Target Text Alerts: Receive Coupons To Your Phone

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If you have unlimited text messaging on your phone and shop at Target, then listen up. You can now receive Target coupons right to your phone. Register for Target text alerts and you’ll get up to 5 text messages per month. Some will be coupons that include a bar code. To redeem them the cashier will literally scan the bar code from your phone.

From now on you may see reference to Target mobile coupons or Target text coupons within the weekly shopping lists at Pocket Your Dollars. Now you know what I’m talking about.

Standard text messaging rates apply, which is why I started by saying this may not make sense for you if you pay for each text you receive.

Your turn: What do you think of this service?


  1. says

    I tried to sign up but the mobile number will not accept more than 6 digits? Kind of inconvenient since most phone numbers are 7 digits without an area code… anyone else have this issue? I'm bummed too because I was going to do the razor deal tomorrow :(

    • Michelle W says


      When you type in your phone number you must enter the area code first, then the seven digits of your phone number. It requires you to enter 10 digits.

      I hope this helps. I just signed up and it worked for me. Sent me a text right away.

    • JoAnna says

      When I signed up I had three boxes for my phone number–first the area code, then the prefix (952, 763, 612…) then the last four digits. I received a confirmation text right away but have not received a text with any q. Guessing since the q text comes out on Sunday mornings I will have to wait until next Sunday–oh well.

  2. Becky says

    I just signed up with no problem. They immediately sent me a text thanking me for signing up and welcoming me to Target Mobile Coupons.

  3. Kristin says

    It states that coupons are sent every Sunday. When you sign up, it asks what time of the morninr, 8-12, you want the text to arrive.

  4. says

    Thanks for the tips everyone. I think it was my mac being funny, I was only given 2 boxes to fill in numbers, allowing only 6 for some reason. I went ahead and signed up on my iPhone with no problems and received a welcome text.

  5. Monica says

    I can't get this to work, it keeps saying error on page. I tried last night and this morning, anyone else having issues?

  6. Cindy says

    I curious like Priscilla. Do you need a data plan for this to work? I have a texting plan, but no data. It looks like you get a text and then have to view it in a mobile browser. Is this correct?

  7. Mary says

    "Do you have to have internet access at all, or just text service?"

    It appears that you have to have internet access for your phone, not just text. I received the first text this morning and it stated I needed to go to a certain part of the Target website to download my coupons onto my phone. Since I only have text service, I won't be able to use them! :(

  8. JoAnna says

    I didn't get mine sent to me today even though I got a confirmation text last Sunday. Guess I will have to try it again.

  9. says

    I got a text on my phone from Target today to go to a specific url, I went there on my computer and it gave me the barcode and the coupon items to print out.


    • Jean says

      I printed out that barcode on my computer as well. The directions on the sheet that I printed say to scan the barcode on the guest's phone but I'm hoping the printout will work as well. I'll try it today.

  10. Rose says

    I used the coupon on my phone while checking out – the clerk had never a mobile coupon before and had to call for assistance. They never did get the coupon to scan from my phone but they did give me the discount. Using the url to print out the coupon might be the better option; at least the clerks should know how to handle those :)

  11. Alita says

    I have only received two text and neither one worked. I tried it on my Blackberry and tried the website on my computer. Anyone else run into this? Thanks.

    • JoAnna says


      I have the same prob. I have received the Target texts on my Blackberry only a few times. Though, I have been able to access the coupons (click on the provided link–it does require internet access). It is very annoying how inconsistent they are. I have not tried to use the text coupons yet because the qs were low value.

  12. Carol says

    I signed up but am going to get off of them. I don't have Internet on my phone or a smart phone, so I can't access them.

  13. kathy says

    I signed up but I don't get coupons all I get is an email that has a http:// line in it. I try to put this on the computer and nothing shows up. How do I get the bar scan for the coupon?

  14. Diana says

    I just signed up and after I got the text welcoming me to mobile texts, I got my first set of coupons. I got the http:// link, clicked on it and up popped the website with my coupons. Can't wait to try them at the store now, hope the cashiers can scan them off my Evo!

  15. Susie says

    I have a pre-paid cell phone from straight talk. Can you do this with a pre-paid, monthly serivce? I can get text messages and have access to the internet, but the internet doesn't show pictures. I believe my phone has bluetooth capabilities, but I've never used it.

  16. Trixie says

    The coupons for Up and Up shaving cream and nail polish remover are not on my phone but I do have the $2 Sonia Kashuk cosmetic item, do they somehow individualize which ones they send? Frustrating!

  17. Jenny says

    how do you get the Sonia Kashuk coupon? I clicked the link and it doesn't specify what # to text to, or the code to text to get the coupon?

  18. Sue says

    When I click on Register for Target text alert, it says page not available. Is there some other way I can sign up besides from here?


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