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If I didn’t love Rainbow Foods before, I would certainly love them now. Rainbow introduces a number of new loyalty program benefits that will save us even more money.  To participate in any of these you’ll need a Roundy’s card, which you can get free at the Customer Service desk in your store.

Free Food. Every time you spend $525 now through December 19, 2009 you qualify for a $10 gift card. The ad makes it look like the $525 calculation is based on sale price, but before coupons. We’ll have to check out our receipts on Wednesday to confirm how it calculates.

Electronic Credit toward Next Purchase. Two ongoing promotions where if you buy xxx products, then you get yyy amount of money off your next order are advertised in this week’s sales flyer.  Whereas the money off your next purchase is typically a coupon, this is a credit on Roundy’s reward card that will be automatically deducted on your next purchase.

These two promotions are good now through December 2, 2009:

Buy $20 in Kellogg’s cereals, get $5 off your next grocery order

Buy $20 in Yoplait yogurt, get $5 off your next grocery order

Gas Discounts. This is an ongoing perk of the Roundy’s card. You earn money off your gas purchase at BP stations. One reader emailed me this past summer and said she saved up her discount and used more than $2 off per gallon right before her family went on a road trip to Chicago.

Your turn: Which of these rewards do you like best? Why? 


  1. Jenn says

    Since the first two are new, I can only speak for the gas discount! I've only used the gas discount once, since I signed up in June and used my first discount in August before the June ones expired — I ended up paying 1.25 per gallon at that time and waited until my car was almost completely empty so I could take advantage of the full 20 gallons (ended up using 19, though, but that satisfied me). I filled up for less than half of what I normally pay for a full tank! I have 50 cents expiring this month (that is before I discovered Carrie's lovely website and was spending bagillions on food ;)), so you can bet I'll be making a trip to BP the next time my car is on E…

    Out of the two new ones, though, I'll say the Electronic credit excites me more — just because I love the idea of being able to just 'swipe' and save automatically. I'm curious as to how many of the xxx I'll have to buy to get yyy off, though…

    I love how we can get THREE different kinds of discounts with the same card as opposed to one discount. So they all are exciting, now. Rainbow is the best!!! :)

  2. Tanya Hoven says

    I am pretty excited about these new perks. I went on Sunday to use up some coupons that were expiring for the Kellogg's cereal deal of buy $20, get $10 off. On my receipt, it said $10 was credited towards the free food. So, I am guessing it is calculated after sale price and any store specials but before coupons (as I spent only $2). I did get the $5 off my next order becaue I bought $20 worth of Kellogg's cereal so that is caclulated differently. Possibly at sales price?

  3. Toni P. says

    Also, as I understand it, you can clip UPromise coupons using your Roundy's card. The coupons are applied automatically…or that's the theory. I'm testing it out this week.

  4. Janna C. says

    I thought this was a great deal…I made money on the Kellog's cereal Buy $10 of cereal get $10 rebate. I bought $20 of cereal with the specially marked boxes and got my $5 Roundy's reward on my card in addition. I have $20 of cereal on hand and $25 coming my way! (Not that I needed more cereal…but I won't turn it down if it is free and I certainly won't turn it down if I'm going to get paid to eat it!)

    Thanks for all you do Carrie! I wouldn't have spotted this on my own!

  5. Shelly says

    My car only takes 10 gallons of gas, so I bring along gas containers and always take my full 20 gallons at discount. I usually wait until I am up to at least 40 cents or have something expiring, because the closest BP station is out of the way. I haven't started saving for the new discounts, but Rainbow just keeps me smiling.

  6. Rachel says

    Because I'm feeding a larger family, I usually have around $.30-$.40 off each week. I drive a van which easily takes 20 gallons if I let it get near empty. I've been so impressed with the gas program. I've saved $ every time I've filled up lately. My biggest savings was $12 on a tank a few weeks ago, but I usually save between about $6 and $10 per tank of gas, on top of getting great prices on my groceries. I'm so excited about this new free food deal, and I didn't even know about the other electronic coupon thing. My hubby works for SuperValu (Cub) and playfully teases me for shopping at Rainbow. I used to be a die-hard Cub fan, but now I *have* to go to Rainbow. How could I not with all the great deals? I still prefer a Cub store over a Rainbow store, but that's not too big of a deal.

  7. Andrea says

    I also have started shopping at Rainbow since the as promotion started. One word of caution – Not all BP stations are part of this promotion. My husband and I went to fill up at a BP station near our Anoka house. After filling up, we went inside to pay. The cashier told us that it cost the station too much money to be part of the Roundy's Rewards program and would not accept our discount of 90 cents a gallon! Since it was the last day of the month, 30 cents expired without us using them! Make sure you are filling up at a participating BP!

  8. Kathy says

    To take full advantage of the gas discount of 20 gallons, my husband and I both go to the station. I fill up and he pulls up right behind me and fills up his tank using the same pump. It is great to get 70 cents off on 20 gallons of gas.

