Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save Shopping List 2/28 – 3/6/10

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

This week on Wednesday you can have 10 coupons doubled in value, versus the typical five. Rainbow Foods stores also double coupons on Saturday, but we’ll have to assume that 5 coupons will be doubled because the ad specifically says the 10 coupon promotion is Wednesday, March 3.

I cannot tell which printable coupons say “do not double” and which do not apart from printing them and I cannot always print every coupon (sometimes I have already printed it, etc.). That means you’ll need to review the coupons cross-referenced on this list to confirm whether they can be doubled or not. Some stores are actively enforcing the policy to not double coupons that say “do not double.” (Generally, any printable coupons for General Mills, Pillsbury or Betty Crocker products will say “do not double”)

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Your turn: Which deals are you excited about and how’d your shopping trip go?


Romaine Lettuce $0.99
No coupon required

Chilean Red or Green Seedless Grapes $0.99/lb.
No coupon required

Meat Deals

Frozen Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.59/lb (sold in 3-pound bag for $4.77)
Use in-ad Rainbow coupon to get sale price
Final price: $1.59/lb after coupon

Buy 1 Cook’s Ham at $1.99/lb, Get Butterball boneless turkey breast, Hormel breakfast sausage and eggs free
My thoughts on this deal: It is a great way to reach the $25 threshold, as everything should count toward the $25, including all the free items. That’s great! As for prices, know that Cook’s Hams will likely go on sale for $0.99/lb closer to Easter. That means you’re paying $1/lb more now to get these items “free.” If I were to estimate the value of the free items, thinking about what I’d pay if they were on sale (since all these kinds of things are Easter-type foods, we’ll see them on sale in upcoming weeks), I’d say about $8. So, as long as you are getting a ham that weighs less than 8 pounds you are coming out ahead, solely considering the price. Of course, if you pay a little more to get your coupons doubled, that has a value too.

Dairy Case/Refrigerated Deals

(By the way, I left the refrigerated Pillsbury rolls deal off because I don’t pay more than $1/can and couldn’t find coupons high-enough in value to bring the price down. If you know of some, please leave a comment)

Yoplait Fiber One or Yo-PLUS Digestive Health Yogurt—on sale buy one, get one free
Buy 2 and use two $1.00/1 coupons from 2/7 General Mills insert or $1/1 Yo-Plus printable coupon, $1/1 Fiber One printable coupon, from Betty Crocker, from Pillsbury.com or from Eat Better America
Final price: Two free after doubled coupon

Yoplait Delights $2.00
Use $1/1 printable coupon, from Pillsbury.com or from Eat Better America
Final price: Free after doubled coupon

Coffee-mate Creamer $0.99
Use $0.75/1 printable coupon after registering (Thanks, Lindsey!) or $0.50/1 coupon from 2/7 Red Plum insert (if this coupon allows the right size)
Final price: Free after doubled coupon

Dannon 4-6 Pk. Activia, DanActive, Light & Fit or 32 Oz. Yogurt $2.00
Use $1.00/1 coupon from 1/10 Smart Source or 2/7 Smart Source or 2/28 Smart Source or
Use $0.75/1 coupon from 2/7 Smart Source or $0.60/1 from 2/7 Smart Source
Final price: As low as free after doubled coupon

Yoplait Original or Whips Yogurt $0.49
Buy 6 and use $0.40/6 coupon from 2/7 General Mills insert
Final price: As low as $0.36 each after doubled coupon

Stonyfield Yogurt Cups $0.79
Buy 4 and use $0.75/4 printable coupon after registering
Final price: $0.42 each after doubled coupon

Roundy’s Shredded Cheese $0.99
Sale price, no coupon needed
Final price: $0.99 after sale

Frozen Food Deals

**UPDATED** McCain Potatoes $2.50
Use $0.75/1 coupon from 2/28 Smart Source insert or $1/1 coupon from 2/7 Smart Source insert (if this variety is included in the sale) (Thanks, Jennifer!)
Final price: As low as $0.50 after doubled coupon

Birds Eye Steamfresh Selects $1.25
Use $0.35/1 coupon from 2/28 Smart Source insert
Final price: $0.55 after doubled coupon

Healthy Choice Frozen Meals $2.00
Buy 2 and use $1/2 printable coupon
Final price: $1.00 each after doubled coupon

Jack’s Original Pizza $1.88 (Limit 5)
Use in-ad Rainbow coupon,
Plus use $0.40/1 from 1/24 Smart Source insert
Final price: $1.08 after store and doubled coupon

**UPDATED** State Fair Corn Dogs $2.50
Use $0.55/1 coupon from 2/14 Red Plum insert or $0.55/1 printable coupon (Thanks, Betsy!)
Final price: $1.40 after doubled coupon

On-Cor Family Entrees $2.50
Buy 2 and use $0.75/2 printable coupon after registering
Final price: $1.75 each after doubled coupon

Tyson Chicken Anytizers $3.00
Use $0.55/1 coupon from 1/24 Smart Source insert (Thanks, Joanna!)
Final price: $1.90 after doubled coupon

Grocery Deals

Zone Perfect Bars $0.98
Use $0.55/1 coupon from 2/28 Smart Source insert
Final price: Free after doubled coupon

StarKist Chunk Tuna $0.99
Buy 2 and use $1.00/2 coupon from 2/14 Red Plum insert
Final price: Free after doubled coupon

General Mills Cereal $1.98 (Limit 1)
Use in-ad Rainbow coupon
Plus, use one of the following manufacturer-issued coupons (if variety is included in sale)
$1.00/1 coupon for Wheaties from 2/21 Smart Source insert
$0.75/1 for Chex varieties from 2/21 Smart Source insert
$0.50/1 for Chocolate Cheerios from 2/21 Smart Source insert or (not included in sale)
Printable coupons for various kinds from Coupons.com, Smart Source.comBox Tops 4 Education,  Betty CrockerPillsbury.com and Eat Better  America
Final price: $0.50 after doubled coupon

Act II Microwave Popcorn $0.99
Use $0.40/1 coupon from 2/28 Smart Source insert
Final price: $0.19 after doubled coupon

**UPDATED** Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta $0.99
Buy 2 and use $0.50/2 printable coupon (Thanks, Jennifer!) or
Buy 4 and use buy three, get one free from January All You magazine
Final price: As low as $0.49 each after coupon

**UPDATED** Del Monte Canned Vegetables and Fruit $0.99
Buy 4 and use $1/4 printable coupon after registering (Thanks, Jennifer!) or
Buy 5 and use $1.00/5 coupon from 2/7 Red Plum insert
Final price: As low as $0.49 each after doubled coupon

Progresso Classic Soups $0.99
Buy 2 and use $0.50/2 coupon from 2/7 General Mills insert or
Buy 4 and use $1.00/4 coupon from 1/17 Smart Source insert
Final price: $0.49 each after doubled coupon

Rice Dream or Soy Dream Beverage $2.00
Use $0.75/1 printable coupon
(no more prints available)
Final price: $0.50 after doubled coupon

