LAST DAY: All You for $0.67/Issue (Exp 2/28)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Update:This offer expires at 11:59 CST this evening, February 28, 2010. This really is the lowest price I have ever seen All You Magazine, plus they have many other great deals. Think about giving a magazine as a gift to your loved ones.

Want cheap magazines? You’re in the right place! At these prices you might consider some for yourself, but also as gifts for friends, pastor’s wife, teachers, mother-in-law, hard-to-buy for brother or anyone else.

My Favorite Deals

All You Magazine $0.67/issue (40 issues for $27)
Spend $40 today, get $13 credit back to your card within 24 hours (the credit happens within 24 hrs, although it may take a few days for the reversal to appear in your account. You know how sometimes when you buy things with a debit or credit card they appear right away and sometimes it takes a day or two to show up. Same here and it is really dependent on your bank)
Final price: $0.67/issue (it’s full price is $2.40 per issue) **
**This sells for $2.40/issue on the newsstand and every issues has $10-25 worth of coupons inside. It’d be great for you to have a subscription, but you could give one as a gift to a couponing friend or mother-in-law

Entertainment Weekly $0.25/issue (110 issues for $27)
Spend $40 today, get $13 credit back to your card within 24 hours (the credit happens within 24 hrs, although it may take a few days for the reversal to appear in your account. You know how sometimes when you buy things with a debit or credit card they appear right away and sometimes it takes a day or two to show up. Same here and it is really dependent on your bank)
Final price: $0.25/issue (full price it is $4.00 per issue)**
**This subscription comes with a free cooler tote bag

Time $0.24/issue (112 issues for $27)
Spend $40 today, get $13 credit back to your card within 24 hours (the credit happens within 24 hrs, although it may take a few days for the reversal to appear in your account. You know how sometimes when you buy things with a debit or credit card they appear right away and sometimes it takes a day or two to show up. Same here and it is really dependent on your bank)
Final price: $0.25/issue (full price it is $4.00 per issue)**
**This subscription comes with a free cooler tote bag

More Great Deals

There are literally hundreds of titles all with similar discounts. The $13 credit is good for any $40 magazine subscription, making your total $27. Other titles include:

Money; 40 issues
Sports Illustrated; 60 issues
Woman’s Day; 68 issues
Cooking Light; 28 issues
Health; 40 issues
Parenting School Years; 44 issues
Southern Accents; 24 issues
Food & Wine; 26 issues

How To Get Yours

In four simple steps you’ll have some magazines at great prices:

— Use this link and click on the bottom where it says “click here to support our group”. You have to use this link to get the $13 credit.

— Create a simple account (your name and address)

— Select one or more $40 titles (you only get the $13 credit when you buy a $40 subscription)

— Purchase your subscriptions

— Within 24 hours the $13 per subscription (the amount that would have gone to the charitable organization, if this was truly a fundraiser) will be credited back to the card you used to pay (the credit happens within 24 hrs, although it may take a few days for the reversal to appear in your account. You know how sometimes when you buy things with a debit or credit card they appear right away and sometimes it takes a day or two to show up. Same here and it is really dependent on your bank)

The first 2,000 subscriptions will get a $13 credit each if purchased through the link above before end of day February 13, 2010. I will take this offer down when we reach 2,000 or the end of the day on February 28 February 13, whichever comes first. Offer good only for US residents.

Your turn: Which magazines did you buy?

**Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Read Pocket Your Dollars’ disclosure statement for more information.

About Carrie Rocha

I am passionate about helping people live within their means so they can get out and stay out of debt. I live in Minneapolis, MN with my husband and two little girls.


  1. I recently got a subscription renewal notice for my Time magazine. Instead of paying it or cancelling, I decided I would pay no more than $13 for a year of Time, 52 issues. So I called and told the person that, they said fine! So now I'm in for another year of news for 13 bucks! My point is, always ASK. You may be pleased!

  2. I just ordered Real Simple – Yeah! I didn't see anything regarding time frame of when to see my first magazine. Did I just miss it? (I'm so excited I can't wait!)

  3. Does this work for Renewals?

  4. Erin Lynn says:

    I just ordered All You! YAY!

