Angel Food: Save 50% on Your Groceries Without Coupons

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If you want to spend less on your groceries right away but aren’t into couponing, here’s an idea for you. For $30, you can buy a pre-determined assortment of food from Angel Food Ministries that is valued at $65. It’s really that easy. Their selection is limited, but the menu changes every month.

How does it work? In my mind, Angel Food is a discount grocery retailer. They buy large quantities of food monthly and sell it from more than 5,200 locations in 45 states. Everyone is buying the same set of products and the product assortment changes monthly, which allows them to buy en masse and pass the savings on to the consumer. Since the food cost isn’t subsidized, it just isn’t marked up like the grocery stores. This is an opportunity for any family at any income level to take advantage of the savings.

In fact, I’d think that the more families that buy food, the merrier, because volume is king in getting and maintaining such a steep discount.

How do you buy your Angel Food? Angel Food’s website lists all the distribution centers nationwide. See if there is a location near you. Order a regular box for $30 or a specialty box (meat, fruits, or veggies) for less. You may order as few or as many boxes as you like. You will have to pick it up on one particular day, and no exceptions or alternate arrangements can be made (that’s part of their cost-saving measures).

Your turn: What do you think of Angel Food?


  1. Sarah o. says

    I know a local church who provides Angel Food ministries, and when you actually price compare, and spend wisely through sales and coupons, it is not the better deal overall. There is another one that runs locally that I forget the name to that is a much better deal.

      • JC says

        We checked out Fare for All last week (the warehouse site) where you could buy the packages or individual items. Was not impressed. I agree you can get the same or better deals with sales and coupons. In addition, ALL of the meat items were expired – around Nov of 2009. even though they disclose this and tell you it has been frozen since then – why cahnce it. As an example they had turkey burgers – 1 lb for $1 exp 10/2009. Cub deal was even better with coupons and it was fresher.

  2. says

    I've heard the quality of the food isn't as good as just shopping sales, using coupons, or shopping at Aldi. I considered it, but didn't want to risk it after the many bad reviews I read.

    Another similar program I heard about was Great Food For All, but they aren't near me. The reviews were much better, though.

  3. Gloria says

    We tried this one month and it was NOT good. The food was poor quality. I also didn't receive an item because they were out. I was told to come and get it later. Well, my fault I went back 6 weeks later when I remembered and they said it was too late. I wasn't too happy about the response, " If it is such a big deal to you we can just pay you" I was stunned and said, No thanks. I promise I wasn't complaining :)

  4. Julie says

    While I feel good about using coupons and shopping smart, I would feel guilty shopping here and that I was taking food from some who are in much greater need than we.

  5. Sarah o. says

    For those who are truely in need, Cannon Falls Assembly of God every month or close to every month has anywhere from $100 worht of food for $20 up to $200 for the same amount. It is almost all produce and bread, but they usually have either some meat or milk as well. It usually falls on the 3rd Saturday from 9am-12. I have never been disappointed when I have used it to help other families or when I have received what was left that my parents didn't need.

  6. Terri says

    I recently tried "Fare for All". Julie – I thought about that too so I called them and asked about it. They said it is more like a co-op and the more people that use it, the more food they can buy so they encourage all people to use it. Buying in bulk, they say, keeps cost lower. I didn't think is was a tremendous deal but ok. BTW – I cooked the spiral ham for Christmas and my husband said it was the best ham he ever had.

  7. Cindy says

    In Hudson (Wisc) there is a surplus food program .. the local grocery stores donate their day-old bread and baked goods, fruits and vegs, the Chipotle restuarant donates leftover rice, meat, beans, organic milks and such (yogurt, natural foods, hummus, pitas) and people gather once a week to take what they want/need. There is no cost involved, but there is a culture you kind of have to get the hang of. This would be at the Catholic church on Mondays (9:45 am) and the Methodist church on Wednesdays (9:00 am)

  8. Rebecca says

    Have to sing the praises of FARE FOR ALL! (Especially the holiday packages). One of the items in the Thanksgiving package was the Jennie-O tukey in the bag…my whole family said it was the best turkey they have every had! Ditto on the Christmas ham. It's a given that you need to consume the produce quickly, but it was in good condition and was a great value for times when meat and produce deals are hard to come buy. I plan to make this a regular stop on my food shopping adventure! :) It is also great for folks who feel overwhelmed and dont know where to start saving money on groceries.