**UPDATED** Hunt’s or Rotel Tomatoes $1.25
Buy 1 and use $0.30/1 coupon from 1/24 Smart Source insert or
Buy 3 and use $0.45/3 coupon from 1/24 Smart Source insert or $1/3 printable coupon (Thanks, Jennifer!)
Final price: As low as $0.58 after doubled coupon

Nabisco Premium Saltines $2.69
Use $1.00/1 coupon from 1/24 Smart Source insert
Final price: $0.69 after doubled coupon

Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice $1.75
Buy 2 and use $1.00/2 coupon from 2/21 Red Plum insert or $0.75/2 printable coupon after registering (Thanks, Bethany!)
Final price: As low as $0.75 each after doubled coupon

Muir Glen Pasta Sauce $2.99
Use $1/1 printable coupon (Internet Explorer version) or (FireFox version)
Final price: $0.99 after doubled coupon

Hershey’s Easter Packaged Candy $3.00
Buy 2 and use $2.00/2 coupon from 1/31 Smart Source insert
Final price: $2.00 each after coupon

Hills Bros. Coffee –on sale 20% off
Use $1.00/1 coupon from 2/28 Smart Source insert or $0.75/1 coupon from 1/31 Smart Source insert or $0.55/1 printable
Final price: Varies after doubled coupon**
**In my experience, their coffee prices are so high that I doubt this will be a good value even with the $1/1, but we’ll see

**UPDATED** Buy 5 Kellogg’s Cereal or Pop Tarts, Get $5 Off Your Order and Coupon for Free Milk (Thanks, Chrissy!)
Buy 5 and use any of the following coupons:
Special K Low fat Granola $1/1 printable (Internet Explorer version) or (FireFox version)
Clever Kids Fruit Snacks two $1/1 printables at Snackpicks.com after registering (variety not included in the deal)
Pop Tarts $1.00/3 from 2/7 Red Plum insert (coupon is for 8ct, deal is for 12ct)
Select cereals $1.00/3 from 2/7 Red Plum insert
Final price: Varies after doubled coupon, money off your order, and coupon for free milk

Household Deals

**UPDATED** GE Energy Saving CFL Light Bulbs $0.99 (Thanks, Chrissy!)
Buy 2 and use $1/2 printable coupon
Final price: Free after doubled coupon

Marcal Small Steps Napkins $2.19
Use $1.00/1 coupon from 1/31 Smart Source insert
Final price: $0.19 after doubled coupon

Glade Relaxing Moments Aerosols $2.69
Use $1.00/1 coupon from 2/28 Smart Source insert
Final price: $0.69 after doubled coupon
**This product qualifies for the SC Johnson Rebate. (Thanks, Dawn!)

Scotties Facial Tissue $1.25
Buy 5 and use $1.00/5 coupon from 12/13 Red Plum or 2/14 Red Plum
Final price: $0.85 each after doubled coupon

Health and Beauty Deals

Crest Children’s Toothpaste and Toothbrushes $0.99
Use $0.50/1 coupon from 2/7 Procter & Gamble insert
Final price: Free after doubled coupon

Crest Toothpaste $0.99
Use $0.75/1 coupon from 2/7 Procter & Gamble insert
Final price: Free after doubled coupon

Oral-B Indicator Toothbrush $0.99
Buy 2 and use $0.75/2 coupon from 2/7 or 2/21 Procter & Gamble insert
Final price: $0.24 each after doubled coupon

Aquafresh Premium Toothbrushes $2.50
Use $1.00/1 coupon from 1/3 Red Plum #2 insert or $1/1 printable coupon after registering
Final price: $0.50 after doubled coupon

PowerBar Harvest, Triple Threat, Performance, Fruit Smoothie or Nut Naturals $0.98
Buy 5 and use $1.00/5 coupon from 1/3 Smart Source #2 insert
Final price: $0.58 each after doubled coupon

Nature Made Vitamins and Supplements –on sale buy one, get one free
Buy 2 and use two $1.00/1 coupons from 2/28 Smart Source insert
Final price: ?? after doubled coupon/s**
**Does anyone know the price of these

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  1. says

    Hi Carrie,

    I found a few more coupons that make for better deals on the McCain Potatoes, Chef Boyardee, Hunt's & Rotel and Del Monte. Plus there were coupon match ups that made for good deals on the Knorr sides, if you would like to share with your readers. :o)

    Thanks for all of you hard work!

  2. Sarah Beth says

    If they will double 10 coupons on Wednesday, we should need very few fillers to hit $25. I"m saving my "fillers" till Saturday!

  3. Chrissy says

    My husband was at Rainbow last night and there were light bulbs for $.99. Not sure if they are the same or if the coupon will work on them but I will check tomorrow.

    • Kierstien says

      yes .99 is in the paper as well for the 13watt ones and yes the cpn works on those i did it a couple weeks ago when they were $1

  4. JoannaV says

    On Tyson Anytizers, I believe the $1 coupon is for the bag, not the boxes which are the ones on sale. There was a .55 MQ off the boxes in the same insert.

  5. erica e says

    I have never had luck with expired cpns to rainbow. I don't try and I don't even try the dnd cpns unless the cashier reorg my cpns and double them.

  6. Susan says

    Has any one been able to "find" this in the 1/31 SS? I've looked a couple of times and have not.

    Marcal Small Steps Napkins $2.19

    Use $1.00/1 coupon from 1/31 Smartsource insert

    Final price: $0.19 after doubled coupon

    • says


      If you have a Pioneer Press, it is four pages into the insert, across from the coupons for John Morrell lunchmeat and right below a coupon for Mean Green

      If you have a Star Tribune, it is ten pages in, across from the Purina Cat Chow coupons and right above a half page ad for Cat Chow/Tidy Cat and PetSmart.

      Hope that helps you find them!!

    • Sarah Beth says

      I only think certain areas of MN receive the Marcal Coupons. It is strange, I know. But there have been some who have complained that they NEVER see these.

  7. Rachel J. says

    Did anyone see how much the hams were? Or I guess what size they come in? I don't want to buy a ham if it only comes in 10lbs or more :) TIA!

  8. Kierstien says

    i agree the cpn wont work..because on the q it says excludeds cavity and tarter…so i believe its a no go with this cpn. to bad

    but i will deff be buying the kids toothbrushes!

  9. Beth says

    My coupon says .75 on any one (1) Crest Toothpaste 4.0 oz or larger or liquid gel. there is a pic of crest pro health on it. It exp 03/31/10. It that the coupon you are talking about. Because I would assume that this coupon would work.

  10. Denise E says

    I'm thinking that the ham deal looks pretty good for me anyway. We're empty nesters so if I can get the ham, then all of the leftovers, plus the free turkey breast which is a couple of meals and the eggs and sausage too. Everything adds up to some pretty cheap dinners in our home.

  11. Kristi says

    they took one of mine last wk, I asked she she said we can try, it took. it was only a few days expired.

