up to $1. Only coupons valued at less or equal to $1 off will be doubled.

Exceptions. “Buy one, get one free” and “try me free” coupons are not eligible for doubling.

Coupons that say “Do Not Double.” Some manufacturer-issued coupons say “do not double” on them. Roundy’s formal policy is that they will not double these. Before I realized this was part of their formal policy I asked specifically about these coupons at my local Rainbow Foods.  I was told that the store where I shop will allow these coupons to double if they double automatically when scanned.  Note: I cannot tell which coupons have the “do not double” wording on them when I put together the weekly shopping list, so you will need to check them yourself.

Transactions. Roundy’s official policy is that customers are encouraged to make one transaction to double their coupons, but again, this will vary from store to store. Most shoppers at Roundy’s stores will find that they are allowed to make more than one transaction.

Your turn: What else have you learned about the coupon policies and practices at Roundy’s grocery stores?


  1. Erin says

    Are you sure you have the first coupon policy point correct? I thought their policy was not to accept *internet printable* coupons for free products, but that they would accept regular manu coupons for free products, like from the paper.

    • says

      Erin – Yes, you are right that they accept free product coupons from the newspaper. It wasn't written very clearly. I have modified the language now. Thanks for the head's up. I appreciate it! –Carrie

    • says

      Ellie – Internet coupons can be doubled at Rainbow, but each store sets a threshold for the highest value internet printed coupons they'll accept. At my local store they take them up to and including $1. Call your store to verify their limit. Hope that helps! –Carrie

  2. Laura says

    Two questions:

    1) How does the register know that the pre-sale value is more than $25? Don't the sale prices ring up, not the regular prices?

    2) Does the coupon automatically double when it's scanned, or is this something the cashier needs to do?

    Thanks for your help! I'm pretty new to shopping at Rainbow – I've always been a Cub Foods girl, but my mother-in-law says she gets much better deals at Rainbow, so I've got to try it out.

    • says

      Laura – Rainbow's registers automatically double coupons once you hit "the threshold". Cashiers don't do anything to help that process, like a push a button or anything.

      I will give a detailed answer as to how the register knows the regular price, but if this is confusing for you don't worry – you don't need to understand this to have your coupons doubled. When a product is scanned at Rainbow the full, regular price is what the register "records". The prices drop to sale prices when the order is sub-totaled. In my experience at Rainbow there are two ways that orders get sub-totaled. 1) The register is sometimes automatically programmed to sub-total after each item is scanned. You can tell by looking at the screen where you watch the prices and see if it says "sub-total" after each line. 2) The register doesn’t sub-total automatically, but when the cashier hits "sub-total" at the end, then all the sale prices are applied. Does that help?

  3. Laura says

    Carrie – That was very helpful! I went to Rainbow this morning and it was sooooo easy. I'll have to keep track of my prices so that I can figure out if I'm getting a better deal there or at Cub.

  4. Ruth Grams says

    I went to Rainbow today and did get some great deals. On my second trip through, I was informed by the cashier that the corporate office is starting to change policies about doubling coupons. (I guess she got yelled at by the manager because the manager caught it on a transaction in between my two transactions.) Corporate now wants the customer to reach the $25 minimum AFTER the in-store deals instead of based on the shelf price. The cash register gives it to you anyway, so I don't know how they will enforce that…

  5. Angela says

    What happens after the first 5 coupons are doubled? Why do I only hand them them 5 first? I always give them all of them? Should I be worried that they won't double?

  6. Crystal says

    I can't remember where on your website I read it, but you had asked if anyone was sure if the Bergan's Supervalu on Cedar Avenue in South Minneapolis always does double coupons. I got their ad in my Sunday paper this week and just wanted to confirm that right on the front it states that they always double their coupons. :)

  7. Sandie says

    Where to you get the Smart Source Insert?


    How do you get a Smart Source Insert? I receive a Red Plum on Wednesday's but

    nothing on Smart Source

    I get the Red Plum in the mail on Wednesdays but that it?

  8. says

    Some more tips for Rainbow double days, in case anyone reads this (aka what works for me):

    1) I try to have my trips planned out in advance so I know how many transactions I'll be able to do, but since Rainbow isn't listing a lot of their regular prices in the ads anymore [bummer! Carrie, what did you do?! :)], this isn't as easy as it used to be.

    2) Write down the shelf prices as you put items in your cart so that you can more easily split up transactions later.

    3) Bring a calculator! It is not easy to add things up in your head, especially when you have a seven-month-old distracting you. At least that's what I've found.

    4) I like to keep coupons I've received for free items in my coupon holder just in case I need "filler" items to bring me up to my $25 threshold. Of course, if I'm feeling extra generous, I can always grab a food donation bag for $10.

    Granted, maybe I'm just a nerd with all of this, but I'd much rather do two transactions and save an extra $5 than do one and not.

  9. Tami W says

    Does anyone know if Rainbow will price match with Target? If so, the Gold n plump chicken would be a great deal with a doubled coupon!

  10. Theresa says

    In response to the expired coupon question – I overheard from a Rainbow employee that the register won't read the coupon as expired until the end of the week. I have not yet tried this yet – though I plan to. If anyone knows differently, please share :)

  11. Amy says

    The Cub Foods locations I've been too accept coupons up to 3 months past their expiration date.

    Rainbow has a more strict policy but I've noticed an expired coupon go through on rare occasion when the date is close–perhaps as Theresa has learned the register won't recognize an expired coupon until the end of the week.

  12. Barb says

    Crystal (Nov 10,2008),

    I called Bergan's and asked- they said that they double every day. Undoubtedly you probably know that by now, however I was wondering if you would mind telling what paper you received with the Bergan's ad in it. I have been wondering if there was a grocery store somewhere in the metro area that doubled all coupons. I find it somewhat exhausting to try to come up with the $25 minimum for Rainbow and then pick and choose which coupons to use. Seems it would be much easier to just get them all doubled and only concern myself with getting a great deal!

  13. Jennifer says

    Can you use a catalina coupon printed from Cub that is a manufacturer coupon for a free item and use it at Rainbow? It says redeemable at Cub but how is this any different than Target coupons that are manufacturer coupons? Rainbow accepts those– just checking before I go. Thanks!

  14. says

    I've wondered about the Cub catalinas as well. The last time I tried to use a manuf. coupon with a Target logo at Rainbow, it went through but then the cashier said they weren't supposed to accept them. I argued the point and he called over a supervisor who said he was correct that they aren't supposed to accept coupons with another store logo on it, even if it it's a manuf. coupon. It'd be nice to get the corporate policy in writing on these points.

  15. Jennifer says

    I have used a manufacturer coupon with a Target logo as well at Rainbow and the cashier questioned it. The manager came over and approved it because it is a manufacturer coupon. I guess we will see what happens….Thanks!

  16. Janell says

    QUESTION – can I use a Rainbow issued "tape" q (which says manu on top but has Rainbow logo) AND a regular manu q for the same item?

    My Target logo q got turned down by the cashier at Rainbow. Even thou I pointed out that it says Manufacture coupon at the top. She said it's for Target only. I guess it depends upon which cashier you get.

    • says

      Janell, if the coupon you get from the register says "manufacturer coupon" on top (which most of them do), it means you can't stack them with another manufacturer coupon. As for the Target logo coupons, many people are reporting that Rainbow cashiers are not accepting these, even though they're manufacturer's coupons. I personally haven't tried it yet at mine and probably won't.

  17. Michael Tierney says

    As has been explained to you – give the cashier the five (5) highest coupons followed by all the rest – after the first five have been doubled, the rest of the coupons will be taken off at face value.

    Another helpful hint – watch for BuyOneGetOne deals – and then look for Manufacture BOGO Coupons – for example if there is a product that is selling for $5.99 BOGO bring two items to the cashier. The cashier will ring both items, hit total and you will be charged $5.99 for the two items – if you have a coupon for Buy One Get One – the cashier will use that and you pay $0 for the two items – Please note, if the product is taxable, you will need to pay the tax on the items.

  18. pennyscents says

    I am looking for help from someone on this one. I am looking at the Hormel Always Tender baby back ribs that are on sale for $3.99 lb. There are also $1.00 off coupons on these, and there is the promo of spend $20.00 on Hormel, get $5.00 oyno.

    I would like to know how many pounds is usually in one of those Hormel baby back rib packages??? I have bought them before. I just can’t remember the weight on them.

    This sale is going on this week for me. I will be doing my shopping on Wednesday.

  19. Sarah Beth says

    Correct. But it varies by store as to whether that $25 is based on the Sale Price (what the register says when the cashier hits subtotal) or the Regular Shelf Price (the black prices listed on the shelf). The 3 stores that I visit still use Shelf Price – but it is a risk every time because you never know when they will update their systems. Some people who prefer to be "safe" always plan based off of the sale prices/subtotal.

  20. Shannon says


    Hi. I'm totally new to Rainbow's double coupon days and I'm not sure what you mean about having two different transactions. Please explain. Thank you in advance. Shannon

  21. Nate says

    The official policy of rainbow is that it doesn't accept expired coupons. Though I know the computers will take them if you get a cashier that doesn't look or doesn't care. The cashier I had today told me that they can expire earlier in the week that you use them but it can't be before the most recetn Sunday, if that makes sense.

    Cub will take them up to 3 months after they expire.

  22. Toni P. says

    Two different transactions means exactly that—check out one set of items, meet the $25 threshold, hand the cashier your five coupons, pay, then repeat. You can use different sets of five coupons for each transaction, and get maximum savings that way.

  23. ShannonS says

    Oh I see! In order to use more than the limited 5 coupons. I understand now. Wow. That's a lot of planning and preparation!

  24. Ann says

    I had a B1G1 SoBe Lifewater coupon and tried to use it at Copps and they said they cannot accept any free item coupons printed from the internet. Last week they accepted a Nabisco B1G1 free when you purchase milk facebook coupon.

  25. Renae says

    Does Rainbow price match for items in sale ads at other stores, not necessarily for items that are on sale at the same time at Rainbow?

  26. Tim says

    Can you make multiple transactions at one time? Or do you have to get back in line again? If so, that would be rather inconvenient.

    • says

      Tim, it depends on your store and/or your cashier. I usually do two transactions at a time, but I always ask my cashier ahead of time if it's OK. (No one has ever said "no" or even looked annoyed. If the deals are really good, I'll sometimes load up my first two transactions into my car and go back in to do one or two more.

  27. Jim says

    How may one be absolutely certain whether the $25 "threshold" is based on the Sale Price or the Regular Shelf Price at a particular store BEFORE starting to shop? Knowing this ahead of time could be crucial in instances where there is a large difference between the Regular Shelf Price and the Sales Price for one's desired items. What are the chances the store would tell you if you called them Wednesday morning?

    • says

      Jim – my guess is that if you call, your store will tell you that it's based off of sale prices because that's the official policy. It would probably be best to go in with that mentality and then try a transaction based off of shelf price to see if the coupons double. If the first one doesn't, then you'll know it's based off of sale price.