  5. Awesome stuff! I hope they're still available when I reach my forgotten debit card tonight!


  6. Alisha Kilham says:

    Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. We partner with AOL Time Warner for magazine fulfillment.

  7. Alisha Kilham says:

    Yup! If you want to renew a current subscription just make sure to put in the subscriber information exactly as it is written on your current magazine and it will pick up where your current subscription leaves off. If you want a double subscription, change up the info, use your middle name, etc.

  8. Debating on Time.. it's a great magazine, but last time I got it I paid $5/yr via some site linked by Slickdeals, but I know I'm unlikely to see that price again.. debating debating debating. ;)

  9. I'm so excited! I love Time magazine and my subscription was ending within the next couple weeks. I was debating whether to keep it or not but with this great deal I now can enjoy it for a LONG time. :) Thanks, Carrie!

  10. GeogChick says:

    I just ordered All You!

    I love Woman's Day, but let that go and looking forward to trying out All You! I've never even heard of the magazine so thanks for the tip/idea!

    You can print coupons from their web site too (without the magazine subscription)

  11. I just ordered "All You"!!! I love all of these low-cost magazine subscription offers…THANK YOU!!!

  12. I ordered two magazines. Has anyone received a confirmation letter via email regarding their order?

    • Alisha Kilham says:

      Please allow 24 hours to see the credit reflected and receive your confirmation email. To those of you that want this email, you must either provide your email address while going through the shopping cart OR you can provide your name and email to Maura Rijos at requesting it.

  13. Thanks for doing this!! I usually don't buy magazines because I never wanted to pay for them and considered them something I don't really need, but at these prices I am! I feel like I am indulging! :)

  14. Theresa K. says:

    So excited! I just ordered All You for the first time. I had almost gone with the Amazon deal, but this is so much better! cool! I also ordered Real Simple, just cuz I love it, and SI for my son and hubby.

  15. Hey Carrie,

    Thanks for setting this up. I got 2 ordered. I haven"t had a magazine subscription since high school, which was only 8 years ago, but still. Got all you for me and Cooking light for my husband. Not a joke, he really does cook most of our meals.

  16. thanks for the tip. I saw you on TLC and may get this magazine even though I'm not suppose to be buying anything this month.

  17. Sarah Beth says:

    I'm still curious about this – can you please post and let us all know if you see the $13 credit on your card tomorrow?

  18. Usually when I buy ALLYOU I do it through a school fundraiser. I paid $20 for 18 issues.

  19. Me too, Me too … this time procrastination worked towrads my benefit! Thatnz Carrie you are too much!!! Can't wait to check out All You!

  20. Carrie (or anyone else),

    The two links have confused me a bit. They're exactly the same, and I am pretty I ordered off the wrong link accidently. What am I missing? there is nothing different about the two of them. And if they're the same, why do we have two options of links to chose from?

    What can I do to check if i ordered them through the right place?



  21. Me Too! I love Real Simple good price too.

  22. Alisha Kilham says:

    I see an order for This Old House, All You and Woman's Day! If that's you, Julie W, you are all set!

  23. So, I ordered too – YAY! But, did it seem to you all like there was no order confirmation? I read the comments above and am guessing that I should get an e-mail tomorrow…is that right?

  24. Awhile ago there were reports that the subscribers of All You were not getting all the coupons that you got if you bought the magazine at Walmart. Does anyone know if these extra coupons are now included for subscribers too?

    • Paula – I remember hearing something about that, but I also remember reading that they resolved it by extending at home subscriptions by one month. I *think* they learned a lesson and aren't doing it anymore.

  25. Just ordered All You. My mother in law gave me a copy of last month's issue and I really liked it! The recipes were great and of course the coupons! Can't wait to get it in the mail.

  26. Maybe it's just too late for me, but this was really confusing. It sounded like you have to click on one link to order and then click on another to get the $13 back. Now I'm wondering if that's not the case (because the two links are exactly the same). Hopefully I'm set with just placing the order.

  27. I want to do this but I have subscribed to a magazine and it went under and I was out my money. I love the All you magazine. Not sure how this works though as seems confusing.

