Aldi Shopping List 1/3 – 1/9/10

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Aldi has some great prices on produce this week.  These prices are based on the Minneapolis/St. Paul-area sales flyer.

If you’ve never shopped at Aldi bring a quarter (not 25 cents, but a quarter) for the refundable deposit on your cart and your own bags. They take cash or debit card, but not credit card. Find an Aldi near you.  Remember that their produce is ripe for eating when you buy it, so be prepared to eat it, freeze, can it or otherwise use it up right away.

Grapefruit. $0.29 each. If you assume there are three large grapefruit in a pound, that works out to $0.87/lb.

Navel Oranges. $0.32/lb, sold in 4 lb bag for $1.29.

Bananas. $0.39/lb, this is Aldi’s everyday price on bananas. The few times I’ve been at my Aldi they’ve had bags of bananas marked down to $0.25 because they were really ripe. Three weeks ago I picked up 17 pounds of bananas for $1.50; We ate some, I made banana bread, baby food, banana “juice” (ripe banana and milk in the blender), then peeled and froze the rest for future baking projects.

Tangerines. $0.49/lb, sold in 3 lb bag for $1.29.

Cantaloupe. $0.89 each.

(Thanks Stacie for the list!)

Your turn: What else are you going to pick up at Aldi this week?


  1. Jeanie says

    I often freeze bananas that have gotten too ripe. I just throw them in the freezer- no need to peel and put in containers. Then I know @ a glance if I have enough bananas for the muffins,bread or cake recipe I want to make. They thaw quickly.

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