  28. Jen Fink says

    I have had many of the cashiers tell me that I can only do one transaction. So I always feel like I need to go out – load my car – and then come back in and go to another cashier. I also have to say that the Maplewood Rainbow has become the coupon police! They inspect and reinspect all coupons. Plus – they have had a really hard time keeping the shelves stocked! When I went yesterday – three or four items were wiped out!

  29. Lori says

    Yesterday I handed over a stack of coupons to the cashier – without sorting them for the largest denomination on top. I just looked at my receipt and the doubling of the $1.00 amounts is spread throughout randomly in the "paper coupons" section. Therefore, I believe when say that "first five coupons" it is not to be taken literally. I believe they mean "the first five qualifying coupons".

  30. Ruth W says

    Randie– the Smartsource and RedPlum insert she refers to are form the Sunday paper… you need to get the paper or have someone give you their inserts.. You are fortunate to get a RedPlum in your Wed. flyer… we don't here in Bloomington :(.

    Hope that helps.

  31. Sidney says

    Actually, most of the time the people in the store don't know (in my experience!) I shop at two different Rainbows – one closer to home, one closer to work. I have asked at Customer Service at both stores about this and have been told at both of them that the sale price is what counts towards the $25. One time I just didn't need enough to get to that amount with sales, although regular shelf price was over $25. I figured, based on what I had been told, that the coupons wouldn't double, but when scanned the first five did double. Tried it at the other store, and the same thing happened. I also "tested" the $10 GM promo a couple weeks ago and had just over $25 total (shelf price) before the $10 came off, which means just over $15 after that store promo, and my coupons doubled.

    So, my suggestion is just try it once and see what happens – I'm certainly glad I did because I can almost always reach $25 with shelf price but often struggle with sale prices.

  32. Karen says

    I tried to use a coupon at Rainbow that was from the Sunday Cub insert. It said Manufacturer Coupon at the top and did not say Cub anywhere on it, but they wouldn't let me use it. Is that normally the case at Rainbow? Seems like it should be a valid coupon anywhere if it's a manufacture's coupon.

  33. Jane says

    Interesting, I have often wondered ~ is it appropriate to purchase a Rainbow gift card in order to reach $25 and then use it to purchase more product or gift cards… in all explainations I have read the merchandise or fillers never mentioned gift cards.

  34. Jaclyn says

    I have done as many as 6 transactions at Pick 'N Save without moving to the end of the line. I always make sure to put my things on the belt by transaction with one of those stick divider things in between. I also make sure I have my coupons ready for each transaction. I found a checker who is very tolerant of this and I try to make sure to go to her specifically each week. I make it go as quickly as I can so I don't hold up other patrons.

  35. Shelly B says

    Two weeks ago, I had 8 coupons 5 $1.00, 2 store coupons and 1 50 cents. I gave the cashier the coupons in that order and watched her scan them. Guess what the 50 cent one doubled. None of the dollar ones said do not double. I was miffed!!! I did not have time to take it to the service counter, which I normally would have.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

  36. Pat Weiser says

    I have yet to find a Rainbow that will accept an internet coupon. Every single one has said it's not their policy to accept them.

  37. Pat Weiser says

    For Jen Fink…..Maplewood Rainbow is absolutely the worst! For everything! I have complained repeatedly to Rainbow headquarters about this store and finally gave up. It's worth the extra trip to go to the one on Arcade. Much more selection and it's always well stocked and clean.

  38. Julie W says

    Pat, When you say "internet coupon" you're referring to the ones from like etc? Or the ones from carrie's links? I would bring a copy of the policy with you if you're having problems. I know for sure I've not had problems at Blaine, Brooklyn park, Coon rapids, and Plymouth.

    Which ones are you trying?

  39. Pat Weiser says

    Julie, I have tried Maplewood, St Paul Arcade Street, West St Paul, and Oakdale. The response I have gotten is that those coupons are easily forged, so they won't accept them.

    I have tried both the ones from Carries links and coupons.

  40. Pat Weiser says

    I don't even know where the Roseville Rainbow is, and I'd use up my coupon savings in gas to get there. However I'm curious, whose address?

  41. Linda P. says

    I go to Pick n Save and appreciate all your work into putting together a list. I don't know if everything will be the same for me but I will see. Once when I had the Pick n Save ad that was mailed to me had a sale item in it — they told me it did not ring up on sale because the ad I had in my hands was for the Milwaukee stores, and they are a Racine store (Racine County). I thought that was strange because it was the ad that was mailed to me and I don't live in Milwaukee County. So I guess things can vary from store to store. Just wanted to mention that I always split my order up into different $25 segments and the cashiers at Pick n Save do not mind. I usually do about 3 orders and then go back again and do another 3, saving my cold stuff for the last orders. I also do my $25 at full price. I wait to give them my card until after I have reached $25 dollars after taxes so I know where I stand. Then I give them my card to take the discounts off and my coupons have always doubled. Last week one didn't for some reason and I went to customer service and they gave me the dollar. It did not say do not double. I love the idea of the gift card. I will try that if I am short and hopefully that will work. It sounds like there policy is saying on buy one get one free items that you can only use one coupon because you are only paying for one. I have used 2 in the past. Do you know if this is something new? I will keep trying with my 2 until I hear that it doesn't work on the register. I have always thought if you are getting 2 of an item you can use 2 coupons, even if one is free — but it looks like the policy says different.

  42. Dana says

    OK So I've seen all the questions about the difference between hitting the $25 before OR after in-store sale prices. So that's not my questions. My questions is, does this mean that my total AFTER coupons DOES NOT have to hit $25?

    I always thought that my total had to reach $25 EVEN AFTER all coupons were taken off. So no matter what, I ended up paying at least $25 on every complete transaction. From reading all of this it sounds like I only need to have it reach $25 BEFORE I hand over my coupons and can end up with my final cash total far less than that $25 threshold. Am I reading that correctly? Have I been spending way more money on every transaction than what is actually necessary?

    • says

      Dana – Correct, it has to be $25 after store-issued coupons, but before all manufacturer-issued coupons. That's how so many folks end up getting their out of pocket expense so low.

  43. Gina says

    I think it's risky to try to get your expired coupon to go through. I had a very thorough cashier who tossed out the few (accidentally) expired coupons in my batch, so they never had a chance of being scanned.

    Luckily, I had my coupon book with me and had more coupons for those products, anyway :)

  44. Gina says

    I do the exact same thing as Laura.

    In addition, I use colored paperclips. At home I do this:

    Put my $1 coupons in groups of 5, and paperclip them with a colored clip. In my notebook, I list the color and the coupons in that batch (really, not so hard because they're usually all the same…like PINK: 5 Toaster Strudels).

    When I shop, I have separate bags in my cart for each "color batch" (that's one transaction of $25). I put the items into their own bags to keep them separate, and jot down what the value of each bag is up to.

    Then, to help each bag get to $25, I start pulling non-doubling coupons out of my coupon filebox I have with me. I add those items to the bags, simultaneously add those coupons to their colored clip, and keep the tally running. When I hit $25, I set the coupon bundle for that order in that bag.

    When every bag has been carefully calculated to have $25, I go checkout. It's fast to say "each bag is a separate order, please". And then I just hand her the bundle that has been put together.

    No fiddling around at the register!

  45. Gina says

    I found that if you have something like a Dannon Yogurt coupon ($1 off 10 yogurts), it will NOT double, because the computer won't understand how to double over the price of a single yogurt (0.61).

    Yes, you should take it to the service counter and they'll fix it BUT the best thing is to know that if it is a $1 off a large number of items, be prepared that it will confuse the computer. Quickly explain to the cashier to double it by hand and she should be able to do so right then.


  46. Gina says

    I just wanted to mention that the GAS REWARDS program (if your store has one) is fabulous! In Madison WI, ours gives 0.10 off each gallon of gas for each $50 in product you buy (and the amount of product you buy is calculated BEFORE any sales or coupons.) So even though I am spending very little out of pocket, the rewards are really coming my way.

  47. Gina says

    Now that there is the new policy about "coupons only used on purchased product", will it still work if the store has a BOGO sale, can you still use a BOGO coupon to go with it? And end up getting both items free?

  48. Linda P. says

    My Pick n Save so far is still working the way it did before. They had juice on sale last night buy 2 get 1 free. I used 3 coupons and it worked fine. Also I did use a coupon on one of my free items in the "meal deal" and that worked too. I know now that their policy says otherwise — but I guess I'll keep trying it until it doesn't work if they change the registers. I did pretty good last night with the General Mills cereal deal of buy 6 and get a coupon for free milk. I spent $2.43 for 6 boxes of cereal and a case of Roundy's water (with their in-store coupon), plus got a coupon for $3.25 off of milk on my next order (which I discovered you don't have to actually get the milk, you can use it like money on your next order). If you notice on the free milk coupons they say on the bottom in fine print not to be used on RX, which made me think you didn't have to use it on milk. I tried it and it worked. I usually end up getting milk anyway, but sometimes don't need it and it is nice to know you can use it on something else. Also I found out my Pick n Save takes my Walgreens Register Rewards as cash because they say "manufacturer" on the top. That is nice because it is so hard to use them at Walgreens due to their strict coupon policy. Now I just use them at my grocery store instead. I don't have the headaches of using them at Walgreens. Yay!!

  49. LISETTE says



  50. says

    Lisette – I acquired Roundy's coupon policy by emailing their customer service. I've never been able to find it online. Roundy's stores only double coupons that have a face value of $1.00 or less. They will still accept coupons that have a value higher than $1.00, but those coupons will not have a value added to them.

  51. Teri says

    I have used these manufacture coupons with both Target and Cub on them at my Rainbow in Forest Lake without any problems and FL is usually very strict on following the coupon policy. Target and Cub just have their logo on the coupon in hopes that you will use it at their store. No where on the coupon does it say you can only use it at that particular store.

  52. Jaci says

    I found out last night that if you have an Internet printed coupon it MUST have a water mark printed on it. I print seventh generation coupons all the time FROM 7thGen's web page. Rainbow would NOT accept it because it didnt have a water mark. I had a Rainbow $2/2 Seventh Generation dish soap and I was going to stack it with a $2/2 Seventh Generation Coupon and get the dish soap for $0.99 a bottle. The cashier called the Mgr over to the lane, and in a very obnoxious way informed me that they DO NOT accept Internet coupons without water marks.

  53. Becca Larkin says

    I went to Rainbow in Blaine last night (4/21) and I was happy to find out that they would double 10 coupons instead of 5. I asked if they release these days in advance and they didn't think so. If anyone knows how to find out about these special double coupon days I would love to know. Thanks!

  54. Ann says

    I have always had no trouble using coupons on B1G1s at Copps. The register always scans the coupons with no problem for each item. This works very nicely especially on double coupon day.

  55. erika says

    this is my experience too – I think I asked once if they needed the higher denomination coupons first and the cashier said the scanner will automatically double the highest ones first.