    • Alisha Kilham says:

      We have worked with our Magazine company going on about 10 years. During that time there has been a few titles that have gone out of print. What will happen is they will send you a postcard alerting this will happen and offering you a selection of alternate titles to carry out the rest of your subscription.

      As for these purchases, let me know what questions you have and I can try to help. Go through the shopping cart and select your titles. For any $40 subscription you order, you will receive a special $13 credit back on your method of payment within 24 hours. This is going on now through February 13th.

  28. Alisha Kilham says:

    MP, just place a regular order for whichever magazines you'd like. You'll receive your $13 credit back on your method of payment within 24 hours! $13 for each magazine you order, that is.

  29. ok I have ordered hopefully with the right link.

  30. hashas anyone/everyone who ordered over 24 hours ago seen thier credit?

  31. Kristen,

    What is your last name so we can get the transaction id and time stamp for your purchase and credit.

  32. Aj,

    Can you please email me your last name so i can send you confirmation?

  33. Kristin,

    Please email me at I tried to find you in our system but there are many Kristin's so i need your last name :0)

  34. Its been over 24 hrs, no credit has been issued.

  35. Alisha Kilham says:

    To everyone who is taking advantage of this great deal : Over 140 customers have both made purchases and been credit $13 to their method of payment through this site. This happens within 24 hours of purchase. Please understand that we have no control of how or at what time your vendor posts the purchase or the transaction to your account or statement. We can supply you your transaction ids for both purchase and credit if it would assure readers this is taking place but please allow the post on our end and then refer to terms and times of transaction posts of your own vendors. Quick point; debit cards seem to show transaction history quicker than credit cards. Thanks everyone, keep spreading the word while this deal is still available and have a great night!

  36. Alisha – Thank you for all your hard work in getting us a great deal on All You and other magazines!

  37. thanks for looking, i have not ordered yet. i wanted to see if others got the credit before i ordered. never can be too careful.

    • Kristin – This is a legit deal. I am working right with the fundraising company that's conducting it. In fact, they have sold magazines for hundreds of schools and this is one of their first ventures into selling them directly to the public like this. The upside for us – it means lower prices since we get the $13 back ourselves.

    • ok, i just ordered all you and time. time is a renewal so hopefully i entered it correctly. thanks for the great deal!

  38. You wondered where Eagle Mills flour is sold – Cub has it. It's great – it is all whole wheat, but light in color!

  39. w00t just ordered All You, now I don't have to go to Walmart to get it! Thanks Carrie!

  40. Erin Lynn says:

    My $13 was issued back to me today (or yesterday). It was credited the same time the $40 was taken out for All You.

    I am excited! Thanks so much!

  41. Theresa K. says:

    Thanks for Alisha and Maura for taking extra time to reassure each one of us that we actually got our great deals!!! I'm with Wells Fargo and it took an extra day for either purchase or credit to show up online. Thanks, Carrie, for a truly good deal!

  42. Same issue — my credit card still has not been charged – so no clue if my transaction went through or not.

  43. I also bank with Wells Fargo and it took 2 days for my debit card to post but it posted both the $40 charge and $13 credit the same day. Thanks so much for offering this Carrie!

  44. Alisha Kilham says:

    Glad to help, have a great day!

  45. Thanks so much! I'm really enjoying this website. Saving is FUN!

  46. I order All You on Tuesday evening around 7ish. I've gotten no confirmation e-mail and nothing has gone through my debit card. I entered in all my info and debit card info, and thought it all went through. Did I do something wrong? Can I still order it? My subscription just ended and I want to get it going again as soon as I can. Thanks.

  47. I haevn't seen confirmation either. And I haven't been charged or credited? Is there a reason why this seems to be problemaitc? I order mags all the time from this types of places and have never had this kind of problem before.

  48. I ordered this and got my $13 credit….everything worked great!! My question is how often is "All You" published? Is it a monthly magzine? If so, 40 issues….NICE!! :) I'm so excited to get it…have never read it before but heard GREAT things (and am all about the coupons!!)

  49. Christine says:

    Hi, I received my credit the same day. I ordered 2 so there was an $80 charge, then a $26 credit.

