Fleet Farm Popcorn Sale 3/21 – 3/27/10

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Fleet Farm routinely sells nuts and snack foods at the best prices I’ve found anywhere. This week though, it’s worth noting that they have a 12.5 pound bag of popcorn kernels for $4.49. That’s $0.36/lb and I think it’s the lowest price I’ve seen anywhere ever. But, it behooves the question –  what can you do with 12.5 of popcorn kernels???

Bean bags. Last time Fleet Farm ran this sale (Valentine’s Day 2009) I bought a bag and my mom made two dozen square bean bags for my kids. We filled the bean bags with the kernels. If you’re crafty make some low-cost gifts using scraps of material from around the house. Give a set of bean bags along with a hula hoop or bucket for the child to throw them into and you’re set. (By the way, my kids LOVE them. We also practice balance by putting one on our head and trying to walk across the room).

Snacks. We also eat air popped popcorn as a very low-cost, nutritious snack. I am going to try freezing some kernels this time so they stay fresher longer because we only eat about ½ pound of kernels per month. (I’ll let them thaw before popping).

Draft stoppers. I have wanted to make a couple bean-filled tubes to set in front of my patio door in the wintertime to stop the draft. I will use popcorn kernels to fill them. In fact, I’ve been waiting for these to go on sale again at this price so I can do this project.

Indoor sandbox. I also plan to seal some up in a Rubbermaid tub that I can take down on a rainy day. It’ll be an indoor sandbox where my kids can bury toys, scoop it, run it through funnels and have a great time. When it gets yucky I’ll throw it out.

If you stop into Fleet Farm note that many of their nuts are on sale at great prices this week.

Whole Pecans are $5.49/lb

Walnuts are $2.99/lb

Select peanuts are $1.50/lb

Find a Fleet Farm near you.

Your turn: Anyone else excited about low-cost popcorn kernels? What will you do with yours?


  1. Kierstien Fetzek says

    We will eat it :) we air pop popcorn like crazy at our house! I think the popper is going at least once a night sometimes more!!! So this will deff come in hand for those popcorn days!!! Thanks ;)

  2. Bernice says

    Popcorn is a good nutritious snack since it is a natural fiber food, low in calories and low in fat when air popped. My family prefers real popcorn over the boxed microwave type that is full of chemicals and trans fat.. yuck! Slightly higher in calories and fat if popped with oil on the stove, but still lower calorie/fat than chips.

    Finding it is sometimes hard at grocery stores, they hide it on the bottom shelf. For awhile, my closest Super Target didn't even have regular popcorn in the store.

    I think we will take a drive to Fleet Farm! My 16 yo makes popcorn everyday, shhhh don't tell him it's healthy food.

  3. Melissa says

    Do you know if it's white popcorn? I prefer that to yellow, but yellow is more common. We use popcorn all the day and that price is a great deal.

  4. Kristin says

    My aunt – who used to work at a local nut company – says that Fleet Farm has the best/freshest nuts she has ever tried!! We always buy our nuts there. Very good quality.

  5. says

    I am going to make popcorn balls and add jelly beans for Easter! My family LOVES popcorn. We are going to start using our air popper again for a healthier snack than the microwave version. Thanks Carrie for the great deals you find for us!

  6. jen says

    I found a great way to make popcorn in the microwave that's fast and easy. If you take a lunchbag size brown paper bag add 1/4 cup of popcorn and 1 teaspoon of oil. microwave for 2 minutes. way less yucky stuff than typical microwave popcorn but really good. hth

  7. Linda says

    We make our own microwave popcorn also but I don't add any oil, just a quarter cup of popcorn in a paper bag…just cinch up the bag and viola!

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