  56. Gina says

    Question, so if I have a $2/2 coupon, will it only be $2 off, no doubling, or will it double up to $1, making it worth $3/2?

  57. Cathy says

    I live in the Milwaukee area and was told today at a Pick n Save in Oak Creek,WI that they no longer accept ANY computer generated coupons over a Dollar. If they change there coupon policies where are they posted?

  58. Amanda says

    OYNO Catalina – do these qualify for doubling? This one in particular is a manufacturer coupon – "save $1.00 on any item."

  59. crb says

    My experience has been that they wont double at all… which made me mad the first time I realized that, cause the coupons that did double were only worth like 30 cents… oh well, now I know…

  60. Leslie says

    Carrie, #1 – Thank-you for the match-ups – a great help & service. #2 – Rainbow has extended double-coupon on Sat. thru July 2010. Just didn't see this info in your article. (Can't imagine I'm first to comment on this, tho…)

    • says

      Leslie – I forgot to update it a few weeks back, but did now. Copps an d Pick N Save stores are also doubling on Saturdays now through the end of June.

  61. Bea says

    I shop at the Rainbow in Savage. Saturday I was going through the line with 2 transactions and my husband was following with 2 more in his cart. He passed me his Roundy's card because I did not have mine handy. The cashier became irritated when she saw that we were together and told him to leave her line. There was no one behind him and several other registers were open with no waiting. She stated that it was wrong because we were getting so many coupons doubled and she wanted him to leave her line and go to another. We told her that was fine and it was not a problem – it would not have been a problem even if we had to wait. In fact, it would not be a problem to go out to the car and come back in, either. She was obviously very upset. We asked the cashier at the 2nd register if it was a problem to come through with more than 1 transaction and she was not happy either but allowed it. I have never had a problem like this before at this Rainbow, but left feeling somewhat uneasy, as if I had robbed them. Is Rainbow cracking down on the number of transactions per person? I would prefer to shop elsewhere than leave upset every time I shop. I'm sure we would be able to find good sales somewhere else too.

  62. Julie DeWilde says

    Do you have to have $25 worth after coupons or $25 before coupons in order to double them?

    • says

      $25 is AFTER store coupons, but BEFORE manufacturer-issued coupons and the $25 is calculated using the "shelf price" (or the highest price listed on the tag hanging on the shelf).

  63. Angela says

    I planned out my grocery trip for double coupon Wednesday at rainbow tonight and handed the cashier my coupons in order with the first 5 being $1.00 coupons. It looks like they only double the coupon if the item cost is at least $2.00. For example I bought Ronzoni pasta with a price of $1.55. I had a $1.00 coupon. It shows -1.00 on the receipt and says multiplied coupon beneath and -.55. Same thing with the reach floss that was $1.79. Is this their policy as you know it? I'm slightly irritated as I prefer Cub, but shop Rainbow just to get an easy $10 off my grocery order on Wednesdays.

    • says

      Angela – Rainbow's policy is they will only double the coupon up to the shelf price (the regular price) of the item. So yes, if an item only costs $1.55 (when it's not on sale), the coupon will only double up to $1.55.

    • Bea says

      I have noticed this before at some of the Rainbows, but at others I have shopped (even yesterday) I still get the double coupon value even with a sale or shelf price of less than the double coupon value. All of the systems must not be programmed the same.

  64. Jeannie says

    How do you sign up for a Roundy's Reward card? Is this something I can get instantly at the customer service counter?

  65. Rhea says

    I went to pick n save for double coupon and put everything on 1 transaction (stupid me, I usually do several transactions). Well I handed the cashier the ones I wanted doubled first, she scanned them. Then I gave her the ones that were regular. The register only doubled the lowest amount ones! They did not take the 1st ones, I thought my total was wrong but didn't really look at the reciept until I go home. Won't be doing that one again!

  66. says

    Bea –

    Perhaps she just had a bad day or that specific cashier had an issue with it. I almost always have two transactions when I go through and have never had a cashier have an issue with it. Once I even had three because I was buying for my church as well but was paying for that with a different account. If you feel uncomfortable maybe talk to the manager and see what their take is on it. Just an idea.

  67. Carrie T says

    Hello Carrie,

    I wanted to let you know that I have been using this website since January and have save my family over 1430.00 total and have been reducing my bills each week between 40 and 70 perpcent. Thank you sooooooooo much. I also wanted to let you know that I have been using those Cub manufacturer coupons from their ads at my

    Rainbow in Coon Rapids. Thanks again!

  68. BmanGman says

    I love Rainbow when it runs added savings on cereal purchases. For example, last week, after purchasing six General Mills cereals (cheerios, fiber one, etc), 16 oz and above, Rainbow offered $10 off (at the register) and, in addition, General Mills provided a $3.50 off milk coupon, plus a $1.75 off eggs coupon.

    Because they double coupons on Wednesday and Saturdays (until the end of July, now, I believe), on Saturday we found several cereals with $1 off coupons affixed to their respective boxes. The cereals we bought were all 16.25 oz plus in size and cost $4.15 each.

    Six boxes @ $4.15 each, cost $24.90 . . . less $10.00 (at the register), subtotaled $14.90 . . . less doubling the first five $1 off coupons at $2 each, subtotaled $4.90 . . . less the sixth $1 off coupon at $1, subtotaled $3.90 – and after paying $3.90, we received $3.50 off milk coupon, plus a $1.75 off eggs coupon.

    This week, Rainbow is offering Land O Lakes milk at 2 for $5, or $2.50 each, as well as Roundy's Large Eggs at $0.99 – on Sunday, using the $3.50 off milk and $1.75 off eggs coupons, the register deducted the full amount of each coupon. Therefore, not only did we get free milk and eggs, but we made over $1.75 on the transaction.

    Given these two sales, we ended up with six boxes of 16.25 oz General Mills cereals, a gallon of Land O Lakes milk, and a dozen Roundy's large eggs for at grand total of $2.14 (two dollars and fourteen cents).

    I should add that we went back, four time to take advantage of the $1 cereal coupons as well as another four (each) $3.50 off milk and $1.75 off eggs coupons.

    PIGS, maybe. Thrifty, DEFINITELY!!!

    This week, I believe there is a similar offer on Kellogg's cereals, though I do not know if there are similar $1 off coupons affixed to their boxes. But, I can't wait to find out for myself.

    Cheers to all you couponers!


  69. BmanGman says

    I love Rainbow when it runs added savings on cereal purchases. For example, last week, after purchasing six General Mills cereals (cheerios, fiber one, etc), 16 oz and above, Rainbow offered $10 off (at the register) and, in addition, General Mills provided a $3.50 off milk coupon, plus a $1.75 off eggs coupon.

    Because they double coupons on Wednesday and Saturdays (until the end of July, now, I believe), on Saturday we found several cereals with $1 off coupons affixed to their respective boxes. The cereals we bought were all 16.25 oz plus in size and cost $4.15 each.

    Six boxes @ $4.15 each, plus a package of Kool-Aid at $0.25, cost $25.15, . . . less $10.00 (at the register), subtotaled $15.15 . . . less doubling the first five $1 off coupons at $2 each, subtotaled $5.15 . . . less the sixth $1 off coupon at $1, subtotaled $4.15 – and after paying $4.15, we received $3.50 off milk coupon, plus a $1.75 off eggs coupon.

    This week, Rainbow is offering Land O Lakes milk at 2 for $5, or $2.50 each, as well as Roundy's Large Eggs at $0.99 – on Sunday, using the $3.50 off milk and $1.75 off eggs coupons, the register deducted the full amount of each coupon. Therefore, not only did we get free milk and eggs, but we made over $1.75 on this transaction.

    Given these two sales, we ended up with six boxes of 16.25 oz General Mills cereals, a gallon of Land O Lakes milk, and a dozen Roundy's large eggs for at grand total of $2.39 (two dollars and thirty-nine cents).

    I should add that we went back, four time to take advantage of the $1 cereal coupons as well as another four (each) $3.50 off milk and $1.75 off eggs coupons.

    PIGS, maybe. Thrifty, DEFINITELY!!!

    This week, I believe there is a similar offer on Kellogg's cereals, though I do not know if there are similar $1 off coupons affixed to their boxes. But, I can't wait to find out for myself.

    Cheers to all you couponers!


  70. anita says

    Carrie- I know Roundy's emailed the coupon policy to a member awhile back but I was hoping you knew what date that was listed under. I was going to print it out but forgot. I prefer to have their original wording. Thanks

  71. Colleen says

    I just got yelled at Rainbow for using expired coupons….Cub is less than 2 miles down the road, so I just assumed (and have done so in the past) that Rainbow also accepted the expired coupons up to 90 days old. Guess I only go to Rainbow now for my "Double Daze" deals.

  72. Shelly says

    Carrie/Laura – I wonder if you should ad one more "rule" to the internet coupon rules for Rainbow – that it must have a visible watermark on it. Or are some Rainbows still not checking? My impression is that our SLP West End Rainbow has been the most, or one of the most lenient Rainbows with doubling "do not doubles", etc – but they are now required to check for watermarks. Some of the valid internet coupons listed do not have them, though.

    • says

      Shelly – I could email corporate and ask, but I haven't run into this issue at my Rainbow Foods store yet…or maybe I just haven't noticed because all of my coupons have had a watermark.

      • Shelly says

        That's good, Laura, that your Rainbow hasn't said anything yet. I only print valid internet coupons like everyone else on this site, so I've never felt like I had to look for watermarks. But there was a recent Pam (spray) internet coupon that wasn't watermarked. I think it was from Smart Someone else on this site also mentioned that her Rainbow wouldn't take it. I'm so thin-skinned that I ended up feeling yucky about it the rest of the day even though the cashier was so nice and udnerstanding. I just kept thinking the people in line behind me probably think I'm a deadbeat that copies coupons : )

  73. nick says

    Apparently, they always double coupons, but only up to 50 cents, im looking around for some $0.50 coupons to go with their 4/ $6.00 cereal special

  74. Megan says

    I'm somewhat confused…. PLEASE help! Does any store besides Cub accept expired coupons? If so which ones and for how long?

  75. Joy says

    I shop at Copp's in Green Bay, WI, and our Saturday doubles have been extended through the end of September.

    At our store, the $25 total is before ANY deductions have been made. Have the cashier scan all items, then hit the TOTAL button. As long as that total is at or above $25, your coupons will double. After the cashier has hit the TOTAL button, THEN hand over your Roundy's Rewards card.

  76. Emily says

    Does anyone know if Rainbow accepts manufacturer's coupons printed at other stores?

    For instance, I have a manufacturer's coupons for $3 off Pampers coupon that says redeemable at Target. I could get a good deal if I combined that with the store coupon in the coupon book they just sent out, but will they take it?

  77. Joy says

    Emily, at our store (Green Bay), Copp's will not accept a manufacturer's coupon with another store's logo printed on it. I don't know if that's a Roundy's decision or an individual store decision. I would speak to a store manager to confirm before including it in your shopping plan.