  50. Awesome! Thanks so much. I had just gotten the free issues of All you, when you start the subscription…but this is a much better deal. Thanks again!

  51. Alisha Kilham says:

    Again, I cannot stress this enough, we can process your purchase and credit almost immediately but have no control over your bank or credit agency's posting time. If you read through comments you will see it can take a couple of days for your agency to post and when they do, you will see both transactions.

    What we can do, for your piece of mind is provide you your transaction (purchase and credit) information in which you can contact your institution with so they may give you an ETA on when you can see them reflected on your statement. Email me your information if you would like this –

  52. Alisha Kilham says:


  53. How close are we to the 2000 orders? I really want to get in on this deal, but not sure if I have the money right now…. If you are close, i might just try to borrow some cash from someone.

  54. ordered but just realized I did not get a confirmation either!

  55. I too was worried I might have missed the deal. I just ordered. Thanks for the heads up on a great deal!

  56. I ordered on Thursday night, was charged right away, but haven't seen a credit or confirmation email yet. Hopefully it will show up tomorrow. What a great deal!

    • Jeni – The credit is coming. It gets processed within 24 hrs, but might take a day or two to show up on your account. Just like some stores where you buy things with your credit/debit card show up in your account right away and others take a day or two to prosess. But this truly is the best deal for All You Magazine that I have ever seen.

  57. WHOO HOO!!! Thank you Alisha!

  58. Alisha Kilham says:

    Please email for order/credit confirmation

  59. I got the "all you" magazine =) It took a few days for it to clear (I used my debit card), but the credit appeared too!


  60. Shannon Scherz says:

    I just ordered All You. I can't wait to start receiving it! Thanks for this opportunity!

  61. Thanks, this worked great!

  62. This may be a silly question and may have already been answered. Why is the subscription for All You 40 issues? 12 issues a year….this comes out to 3 years and 4 months. Not that I am complaining. This is a great deal and hope there are still offers available. Thanks!

  63. Hi Chelle,

    Yes you will get the subscription monthly for 3yrs and 4 monts. thanks~!

  64. Woohoo! Just got me some All You magazine! Very exciting! Thanks, Carrie!

  65. Just ordered mine. Great fundraiser. Do you do this every year? Can I share this on my blog? How many discount subscriptions do you think are left?

  66. I actually have a subscription to "All You" already, but the renewal rate they want is more than double this deal! I called them to ask about that- why offer a better rate to a brand new subscriber and double charge an already existing subscriber? (I know they want to drum up new business but at the same time- why not treat an already existing, loyal customer as valuable to their business as well?) They didn't have an answer for me so I am letting that subscription go and getting a new one through this. I almost hesitate to though because I don't like the way they are doing business- but it is a good magazine and worth having at this rate. There are always at least 3 or 4 really good coupons a month to look for. Thanks for the link Carrie. :)

  67. Ordered my All You!!! I am sure i will love the mag, but never have bought it before.

  68. Is this deal still valid? I can also get a subscription using my rewards on my credit card, but I think that per dollar this is actually a better deal. Thank you.

  69. Theresa K. says:

    I am STUNNED that we already received our first magazine, Sports Illustrated, on Friday. How does that even happen!?! From time I ordered (2/2) to received (2/12) – that's 10 days. Incredible! Wish I knew if the others will come that fast. I really want the latest issue of Real Simple (but I do have a $1 coupon to double on Wednesday). Maybe I'll just get it anyway and give it away if the other comes.

    I'm glad to hear the offer is still going. I am thinking of ordering more magazines at the end of this week (payday). I would like to have magazines stay in business and I read an article about how it's not what you pay for the magazine that keeps it afloat; advertisers look solely at readership numbers. Support your favorite magazine this way!

  70. I put this on my blog when I saw you guys said to spread the word! :) Love love love it!

  71. I placed my order for All you. My card was charged yesterday, but not the $13 credit. Is that normal?

  72. It appeared today! Yippee! I can't believe this worked! When is the last day to order? I may go back for more.

  73. HI Carrie, I also ordered the mag but didn't see the credit yet? The charge for $40 posted to my bank account on 2/23. I haven't seen anything yet? Will it post as a deposit of $13? It already posted the $40 as a withdrawl. Wasn't sure what to look for…Thanks!

