Carrie’s Picks from 3/21 Coupon Inserts

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Your paper should have two inserts – a Red Plum and a Smart Source.  My picks are rare coupons or those that I think are likely to turn into freebies. I receive a home delivered copy of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and it’s possible that the coupons in your Sunday paper look different than mine. Understand why by reading 4 reasons your paper may have different coupons than your neighbor’s.

For more own type-A-ness, the coupons are organized alphabetically within category.

If you’re new to couponing, read through my picks from previous weeks to learn from my oh-so delightful commentary in weeks gone by.

If you want more copies of these coupons ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, or even restaurants, coffee shops or libraries for their unused copies. You can also order the specific coupons you want from The Coupon Clippers.

Your turn: Which coupons do you think will turn into a freebie or rock bottom-priced item?

Everyday, Regular Priced Items

Buy the following products with a coupon from this weekend’s paper at their everyday price and you’ll get a great deal or maybe even a freebie. 

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste. Use this $2.50 off 2 oral care products coupon to get two travel-sized tubes of Arm & Hammer toothpaste for free at Target, Walmart or any place else they’re sold. The coupon does not specify any size restrictions. (exp 6/30 from Smart Source)

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers. These are gluten-free crackers, so although I suspect they are expensive, this $1/1 coupon will help. Where have you seen these and how much are they? (exp 5/31 from Smart Source)

Fleischmann’s Yeast. If you’re a baker, then this is probably one of the last yeast coupons we’ll see this season. I think $0.40/1 strip gets you a pretty decent price at Walmart, doesn’t it? (exp 6/6 from Smart Source)

No Nonsense. Yep, a pantyhose coupon. Last spring we got a similar coupon and I noticed that Walmart sold select packages for $1 each. Buy two of those select varieties and after the coupon they’d be $0.50 each. (exp 6/30 from Smart Source)

Physicians Formula. If you can still find a specially marked bamboo compact that has a “try me free” rebate form attached to the package (I saw them at CVS a few weeks ago), you could use this $1/1 coupon to lower your initial out-of-pocket expense. (exp 6/30 from Smart Source)

St Ives. This $1/1 body product coupon does not restrict sizes. Many stores carry a travel-sized bottle of lotion priced right around $1, making it free. (exp 4/30 from Smart Source)

Shout. This week’s $0.55/1 coupon is for any shout product without size restrictions. I *think* I’ve seen small packages of shout wipes in the travel section. (exp 5/1 from Smart Source)

Sale Priced Items

If these products go on sale before the coupon expires you will get a rock bottom price or maybe even a freebie. Look through the coupons on the “coupons doubled in value” list below as well, since they could be included here too.

Carnation Evaporated Milk. Good-bye winter. I suspect this is the last of the evaporated milk coupons until baking season starts again in October. (Red Plum)

Crest 3D Professional Whitestrips. These are an expensive product (like $50 expensive), but $10 off helps take the bite out of it…bad pun intended. (Red Plum)

French’s Yellow Mustard. I really do feel like spring has sprung as I see coupons or things like mustard, which were dormant all winter. As you gear up for barbeque season watch the sales and you should be able to get all your condiments at amazingly low prices. (Smart Source)

Huggies. Walgreens is having a stellar Huggies sale this week, so it might be worth purchasing extra copies of the paper just for these $1.50/1 and $2/1 coupons. By the way, isn’t the ad hilarious – the water tower wearing a diaper? (Smart Source)

Kraft 100 Calorie Cheese Bites. Any cheese coupon worth $1 off a singe package is worth mentioning, but because these cheese bites are a new product I suspect we’ll see some great sales in the weeks ahead where we can pick it up for next-to-nothing. (Smart Source)

Maxwell House. Coffee tends to go on sale at its rock bottom price right before every major holiday. With Easter coming up, I hope to use this $1/2 coupon for to stock up. (Smart Source)

Nestle Tollhouse Morsels. I suspect this $1/2 coupon will be the last chocolate chip coupon we see until baking kicks off again next fall. (Red Plum)

Noxzema. $1 off anything but trial sizes. How much are small packages, but larger than trial-sized, of the face cream? (Smart Source)

Oscar Mayer Lunchable Lunch Combinations. Although the coupon says “try new lunchables Subs” at the top, the actual coupon restrictions say, “save $1/1 on any lunchables lunch combination.” If we do use this coupon for any lunchables product, then it won’t be hard to get one free. (Smart Source)

Purina Benefuls. Pet food is expensive so I don’t pretend to think that $3/1 will bring the price to $0, but you can’t disagree that $3 off is a high-value coupon. It’s a new product on the market so we probably won’t see coupons like this forever. (Smart Source)

Schick Disposable Razors. Summertime is when you should stock up on disposable razors because $4/1 coupons, like we got this week, abound and couple with sales at the drugstores it’s pretty easy to get them for pennies each. (Smart Source)