  78. Lisa in WI says

    Pick n Save in Sussex, Wisconsin accepts coupons that say manufacturers coupon with a Piggly Wiggly logo on it. I am gearing up to try Walgreens register rewards at grocery stores maybe next week to see where will accept them.

  79. Nicole says

    I personally work for Roundy's when you said that products that were in the ad for BOGO or meal deal can not have a coupon used is incorrect. Because it is the ad that way it was a sale so you may use 2 coupons on the product one that you bought and the free on. The only time this does not apply is when the coupon is for BOGO.

    • says

      Nicole – We received an official message from Roundy's corporate that they do not accept coupons on items that you get for free (in a buy one, get one free deal or a meal deal), so that's why we have it stated as such in this post. I know that some stores vary on whether they accept coupons for these sort of items in spite of the official policy.

  80. Kristy says

    How many transactions are you able to do each day with your Roundy's card? I went today and checked out with 4 different transactions. After the 3rd one my cashier told me that the card would not work for the last order but that she would attempt to use it anyways (and it worked). I was tempted to run back again tonight for some toothpastes that I could get for free but I don't want to go if they're not going to work with my card or doubling coupons.

  81. Niki says

    I have a question about Rainbow in-store-coupons. The last time I shopped at Rainbow, they said that I had to give them the in-store-coupons FIRST before I handed them my double downs??? Is this correct??? And is there any official policy to back it up? Thanks!

  82. Dina says

    I am new to this website. How soon do you normally get the new week's bargains up for Rainbow? I guess I could just watch and wait, but if anyone is reading this…I'm sure you know! Great website! Thanks.

  83. Angie says


    Do you know if Rainbow matches competitor's coupons or weekly specials? If so, do you know where I can find their policy? I looked on their website but couldn't find anything.

    Thank you!


  84. Lisa O says

    So I went to the Coon Rapids store today, their Chex was 3.09 a box for the regular flavors, and 2.99 for the honey nut…quite a difference from the 2.19 and 2.29 others are reporting. What's up with that??

  85. chris l says

    I have been couponing for over a year now, and did not know that the coupons would double based on the shelf price over $25. I have been going by the sale price. Does anyone know if it is still based on the shelf price? I realize it could have been changed as noted on the website. I could have saved even more money had I known!

  86. says

    Chris – I'm pretty sure that it's shelf price at most (if not all) Rainbow stores, although I'm not sure about Copps and Pick N Save. Your cashier might not want to scan your coupons if he/she sees that the price is below $25, but if the coupons are scanned, they will double if the shelf price is $25 or greater.

  87. Carrie says

    I just received an email from Whole Foods with a bunch of great coupons. I'm wondering if I can use competitor's coupons at Rainbow?

  88. Stacia says

    The Rainbow in Shoreview will not take my printed coupons unless they have a website on them. (ie That seems excessive to me, as they do have watermarks and I only print them off pocketyourdollars. Any suggestions. It's really frustrating, as I had multiple ones printed for the cereal today and could not use any of them.

  89. says

    Stacia – Is there another Rainbow in your area where you could shop? It sounds as though people are having problems at that particular store which means they undoubtedly have a more restrictive coupon policy than the company as a whole (that's common).

  90. Julie says


    I was at the Rainbow in Plymouth today, and even though the register doubled coupons for the person ahead of me, the cashier was going to undo the doubles because the total after sales price did not come to $25, even though the register doubled them…So, for instance, had I just gotten 6 boxes of General Mills cereal and maybe $5 more worth, she would not have allowed me to double my coupons as the register would have taken off $10 and would then be below $25. Thankfully, my total came to over $25 even after my $10 discount and sales, but as a general rule, the cashiers have always let me double my coupons as long as the pre-sakes total was over $25. Just something to be aware of I guess. …Technically, per Rainbow's policy, this cashier would not have been in the wrong, but I have always in the past gotten my coupons doubled even if the total was below $25 due to the $10 off for cereals, etc…

  91. Julie says

    P.S. I got an email response from Rainbow last year regarding their policy on this. This is what it said

    "Thank you for your inquiry regarding double coupons. You must spend $25 in a transaction before taxes and after scanning your Roundy's Rewards card. If you spent $25 exactly after both of those things and had (5) $1.00 off manufacturer coupons, they would be doubled and you would pay $15 plus taxes. Thank you for shopping at Rainbow Foods!:"

    So, technically, they don't have to double your coupons if the sales price or $10 cereal discount puts you below $15, but that would require a cashier catching it as the registers double based on shelf price, not sales price.

  92. says

    Does anyone know the official policy on using gift cards to reach the $25 mark for coupon doubling?

    I go every week to the St, Paul Rainbow on University and do multiple transactions with their patient cashiers. I don't usually have enough items in each transaction to reach $25 so I buy a Rainbow or BP gift card with each order. I've never had a problem with this at all.

    Today, the Eagan Rainbow refused to double my coupons when I tried this (and I only had one transaction today). It wasn't the cashier, as far as I could tell. The register itself refused to double them. We tried it with a Rainbow gift card and a BP gift card (for $50, so there should have been no issue with shelf vs. sale prices).

    The manager came over and basically called me a liar when I mentioned that I have used this process before to make each order total $25+. She said that if that were true, then all stores would be programmed the same, so it must not be true. No one could tell me what the official policy was and the signage that the cashier looked at did not give any indication in the fine print if this gift card strategy is allowed.

    Any thoughts?

  93. Sarah says

    I was shopping at Rainbow yesterday and was planning on using a $5 off internet coupon for some smart ones. I was told that Rainbow's policy is that they don't except internet coupons for anything over a $1. Is that true?

  94. Kathleen says

    I am planning to use the "buy a meaty bone dog snack and get a free canine carry outs snacks" coupon tomorrow. Can I use another manufacturers coupon for the Meaty Bone treats I am actually purchasing? I am guessing the answer is no, but it can't hurt to ask!!

  95. Lauren says

    First off, thank you so much for all you do. I am somewhat new to using coupons and taking learning to take advantage of the double coupon days (wed./sat.) at Copps. I shopped three times today, in an effort to double 5 coupons each time. This is what happened:

    1st trip – all 5 coupons doubled. Regular price for the items I used coupons for – $22.95 (reg price total for entire order – $31.88)

    2nd trip – used 3 coupons, none of them doubled. Reg price total – $23.52

    3rd trip – used 5 coupons, none of them doubled. Reg price total – $39.57

    I went to a different store the 2nd time AND on the third trip I used my husbands roundy's card. We've been using only my card for the fuel perk benefit. He very rarely grocery shops anyways. I tried the different card to see if that had any effect on the doubling not knowing the policy.

    So, i'm slightly irritated that I wasted some good doubling coupons (could have saved them for this sat when they will double 10). I am however looking forward to …hopefully understanding what I'm doing wrong!

    Thanks again for all you do!

  96. Carol Lindholm says

    Always check your receipt before leaving Rainbow Foods to make sure that all of your eligible coupons did indeed double. I have had problems almost weekly where one of the manufacturer's coupons ($1.00 face value, for example), decreased only by 30 cents. So, the savings was only $1.30, not $2.00. The customer service folks couldn't explain it, but did give me the difference. It sounds like a computer glitch of some sort that Roundy's may need to look into.

    • says

      Carol – That happens when the full price of the item you are buying is less than the value of a fully doubled coupon. Take pasta for example. It's regular price is something like $1.30 so a $1 off coupon will likely only double another $0.30, so as not to exceed the full price value of the product. Do you think that's what happened?

  97. Jennifer says

    Does anyone know for sure how many times you can go to Copps in one day and have the 5 (or 10 on Sat) coupons doubled? I am assuming by Lauren's recent post, it is once? I figured when the cashier scanned my license in order to give me my card, that was they way they would limit the amount of times shoppers could take advantage of the double coupon days.

    Thanks for any input!

  98. Jenny says

    I just emailed the company to ask this question and they said the policy is to double if it is $25 AFTER sale prices and in store coupons or discounts. So it technically is not based on the shelf price if the item is on sale. I was really disappointed when I learned this.

  99. Lauren says


    I assumed that was the problem for me yesterday but according to the poilicy you should be able to make multiple trips.

    I don't know what's going on but I will keep watch on my receipts and check in with the customer service desk if I have to.

  100. Lauren says

    does the $25 shelf price requirement include everything in the grocery store? in other words, are there items that do not qualify, like dog food?

  101. Dustin says

    Banner gift cards (Rainbow cards) don't count towards the $25 for coupon doubling, but partner gift cards (BP cards) are supposed to count.

  102. Dustin says

    You should be able to use your card up to 7 times in 24 hours and they should double each time. The reason they scan your license is just to fill out the info for the card application, instead of manually inputting your name and address.

  103. Dustin says

    That used to be the policy, but it changed over a year ago. You can use an internet coupon for any dollar amount. They don't accept free or BOGO internet coupons though.

  104. Carol Lindholm says

    Carrie: I will definitely examine my receipt and all purchases that the coupons were applied to, should this happen again. Thanks for the tip!

  105. Janelle says

    Just went to Rainbow Foods today they no longer except coupons printed off of the internet. Not even the coupons you can print from their own website I was told those are just to look at.

  106. Tanya says

    I have had this discussion with the cashiers at picknsave. They consider the sale to be the coupon on the item and the doubling does not occur until $25 is reached with the sale prices.

    Am I being bamboozled? I am still saving money but could be saving a lot more if $25 was before sale prices.

  107. Gloria says

    I shopped at Rainbow yesterday – picked up a beautiful Hillshire Farms ham, the fresh green beans, milk, chips, etc. My grand total was over $80.00. After deducting the in-store coupons, and the 10 doubled coupons, and the regular coupons that were not doubled (YES, I actually bought something that I did not have a doubled coupon for…!) my total was $28.00. The cash register locked up and they had to call the head cashier to authorize the purchase because I HAD SAVED TOO MUCH!!!!

    The receipt said that I had saved $58.10. !!! Boy, do I love the double double coupon days!!! And that is very unfortunate for CUB, Target, and Wal-mart. Don't need to stop there because even their sale prices do not come close to what I can do on a double double day.

  108. Gloria says

    I have had the coupons doubled on a BOGO – yesterday I got two pizzas – BOGO – the coupon that I had was for $1 off a pizza, and the coupon was accepted with no problem.

  109. Gloria says

    yes, it is free, and you can get the discount on gasoline when you get to certain buying levels. I have used the gas benefit a couple of times, but you have to go into the gas station to make sure that the attendant knows how to give the discount. One station by me stated that there was 'no problem', but when I went inside to pay, they could not figure it out, and I ended up getting a full tank and no discount. (OUCH!!) The other station ( a couple miles more away from my house) is well aware of the procedure and the transaction was incredibly easy. The couple of miles is NOT a problem when I want to fill up. Don't stop at the closer one anymore.