  12. Kristi says

    Grapes @ Aldi are only .79/lb and prepacked to 2 lbs for $1.58 also pineapple and bananas are way cheaper worth another stop if you don't have to go to far!

  13. Chrissy says

    The .75 cent of coupon should work. it says " on any one (1) Crest Toothpaste 4.0 oz or larger or liquid gel"

    • Shelly says

      Maren – Recently when there was another big Kelloggs deal, I used the Pop-tart coupon specifying the small package, and it was no issue using it for the larger package. I've had stuff like that happen several times leading me to believe that many coupons are less specific than they seem. It's just that I don't know of any way to find out for sure before trying to use them!

  14. Anita says

    Cub milk is hormone free.

    Does anyone know if all the yogurt coupons are DND? I was able to print one (I think it was smartsouce?) that wasn't DND but I could only print one. So far whenever I find one it says DND.

    • Kristi says

      some people didn't get a .75 off one that is all they are saying ours says $1.00 and is different but in the same ad, it is just because the way they were distributed I am guessing!

  15. Bethany says

    The Uncle Ben's Rice coupon for me after I registered was $0.75/2, not $0.75/1. Did anyone else get $0.75/2?

  16. Amy says

    There is a $1.00 off any Cooks Ham coupon in the April Family Circle mag (as well as $1 off Ronzoni's smart pasta). Would go great with the deal this week.

  17. Anita says

    the tuna coupon shouldn't work as it is for the wrong size. the ad states 8.5 – 8.8 oz and the coupons states 2.6 or 6.4 oz.

    Shelly, just because they let you use the coupon other than what is stated, whether it's the employees or the computer, doesn't make it right. I guess each person has to make that choice for themselves.

  18. Aga says

    If anyone has found the vitamin or zone perfect coupons in the st Paul smartsource insert? Do I just need to look harder?

  19. Therese says

    Never thought to buy/subscribe to the St. Paul paper….do they have different coupons in the Sunday edition than the Star Tribune?

    • Kimm says

      Yes, the PP and Strib don't always have the exact same coupons. I think many would say the Strib coupons are often better. I do get both papers because I get them pretty cheap (.25 – .50 a week delivered.)

  20. Jessica says

    I have some B1G1 coupons for the Fiber One yogurt that I got off of the back of some Fiber One cereal that I bought a couple of weeks back — how would those work if the store is already doing a B1G1? Would I just get two free? Or would I have to buy one and then get two more free with it? Any help would be appreciated.

    • says

      Jessica, in theory it should work to use that coupon and get two free, especially since you don't have to use a store coupon to get them buy one, get one free.

    • Valerie Y says

      I'm with your boys, I can't eat that Fiber One yogurt. I tried it twice, didn't like the taste and it affected me internally in a bad way (need not say more). So I just stick with my Activia. Usually I'm not too brand-loyal, but I am with yogurt.

  21. Carrie says

    My sister works at Rainbow and she was told on Wednesday they are have Doudble Double Coupon day. Which a $1 coupon will equal $4.

    • says

      Carrie – I think that instead of them quadrupling the value of coupons they are letting you double the face of value of up to 10 coupons versus the 5 they normally allow.

  22. MP says

    Just a heads up for anyone who shops at the Quarry: last Wednesday, they doubled my DND's, Saturday they did not (and said they haven't been for a week or two)

    • Haila says

      Good to know. I shop there too. I also noted they've stopped taking free coupons printed from the internet. And they won't take mfg coupons if they have someone else's logo on it. Must be cracking down on this stuff…

  23. Shannon says

    Does anyone know if they double the coupons from the red coupon machines? All that I found were DND.

  24. Shelly says

    Oh gosh, I wasn't trying to do something unethical!! I just know some of the coupons are good for items that are the same product but sometimes a different flavor or size. The Pop-tart coupon I mentioned went through just fine without needing to be "overridden" by the cashier. I certainly wouldn't have asked the cashier to do anything special with it. I fully believe in following very ethical coupon standards!

  25. Sarah says

    Does anyone know if chocolate cheerios is included in the sale? I hope so. I got $1 off one in the Sunday paper when they small sample box of them came around a few weeks ago. They are pretty good – like coco puffs.

  26. says

    Does this end up being a good deal? I have a $1.00 off coupon for 3 cereal and $1,00 off for 3 pop tarts. It seems we can pop tarts for $1.25 sometimes, so I'm wondering what others think. Should I buy the 6 items and get $5 off and free milk ($2 savings), or skip it this week?

  27. says

    Often when a manufacturer issues an online printable coupon, they will set a "lot limit" or total number of coupons that can be printed. For example, 200,000 total prints, then after they've all been exhausted, you get that message that states "there are no more prints available for this campaign".

    But sometimes, they will set an initial lot for a higher value coupon, then when those are expired, they allow more prints of a lesser value coupon. That could be the reason why some before printed a $0.75/1 but then later, when you tried, it had been changed to $0.75/2.

  28. says

    FYI – the printed ad for the tuna sale was not the same as the actual sale at the store.

    I brought my tuna coupons with me, because I didn't think they would put the bigger, much more expensive pouches on sale for $0.99 over the small pouches that are normally only $1.29…. so I figured the sizes in the ad were wrong… and they were.

    The 2.6 oz of the plain tuna and also the tuna creations were all $0.99, so with the coupon, they were free plus $0.30 overage.

  29. Jennifer M. says

    I went to the Maple Grove Rainbow at 6:00 this morning and my coupons did not double because my total was not $25 after sale prices (not shelf price like usual). I had 5 Marcal napkins ($2.19 sale price = $10.95) and 5 General Mills cereal (1 @ $1.98 with in-ad coupon and 4 @ $2.29 = $11.14). My total came to $22.09 with the sale prices ($29.50 shelf price) and I didn't have time to run and get a few more things so I just told the cashier I was in a hurry and would come back later so I could grab a few more things to get my total to $25 so my coupons would double. So make sure you take that into consideration for your transactions today!

      • Jennifer M. says

        She tried to scan the napkins coupon and it didn't double. I started to say something and she jumped in and said my total had to be $25 before coupons and I just said, "Oh, I thought it was shelf price, not sale price" and she said that it's sale price. I didn't have time to debate or run and grab something else, so I will just go back on my way home from work and do the same with a couple more things to get me over the $25.

        • says

          I think it may be just the specific coupon you were using today, because that coupon is "Get One Free OR $1.00/1" it usually has to be manually entered to double correctly. Just a thought,

          • Kimm says

            I agree with Jennifer. I've had the same issue with the Marcal napkins. The coupon thinks the item is free, so it doesn't double. The cashier has to override and double it manually.

        • Lucy says

          Jennifer M. I am positive it was because your napkin coupon was the first coupon to be scanned. I was at the MG Rainbow at 7:30 am this morning and my sale price was lower than $25 and all my coupons doubled except my Marcel napkin coupon. The cashier manually put it in, but did not double it. So I asked him to double it and then he did it manually again! Watch your cashiers…bag after you are checked out! By the way…I really like a lot of the cashiers and staff at the MG store!

