Another Legit Earn From Home Opportunity: Consumer Village

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Legit opportunities to earn from home are few and far between, but some do exist. I just discovered Consumer Village, which is one of the few and rare legit, non-spammy online survey companies. It is the online market research arm of Gongos Research, which is a well-respected research organization. I really like that their site is free of advertising and since I signed up I haven’t gotten any unwanted spam emails (yay!) and I like the good reviews I found for Consumer Village online.

Consumer Village works like many survey companies in that you earn “tokens” (versus points, like most have you earn) as you take surveys and participate in online discussions that can be traded in for prizes and awards. They encourage members to visit once or twice per week so that they don’t miss out on any earning opportunities, although you can participate as much or as little as you’d like.

To start earning tokens that can be redeemed for prizes:

Register with Consumer Village

— You’ll be emailed a confirmation that you need to click before your account is active

— Login and complete what they call “profilers.” I completed three of these “profiler” surveys in about 15-20 minutes total. These provide Consumer Village with even more specific information about your shopping habits so that you can matched against the most appropriate survey opportunities.

— Complete surveys as they come. Visit their website and participate in the discussions happening in their forums. Earn tokens, buy prizes. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I just started with them late last week and haven’t been sent any token-earning surveys yet, as I just completed my profilers this morning,but I’m impressed so far. Everything I’ve filled out so far has been easy and not taken nearly as long as they suggested; it seems like they always say it will take 15-20 minutes and I have completed it in 5-7 minutes. I don’t have personal experience yet with how quickly you earn tokens and can redeem them.

Your turn: Have you been part of Consumer Village before? What has your experience been? What do you look for to find a legit, non-spammy online survey company?

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  1. Ashleigh says

    Panda is not a good company to complete surveys for and the truth is, most survey opportunities are very slow with providing you surveys to take and earn anything with. I've been a work at home researcher for the past 6 years and I'll say from my experience, surveys are a waste of time.

  2. Melissa says

    I have been a member of Consumer Village for about 8 months or so and I love it. I get occasional surveys and was asked to be a member of a special project on candy. You get amazon credits as rewards and they have great customer service. If you want to find out information on survey companies, visit the survey police at They have great information and will even help you resolve non-payment disputes, etc with survey companies. Members rank and leave comments on survey companies so you can get good information before you decide to join.

    • says

      Well, ever since I got scammed a few times, I researched everything I found in "work from home." I've researched surverys, Get-Paid-To sites, envelope stuffing, cash gifting, pyramid schemes, rebate processing, and data entry just to name a few. Needless to say, I was young and naive, just wanting something to do from home so that I could help my parents with the bills because they both had life altering accidents the summer before my junior year of high school. There are for sure legitimate work at home business and job opportunities, you just need to know the signs of a scam the avoid them.

  3. Barbara says

    What work at home sites do you sugest? I am going to have my 2nd child in July and would love to earn some xtra income while i am home.


  4. George says

    I have a very bad experience with them, I been doing surveys for them for over 8 month never got paid, when I complain, they send me used gift cards?

  5. George says

    cunsumer village is scam, I have a very bad experience with them, I been doing surveys for them for over 8 month never got paid, when I complain, they send me used gift cards?

  6. Sherry Konrad says

    I have been with consumer village ( now IFC ) for several years. I do not know about their rewards program but I live in Cincinnati and have done several studies with them. They are great !!

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