  110. May says

    When you pull up to the pump you should just have to slide your Roundy's card. The pumps around here prompt whether you want to use your discount…say yes and it adjusts the price per gallon on the pump down by the discount cents. Slide your CC and fill up and it takes the discount right off at the pump as you go. The one time I used a BP CG I got burned…the pump stopped at $25 and couldn't be restarted to get the rest of my 20 gallons at the discounted rate :(…I don't know if that's the usual – but I was really bummed to get only $25 worth and wasted my $0.25 off.

  111. Nikki says

    Hello everyone,

    I recently started couponing and have a question about Rainbows coupon policy.

    I just printed tons of online coupons and have them ready to go for sunday (double coupon day) ; but I don't believe my coupons show which site I printed them from. Is that a problem?

    They all say, manufacter coupon, date, etc. Is that a problem? If it helps, I often shop at the rainbow in Eagan or Oakdale.


    • Gloria says

      just a quick note – SUNDAY is NOT double coupon day – it is Wednesday and Saturday. Every so often Rainbow offers a DOUBLE DOUBLE coupon day in which they offer to double not only five manufacturer's coupons, but TEN coupons. if you can manage to find both the $1 coupons and the product, you will save a total of $20.00 on your total order. And if you present store coupons and other manufacturers coupons, and purchase the items while on sale, you will be able to take home a grocery cart full at a discount of more than 50% off what the other stores will do. I love it – this is amazing.

  112. Sara says

    Explain the 25 threshold. I read it twice but just don't know. The total price you HAVE to pay after all doubling is 25.00?

  113. Gloria says

    my answer is this regarding the "$25 threshold". If you would look in your cart after you check out you will note that you have a lot of purchases for the $25.00. Yes, you should try to buy $25 worth of stuff when you use the double coupons. I have never had a time when I have been at $24 or reasonably close and had my purchase questioned. I know that maybe I feel different about it, but I think that if you buy the specials and use the manufacturers coupons plus store coupons, you can get a lot of food for $25.

  114. Gloria says


    depends upon the day – Rainbow does double coupons on Wednesday and Saturday. On these two days they will double any coupon up to $1. That means that if you give them a coupon for .75 it will be doubled to 1.50. And that is only if the product is 1.50 or more. If the product is 1.39, then the total of the double will be 1.39, so you get the item for free. (sorry, but you really can't do better than freee….) Now, lets say you buy dog food for 6.00, and you have a coupon for 1.50 off – you will get 1.50 off because the doubling only happens on coupon that are worth up to $1. AND Rainbow only double up to FIVE coupons on those two days. (And I was told that they will double the first five that you hand to them, so make sure they are the ones with the most value) BUT you can give them a whole bunch more coupons, but only five will be doubled. Every so often they have a "Double Double Day", and that is the day that they will double ten coupons. FANTASTIC DEAL!!! I print out coupons from my computer at the site and have never had a time when they have been refused. BUT! the store still has the right to refuse any coupon. I recently had coupons for any purina dog item, and I put Pedigree brand in my cart ~ I really try to be more careful than that; I have redeemed coupons for many years, and I still made a stupid mistake. (and they caught it!) And when I am checking out, I always go to the lane where there is a cashier (not those job stealer 'self help' lanes) and I try to wait for the cashiers that are the young guys. Usually guys don't care about coupons, so they try to just get it done without bugging the customers (specially the older menopausal women customers….me!) Hope this is helpful – good luck!

  115. Kara says

    Does having a "Roundy's card" offer any additional benefits besides the potential gas savings? Secondly, with this $25 minimum purchase (which I do understand) has anyone been able to double coupons and leave paying LESS than $25? I have been saving $50-$75 a week (it is AWESOME!) but haven't figured out a way to leave paying less than $25, no matter how I configure my coupons and doubling.

  116. Brenda says

    I have never shopped at Rainbow, and being a new coupon convert, I'm headed there tomorrow for double coupons. I'm still a little confused with the $25 threshold. Does the value of items I plan to double coupons on have to reach $25 before coupons or can I buy other needed items that just may be on sale without coupons to reach my $25 threshold?

  117. Abby says

    The $25 threshold is total BEFORE coupons. So, anything you need to get for the week counts toward that 25. THEN you apply the coupons. That's how your END total ends up being fantastic.

    Basically, if the on-sale price of all the items in your cart adds up to $25 or more…THEN the register should automatically double the first five eligible coupons.

    Hope that helps.

  118. Abby says

    To Whom It May Concern:

    The Shoreview Rainbow Location DOES NOT DOUBLE coupons that say "do not double" …basically they hold strictly to the official policy. Columbia Heights on the other hand…DOES.

    (both stores information is according to the managers)

  119. Kim says

    I went to Rainbow today and I had a few 1.00 off coupons they wouldn't double them. They said that they do not double over 1.00.

    • Gloria says

      well, today is wednesday and wednesday is double coupons day. the qualifiers are these: you have to buy at least $25 worth of stuff (at shelf price) ~ check the shelf price even if it is on the weekly sale ~ and they should double coupons that have a face value of $1 or less. If the coupons is worth more than $1, they are redeemed, but only at the face value (like $1.50 ~ redeemed at 1.50) Did you buy the item that the coupon was good for? Could you please be much more specific as far as what happened? I try to interpret the coupon policy the way I think it applies ~ I don't want to get stuck at the checkout with paying a lot more than I had planned, either. Could you please add more info?

  120. Sara says

    Kim-that would be good to know because I plan on making an hour and a half trip on Saturday to double coupons and I do have some 1.00 off coupons. Does anybody know the answer to this? Also, does anybody know what the Cottage Grove, MN location do with regards to doubling?


  121. Sarah says

    K-cups! For any late night shoppers I found a deal at the Uptown Rainbow (which is open 24.7) They have Cafe Escapes at 50% off reg 8.19 now $4.09. There is a 0.75 off one in the 4-3 SS but it expires 5/15/11 (tomorrow). There are packs of 12, there was three flavors and they had tons of it!

    I don't buy these but with all the hype about them recently I thought I would share.

  122. kelsey says

    i thought i read somewhere on here a month or so ago that roundys took expired coupons up to 3 or 4 months expired. is that still true? and if so is it 3 or 4 months?

  123. Gloria says

    I have never seen where rainbow takes expired coupons – and I have asked the clerks this question in particular and told that, no, they do not. I have heard that if a coupon expires within the week, you might be able to get it by, but I have never been able to make that work. I know that the CUB in west st paul has a sign at their customer service that they take coupons that are expired and (if I remember right) up to 90 days after expiration date.

  124. kelsey says

    ok i especially thought they did since the budding ham coupon is already expired from january, but its still up on this weeks shopping list

  125. Janie says

    I'm not sure if all Rainbow's accept Walgreen's Rewards catalinas but I know that the store on Hwy 55 near 169 does. The manager told me they accept Cub, Walgreens, and CVS catalinas. I hope this helps for you to leave paying less than $25.00

  126. Aaron says

    I reccomend going to the Chaska Rainbow store. I've never had any issue with doubling. I do two seperate transctions (gf and I) we are saving over 60 percent off our grocery bills. Its pretty easy to pay less than 25 dollars if you go for the sale items with your doubles. Also Chaska allows 10 doubled coupons on Saturday through June.

  127. Jaimee says

    Ok so I have a question, does Rainbow double coupons on Sale items? because tonight I just bought stride gum $1/3 and they did not double it, "because it was a sale item"… but my husband went through with a differant transaction and it doubled the $1 coupons he had, but the products with the coupons were on sale as well… I am a little irritated due to the fact that it added on $5 that I was not expecting… Please help…

    • says

      Yes coupons double on any item you purchase as long as the total pre-coupon value of your groceries is $25. The cashier can't stop the register from doubling. It happens automatically.

  128. Karen says

    Jaimee. I did the same thing on Wednesday with a $1/2 stride coupon that did not double. I did not realize it until I got home. I will go back to the store. I believe the coupon did not double because the coupon was for two and the register only read one. I would question that transaction because you're coupons should have doubled as mine should have.

  129. says

    I need a question answered please. When I go to Rainbow (Brooklyn Center) They say that they do not double a coupon over a 1.00 meaning if you have a coupon for a dollar off that is all you get you do not get 2.00 off. I asked them if that is how all rainbows are and they said it is their policy. So when you list deals and say to use your 1.00 off coupon and when it doubles you get a price of so and so. I don't understand because I thought you couldn't double coupons over 1.00 off.

    Help! So confused.

  130. Gwen says

    I was wondering if there's a manufacturers coupon in the cubs food ad, can you use it at copps? Also there is a deal on soda that I have two coupons for-one is buy 4 twelve packs get one free and I think the other is $2 off 4…. Can I use both coupons for four 12 packs? Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

    • Gloria says


      I am not the expert – I think that the expert is Carrie – but this is how I interpret this: if there is a MANUFACTURER"S coupon in another store's ad, as long as it only says MANUFACTURER'S COUPON, and does NOT have the other store's name on it, you should be able to cut it out and use it at any store – I have cut coupons out of a CUB book and used at Rainbow – but none of them had the cub logo or anything on the coupons saying that it was restricted. I did have a TARGET coupon that I presented at Rainbow, and it was handed back to me as it had the Target logo and it said "Target only" or something to that effect. What happens when these MANUFACTURER"S coupons are in like the coupon book, the manufacturer pays for that ad to be placed – so in essence, it is NOT just a Rainbow or CUB coupon – it is a manufacturer's coupon. (Lotta people do not know that….)

  131. Holly says

    My stride coupon didn't double too. I asked why, and the cashier said that the register didn't accept it because it was a $1/2 coupon. I was annoyed, but left happy because I saved over 50% on my groceries.

    • Gloria says

      Back to the Stride coupon thing: I really think that if I am supposed to get the bonus of a double coupon, that the price that I end up paying should be close to what the bonus is supposed to be. My stride coupon did not double, either. Maybe I should not have gotten the full bonus ($2) , but it should have been up to the price that I paid for both. BECAUSE I never would have used the Stride coupon if I would have known that it was not going to double. I would have picked a different coupon out of my choices. I have a couple of coupons for Jello puddings, and they were on sale, and I choose the Dannon yogurt pretty often, and I would have gotten one of those instead.

  132. Sue says

    Is there a limit to the amount of coupons that can be used at Pick N Save? I know that Walgreen's requires the number of items purchased to be the same or greater than the number of coupons being used, but what about Pick N Save?

  133. Kristen says

    So, I noticed that you've told us to use the manufacturer coupon from the cub ad, for some of the items here. I just looked on the cub coupons and they say Manufacturer, but it says Redeemable at Cub about halfway down on the left. Am I going to have problems using them at Rainbow?