Smooth Away. This product often goes on sale buy one, get one free at the drugstores. If you have two coupons you can get them at a really low price. (Red Plum)

Starbucks Coffee Beans. $1.50/1 bag of coffee beans is an incredibly generous coupon. Let’s hope for a great sale. Maybe the Easter Bunny brings someone in your family coffee beans?? (Smart Source)

TreSemme. I cannot remember the last time we saw a TreSemme coupon, let alone a $1/1 coupon. This brand goes on sale al the time. (Smart Source)

Coupons Doubled in Value

If you can shop at a store where the value of your coupon is doubled and these products go on sale before the coupon expires, then you will likely get a freebie or something close to it.

Crystal Light. $1/1 Crystal Light product. We will probably see these $1/1 coupons throughout the summer. Matched with a sale and a double coupon promotion, these are likely to be free. (Smart Source)

Fruitables. Fruitables are a new product to me and I’m not sure if they are new to the market overall? This is the first time I remember seeing a $1/1 coupon for them. I’m not sure where they’re sold or the price, but I can’t imagine sale-priced juice boxes being much more than $2?? (Smart Source)

Ore Ida. $1/1 any hashbrowns 28-ounce or larger. Like I’ve been saying, it’s more brunch-type food in prep for Easter. (Smart Source)

Scott Paper Towels and Bath Tissue. I rarely buy paper products without a $1/1 coupon doubled in value.  Hopefully we see a rock bottom sale price of $5.50 or less and then have these $1/1 coupons doubled. (Smart Source)

Smart Balance Spread and Sour Cream. I’ve used similar $1/1 coupon in times past to get both of these products free after doubled coupons. (Red Plum)

Eat Out / Recreation / Other

These coupons vary widely not only from region-to-region, but zip code to zip code, but this is what I got:

Boston Market. Various coupons expire 4/18. (Smart Source)

Honey-Baked Ham Store. Various coupons. Expire 4/17. (Red Plum)

Red Lobster. $4 off two dinner entrees or $3 off 2 lunch entrees. Expire 4/29. (Smart Source)


  1. Jody says

    I just learned about Fruitables last night from a friend. She said you can find them at Costco and County Market. Not sure about any other stores, but haven't looked either.

  2. mary miller says

    I love what you are doing. I have on it a week and it is great thank you. What is the ALL You magazine I cant find it. Also I am in Florida our big store is Publix. I use to use a sight that did this and some others in my area but there is a fee. Do you know of any sites that would do this for Grocery stores in my area where there is not charge. Again THANK YOU!

    • says

      Mary – Thanks. Glad to meet you! Check out for a blog that might have shopping lists for Florida's Publix stores. Apart from the few local stores we cover, I hope you do find much of the content on Pocket Your Dollars relevant to you in sunny Florida :) –Carrie

  3. Laura says


    I am so happy for the success you are having! I just found Fruitables at Walmart and

    love them! They are basically watered down juice, but as a result have half the

    amount of sugar (plus some veggie juice). But, when my kids want a juice box, this is

    now my preferred brand.

  4. Shelly says

    Last week I used the Target $1.50 off Starbucks coupon in combination with one of the many $1 off manufacturer's coupons. That made the Starbucks $4.50 due to their sale. Hopefully they'll run a Starbucks sale again very soon so that we can get $3.00 off!

  5. Crystal Brothers says

    Fruitables–Walmart has the juice boxes. They are something like $2.28 (ish) per package of 8 count (6.75 oz. each). I REALLY hope I got this coupon, because I really like these. They are packed with a serving of fruit AND veggies, and only have 15 grams of NATURAL suger per box. (no added sugars, and still much less sugar than the 100% fruit juice).

  6. Erika says

    Jenny at does publix matches and plenty of other southern grocery stores. She does a great job. Like Carrie. Carrie, thank you for all of your hard work!

  7. Lacee says

    I believe that Walgreen's has an $8 off coupon this week for the 3D whitening strips. . .not sure what the starting price is, but worth a look with the $10 off Red Plum coupon.

    Also, Target just knocked down the Smooth Away hair remover from 9.99 to 4.99. I see it in the checkout area everytime I go there. I bought it when it was B1G1 free with the 1.50 off coupon a few weeks ago. I tried it on my upper lip (worked very well) and on my stomach. I did get a few bumps on my stomach, but it was better than waxing! I haven't tried it on more course hair like legs, so I don't know how well it works for that.

  8. Amy says

    Thanks for the tips for getting travel size items for free… I would also like to say THANK YOU for the all the ideas… I heard you speak awhile ago and one thing you mentioned was picking up items for free and giving them to the local foodshelf/CEAP. I never thought of that before and now I am able to donate more to CEAP as I can use the coupons and get items for free.

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