    • Kristi says

      I think some cashiers are just dingy, if they "tried" to scan them they would work! My total after sale stuff was like $18 one day after subtotaling and it worked as long as it was originally over it should be ok

    • Niki says

      I've had the same problem at the FL Rainbow. The cashiers there won't let me double ANY coupons until I hit the $25 mark. Maybe it's just the cashiers that I get….but I've never had any luck with the shelf price total. So I just end up getting a $10 gift card to Rainbow if I don't make it? Bummer though….I know!!!

  30. Holly says

    I was there this morning and saw multi-grain and honey nut cheerios included in the sale. But, the signage wasn't the best there were just groups of a couple different GM cereals a couple of places in the store. I didn't see Chocolate Cheerios at my store.

  31. erin says

    They doubled my DND's on Saturday. Doesn't sound like all the employees are on the same page… frustrating!

  32. Cara says

    Does anyone know the price of the smallest Frosted Mini Wheats? I'm considering the Kellogg's deal but not sure if it will work out.

  33. terri says

    CARRIE: Saw you on TV yesterday, heard you have a seminar coming up soon, curious if there are any coupons available. jk

  34. terri says

    Kelloggs still has their promo on cereal where you will get a catalina worth= buy 3, get $2, buy 4, get $3, buy 5 or more, get $4

  35. Shannon says

    I was just at Rainbow in MG…they were out of the Starkist tuna. Maybe they will be restocked by later today. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

    • Nate says

      Same at the EP Rainbow. I hate it when stuff is gone. I used to go right away in the morning to avoid this, but there's only one womna manning the registers and she's a coupon nazi who looks over everything with a fine tooth comb and I find it very annoying. So now I go over lunch, but sometimes the best deals are already gone.

  36. Rachelle says

    Couponing is fun!! This is my first reply to this website, and I hope it helps someone. Be warned that some of the State Fair coupons for .55 have the "do not double" wording on them. It's smaller than usual, so I didn't catch it until the register.

    Also, the Rainbow in Cottage Goves gives you a .05 credit per bag that you bring in to pack your groceries. I wasn't aware of that.

    Thanks for all your information ladies! :)

    • Mitzie says


      So did the cashier manually halve the coupon amount so it "doubled" to equal the face value? I've been doubling at CG since September and they've always been great about doing whatever the register says, however, I went on Sat and they started the "won't double the DND's" which was disappointing. I'm curious if it was just a Saturday thing or if they are really cracking down. Thanks.

      • Janelle says

        Mitzie – i think the CG store is cracking down on dnd. when i was there last sat, one cashier was explaiing to another about the DND, and today's cashier did check my coupons (I did have all 10 that were okay for doubling and saved my DND for after the 10 limit…)

  37. Susan says

    Jennifer: Thanks for taking the time to let me know where that Marcal Napkin coupon was located. I looked several times, but sure didn't see it! Thanks so very much. I appreciate it…

  38. Michelle says

    LOL @ terri about if Carrie has coupons for her seminar!! Good one. ;)

    Jennifer, I also shop at the Maple Grove store and I have gone on the assumption that the $25 is on sale prices, not shelf prices, so I've never tested it. It sounds like you've been able to get your coupons doubled with $25 shelf price in the past, so maybe they've changed it over. But for next time, if you haven't hit your $25, just add the difference onto a gift card to hit your $25. I did that on one transaction, and then turned around and used it on my next transaction (after taking my first stuff to the car).

  39. Shannon says

    Was just at Rainbow in Maple Grove — the go by shelf price BUT sometimes they change the shelf price to be the sale price. It's confusing. The fiber one bars came up to 3.49 when going to my total and not 2.50 the same with the .99 tooth pate and tooth brushes they came up at the regular shelf price and not .99 when going to my total.

  40. Rachelle says


    The cashier DID manually fix the coupon, so I was able to get the full .55 off. I'll keep on eye on that too.

  41. Shannon says

    OH FYI the cleaver kids fruit snacks do not generate a milk coupon. I tried it today and it did not produce the catalina for the milk. they are just 2.79 each right now

  42. Michelle says

    For the Hershey's coupon from 1/31 SS, is that the one on the Pieces? Is that in with the Easter candy sale?

    • Sarah Beth says

      I think the coupon is specifically for bagged candy. Was on the same page as the pieces but right above it.

  43. brenda says

    Just home from Apple Valley's Rainbow. They had a shelf of the light bulbs on the front end cap w/o the sale price. In the regular light bulb area they had the sale sheet but no bulbs. So, look for the 13 watt size.

    Noticed a few hams in the 6+ lb range (didn't dig & decided not to buy today).

    They had the Dananinos — there have been $1 coupons lately. Most of the Danamals yogurts were 2/$4 and there are $1/1 coupons in my meager stash, so they were free.

  44. Angie says

    I was just in Chaska Rainbow and found a few more deals..Cremette pasta noodles on sale for.99 and there are coupons on the boxes for $1.00 off 2 ..which makes them free after doubling,..buy ten and get a coupon for free milk. Also had Nature smart cleaners on sale half price at 1.74. Double that and you come out ahead..

  45. SK says

    So I must spend $25 dollars before coupons in order to double 10 coupons?

    I am planning my trip for tonight's double coupon day.

    • Nate says

      You should be able to use two coupons since you bought two. In fact, if your Rainbow is extra nice like mine, they'll pay you $1.31 to take two of them off their hands if they let you use two doubled coupons.

      • ShannonS says

        Thank you Nate. I only have one coupon so I think I'm happy with paying .35/ea for them. This will be my first time doubling coupons and I'm fearful that my Rainbow isn't going to have a CLUE. (Yikes!)

  46. Jolene says

    Chocolate Cheerios are not included in the sale :-(.

    I picked up a box of Honey Nut Chex. Also included were the Chocolate Chex, Cinnamon Chex, Honey Nut Cheerios, Multigrain Cheerios, some kind of cheerios that looked like Fruit Loops (I think), Lucky Charms — I believe there were 8 different ones and I am drawing a blank on the 8th kind.

    I had a 75-cent coupon that I printed off last night for the Chex — don't remember which site, but it was one that could be doubled.

    HTH :-)

  47. Teresa says

    I was able to use my coupon for the Tuna to get it for free. The coupon had two sizes on it (can't remember now which two sizes), and Rainbow had one of the sizes in the pouch of Chunk Light Tuna for $.99, making 2 of them free.

  48. Chrissy says

    Thanks for the update!!! That is exactly why I came back and looked at the site. I had my list all planned out and wanted to check on this before I headed to the store.

  49. Danielle says

    Thanks for the heads up about the cremette coupons on the boxes! I hope that they have them at my store too :)

  50. Cara says

    Any idea how to get this to print? It's not showing up correctly on my print preview and I don't see a print icon. Has anyone else had luck?

  51. Laura says

    I can't go until after work and usually after bedtime for my kids, so this happens to me a lot. But I always get rainchecks and sometimes it works out better because I can get more coupons to use by the time I use the raincheck.