    • Gloria says

      I don't know. The only way that you can find out if you can use a coupon that says REDEEMABLE AT CUB at any other store is to try it. Ultimately the store and the store manager has the option of accepting or denying any coupon. If you will read the whole post you will note that I stated that I had coupons that said TARGET COUPON on the face of the coupon, and the cashier at Rainbow handed them back to me. He said that those coupons are redeemable at Target only. Stores are trying to place a coupon in an ad and then have you come into THEIR STORE to redeem it. If there is a MANUFACTURERS COUPON in an ad, usually the MANUFACTURER made the decision to place it there. The manufacturer does not care if you buy at CUB or Rainbow or Target, as long as you buy their product.

  134. Mary says

    I just wanted to mention this week Copps on Lombardi on Green Bay would not double my coupons until I hit $25 sale price. The office personnel said it's always been sale price, but my sale price is usually always under $25, and it always doubles.

    • Gloria says

      when rainbow first started the double coupons, it was just on Wednesday. When I asked about the rules of the game, I was told that what I should do is to hand the coupons to the cashier so that the first five are the doubled ones. So, lets say that you hand 20 coupons to the cashier. I was told that the cashier is supposed to double the first five. So if you hand one that is worth 25 cents, it would be doubled to 50 cents. If you had five that are worth $1 in your remaining 15 coupons, you would miss the extra doubling of the coupons that are worth more. Since the manager of the store that I go to had told me that, I still hand my doubles to the cashier first, make sure that those are doubled, and then hand the ones that should be face value. Although I really don't end up handing much more than five at a time, because I figure that I can come back and do a bit more shopping and have those coupons doubled. There is not a lot in the store that I can't wait a few more days for.

      • Gloria says

        AND got 49 cents off a gallon of gas when I filled up last night. Gas is STILL very expensive, but I got a full tank for about $40.00. 3.12 A gallon.

  135. Jen says

    Kara, I noticed this week that a couple sales said "with Roundy's card" – I haven't seen that before. The gas savings alone is worth it to me.

  136. Gloria says

    I usually have to give a quick once over on the items in my cart to be sure that I am at least $25.00. Now lets say that I am buying pizza. Each are $7.00, and it is a bogo, so I figure I am spending $14.00. Gallon of milk ($3), package of chicken(regular $9; on sale for $3. Well, I would have figured that stuff to be my $25.00 regular price, not sale price, so I would figure that I was past my $25.00. Then I add on my doubler items and coupons. I think it is hard to figure out what is going to be the way that some cashiers and managers interpret the rules today.

  137. Wanda says

    When I read the coupon policy on the Rainbow site it says you must spend $25 after coupons, before tax. As I have been reading posts here it seems some people are receiving double coupons and walking out the door paying less. How?

  138. NinaW says

    Actually, as I found out at my local Pick N Save/Roundy's store last week, the cashier CAN stop the coupon from doubling. If the coupon says Do Not Double but the barcode starts with a 5, the register will automatically double – UNLESS you have an astute cashier who catches it & punches in a code to tell it not to double. If the coupon says Do Not Double (or Triple) and the barcode starts with a 9, the register will NOT double it. Hope that helps anyone!

  139. NinaW says

    I asked one day at my local Pick N Save (Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin), and they said there was "basically" no limit to the # of coupons they will take. Not sure what the qualifier "basically" meant, but they've never said I had too many coupons!

  140. NinaW says

    Gloria, based off of a tip from a local couponer, I shop several times in one day. I make a $25 purchase, get my 5 coupons doubled, put my stuff in the car, and go back into the store. I shop another $25 worth, get 5 more coupons doubled, put my items in the car, and go back in to shop more. Just last Wed I did 5 trips in and out of the store, but it was worth it because I got $20+ in coupons doubled to $40+! I paid about 60% of full retail based off of this and shopping the sales. Best part? I only bought what I wanted – no "ooh let's buy this because I have a great coupon and it's on sale even though I'll never use it".

  141. Angela says

    Manufacturer’s coupons for purchased products only. Manufacturer’s coupons will only be accepted for purchased products. Items received for free through store promotions (“meal deal” or “buy one, get one free”) are not considered purchased products; therefore, manufacturer’s coupons can not be used for these products.

    Refering to this part…so if I purchase something that is B1G1, would I be able to use a coupon for say 75 cents off of 1 product? I'm still purchasing the 1 product…

    Im new to this couponing stuff :)

    • Gloria says


      the bottom line is this: the store has the option of accepting or denying a coupon for any purchase. I know the rules say that I am not to use coupons on b1g1, but I have presented the coupon, and have (1 time) even gotten the coupon doubled. I guess I figure that it has to do with the store and how they are going to enforce the different policies. Did you see that Rainbow is doing doubledouble on both wednesday and saturday this week? (double double means they will double ten coupons instead of just five…on both wednesday and saturday.. is that a doubledoubledouble???

  142. Angela says

    The first time I went shopping at pick n save on a double coupon day, I told the cashier, "I'm sorry, I'm not certain of your policy, can I do 2 separate transactions to make the most of my coupons?" She said no problem and was nice to me. I bought 9 boxes of cereal and only payed 8.00. :)!

  143. Wendi says

    I will say that according to the paper ad I seen for Rainbow in MN is that they will double ( Wednesday and Saturday only until the end of July) the first 10 coupons but you need to spend 20.00

    Rainbow now will only allow you to do two transactions in a row without getting out of line. If you have more than two transactions you have to get back into line again providing there are people in line behind you. Wendi

  144. Julie says

    In this week's ad it lists Kellogs cereals, buy 6 boxes get $10 off your order. So, does anyone know if that $10 off is going to effect my eligibility to reach my $ limit in order to double coupons? Thanks.

  145. Nicole K says

    Most locations will accept competitor coupons. I have never tried Target ones, as I simply use them at Target with other deals. But I am able to use Cub coupons. I have used catalina's or newspaper coupons that are manufacturer but say "good at Cub" on them as well as register rewards that print out on catalina machines for $ off my next trip at Cub. I frequent the Penn/494 location in Bloomington. I haven't tried using Cub store coupons or price matching b/c I'm lazy/busy but when I inquired about it the manager said they will do that as well.

  146. Traci Aspel says

    I inquired at my local P'NS (Burlington, WI) store and I can scan my savings card up to 5 times a day. So, I always go in and have 5 separate transactions…one right after the other. NEVER a problem. You won't be limited to # of transactions if you're not using your savings card, but I always use my savings card when I shop.

  147. megan says

    At my store. I wait to give them my Roundy's card until the very end. Once I reach $25 on the screen. Then I give them the card and the coupons to double. The coupons will double once the normal price reaches $25. At least thats how it is at Pick n Save downtown. So for the $10 off 6 boxes of cereal. That shouldn't be factored in until you give them your card… It should count towards your $25 total.

  148. Louise says

    If a product that is on sale this week is gone can you get rain checks?? Example last week the toothbrushes and Zest soap were on sale and the items would have been free with my coupon doubled. Am I able to get a raincheck and then use my coupon the next time I go in an have it double like it would on last Saturday?

    • Gloria says

      as long as you purchase the product, you should have no problem getting the coupon doubled. Does not matter if you used a raincheck for the special or not. Rainbow always offers rainchecks when they are out of something. The trick is that you have to go to the customer service dept to pick up the raincheck, and remembering to do that sometimes is the challenge. The rainchecks are only good for two weeks, and a lot of times I have had it to where the product still is not on the shelf. BUT recently they had the BIG bags of tortilla chips for 2 for 5 (the bag had like 3.69 or 3.89 printed on it). They were out of them, so I got a raincheck. They had the chips in a couple of weeks later, I had a coupon for $1 off, and of course I only go on double coupon days, and it got doubled, so my bag of chips that was close to $4 otherwise, I got for a mere fifty cents! I REALLY don't mind parting with fifty cents for a bag of chips. And they really are good!

  149. says

    I have started couponing for things I need,as I only recieve a small amount of foodstamps on disability . I have been saving alot over $100.00 when I shop each time. I joined WI COUPONERS on Facebook. I shop @ COPPS in Green Bay, Wi.

  150. Mr Mom says

    The Richfield Rainbow has has French's Honey mustard dipping sauce at 2.69.If you use 1.00 coupon from 6-19 Smart source.Final price .69 when doubled.

  151. Shavlicek says

    I am new to this coupon thing. I have a question when it comes to store and manufacture coupons. The coupons that are printed from the register after a purchase, are these considered manufacture or store coupons? They have Manufacture on it but says you must redeem them at rainbow. So confused….

    • Gloria says

      If a coupon says on the face of the coupon MANUFACTURER'S COUPON that is a coupon that the manufacturer has paid to the store to distribute. (And please, it is MANUFACTURER"S COUPON, not manufacture). They provide the coupons, they pay for the machine to spit them out. Undoubtably, the number of products that are purchased does increase due to the advertising that accompanies the coupon. And since the coupon is distributed by Rainbow, they put a thing on the face of the coupon so that you will come back to the store and redeem the coupon. In advertising it is called a 'come back' coupon.

    • Gloria says

      the end of the day on the date that it expires is my understanding. That means that you can redeem a coupon up until 11:59 PM on the expiration date on the coupon. I have seen where Rainbow will actually take a coupon if it expires in the middle of the week and you shop on Saturday.(a couple of days later) I have not tried it though.

  152. Kim says

    I was at the Northtown Rainbow yesterday and at each register they had a type written note that stated that your order MUST be OVER $25 AFTER coupons! Is this a new policy?

    • Gloria says

      I shopped at Rainbow on Saturday. This week they had the double double which means that they would accept ten coupons and double them. And they have the coupon book. My total before coupons was $51 and after coupons I paid 21.00. There was absolutely no issue on how much I was supposed to buy. I think that it is close to impossible to figure out how much you are going to end up paying when you have all of the store coupons (like the in-ad ones) the coupon book, and the doubles. If I would be at the check out and they would not take my coupons after I had done all of the work of shopping, I really think I would put all of my stuff back into the cart, cancel the order, and go back and get $4 more worth of stuff instead of having my coupons be worthless. I am not at the store so that they can play nasty games at the check out. And there are PLENTY of customers that go into the store without any coupons, fill the cart, and pay whatever it adds up to. I think it all evens out.

  153. Elizabeth says

    Has anyone used expired coupons at Rainbow? I have some that expired on Thursday 6/30 that I want to use on Sat.

    • Gloria says

      it depends only upon the check-out person and the store manager. When I asked about expired, the clerk told me that they do not accept any expired coupons, but one of the people that posted an answer here stated that if it expired in the middle of the week, that some clerks take them if they are presented by the end of the week. But be prepared to have them rejected. Very well may happen.

  154. Mr Mom says

    I just got back from my trip at the Richfield Rainbow, they are going by sale price not shelf price.Just wanted to let people know.

  155. Coupon Jocky says

    Can anyone give me the low down on whether it makes a difference if you give the cashier your roundys card before or after they have rung up your items? My neighbor thinks that if you give it to them at the end, before you pay obviously, then you get a better deal. I have not tested this theory, but it seems to me it would ring up the same.

    • Gloria says

      what list are you inquiring about – the ad for the week? If you are asking about the ad for the week, I get mine delivered via email on Sunday. Usually is not here until like 8-10 am – is there some other kind of list?

