How-to Make Lower-Cost Fruit Smoothies

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Instead of buying expensive bags of frozen fruit for smoothies consider these two alternatives:

Freeze fresh fruit. Buy fresh fruit at rock bottom price in season  and freeze it yourself. Just wash it, lay it on paper towels to dry, and then freeze. You can either lay individual pieces on a cookie sheet to be frozen for a few hours, then transfer them into a ziploc bag for long-term storage or put all the fruit in a ziploc and freeze it that way. Using the second method the fruit will clump together and it is more difficult to get individual pieces out if you only want to use a portion of what you’ve frozen.

Use canned fruit. Buy canned fruit packed in juice versus syrup. When you drain the fruit do it so that you can retain the juice separately. Again, freeze the fruit using one of the methods described above. As for the juice – either let your kids drink it now or freeze in an ice cube tray and throw a cube into a smoothie.

Your turn: Fruit is healthy, but can be expensive. How do you keep fruit costs down?  You all know that I shop at Aldi and yes, sometimes their fruit is poor quality, but other times it is just fine. What is your favorite smoothie recipe? Mine is an invention my husband and I concocted, whose recipe was posted here. It’s the Avocado Banana Vanilla smoothie and even non-avocado lovers will love it.

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