Free Starbucks on Your Birthday

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Here’s the scoop.  If you buy a Starbucks card (a gift card that is), then register it on Starbucks website here and opt-in to receive emails, you’ll be sent a coupon for a free coffee on your birthday.  Being a Starbucks member gives you other benefits too like:

Free syrup and milk options for your beverage.
Free brewed coffee refills (hot or iced).
Free Tall (12 fl oz) beverage with your 1 lb whole bean purchase.
Up to two hours free AT&T Wi-Fi per day.

The free coffee on your birthday is still the best one.  Check out a bazillion (I rounded up) other birthday freebies here.

Your turn: Let’s keep growing our list of birthday freebies. What else do you know about?


  1. karen says

    oh my gosh you are the best,just watched you today on Twin Cities Live. We are retired so saving money really counts with us. Thanks for the great info. blessings to you Karen O.

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