  52. Laura says

    For me, this borders on the unethical in couponing, because you are doubling up by buying a gift card and then not using it yourself to get your next transaction. (In my mind, it would be different if you were going to buy the gift card anyway and were going to give it as a gift.) But the more people do things like this that cause Rainbow to not get the money they should be getting on each transaction, the more reason they will have to end the double coupons program all together, which hurts us all.

    FYI, at Apple Valley one of the managers told they are not allowed to do this any more because people were abusing it.

    • Perdy says

      I disagree about using the gift card to make up the difference as unethical. Whether we use the gift card as a gift or for ourselves is our business. It will still be the same $$ to Rainbow. I've only done this once or twice but will again if need be. I am still spending my money to get the gift card.

      • Theresa K. says


        I agree 100% There are probably several ways to be unethical in couponing, but purchasing a gift card to get to your $25 minimum is hardly one of them. In fact, I've used the $25 card card for my first purchase often; from that point I challenge myself to get two more transactions out of that card. Using a gift card is a great budgeting tool!

  53. Barb says

    Which Rainbow do you go to? My local (Savage) Rainbow is very finicky with regard to coupons – cannot use a second mfg. coupon if Rainbow has a BOGO offer and they will not double coupons that say "free or $1 off" when you use the dollar off (I know that they do not double free coupons). I have had at least one register employee tell me that she does not like the double coupon days. One time when we forgot to use a coupon (BOGO Purex) and went to customer service, she tried to tell us that it would bring us under the $25 even though it was a mfg. coupon. The $25 is supposed to be before mfg. coupons but after Rainbow sales – which it was. Also, they are always running out of everyting. I am thinking that it might be better to go out of my way and find another Rainbow to shop double coupons. Don't stores compete with each other for highest sales anymore? Do they prefer us to go elsewhere rather than bother them with our purchase?

    • ShannonS says

      I actually just had a really good experience. I saw plenty of regular shoppers armed with coupons- so the store is obviously more familiar than I suspected. One woman actually pulled me aside to warn me of a coupon I had that wasn't going to double and needs disputing. It's over in East Saint Paul and I know that that Rainbow has gotten kind of a bad rap in the past. I liked it. I would go again. (Shhhhh, don't tell my Cub.)

      • Lisa says

        East St Paul is that the one on Robert (I still don't know my St Paul direction half the time)? I go on lunch and almost had a problem today because I forgot to grab a package of hambuger buns like my list said to cover my overage since I was now owed 1.38 but they can't pay me so it confused the cashier (she was nice though, just confused). I grabbed a gift card, she called the head CSM we almost had an issue because she realized that my doubles were giving me overages but let it go through and let me just get the gift card to offset it. They're actually usually really nice as long as you're considerate and prepared. And i find they usually are pretty well stocked during the day which is nice.

    • ShannonS says

      Barb, I wonder too if you should let the manager of your store know your thinking of shopping elsewhere because of your experiences. Maybe they'll think twice and want to keep your business. Who knows?

    • Angela says

      Barb- I go to the Savage Rainbow on Weds. evenings and love it! There is a female cashier that is usually there and she is great! I rarely have problems with double coupon days there. If you are looking for another Rainbow do not go to the Eden Praire location on Weds evenings! It is chaotic and they are usually out of stock on a lot of things.

  54. Ruth says

    SK– Yes, you need to spend $25 but that is in shelf price not sale price, so almost always your total is under $25 and the cashier will mention that they won't double but they do. Just make sure your total is over $25 I shoot for the $26-$27 range just to be safe. I also shop with a calculator to total up each transaction as I put it together.

    Hope that helps.

    • Theresa K. says


      Many Rainbow stores (at least in the Twin Cities) figure your $25 minimum purchase off the sale price and NOT off the shelf price, so be prepared for that. I've been doing this 6 months, and it sounds like its a somewhat recent change in policy, but its the only way I've seen it done.

    • Kierstien says

      it is for only certain cereals. i did it a few weeks ago i know corn pops worked…umm cant remember others maybe frosted flakes

  55. Lindsey M says

    I didn't end up using the coupon because the smallest ham was still over 9 pounds. But I got this to print by using the "clip" option on the top right of the page. It saved it to "My Stuff" and then I was able to print the coupon from there. It is also in the November issue of Family Circle.

  56. Michelle says

    ShannonS, just a heads up – I have been going to the Shoreview Rainbow location for the last 6 months, and have always been able to use two coupons (one per item) in the BOGO deals, but today they would not let me do it…The cashier was really snippety about it, saying that this has always been their policy(???), so I decided to just fly with it and went to customer service right after and asked, and they said that a couple weeks ago, after they had a whole page of BOGO ads in their newspaper insert, corporate realized that people were using two coupons (one per item in the BOGO deal) and because they were losing so much money on those, they changed the policy to only accept one coupon (per BOGO set). What sadness – I feel like every other week I go to Rainbow, something else changes with their coupon policy…So confusing!! So just be warned, you may not be able to take this BOGO coupon approach today like others have said.

  57. terri says

    MICHELLE; thanks, i'm glad somebody picked up on my humor, sure hope Carrie sees it as humor as coupons is what has brought us all together. Make it a good day

  58. Valerie Y says

    I had not such a good day at Rainbow. Had my $1/2 Coffeemate coupon, several $1/2 Starkist Tuna coupons and YoPlus for the BOGO deal in my hot little hands. Everything was out at the Brooklyn Park one…the right size pouch tuna, the Coffeemates that were the sale item, the YoPlus (and even the Activia that was on sale for $2 but not on BOGO…this was also gone except for a very few Activia light 4 packs). It was really disappointing, but I did get rainchecks for all 3 items. The 2 customers ahead of me also asked for rainchecks, so I wasn't alone.

  59. Ruth says

    had a great double coupon day today… 10 4-6 packs of yogurt and a pack of gum for $0.40 … yes that's forty cents!!! Total today $186.63 worth of groceries for $42.95 saving $143.68. for a 77% savings. My Rainbow (not saying what one so they don't get asked to stop:)) doubled all my coupons without question. They were pretty busy today and all out of the chicken breasts and crest at both stores I visited.

  60. Janna P says

    Niki, I also shop at the FL Rainbow. The cashiers there are real sticklers. It seems they make it their personal mission to try and put as many stipulations on the coupons. Since there is no clear policy, you don't know if they are following Roundy's policy or if they are making the rules up as they go. I have also been told they will no longer allow you to buy a Rainbow gift card to get to your $25 but you could purchas a gift card to another retailer that they sell in their store. It's frusterating.

