Earn Free Office Supplies: Use OfficeMax’s MaxPerks Program

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

OfficeMax’s MaxPerks program is similar to loyalty programs we are familiar with at CVS and Walgreens. It’s a free program that is open to businesses and teachers, including home schoolers. You sign up online or in-store to get a free card, then earn rewards that function like store credit.

How-to Earn MaxPerks Rewards

Over time you’ll see items advertised sales items in Office Max’s flyer where you earn MaxPerks Bonus Rewards (aka store credit) for buying a certain item or quantity of items. You also earn Bonus Rewards for every $500 you spend on qualifying purchases. It takes a few weeks for the Bonus Rewards to hit your account and then you’ve got a few months to use them before they expire.

Use MaxPerks on Future Purchase

You can use MaxPerks Bonus Rewards to buy other products that generate Bonus Rewards without a problem.

I’ve been using this program since last fall and really like it. I’ve used some of my credit for photocopies I needed to make (do you know how expensive those can be?), plus I bought additional office supplies that were free-after-MaxPerks and didn’t pay much out of pocket for them.

I really like that they send email reminders before your rewards expire. I don’t know of any other retailer that reminds you to utilize the benefits you’ve earned like this one does.

As I see sales at Office Max where products are 75% off or better after MaxPerks Bonus Rewards, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Your turn: How do you like this program?


  1. Karen says

    I haven't paid for copy paper (printer paper) in months because of this program. I've also gotten free sharpies, free envelopes and some other items. I have used my rewards to buy printer toner. Works well for me!

  2. Sarah says

    I have the Teacher Perks card, and used their ink recycling program (I gave the students extra credit for bringing in old ones). After two years of saving cartridges, I was able to purchase 2 graphing calculators for our classroom for free! HOWEVER, they have changed their ink recycling program, and to get the credit for the ink, you have to have spent that much money in the store (which you get points for anyway…). I am NOT at all happy with the changes to their ink recycling program for teachers. I am now looking into other options for the ink cartridges I have collected since then. (Some places will just write you a check, but the don't give you quite as much money for them).

  3. Sheridan says

    I wish there was a way for 'regular janes' to take advantage of the Perks. Anybody know of anything similar?

  4. Haila says

    If you look at the criteria for "business" (read the fine print under terms and conditions), it says basically anyone can qualify. There's no need to demonstrate that you have a business – it doesn't even say you have to have one. So if you need supplies for your "home office" (whether or not you actually run a business out of it), I think you can sign up. The teacher one is different though – terms say you have to be a teacher.

  5. Tammy says

    I'm having problems signing up for the MaxPerks. I can't get to the 2nd page without an error. It states to try back or to call. Any ideas why?

    • says

      Tammy – Are you signing up as a teacher or business? I tried twice this morning with dummy business accounts and didn't have a problem. Someone else said they went to OfficeMax.com and then it worked?

      • Tammy says

        I did a business and it didn't work. I'll try again and see what happens.

        Carrie – thank for all these great ideas!!!

  6. Michelle says

    When you order it says a maximum of 5 bonus rewards, is that 5 per item or 5 total. I still have 2 boxes of paper and don't need anymore, but I can't get to $50 with only 5 things (envelopes and sharpies).

    Want to know before I order and then don't get the rewards back :)


  7. RegularGuy says

    Like 'Sarah' and others, I think that the 'new' OfficeMax cartridge program is a ripoff. It is disingenuous at best to say you have to spend an amount before you can get a credit for that amount. I brought in seven cartridges just after they changed their policy. I asked when I would get my credit, and was told it would take 'about a month.' NO ONE said I would have to BUY my 'free' credit's value in additional merchandise.

    My $21 credit will expire, unused, because I will not spend another penny at OfficeMax. I'll also be referring my complaint to my state Attorney General's Office so they can determine if the offer is fraudulent.

  8. Cheryl Alonzo says

    I don't see that this is a great deal as you have to spend $500. to get $25.00. You can get better deals if you watch the ads. I purchased a printer, copier, fax about a month ago for $49.99. If I'm missing something, please tell me.


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