  74. Hi Natalie,

    Can you email me at mrijos@campusfundraiser. Please provide me with you first and last name. so i can send you confirmation on your credit.. Also just to let you know orders that came in on 2-23-10 was just credited yesterday that coupld be the reason you haven't seen your credit :0)

  75. I want to place my order, but the little "padlock" at the bottom of the screen that lets you know that the connection is secure and data is encrypted, has a big red exclamation point. It says that the page contains unauthenticated content. I tried it on another computer and the page generates the same thing…it doesn't look like a secure connection…Help!

  76. Nevermind, it must have been an issue with Mozilla Firefox. I completed my order using IE and it had the "padlock" icon the whole time. I cannot wait to get my first issue!

  77. Carrie,

    I used your link to purchase All You but have not received a credit. I just looked at my bank info online. Help!

    • Hi Monica,

      Please email me your info so i can look up your credit.


    • Monica – How long ago did you make the purchase? If it was a day or two it might take a bit for the credit to hit your account. You know how sometimes when you use your card you can see the transaction immediately in your account and other purchases take 1-2 days to show up? They are crediting everyone the $13, but your bank may not post it that same day. If it's been more than 3-4 business days (not weekends, but business days), let me know.

  78. Thanks, Maura and Carrie. Maura, I sent you my info via my hotmail address. I made the purchase on the 28th. Being that it's a weekend, I figured the credit would take a few days. I was just surprised the charge didn't show on my statement. No worries! I know these things take time. Thanks for checking into it and being so prompt with your response. Carrie, I LOVE this site!

  79. Anyone know how long it takes to start getting all you? Still waiting for my first issue…

    • J.S. – I still haevn't gotten my next All You magazine from a subscription I bought a few years back. That to say, there hasn't been a new magazine yet.

  80. MichelleP says:

    I read that someone got their All You magazine on February 12, but I ordered mine on Feb. 3 (only a day after that person ordered theirs) and I have yet to receive one. I'm hoping it didn't get lost in the shuffle?

  81. Jennifer says:

    I ordered my All You magazine in Feb. but haven't seen a copy yet. Do you know how I can check on my order?

  82. MichelleP says:


    I also ordered in February, and I just got my first (April) copy the other day. I'm not sure if they have different mailing dates, but if you haven't gotten it in the next few days, you may want to call them.

    • Michelle and Jennifer – I suspect that it depends when in February you ordered. Jennifer, if you put in your order toward the end of the month, then you should see your issue in May. Those that ordered toward the beginning of the month got an April issue. If you ordered in the first part of the month, but didn't get it let me know and I'll hook you up with the right people to resolve the issue.

  83. I'm still waiting for my "All You" Magazine. I signed up during the promo. It has been charged and received the PYD discount on my credit card. Where should I check on the status?

  84. I am wondering the same. I ordered my All You on Feb 13th and still haven't received. How can I check status?

  85. I got my May All You in the mail today so I *think* everyone should have gotten theirs now, right?

  86. Still waiting…

  87. I also have not received mine. I ordered towards the end of Feb.

  88. I have not received a all you magazine yet either, and I ordered it in mid February, thanks.

  89. Maybe you could post the details on how to follow up so those that need to can without having you have to e-mail us all directly… I am still waiting and would like to either get a refund or figure out if its on its way.

    Thanks!! Heather

    • Email Alisha at Campus Fundraising at akilham AT campusfundraiser DOT com. She will either follow-up with All You for you or provide you the info so you can do it yourself. She has told me previously that it takes magazines 6-8 weeks after the order date to start to come and All You is notoriously slow.

  90. Will this deal happen again anytime soon? I would love to get in on it!

  91. April – I will have a different, but not quite as good, All You deal in the next week or two.

  92. Carrie, I ordered the All You magazine from the fund raiser site (two subscriptions actually) quite a while ago (June) and have not yet seen an issue. I read it takes a while and then actually forgot about the order untilk a few days ago. Any thougths? Who should I call?


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