  61. Angela P says

    Today I hit my all time best for total savings. I had 2 transactions and only spent $18.78 on a total of $80.13 worth of groceries. I don't have a calculator on me but know that is a little over 80% total savings. Some of my best deals were:

    Nature Valley Honey Roasted Peanuts on sale for $2.50 final price = 50 cents. (2 bags)

    Activia yougert on sale for $1.99 fianl price = FREE. (2 total)

    Dannon Coolision Starwberry tubes on sale for $1.99 final price = FREE. (4 boxes total)

    Pedigree Single wet dog food original price .99 final price = FREE

    Oust Outdoor Scent on sale for $1.79 final price = FREE (2 total)

    Snuggle Fabric Softner (Iris and Bamboo) on sale for $1.99 final price = 49 cents

    McCain Russet Frozen sliced potatoes on sale for $2.50 final price = 50 cents

    Mentos fruit chews original price .99 final price = FREE (3 total)

    Edge Mositure Gel on sale for $1.99 final price = 49 cents

    Lakeville is NO longer doubling coupons that say DND. Still did great though. I love being able to use 10 coupons per transaction. Looking forward to seeing what good deals other people got today!!

  62. Melissa says

    FYI – I was just at the Brooklyn Park Rainbow and the Lunchables sub (without drink) kits were also 99 cents. There is a printable coupon (see Carrie's sidebar for printable coupons) for 75 cents off so this was more than free today. I do, now, see that it says DND off on the left side of the coupon which may explain why she had a hard time getting it to double at first, but it did double. Even if it hadn't doubled, that would make the sub kits 25 cents! Today was a big raincheck day for me, too, but I still was able to double 7 coupons despite the empty shelves on many items.

    • Kierstien says

      sweet i have this cpn! and .25 not bad at all! my rainbow will NOT double dnd which is fine w/me :) i dont wanna "cheat the system" thanks for checkin' i was curious!!!

  63. Erin Rose says

    There wasn't really much that we wanted in the ad. But, we got some 85cent/1 Viva coupons on Ebay. So, we did 2 transactions and got Viva paper towels for 49cents a roll. We are Viva snobs and only get the nice thick rolls of Viva. We bought Viva in Feb 09 and lived off of it until Jan 10. Nice to stock up again for another year!

  64. Roberta says

    Went to the Rainbow at the Quarry. As I was checking out I heard the clerk in the next aisle talking to the clerk who was ringing me up, " hey did you know that some Q say do not double?? I never even noticed that before. We are not suppose to double them, I did t know that!!". Sadly my clerk said, " yes I do know that and I don't let them double". So I asked her how that works. She said that they have to figure out half the value of the coupon, enter that amount by hand, and then the machine will double it back up to the face value of the Q. If they don't override it, the machine will double the Q but the store doesn't get reimbursed. I assume that the manager must have reminded the clerks to manually override the machine on DNDs.

    • Niki says


      That is what my Rainbow has been doing the past few weeks (FL). Taking half the value of the coupon and letting it double : (

  65. kelly says

    Don't miss out on the $.99 coffeemate creamers which I couldn't live without! There is a $.75 coupon on coffeemate.com after you register making it free after doubling and a great price at $.24 even without doubling.

  66. Melissa says

    I went to rainbow in Apple Valley today and the cashier would not double my DND coupons. I have never had a problem in the past and have been reading about other people that have had problems. If they are not going to double them that's fine but I think that ALL of the cashiers need to follow the same protocol and I don't think we should have to figure out which cashiers to go to. It should be consistent everytime and shouldn't be a guessing game. I do not particularly like Rainbow but shop there on double days to save money. If this continues I don't think I will shop there anymore. Just my two cents.

  67. Richelle says

    Hi! Thanks for all of the deals! I have a question, though. If I am buying two packs of yogurt for the BOGO are they counting both packs toward my $25 or only one since one is free? I'm trying to work out my coupons. Thanks!

  68. Phyllis says

    Today when I checked out with my order, I received 3 -$1.00 off your next order coupons. I found out that these coupons (because they say manufacturer) can be also used for doubling.

  69. barbara says

    I love my Rainbow deals and I think you just have to be aware that it states right in the ad for double coupons that they will no longer double manufacture coupons that say do not double or triple, besides who else WILL double coupons, it is a fun treat and there are still plenty of coupons that I was able to use to score low cost or free items today. My best transaction was $5.39 today for 16 items. I was thrilled! Sometimes it is hard to find 10 coupons to match up with my $25 transaction, so I use as many as possible for each transaction.

  70. terri says

    Today was the day from hell, worst experience EVER from Rainbow and vowed NEVER EVER to step foot in their stores again!!!!!!

    I live in the west metro and have 2 favorite stores that i have frequented for the past 10 yrs if not longer and have NEVER had any problems personally. I went in with the intention of purchasing yogurt and tuna (the 2 foods i can't get past my nose) for the food shelves. Two seperate transactions and you could hear a pin drop in the aisles, nobody shopping. The cashier was a young kid in his 20's, didn't know him and he would ring up one product at a time and one coupon at a time. I asked him what he was doing and he said "My job". Ok, this should be interesting, i thought to myself. I knew that the total to me was going to be free and he said "$6.88 please". To that i said that i owned nothing and that he made an error. He called someone and she said "Here's the culprit, you can't use the tuna Q becuz tuna is .99 x 2 = 1.98 and you can't get it for free, also it is a manufactures Q and we can't take it". After trying to explain that ALL my Q's were manuf. Q's, and getting no where fast…I took back all my paperwork and walked out, never to return. I drove to the ST. LOUIS PARK store and had no problems what so ever, thanks to a wonderful woman named SUE. She restored my faith in Rainbow ONLY at that location.

  71. C.Lynne says

    I don't understand why all of you are so upset at your Rainbow cashiers they are doing their jobs to the best of their knowledge and trying to follow the policies that are set in place by their managers, Give them a break!

    • Martin says

      I don't understand either… when a coupon says DND – I just assume it won't double – and then use it as a 6th or today an 11th coupon to bring my total down. I don't know about you guys… but in addtion to savings, I value the time it takes me to do my shopping – so often the fewer trips the better (I have two toddlers I have to bring with). I thank Carrie for helping me to understand the world of online coupons and helping me to understand what is truely a good deal – I am a Cub convert – and do now prefer Rainbow. Thank you.

    • Sara says

      Great point C.Lynne! I was chatting with the cashier that I usually go to on Wednesday nights. She had mentioned having a horrible experience with a customer who was yelling and swearing at her earlier in the day because she had photocopies of an internet coupon and was told she could only use one. The cashier went on to say that they can lose their job if they don't process coupons correctly.

      Makes me sad to think what they go through on double coupon days:(

  72. Roberta says

    Sadly, she looked over each coupon, saw which ones said DND and then entered those by hand. : (

    Oh well, I should just be grateful for the $700 plus dollars I've saved since Jan 1 – Thanks to Carrie and the PYD community!! : )

    • Kristi says

      I went she gave me $5 in cash and a raincheck for free milk, I took advantage and got chocolate milk!