  156. Pam says

    I just called Uptown Rainbow and asked if they take Walgreens RR. Thay said no. Thats too bad because sometimes I just don't want to go to Walgreens before my RRs expire. I do it anyway but in this heat I don't like to go anymore places than I have to. Ha!

  157. Erika says

    Hi! I know the answer to my question is on here somewhere…I just can't find it :) Can we use the coupons we get from the Monopoly game with other manufacturer coupons? How does that work? Thanks!!

  158. Kris E says

    Regarding overage, two questions please: If I have a coupon that doubles to over the sale price of an item, does the overage go towards my other purchases or do they adjust each coupon down?

    I think Walmart and Cub apply overage, any other stores give overage as well?

    Thank you!

  159. Rainbow Cashier says

    I work at rainbow foods and would like to help you "Extreme Couponers" with a few helpful tips so you don't drive the cashier and everyone behind you crazy. 1.No we don't accept expired coupons and I honestly don't know who does.

    2. If you think you can have more than 2 separate transactions and hold up that poor kids line for half an hour think again. ( my record is 9 separate transactions from a single woman who blocked the lane for 30 min.)

    3 If for any reason you see fit to exploit the double coupon system and end up negative on your end balance (its happened more than once) We cannot and will not pay you money for shopping.

    4. We have been told to not allow the exploit of gift cards to reach the 25$ threshold for double coupons.

    5. If one of your coupons doesn't work for any reason and the cashier tells you it wont work. Just let it be and forget about the 35 cents you would have saved.

    6. and one last thing just if your going to bring a stack of coupons two feet tall to your list please check to see if any of them require you to purchase certain quantities of items for the coupon to work. [Editor's note: This person notified me privately that they work at the Rainbow Foods store in Plymouth. Their comments are not an official statement by Roundy's or Rainbow Foods]

  160. Sharon says

    I'm wondering how many separate transactions you are allowed to do on double coupon days? I had one cashier tell me two and another said seven…?

  161. Lauren says

    I am a college student who uses coupons to save as much as I can to put towards tuition. I absolutely love Rainbow Foods and their double coupon policy! Unfortunately, I have yet to get a single transaction to under $10, even when I divide my transactions so that the sale price ends up being $25. The last post I read on here (March 2011) said that coupons can double if the shelf price ends up being $25. Does anyone know if this is still true, or does the sale price have to equal $25? I would really appreciate an answer as I will soon start couponing for a couple of my roommates and I would like to save them as much as possible! Thanks!

    • JoAnna says

      I believe officially it goes by sale price but in reality the registers go by shelf price. You may come across a cashier who will not allow the coupons to double if you do not spend $25. Very nice of you to coupon for your roomies!

  162. Brian says

    I want to use 4 of the printable save $1 on 2 boxes of Kellogg's Raisin Bran coupons with their current ad special of 8 boxes for $1.88. Does Rainbow allow you to use 4 coupons in this way in a single transaction?

  163. says

    I just read the answer from the clerk at the store. I appreciate part of your comments, but the whole idea that if someone would go through the line with 9 separate orders and hold up the line for 30 minutes does not set right with me. The bottom line is that Rainbow wants people to pass up the other stores and come to the Rainbow and buy their stuff. It takes a fair amount of time to gather the purchases, and the idea that the clerk would be negative towards the customer is just not right! Nine orders in 30 minutes? THAT is like four minutes per order! As the clerk, you must be doing a GREAT job to help the customer get checked out in 30 minutes. IF it were one of the express lane, I would see why you would complain about the coupons. NOT if it is a regular check out lane. When you have one customer who uses a pile of coupons, you undoubtably have dozens that

    dont use any at all. It all evens out. Remember the whole idea is to keep product moving! AND when the extreme couponers have an urgent purchase, and have left their coupons at home, the good rapport from Rainbow makes the customer come back for a regular retail purchase!

  164. says


    and go on double coupon days so your boxes will end up at an incredibly good price! YES, I have used duplicates of the very same coupon on an order – just be sure that if the coupon says that you need to buy two per coupon that you buy two per coupon. I recently got some Kellogg cereal when it was on special for 1.99 a box. I had four $1 coupons – (had to buy eight boxes for the deal) and two for each coupon – that means I bought eight boxes at 1.99 = 16.00. Minus $8 for the coupons. $8 for eight boxes = $1 per box. This is a cereal that is regular retail for $4.35=THAT is $35 for $8 = savings of 78%. AND it is my most favorite cereal, and I will use it all!

  165. Dedra says

    I love double coupon days too! last week I calculated at sale price so had my mother go run to get a couple cole slaw mixes at $1 each to reach the $25 pre coupon sales. The cashier started scanning coupons before she got back, and because the cereal special didnt calculate yet, the shelf price reflected the requirement, needless to say I had her run them back and didnt buy the exta. This past saturday I split my shopping into three orders, in total I had $110 aprox in food that I paid $32.06 at register. I tend to use the self check out, they do have to come over to scan your coupons, I also hand them one by one, as multi coupons of the same item tend to stick. Take for instance, I had 5 ronzoni pasa coupons for $1 off 1 package, Ipurchased 5, the coupons doubled to $2 so $5 was towards my pasta making it free, and $5 applied towards my overall bill.

    a side note, their policy says no money back, but I have had the self checkout disburse $4.32 back after doubled coupons. ALSO I found that Walgreens Register Rewards can be used ANYWHERE that accepts coupons, so I use these at Rainbow on Double Daze to double the $1 Register Reward. Every bit helps with being a single, out of work mommy!

  166. susan says

    Is there a limit as to how many coupons you can use in one transaction after the 5 coupons to be doubled during double daze? Or can you only use 5 coupons in one transaction.

  167. susan says

    Is there a limit as to how many coupons you can use in one transaction after the 5 coupons to be doubled during double daze?

    • JoAnna says

      Susan–I don't believe there is a limit. Just make sure you only have one store and one manufacturer coupon per item. Also, Rainbow does not allow using a coupon for the item you get free in a buy one get one free deal.

  168. 2v says

    You can use just as many coupons as you want to use. If you have purchased the item, you can use a coupon at the checkout. the only restriction is that only FIVE of them will be DOUBLED. Of course, you will take the ones that are the $1 coupons and have them doubled, because that is $2 off the bill, and you will use the .35 ones for the face value. When I check out, I hand the checkout person all of the doublers first at one time, I hand all of the face value ones at one time, and I hand all of the coupon book or newspaper ad ones at one time. Whe this first started, the clerk told me that the first five that you hand to them are the ones that get doubled, so I have always gone by that statement. The clerks still say that handing them to the clerk that way makes it so there is not a mix-up. I have had times (previously) when I hand over too many coupons at once and then one does not scan or there is another mix-up, and I end up leaving my coupon and not get the value and not have the coupon for later. Last week I had a couple that had DO NOT DOUBLE on the face of the coupon, and they did not double, and the clerk would not do anything to change that. By having my other coupons in my hand, I was able to hand a 75 cent coupon over to be the doubler so I did not miss out on my five doublers, or have a 25 cent one be the doubler. This is a great program, and I intend to use it for all it is worth!!

  169. melissa says

    My store said that they will not accept competitor's coupons. I do not see this issue addressed in the official policy.

    • says

      I don't think any Roundy's store accepts competitor's coupons. But, many accept manufacturer's coupons that have another stores name on them since they are reimbursed by the manufacturer.

  170. Ann says

    Is there a limit to how many like coupons they will double? If I have 5 of the same coupon and want those 5 to double will they allow that? I know Sentry states only 3 like coupons are allowed.

    • Kris E says

      Yes, they will allow 5 like coupons to double, unless the coupon itself states a limit of coupons per transaction to be used and the cashier overrides.

      • says

        Most every Procter & Gamble coupon now states "Limit 4 identical coupons per transaction" or something similar. I'd honor that as the store can be denied reimbursement from the manufacturer if they operate outside of the terms that manufacturers set for their coupons. If they get denied reimbursement, that loss gets translated back to customers in higher prices and, of course, in ever tighter coupon policies.

  171. Kristin says

    Do you know if the computers at pick 'n save are still adding up from the shelf prices or the sale prices? I'm a newbie to this and I'm trying to figure everything out… thanks!

  172. Lindsey says

    I just called the pick n save and she said they count the 25 dollars after you use your roundy card :( so they count sale price not shelf price. Well what if u hand all coupons then be like "oh hey by the way here's my roundy card" then what ?

  173. says

    what you end up having to do is go over to the customer service desk and have them fix it. Last week they had an offer where you would get a coupon for a box of pop-tarts for free if you purchased a certain number of post cereals. I bought the cereals, but noticed that the coupon (it was supposed to print at the bottom of the receipt) was not on the receipt. I went over to CS and he said that it did not print because I did not enter my roundy's card. He made the adjustment, but this was an extra hassle ~ I am sure that I should have handed over my card, but I am glad I checked the receipt before I left the store. And I miss the double coupons offers for Saturday.

  174. Howard says

    Even though, Roundy's finally ended their Double Coupon Saturdays a few weeks ago. they are apparently still going to have Double Coupon Saturdays from time to time. Next Saturday (Oct 29) they are having a Double Double (up to 10) Coupon "one time only" special event.

  175. melissa says

    I called the Coon Rapids store, and they said that they are participating in the "double double" even though it was not advertised.

  176. gloria says

    When I was chedcking out last week, the checkout guy said that Rainbow would be doing the Saturday double double several times before the end of the year. I anticipate the weekend of Black Friday will be one. That is usually a pretty dead time of the year in the grocery stores, but if there is double double, i will be there!!

  177. Rayna says

    Does anyone know of anywhere you can take a class or learn more about how work your coupons to get best deal possible? I know there was a recent seminar in Minnesota that I was going to attend but filled up fast, any feedback would be appreciated, I live border of Wisconsin and MInnesota near Twin Cities area.

  178. dedra says

    I just stopped at Lake Street store and they ARE doing double double daze this Saturday. also They have potatoes price cut to $1.49 but stack the coupon book coupon and it takes off $1.11 then the cheese is on sale for $1.66 and it takes off the coupon too for 51¢

  179. Pa Xiong says

    If the coupon says limit one coupon per purchase. Does that mean that each item I buy is a purchase even though it is in the same transaction?

  180. Andrew says

    What is this "coupon book" of which dedra speaks that brings the price of 8 oz of cheese for $1.66 down to $1.15?

  181. dedra says

    It is the coupon book they mail out but also have copies at the store, the one I had expired Wednesday October 26, the coupon books usually run about 2 weeks. I would assume they will have a new one shortly.

  182. dedra says

    The rainbow in Brooklyn Park advertised on registers and receipt on Wednesday that Saturday November 5 (today) is another double double day!! I'm about to head out for a trip with my mom so we can make it two transactions!