  9. lisette says

    Hi Carrie I dont know If its going to be the same way for Copps.Just yesterday I saw that they will be giving discount and free pproducts If you buy $xx.xx amount But they never mentioned they were going to give copps gift cards.It just not be the same for everyone.I love the fuel perks i sabe between 0.50 and 0.70..per gallon.One question Do you know if they credit you for the amount before or after coupons?.I just noticed on my last double the wednesday that I spent more than $50.00 but after the coupon it came out to $3.50.They didnt credit me for the $50.For me It doesnt make sense since the fuel perks is a reward for shopping at the store and I still spent $50.00 but paid 3.50 O.P(they will get the rest from manufacturers)

  10. Jenn says

    I'm just commenting again to confirm Carrie's statement that the new free food perk is based on sale price (not shelf price), and that it is before coupons. How nice, since I use at least $10 in coupons every Wed since they double!

  11. Judi says

    I like Rainbow's gas perks, but I have stopped shopping there, at least for now. I shop at two of them and without fail…every time I go in to get the specials from the Sunday ad…everything is gone. It doesn't matter if I go on Sunday or the following Friday…sometimes I can find one, maybe two of the sale items I wanted…never more than that. I feel like they are doing a bait and switch. Anyone else running into this?

  12. says

    Judi, I know there are a few Rainbow stores that seem to never have the deals in stock, I completely blame this on poor store management. I know the Apple Valley Rainbow is one I like to shop at but you are right, shelves are always empty, they have cut the staff so severly of hours that there is not enough staff to get the shelves restocked, or they like to tell you that they are out of items, well, you can go to Eagan, W.St. Paul, Midway, Larpenteur stores and they always seem to have plenty on the shelves and there are always plenty of smiling workers restocking during daytime hours. Visit the Rainbow stores that serve you well, that's what I do!

  13. Shelly says

    My store in Savage almost always have the deals available, but if I get there later in the afternoon (on Wednesday's) they might be out. But they always cheerfully give me a rain check. The rain check usually works out better because the cost price goes towards the $25.00 not the sale price. Of course there is the possibility that the coupon is expiring and I don't get that product. But I always come prepared to have substitutes.

    I call this store my store because the staff there has bent over backwards to make Carrie's website work. When I started going there they refused computer printed coupons that didn't have watermarks on them. With Carrie's help and me taking in every coupon policy I could find, they reconsidered their policy and now accept these coupons.

    When I was there last week, the Service Desk Manager flashed a coupon at me and said "You know about coupons, is this legitimate??" and yes I could answer her question. Because of their great service I am spending more dollars there!!

  14. says

    I was also going to say that I always ask for a raincheck if they are out of sale items, and , like Shelly, it almost works out better because the full price goes toward your $25, so you can double more coupons. Another thing I have tried, is if I have a coupon that will be expiring on Saturday, and they were out of it on Wednesday, I politely ask while they are writing out the raincheck if they will double this coupon if I come back on Saturday when the coupon expires, since I obviously was spending over $25 in that visit but couldn't use my coupon. They don't always have the item in by Saturday, but sometimes they do, and they just manually double my coupon, entering a store discount (make sure they write on the bottom of the raincheck to double the coupons!).

    I've also had them write on the raincheck that I could use it more than once, like if it was a raincheck for yogurt and I had 8 coupons, then I would have split them into two orders to double them all–so they'll write on the raincheck that I can use it more than once (in the same night the next week). Make sense?

    We don't have a Rainbow, so I'm guessing that's why I've never heard about the gas rewards. I've never heard of getting money back on your shopping card, so maybe we don't have that yet. I'll have to watch for it. And the $525 reward you mention I think is played out differently here. I described why it wasn't worth it (at least for the way our store runs it) here:

  15. eric estergren says

    We have been long-time customers of Rainbows and we have to say that your "Chairman approved rewards card" is the worst promotion we have ever experienced. Everytime we shop at your store, we are told how much we will save at our next gas puchase. First of all we have to go some distance to find a BP station and when we do they never participate. We were chased down in your store to get this card and so far it has not done us any good. Are we missing something? Or is this the most ridicioulus promotion, we have ever experienced. My husband went out of his way to try to take advantage of gas discount today, but once again with no luck. Mr. Chairman, you need to do better than that. Waiting to be enlightened as to what this card actually does.

  16. Roger Reif says

    What kind of a ripoff are you running? Rewards money off is not happening through Pick N Save in F.D.L. WI. We are told to call you and yet after holding for 15 minutes we had e nough. Trying to get our reward discount on gas through in Plymouth WI. that didn't work either. We will try once more and if we are met with more failures Piggly Wiggly will become our grocer,

  17. Bree says


    I'm wondering how exactly roundy rewards works. Can I upload coupons? How do I know what I'll get off with my card? I'm new to the area and a little lost.



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