  73. tami says


    I just got home from Rainbow (Plymouth) and I couldn't believe how bare the shelves were. I am kind of new at online couponing but I love this website and a couple others. First of all, I cut out the English muffin coupon and it starts tom. Dang. Here is my deal of the nite, I got two bags of Sunchips for .99 each. I used two $1 coupons (they were on sale for 2.99 a bag). The coupons were hanging near the box display. I love these chips. Anyway all my coupons went thru and their .99 fresh mushrooms looked awful so I skipped them. I spent like $26. I am new at learning the ropes and lingo. LOL. Thanks everyone.

    • J.S. says

      The Eden Prairie was completely bare also. I got rainchecks for 5 items and there were a ton of people in front of me getting them too. The woman seemed very tired of rainchecks but oh well. The bare shelves threw off my shopping plan and I ended up doing only one transaction tonight. Maybe I'll try again on Saturday!!

  74. J.S. says

    I was at the EP tonight and it was a zoo and the shelves were bare! The guy stocking was very polite about the empty yogurt when I asked though, and I got rainchecks.

  75. says

    Omigosh my store was completely out of the yogurt I was trying to buy so I didn't even do the double coupons. I used my coupon for bogo Nabisco cookies with purchase of milk and that was pretty much it. Bought another Greenworks dish soap and this time instead of a Cat for $ it gave me one for $1 off next purchase of Seventh Gen dish soap. I think I have enough dish soap for a while! I really wished I could have done my shopping, but ti was strictly stocking up shopping so not that big of a deal. I can do it next wk. I went there for yogurt and creamer. My store in WI is still doubling DND coupons so I am happy about that. I wouldn't mind, but for the most part IPs are DND. And that's mostly what I use. They are higher in value.

  76. Michele says

    I searched and searched for that darned saltines coupon and could not find it anywhere. I think I may need some sort of coupon intervention because I actually had dreams last night about finding the coupon! Anyway, I see I am not the only one who couldn't find it and I am feeling much better now – thanks to all of you who took the time to post.

  77. J.S. says

    If anyone got the OREO cakesters coupon off of facebook recently, those were on sale for 2.69, 69c after doubled coupon.

  78. terri says

    This is in response to C.Lynne and Martin: You don't understand why we get so upset and you think that the cashiers are just doing their jobs to the best of their abilities? Maybe you can explain then why hundreds of us are having different yet same complaints. I would like to meet the person that trains these people because it runs the gambet. When you get a cashier that will manually enter a dollar amount into the computer rather than just scanning the coupon or when your told you can't use the Q because that would result in getting it free…they are flying by the seat of their pants and has nothing to do with their training. All we ask is that Rainbow be consistant in their policy and stick with it. We spend too much time preparing for wednesdays and saturdays only to have it go bust because of the cashier and that shouldn't be. Give us the rules and we will play the game.

  79. Amy says

    At the Rainbow I shop at in the Twin Cities (Brooklyn Park), my coupons will double when I hit $25 of shelf price, not sale price. So, for example, if the sale price is only $20 but the shelf price (regular, non-sale price) is over $25, my coupons double. Hope that helps.

  80. Amy says

    Today while I was checking out at my Rainbow, a manager came by and reminded the cashier to make sure not to double the "Do Not Double" coupons. In the past, I've had them doubled. Seems like Rainbow's cracking down on this policy.

  81. Kierstien says

    i think it would depend on if your store bases it on shelf price or sale price. if they base it on sale price then it would not go towards your $25 threshold. hope this helps!

  82. barbara says

    I asked a regional manager for Roundy's and he said all cashiers are now being trained DND coupons are NOT to be doubled it is a printed rule now. Just plan your shopping to not include the DND Q's as your doubled. The rules are clear as day now and if there are a few cashiers not doing their job, they could loose their jobs over this, so we should all help and follow the printed rules in the weekly ads. Make your DND's the 6th, 7th etc Q's on Double days. You will still find great deals.

    • Kristi says

      I planned it that way and they did double! I could of check out again and used that many more coupons. but I am very happy with my savings!

  83. Cari says

    I knew I was getting low on olive oil and I had a $1.00 off coupon for Filippo Berio Olive Oil (It may have been from Ladies Home Journal–it had Jillian Michaels on the cover.) I looked and you can also get one online if you register. http://www.filippoberio.com Rainbow had it on price cut for $6.97 (I got the bigger size bottle/light tasting) with my double coupon I got it for $4.97! There aren't a lot of brands that carry the light tasting olive oil and that's the kind my family uses so I thought that was a great deal on olive oil!!

    Just wanted to share that, maybe someone else can use it as well?!?

  84. Kristi says

    I spent $66.59 on $235.29 worth of groceries today at Rainbow saving me $168.70!! I got…

    10 boxes pasta 2 bags fries 2 3lb bags of chicken breasts

    5 boxes cereal 2 toothpaste 1 sourcream

    11 boxes yogurt (4 packs) 9 creamers 4 progresso soups

    1 danimal yogurt 2 pks oreos 2 pizzas

    2 big pks marshmallows 1 bag of apples 1 beef roast (over $6)

    3 bags frozen veggies 2 white milk 1 choc milk

    2 pks bagels 4 bags cheese 2 butters

    2 bacons 2 lunchables 2 raviolis

    2 pks of crab legs 3 hormel dinner entree things (for my gramma)

  85. Sheridan says

    Did anybody else get the $1 off 3 Knorr Lipton Pasta/Rice sides? They are 99 cents this week, so I got 3 for a $0.97! Woo hoo! Sorry, I can't remember where I found the printable coupon.

  86. Valerie Y says

    Thanks for telling about this unadvertised special, Melissa. I don't buy Lunchables so I never look at them, but for .99 and with a .75 coupon, you can't beat that. I'm planning to go back to Rainbow on Sat (I shop at the B Park one, too) for the coupon items they were out of stock on, on Wed, so I'll definitely check to see if there are any of those sub lunchables left. Would be great for my son's lunch.

  87. Therese says

    Terri, you and I must have been in the same store yesterday. I have never had a cashier hand-enter a coupon before yesterday. On my DND coupons, He was forcing in half the value of the coupon since it would double automatically. He was holding all my coupons in one hand and was trying to keep them all together. I noticed that he forgot to scan some of my larger coupons that I knew wouldn't double (had a couple $1.50 and $2.00 coupons) He seemed to take forever.

    I would always go to this store, since I work in Eden Prarie (whoops stated the store) but now will only shop at the SLP store (It's my new favorite store)

  88. says

    It's just "Nabisco Crackers 6 – 16.5 oz". The coupon says DND, but my cashier had no problem with it a couple weeks ago at the MG Rainbow. It worked for the saltines just fine.

  89. Niki says

    That's to bad they changed the rules on the gift card! I hardly ever have to buy a gift card to complete my transaction…but it is always reassuring to know I can buy a gift card if I don't make it : ) However I was there yesterday and took a closer look at the gift card rack. They do sell Visa gift cards there too? Do you think that would work instead Janna?

