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Vocalpoint is my favorite coupon program. Hands down. By far.  Why do I love it? Let me count the ways:

1) No need to print coupons.Occasionally they email about a printable coupon, but they mail coupons to my house roughly once per month.

2) Super high value coupons.In the 6 months I have been part of Vocalpoint I have been mailed at least 3 try me free coupons that resulted in free products. I have also been mailed super high-value dollar off coupons like $3/1 box of cereal. Matched with sales I have used these dollar off coupons to get even more free products.

3) Tons of coupons. They only send me stuff once per month (or so), but when they do I usually get 5 coupons for the same product. I already told you that they are high-value coupons so having lots of them is awesome when the product goes on sale.

4) Creative packaging. This is not nearly as important, but I am continually impressed with the creative packaging the coupons come in.

If you’ve yet to sign up, have I convinced that now is the time to register for Vocalpoint?

Your turn:Do you have other reasons you love Vocalpoint?

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  1. Carrie, I agree that these coupons are incredible! I bought several boxes of Kashi Go Lean cereal for pennies per box. How can we afford *not* to contribute to food pantries with these super deals? I love it!

  2. I tried to register, but they told me that I didn't fit what they were looking for…………….anyone know what that is?

  3. Yes Andrea I had the same problem…..I guess we are just special!!

  4. I had the same problem too. I thought it was because I said I was single with no kids. Guess they think I have more money to spend because of it :(.

  5. I just tried and they said I didn't meet the criteria either. I am married with one child. So I don't know what they are looking for. Its kinda upsetting b/c I'd really like more coupons!

  6. Carrie,

    ARe you active on their website and do reviews etc. to get the coupons? I am sighned up but NEVER get coupons.

  7. Same her. Said I did not fit what they were looking for. :-( I was so excited to give it a try.

  8. Vocalpoint is a website that was designed for moms. If you mentioned that you did not have children, it would have said you did not qualify!

  9. I got signed up. Told me " congratuations you qualify for Vocalpoint"……I am excited to get my coupons.

  10. I have been a member for 2 months and haven't received anything from them!? Do I have to sign up for the coupons in addition to having a vocalpoint account?

  11. what a crock..i didn't qualify either. since when do you have to qualify for a coupon?

  12. April,

    I am married with 4 kids, so go figure!

  13. I am a guy, but they are a sexist organization focused on a specific group of women. What a bunch of —-

  14. I have been a member for a few years. They are great. I also bout a lot of kashi go lean cereal for just pennies and donated to the local food shelf. They always send one to try the product for free or almost free and then coupons (usually 6-8) to give out to friends to try the products.

  15. I registered about a month ago and have already gotten some very cool coupons, like $2.00 off Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner (Got a bottle this week at Walgreens for 99 cents!!). I am married and have no children and young and had no trouble signing up…I think it just depends on what they are looking for at the time…..By the way, love this website!! Bookmarked it a few months back and visit daily!

  16. I tried to sign up. Married 2 kids and they said I didn't qualify. Darn

  17. Very frustrating! I was told I was eligible, filled in my contact information, then they denied me!

  18. I tried & was able to get registered. I'm a married mom with two children 5 & under. Not sure why there is a difference from me and anyone else. I'm looking forward to receiving more coupons in the mail!

  19. Andrea, same with me. Told I was eligible then turned me down. We have 5 kids and could sure use the coupons! Besides, it's a little hard on the ego to be rejected by a coupon site:)

  20. I was told I didn't qualify either. For those that did, did you answer the questions saying you DO like trying new products before others, etc.?

  21. I have joined!! Now let's see if I get any coupons.

  22. Do they send you the coupons just for signing up? I signed up a couple weeks ago but haven't gotten anything from them in the mail. Is there somewhere else on their website where you go for the coupons?

  23. Shannon Tallman says:

    I would like coupons mailed tp my house. How can I get on a mailing list?

  24. I have been a member for many many months and only got one mailing in the last year. So, I don't know why they don't send me stuff! Is there a way to increase the chance of getting sent things?

  25. I am a guy with 4 kids and qualified! I think their looking for winners!

  26. Mechelle says:

    how do you sign up?

  27. Trying to start saving.

  28. crystal says:

    how can i get coupons mailed to my house i have twins and no time to run out and look for them all the time please help me.. thank you

  29. How old are your twins? I have almost 3 year old twins and have been able to get a lot of stuff free within their first year. Also I got product sent to my house.

  30. STEVE POPONICK says:

    I have lost my job recently and any help would be appreciated. Email me for address, etc. Thanks

  31. Where do I sign up? can someone please tell me..

  32. I signed up in May for an account and still have not received anything from them.

  33. How do I actually get signed up for these mailed coupons?

  34. Well I just tried to sign up and it said I have been a member since September and I have yet to receive any coupons from them can anyone tell me why that is??

  35. i need help with coupon im on disablity and have a chroniic brain condition

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