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up the movie

If the movie UP is on your Christmas gift list, then be sure to print out this $10 printable coupon.  Now the question becomes, where’s the best place to buy the movie?

Walmart is currently selling the 4-disc BluRay combo pack of Disney Pixar’s UP for $19.96.  Use this UP $10 printable coupon to pay just $9.96 out of pocket.

Hold on to your hats because the deal gets even better.  There are some other rebates going on right now that you can stack with your $9.96 movie. They do require an additional purchase, but if you eat the other products anyway it might be worth it. Click on the rebate name to view the form and get complete details:

Kernal Seasons. Buy UP and 2 Kernal Seasons products and get $5 back by mail. Kernal Seasons has $1/2 printable coupons available right now (or print another set here).  I’m not sure on the price of these, but have heard it’s around $4 at Walmart.

Bird’s Eye Voila Meals. Buy UP and 2 Bird’s Eye Voila Meals and get $5 back by mail. The 11/8 Smart Source insert has a $1/2 Voila coupon or $1/2 printable coupon (IE) or printable coupon (FF)

Pasta. Buy UP and 1 Ronzoni, Creamette, San Giorgio, American Beauty, Prince or Skinner Pasta and get $4 back by mail. Use $1/2 Ronzoni printable coupon or after registering here or after registering here

(Thanks Crystal and Thrifty and Chic Mom)

Your turn: How and where did you get a great deal on UP and other movies?


  1. SarahBB says

    OK, is this for a Blu-ray movie only? I am confused– coupon says, "4Disc Pack Includes Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy of the movie"– does that imply it has all those technologies and a Blu ray player is not needed?

  2. Priscilla says

    SarahBB, that is correct. It has like 2 disc's for the Blue Ray & the regular DVD movie, so you could have the movie for both players.

    Digital copy I think is one you can download to your ipod (or similar).

  3. Cath says

    Gennifer's deal has worked for many people, but it is against Target's price matching policy. I was rejected at 3 different Target stores, but since so many people online were getting the deal I wrote an email to Target. Turns out it's against their price matching policy on "bundling" and the Best Buy deal is a bundling deal.

    I know a lot of people are getting away with it, but it is against their policy.

  4. Denise says

    The Target BF ad came out yesterday and I think UP! is on the list for early bird. It might be a good close to freebie that day with a coupon like this?!

  5. Linaya says

    Except that the coupon expires on 11/17/09 which is next week and the Target ad you are talking about is for Black Friday so then it would be expired. Bummer!

  6. Sharon says

    Thanks soooo much for the link to the coupon… got outr4 disc set this am!!! :) Can't go wrong getting blue ray, regular and digital for 10 bucks!!!!!

  7. Julia says

    @ SarahBB – There are 4 discs in the box. One for regular DVD, One Blu-ray, One for the digital copy and one with bonus features. So no matter what version you use, you can get it all for $10 and if you are like our household we use all 3 and are super excited that Disney is offering all of them for $10 that is a HUGE savings if you use them!

  8. Ang says

    I just printed the DVD/Birds Eye Voila rebate form and the DVD/Pasta rebate form. Both forms ask for the proof-of-purchase tab on the back of the package. Does this mean we can only send in one of the above mentioned rebates?

  9. says

    Is there a trick to printing this coupon? It says I have successfully installed the coupon printer application but won't go to print it? Any help? Thanks!

  10. Gennifer says

    I was able to do the deal at Elk River's Target, although their price for UP was $19.99 so they only needed to price match for Monsters INC.

  11. Kris says

    My Target would not match Walmart's price because it is not in the printed ad. Did anyone have any luck with the web site print for a price match?

  12. Judy says

    So if you are buying Monsters Inc and UP, There is a $8 off Monsters, a $10 off UP, and a $10 target coupon when buying both–so for $18.98 plus tax–you can get both movies

  13. Alison says

    Jenna – Customer Service, but take the entire Best Buy ad. I was able to do this at the Eden Prairie Target without too much problem.

  14. Erica says

    I just saw UP at Borders for $22.00 but you also get a $5 Borders gift card so if you are a Borders shopper that might be a better deal than Walmart!

  15. Brenda says

    Just an FYI on the pasta rebate that goes with this deal… you have to cut the "proof of purchase tabs" from the package and mail with your receipts and form to get your $4 or $5. The tab is inside the cellophane wrapper and on the paper wrap that's inside the clear plastic cover of the case. So if you're planning on giving as gifts, keep that in mind. But if you're giving to family or someone that wouldn't care that you opened it, then buy away!

    I bought two this morning at Walmart and will be using my sister's address fr the second rebate! (Even without the additional rebate, this is a great deal! One for the Blu-Ray, and the DVD for the van!)

  16. Steph says

    I went to Walmart today to purchase UP and the 4-disc combo pack was $29.96 not $19.96, therefore I didn't buy. I was very disappointed.

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