    • dedra says

      Chelsea, yes you can stack a. Rainbow coupon book "rainbow only" coupon with a manufacturer coupon. :) for example the kotex coupon with a kotex manufacturer coupon. I have the $1.50/2 kotex manufacturer coupon and stacked it with the rainbow coupon and because I bought 2 the catalina coupon gave me a $2 off future purchase. This made my kotex 75¢ each after deducting all.

  183. jody says

    Does anyone know how many times you can use your round's card in one day? I went last weekend for double double daze and went through the checkups quite a few times and eventually they said my card wouldn't work anymore that day. The cashier was kind of annoyed at me when she told me but hey – i followed their policy and i only did one order through the lines because i have had a few checkers at forest lake get cranky with me.

  184. gloria says

    I guess it has to do with the amount that you are getting with the gas discount. I am not sure about that, but as far as I am concerned, if you are spending your money at their store, and they are moving product, the last thing that you should have to contend with is a cranky checkout person. Use your card as many times as you can. and then pay cash or whatever. Or don't give your card. You follow the rules. You buy stuff. You pay for it. They make an offer and you take advantage of it. Isn't that what the whole double double is about?

  185. Allison H says

    What is the 25 Dollar threshold? I tried googling the defiinition but am still unsure. Does this mean I need to spend $25 out of pocket in order for my coupons to be validated? Also, for price cap, if there is an item marked down til December, and I purchase it, but also use my coupon, does it give me the full discount? Example- $0.78 Bar S hot dogs or bologna, combined with a $0.75 off of 2 manufactured coupon doubled=$1.50 total being $1.56 minus my coupon= $.0.06???? Does that work out? Would I need to purchase and addtional $24.94 in groceries? Or is the limit $25 in coupon doubles?

    • Dedra says

      Allison – the shopping order needs to be $25 or more before any store coupons or manufacturer coupons are deducted.for example I went lastbight and had mine and my mothers orders each total $32 or more but after store and manufacturer coupons each total came to under $6.

      As for the bar s prices, yes at 78¢ each and buying two, they come to $1.56 and if the coupon is doubled at 75¢,a total of $1.50 is deducted and you pay just 6¢ for the two packs.

      Hope this helps!

    • Dedra says

      The $25 minimum stays the same. Which makes the double double daze so nice, it's much easier to reach $25 when using 10 coupons to be doubled.

  186. Dedra says

    I've only had one store say I've used my card too many times in a day. I for one think you should be able to use your card as often as you wish.

    • Dedra says

      I believe the policy is sale price, some stores do this by shelf price though. So its hit or miss. My general rule of thumb is sale price, so I'm not short at check-out time!

  187. says


    Looks like you might be a newbie to the Roundy's double coupons thingy. If you take the time to read through all of these posts you will find out a lot of info about how to redeem coupons to the max and haul a lot of stuff home for a lot less than any other store. The $25 thing? Really depends upon the store. In west st paul they have never made an issue about it. Last week my beginning total was $60+, but with the coupon book coupons, the doublers, and a coupon out of the ad, my ending total was less than $21. Dang! That word FREE keeps on popping up with the double double offer.


  188. Tabitha says

    I just called my local Pick N' Save and they told me that to double coupons it is before your savings card and coupons, that the total has to be $25. They count the shelf price of the item, due to the fact that it is before your store card. They also told me that I can do multiple transactions to double coupons, but you have to get out of line and get back in. So it is important to check your local stores policies because each one is different!

  189. amy says

    i had a problem the other day ip used a coupon that was for 3 dollars off an item it just so happens that the item was only 2 but they would not let me use the coupon because they said it would make the item free and they do not accept free item coupons, i guess thy can decide what to be acceptable or not but i thought it was coupons that said "free" in the discription. otherwise every coupon you double to make an item free wouldnt be acceptable either..whatever, i used the coupon at walmart instead.

  190. Feng says

    I understand that Rainbow Food clearly states on their policy that they don't give cash back. So if they coupon exceed the item price, will they reduce the value of the coupon to the value of the item, or will they not? I know for sure that Cub Food reduce the value of your coupon if it exceeds the value of the item purchase and was just wondering if that applies to Rainbow Foods also because I did not see anything on Rainbow Foods policy talking about it.

  191. Chris says

    My question is if you use a manufacturer coupon for buy one get another product free, can you use an additional manufacturer coupon on the product you purchase?

  192. says

    Chris – It depends. Sometimes a buy one, get one free coupon is linked to both products; sometimes it's linked to only one. We err on the side of caution and do not list scenarios that use an additional coupon along with a buy one, get one free coupon, but readers have found success with it on occasion.

  193. says


    do your self a favor and do not try to figure it out ahead of time. Hand them to the cashier, and let them figure it out. If you think the coupons that you have submitted are right and the cashier is wrong, the store manager is the final authority. One cashier or store manager may interpret the policy one way, another manager may interpret another way. At my rainbow store the policy tends to be "if it scans, it is OK". If it will not scan, you get to try that coupon at a later date. And you get it back. (Dang!)


  194. Amanda says

    Im curious if I buy gift cards (not rainbow gift cards but like Barnes and Noble) do they count towards the $25 minimum?

  195. mao says

    Does anyone know if there's a limit on the amount of same coupons we can use. I've seen some store say "can use up to 4 of the same coupon". So can I use 10 All detergent coupons in one transaction?

  196. Tara says

    Today I went to the Blaine Rainbow. When I went to check out, I was told by the cashier and the supervisor on duty that I could only do two transactions. In the past this wasn't the case. Are the Rainbow stores doing this accross the board now or is this just a new practice for this specific store?

  197. Kris E says

    They meant 2 transactions at the register, go to your car and come back in line with 2 more transactions, correct?

  198. KC says

    Although they tell you it is $25 AFTER using your Roundy's card, it is not. I have done this dozens of time with it qualifying on the shelf price. I let them ring everything up (to make sure it is $25) then give them my Roundy's card and then coupons. They always double, even if it drops below $25 after I hand them my Roundy's card.

  199. Maryjo says

    I usually take my Register Rewards from Walgreens to Rainbow, but last week the RR started printing with "Redeemable only at Walgreen" in the bottom left corner. So far my Rainbow has been accepting them because they say "Manufacturer Coupon" at the top. If it's a Manuf. Coup. Wherever I redeem it, they get reimbursed for it right. I asked at the service desk before I used it and she said as of right now it was OK. Then the cashier didn't believe me and had to check, then the cashier said he didn't think it was right to accept " other people's coupons" (walgreens), I tried to explain, but it fell on deaf ears !! Doesn't Manuf. Coupon trump the "redeemable only at" ?

    • Shelly says

      It seems pretty clear cut if a coupon says "redeemable only at ______", then it would seem that is the only place to redeem it. That language doesn't really leave any gray area. Just my opinion : )

  200. Kris says

    This same exact thing happened to me yesterday. What the heck!! The cashier was totally cool with doing multiple transactions, but a head cashier came over and told him I could only do TWO transactions. She finally let me do four because my husband was there and I was pretty insistent… but she only agreed if he paid with a separate card. And she said we could NOT come back in and do any more, only 2 per DAY. What is the purpose for this?? Are they trying to chase away couponers??

    • Kris says

      PS. I was at the Richfield Rainbow, which has some GREAT cashiers and some HORRIBLE cashiers and some absolutely horrific head cashiers and managers.. =)

    • says

      no, rainbow does not accept any expired coupons. Cub does, but there is a time limit on that, too – I think they will accept for 30 days after the expiration date. The computer will kick out any expired coupons. And we have the end of may on Thursday – today would be the last day to get double on coupons that expire 5/31.

  201. says

    the reason why other stores do not accept coupons that say "redeemable only at ____" is because the retailer has paid for placement of that coupon. In other words, there is an ad in the Smartsource insert in the Sunday paper, and the coupon is for cosmetics and the coupon has on the face of it "redeemable only at Target" Target has paid part of the money to Smartsource for that ad's placement. Target also has gotten reimbursement from the manufacturer (either in cash or a discount) for having extra stock available because target expects that more of those lipsticks are going to be purchased. The manufacturers/retailers know ahead of time what coupons are going to be in Smartsource and what special they are going to be offering. There are very few surprises as to what is advertised and what they need to have in stock. Rainbow has the option of accepting or rejecting the coupon, and I have always had them rejected when the face says the coupon is only redeemable at a certain retailer.

  202. Jennifer says

    I have heard that you can only use your Roundy's card so many times in one day? Is this true and how many times is the limit if there is.

  203. mike ali says

    You are wrong- your page is dated 2010; and allthoughh it may be now without them stateing it is new policy bogo store deal. You could allways use coupon on each if you had them.

  204. says

    I saw a thing on tv this week that some of you might find interesting. If you will look, on the coupons there are now two different barcodes to scan. The tv info thing indicated that one of the codes is for the manufacturer and price, and the other barcode is for the specific item. so if you are supposed to buy a "64 ounce" and you have grabbed the 12 ounce thingy, the barcode will kick the coupon out. I know I am much more knowledgeable about how I buy in the stores nowadays; looks like the manufacturers are getting much more knowledgeable, too. That "one step ahead" applies to me today, and the manufacturer too!

    • says

      Gloria – Yes, those new barcodes are called GS2 and have been slowly rolling out over the last year. Not only do they encode much more specific detail about the size of the item, but they also contain information about the expiration date and even the value that should be taken off of a "try me free" or "buy one get one free" coupon. Plus, they allow food manufacturer's to offer discounts that require the purchase of multiple different items – like a Quaker cereal and a can of Dole fruit or even within the same company – like Tide AND Bounty. They should make check out faster and minimize coupon fraud.

  205. Stef says

    after doing this several times (and my coupons are always accepted) I've been reading that you are not allowed to stack manufacturing coupons. for example buy 2 cans of biscuits get 40 cents off and the other coupon is by 2 cans of biscuits get 50 cents off, so can you or can you not do this?

    • gloria says


      if you buy the right product, in the quantity indicated, you can do this. THAT means that if you buy two cans of biscuits and hand the cashier a coupon for 40 cents off, you should get the 40 cents off. If you buy AN ADDITIONAL two cans (in the same shopping trip) and hand the cashier a coupon for fifty cents off, you get the fifty cents off. Don't worry about how many manufacturer's coupons you are using (the manufacturer wants you to use all of them!) If it is OK, then you will get through the checkout lane without issue. ADDITIONALLY (another thought) if you have a coupon book or a store ad coupon , you can add this coupon to your purchase, too. If the item is on sale, you can take advantage of that, too. Putting together in one purchase a sale item, with a store ad coupon, plus the manufacturer's coupon is what is called stacking. You are using multiple coupons and sales for one item.

  206. says

    I called my Copps store in Green Bay, and the manager said you can do up to 6 transactions per Roundy's Card, per day. I normally do 3 transactions on Wednesdays, and on Double, Double Daze, I do 2 or maybe 3 depending on how many things I'm getting. I do have a question….can you pre-order stuff at Copps?? I looked at their website and I thought I saw something that said you could order online, and pick-up in store….? Thanks!!


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