Home Depot: Do-It-Herself Bathroom Update Workshop

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Home Depot Do-It-Herself

Home Depot routinely offers workshops and classes to teach you how-to do various home repair projects. On January 14 they are offering a Do-It-Herself workshop, obviously targeted to women, that will teach you simple ways to update your bathroom yourself.  It’s a free class, but pre-registration is required (click here to register).

I might attend this one, because making a few changes in my bathroom would significantly increase my satisfaction with current house and help take away an itch to move. If I scratched that itch to move by actually moving, do you know how much that would cost? A lot. I’m sure I’d pick a bigger and more expensive house (our two-bedroom townhouse is pretty cheap), plus I’d want some new rugs, lamps and furniture, we’d have to mow and snowplow ourselves, which means buying more stuff. All in all, I think I’d get a pretty good return on my time investment with this workshop, huh? :)

Your turn: What relatively low-cost (relative to the cost of moving) things have you done to increase your satisfaction with your house?


  1. says

    We have been sprucing up our townhouse the last couple of years. While we really want to move we know that it could take a while to sell our townhouse and find a new place of our own.

    Here is what we have done so far:

    ~In November we painted our main level which totally changed the feeling of the space.

    ~Last January we installed new faucets in the kitchen and one bathroom. (Still have the 1/2 bath to do.)

    ~We also have replaced our light fixtures throughout with the exception of closets and the laundry room.

    ~Depending on the tax return that we get this year we might install wood floors on the main floor. Of course we will do it ourselves with the help of family and friends. We are not sure yet if we will do real wood or the laminate, it will all come down to which ever is most affordable.

    I would also love to sell some of our "unused" items on Craigslist but will need to convince my husband on that one. LOL

  2. Nate says

    We have a 2 bedroom townhouse as well and are debating whether it makes sense to fix things up (bathroom included) or to just save our money for the next place. Part of me wants to get out before the furnace, AC, water heater, windows, etc all need to be replaced (which is relatively soon). I'll have to check out some of these Home Depot Workshops sometime when I can. I want to be able to do it myself, but am somewhat lacking in experience.

  3. Leslie says


    I work for a real estate company. . . These do it yourself shops are great!! But make sure to really spend the money where it counts. Paint is the cheapest way to change the look and feel of your home. If you are concerned about the big stuff, AC, water heater, etc. Consider purchasing a home warranty for roughly 400-500 per/year. This will cover all appliances in your home.

    Faucets, doors, hardware are the easiest/cheapest quick fixes. Do your research!

    If you live in a townhome community, ask your neighbors what they have done. . . Let's face it, we do not always see a great return on townhomes. Your best bet is to ask around. If your entire community has the same bathrooms, you may want to utilize the similiarites of the community. Save your money here, if everyone else has the same stuff, spend the money on the big stuff – IE: furnace, water heater, A/C etc.

  4. Nate says

    Leslie – When you say you don't see great return on townhomes, do you mean that it's harder to get back what you put into fixing it up? If that's the case, I'll definitely stick to minor cosmetic fixes and leave the bigger things unless absolutely necessary.

  5. Leslie says

    Nate – I would say so. Especially in this market right now. UNLESS, you plan on staying in the home for a while and really would appreciate fixing it up. But overall, I would stick to the minor fixes.

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