  90. terri says

    Therese; lol, not at your store yesterday. i live in wayzata and always frequented rainbows on hwy 55/24 and also hwy 55/169. But no more! I don't even get the satisfaction of walking into the store and showing the people that were opposing my order that my transaction was correct. I had no DND q's, I don't rely on them when i lay out my plan, i don't like surprises, just ring me up scottie, bag it and let me outta here. I am keeping my receipts from yesterday with me so if i get up the nerve to show them that they were wrong and that they just need to do their job and let me do mine and we will all go on with our lives.

  91. L says

    Last night I was unable to use my BOGO q for Starburst and Skittlesat Rainbow-b/c "we can't take internet coupons for free items" I tried to explain it was BOGO and that I've used many ot these types before-I went to cust svc- they called the manager- all agreed- can't use it- I was confused-but used them at Cub no problem!

    • Kristi says

      It all depends on cashier I think! my oreo coupon for buy cookie n milk get free cookies worked no questions asked, and all my dnd doubled, I didn't plan on that!

  92. Kierstien says

    to me that is not right. if its double day why would they take the dnd first…. i would be writing a letter on that one. i have no problem that they do not double my dnd but i do have a problem if they wont take my others first.

  93. says

    For people doing two transactions I use a little carry basket and my big cart for two orders. Now they don't run into each other and I can keep the coupon piles straight for both of them. Love it and when I get to the registrars it's easy to lift the little gray basket

    up with it's set of coupons and the add the second transaction in a timely way.

  94. says

    Kristi – I used that coupon at Cub. Did I read it wrong? I did buy two packages of Oreos. Should I have only gottent he milk and one package of cookies and gotten that package free?

  95. says

    Richelle – I bought the Fiber One yogurt last night BOGO. They both counted towards my $25 and I used two $1 coupons that were doubled as well.

  96. says

    Sheridan – I found that $1/3 for Knorr on PYD. I clicked on the Ragu coupon and it brought up the Knorr as well. I bought 12 packages last night and had 4 coupons.

  97. Anne says

    Mine too…in fact there was a cute little couple trying to figure out which ones they could get and the grocery manager was helping them. He finially just told them (and two other people including me…lucky us!) that they could have the bigger sizes for 99 cents so we could use our coupons.

  98. Anne says

    I think that bare shelves are an obvious result of double coupon day. I guess I kind of expect that there are others in my area getting the same deals that I want to get and if they do not have the product, they do not have the product. It seems like a lot of people on here are upset that their store does not have truckloads of the same product and that they run out. I guess it all depends on when you go to your store (I cannot go until later in the evening) and I do not get upset about it. If I can get a good deal I am really excited, but I do not EXPECT that I will get the good deal. I think that it is awesome that they will raincheck items because they do not have to do that.

  99. Anne says

    Awesome idea!! I had four transactions yesterday and felt like I was fumbling all over the place trying to keep things straight! Thanks for the idea!!

  100. Anne says

    While shopping yesterday I noticed some awesome deals on a couple things and wanted to share:

    Bounce Dryer Bar (2 months) was 3.98 (but then rang up for 4.29…which I still think is a decent deal…I might go back and talk to the service counter, but since they paid me money to take the toothbrushes AND paste out of their store I just might leave it alone). I also had a coupon for 1.50 off.

    Tide Stain Release: the BIG bottle…originally 11.99 was on sale for half price plus I had a coupon for $1 off making it 3.99!

    Over all I spent $70.50 and saved 147.76 a savings of 68%! Pretty darn good for me!

  101. Sarah Beth says

    LOL! It is not specifically a "Saltines" coupon. It is "any box of Nabisco" coupon. (I think it has Ritz in the picture but the wording says any Nabisco) HTH!

  102. says

    L – As I udnerstand it Rainbow won't take an internet printed coupon for anything free, whether it's one product totally free; buy one, get one free; buy 2, get 1 free; any coupon that gives something free that is printed from the internet won't be accepted.

  103. Michele says

    Thanks Sara Beth – I found the coupon for the saltines thanks to your post and will be using it tomorrow when I go back to get the items my store was out of on Wednesday.

  104. Terry says

    This comment is going out to all who read these messages. I am sick and tired of everyone getting on the cashiers on why coupons dont double when on the coupon it says dont double. I am a Rainbow employee and everyone might think this is just high school kids who dont care, well let me tell you that I am not and a mother of 2 and use the double coupons too. But when the management of each store is diffrent we play by their rules. We can not always make everyone HAPPY but we still need to keep our JOBS. And for all of you who are coping coupons PLEASE STOP. Who knows Rainbow one day might just end the double coupons. Also we can not hand key in if your flippin coupons dont double. Stop getting on us maybe call Roundys!

  105. unknown says

    Terry…Thank you for putting up with us couponers. I really love my AV rainbow and it drives me crazy when I hear all the negative things that are on the board about how people are so mad that there clearly labeled "do not double coupon" does not double. I will not even count on that coupon doubling. I dont care if it is a 5 in the beginning of the numbers. It clearly says do not double. I love couponing and I will continue to learn and following the rules. I have even witnessed someone arguing over a coupon. For real it should not be that serious. If people keep it up Rainbow will get sick and tired of the abuse and stop doubling. And you know what I would not blame them. So thank you for your comment. I will remain unkown on this one.

  106. Richelle says

    So who would I ask? Is it rude to ask? They know what I am getting at then don't they? LOL. Obvioulsy I am trying to score great deals. Is there a way I can see without asking? Thanks!

  107. Richelle says

    How did you know that it counted? Say, if I would have bought 10 packs of yogurt for $25.90 and it took off 1/2 for the BOGO= $12.90 and took off another $12 if I used 6 coupons. My total would then be $0.90. They aren't going to assume I only spent $12.90?? I just don't want to go in there looking like a big dork. :) I didn't even get yogurt as they only had one pack and I wanted LOTS! So I got a raincheck. Now big bummer that I can only use 5 coupons next week. If I would have been able to buy 10 I could have got my total to $25 and then do more transactions. Oh well. I guess I still can. I will just pay $2.90. Still a great deal for all that yogurt!! $0.07 a cup is my kind of price!!!!

  108. Ruth W says

    I have had my Rainbow accept the BOGO internet coupons. The store managers that are on always approve them saying it's just for something that's totally free that they won't accept. But I am always prepared for them to change their policy and okay with that.

  109. Katie says


    Maplewood store has stopped doubling DND coupons. It was nice while it lasted :-) Oh well, I'll just tack those coupons on after the first 5 that will double. Still saving lots!!

    Went today, Saturday, and everything was in stock. Spent $22.21 and saved $94.87 (4 trans).

  110. Kristen says

    This is the way it has been for me for the past year…until this week. I shopped at 3 different Rainbows, did 4 transactions all different (some included BOGOs, some did not) and NONE of my transactions would double until I hit $25.00 shelf price. Such a bummer! I did buy gift cards to make up the difference, but it was a real pain to have the coupons reversed and add on to the sale. I am wondering if they are slowly updating their software to close the sale price/shelf price loophole?

  111. Janna P says

    That's a great idea. I'm sure it would work since they have said only Rainbow gift cards cannot be included in the $25 threshhold.

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