  9. Samijo says

    Angel Food Ministries

    LaPorte TX

    Friendswood TX

    I have done Angel Food for probably over 2years. The quality of everything is great. Like you said it isn't 2nd grade & the meat is very good. Not like going to the grocery store & does take a little pre-planning on payment & pick-up dates.

    The LaPorte TX location you take your own box (oblong laundry basket or even a cooler on wheels) works just fine.

    The Friendswood TX (did) you pay an extra $1 & it comes boxed up for you. Both work great for me.

    Everyone is busy these days, but it takes people to be able to open up these locations & volunteering is always great. I've done this & you meet the nicest people, both workers & people picking up food.

    I'm a big coupon person, as much as I can be being only one person, so I find grocery stores & Angel Food are both great for me.


  10. Angie says

    Since we are really skimping on our grocery bill, I am always looking for the best deal. This year we tried Fare for All at Thanksgiving. For $25 we got a fair amount of food. The turkey fed only 4 people. I'm leary of the produce, although my mom is encouraging me to try using it. She plans to go to the warehouse this wknd and I'll be interested to know what she thinks as she's very picky!

  11. Angie says

    I'd like to know more about this…but what catholic church/methodist church in wisc? there has to be more than one.

  12. says

    Angie – A friend of mine swears by Fare for All and LOVES their produce. She has gotten all sorts of things and in decent quantity too (she has a family of 5). Try it and report back on what you think.

  13. says

    I think any grocery shopping approach is all about how you want to shop. If you don't want to use coupons, and plenty of people don't, then Aldi and food programs like Angel Food make sense. I personally can get better deals shopping with sales and coupons, but if I had another baby or didn't have the energy for couponing for a season of life I'd do Angel Food.

  14. JC says

    All past the "freeze by" date. I don't believe frozen meat ever has an "expire date" on package just a "freeze by" date. But I may be wrong.

    Anyway – they disclose on website under FAQ this info:

    Q: What does the date on the meat I purchased indicate?

    A: The date on your meat package is a freeze by date not an expiration date. Fare For All guarantees that the meat you receive has been frozen since before the freeze by date. Once frozen, the meat is safe to eat for up to two years after this date. Fare For All is very strict in following USDA guidelines on food dating, storage, and usage – and especially about food dating! For more information on food dating visit the USDA Website:

    here is link:

  15. Amy says

    I love FareForAll (NH warehouse location). Plus, if you spend at least $12 they have tables of free stuff. I've snagged Trader Joe's bread, Costco chocolate chunk cookies, 18 pack of crossiants, Hasbro games, etc… all for free.

  16. Scott says

    My family tried the services of Angel Food Ministries during a time of financial struggle. Only about half the food was edible. The frozen vegetables were freezer burnt, the meat was of poor quality, and the boxed entrees were were of such poor quality that we could not eat them. Quality aside, the money savings was nominal. It is not right when a so-called "ministry" claims to be serving needy families, but demeans its clients through garbage offerings. This "ministry" is run out of a wealthy institution, but is doing nothing more than self-aggrandizement by abusing the dignity of those in need.

  17. Donna Fuller says

    We have used Angel Food approximately 7 times. There are some foods that aren't great quality, but most of it is good. I don't know why anyone would say that they feel they are being demeaned by the quality of the food. We have actually gotten some foods that I wish I could go and buy in the grocery store or order separately because my family liked them that much. I am going to order Angel Food again this month while I am unemployed. My worst problem with the food is that there are no cooking directions on a lot of the items that I would expect to have them, so I have to guess or look for something similar in a cookbook or online. I overcompensate to make sure meat is cooked safely.

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