Toys R Us: 5 Board Games for $4.95

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candy land

This week you can get five children’s board games for $4.95 at Toys R Us after coupons, gift card offers and a rebate.

Toys R Us Sale

Toys R Us has Hasbro Games on sale, plus the store is offering a $10 gift card when you buy $25 or more in games.

Select games with their prices include:

Candy Land, Chutes/ladders, Ants in Pants, Don’t Break The Ice, Memory, Hi-Ho Cherry-o

Clue, Boggle Jr, Rubiks, Scrabble Jr, Yahtzee, Monopoly Jr or Deal

Mouse Trap, Scrabble, Perfection, Connect 4, Boggle, Perfection

Hasbro Rebate

Hasbro is also offering a mail-in rebate when you purchase certain Hasbro games at Toys R Us (offer exclusive to games purchased at Toys R Us). You will get a certain dollar amount back for each of 33 different games you buy.  (You can claim up to $69 in rebates as long as you buy enough different games to qualify).  Hasbro’s mail-in rebate form has the complete list of qualifying games and details.

***Deal idea***

Buy Scrabble or Connect 4 at Toys R Us for $9.99 and
Buy any four of Toys R Us’s $3.99 games: Candy Land, Chutes/Ladders, Ants in Pants, Don’t Break the Ice, or Memory (but remember they must all be different games)
Spend $25.96 plus tax, get $10 gift card back from Toys R Us and
Submit for $3 Hasbro rebate for Connect 4 or Scrabble and
Submit for $2 Hasbro rebate for each of the four $3.99 games you chose
Final price: $0.99 each game after coupons, gift card and rebate

(Thanks My Frugal Adventures and Common Sense with Money)


  1. Erica says

    I just saw this last night and I am SO excited about it! I am actually going to buy 7 of the $3.99 games (the ad only lists 6 different kinds but I looked online and pretty much all of the games on the rebate list for $2 back are on sale for $3.99)

    So it would be $27.93 (minus tax) with $10 gift card and $14 back in rebates making it $3.93 for 7 games! Or $0.57 a game!

    I figure even though my daughter is too young for them I will hang on to a couple and can donate some to a toy drive. :)

  2. says

    @Sara: I did this deal yesterday at the Toys R Us in Blaine and the rebate forms were hanging right there by the games. Super convenient! So don't worry about not being able to open it on your computer…I'm sure that other stores will have them up, too.

    @Erica: I bought 7 games for $3.99, too, and it worked just fine. Just make sure that the games match up with the rebate.

    Also keep in mind that the games need to be the original/classic game instead of a character variety to qualify for the rebate (except for the Memory game). At least that's what I've heard around the campfire.

  3. karmen says

    Has anyone combined this deal with the $10 GC with any $75 purchase? Can you get both $10 GC's if you spend $25 on games and $50 on other toys?

  4. Kelly says


    I'm thinking it probably would work because the $10 game GC rings up automatically, and you use the coupon for the other. Good luck!

  5. Erica says

    I just picked up my seven games! My Toys R Us is looking a little picked over but I was able to get what I wanted for the most part.

    One thing I noticed is if you do the Scrabble deal that Carrie listed you can also get a family game night trophy for free. I think this is a great idea if you've got older kids!

  6. Maxine Schmit says

    I can't seem to get anything on the mail in rebate site for the Hasbro games. Can you get the rebate deal if you order on line.

    Thanks, Maxine

  7. Amy says

    I was able to use both coupons tonight to get $20 in a giftcard! I went to the Minnetonka Toys R Us. The games were a bit picked over but was still able to get 4 games and get the $10 gift card. (The manager told me he has a shipment coming in on Thurs to restock the supply) I also picked up the Musical Sit n Spin for $9.99 (on sale for 19.99 paired with a $10 off coupon from the Playskool website), 2 gloworms for $6.99each (using $3 off coupons from Playskool website), and some Mr. Potato Heads (using more coupons from the Playskool website). Combining these items with the game, I reached the $25.00 for the games deal and $75.00 deal needed and received $20.00 on a gift card! I also saved $40 with my coupons and have over $8.00 in rebates that I need to mail in. I plan to bring my gift card back to the store tomorrow to buy the Wii for $20 off, it also includes a sports attachment pack (19.99 value for free) What a deal at Toys r Us this week!! I LOVE your website! It is helping me save tremendously!!! Thank you, Thank you!!

  8. Jenn says

    FYI Maplewood Toys R Us had a truck come in last night too, so for those of you who are still looking to get the games I was just able to get mine this morning and got 7 games for 4.85 after all discounts… whoo hoo :) I plan to give them all to my kids & their cousins for Christmas. There's 6 kids ages 2-7 in our family so that's a game for each plus an extra!

  9. Annette says

    The Minnetonka store has NO $3.99 games left. The manager checked his shipment list that comes tonight but is only getting a few Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. There are no rainchecks and they won't be getting more before the sale ends. I'm bummed and trying to weigh the options if it's worth driving to another one. I live in Otsego so they're kind of far from me. Any thoughts?

  10. Chad Welch says

    I just bought HiHo Cherry-O on sale for 4.99, had a coupon for 2.00 off so 2.99. Then it is eligible for the 2.00 mail in rebate.


  1. […] I’ve been waiting to post on the great Toys R Us game sale but wanted to wait until I went. It’s Wednesday and I’m hoping to go today but don’t want you to miss out on these deals because I posted too late. Right now Hasbro games are on sale for about 1/2 off and when you buy $25 in Hasbro games, you receive a $10 gift card. Also, there is a Hasbro game rebate available. Remember there is a limit of one rebate per game so be sure to get a variety of games.  These games would make great gifts or donations for the holidays. I plan to buy $25 worth and then use my $10 gift card to buy more. For more details check out Faithful Provisions or Pocket Your Dollars. […]

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