Problems Printing Coupons Online?

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Have you ever tried to print an online coupon only to be told that you need to download the coupon printer, but you know you have already done that?  Frustrating, isn’t it?  Hopefully, those days are gone once you learn these tricks.

Bricks coupons.  Most problems occur with “bricks” coupons, which are online coupons that start with  Following that start is a long string of characters that look like gibberish to me.  Here’s an example url for a bricks coupon:$&o=55781&c=KX&p=ymlIfoq5.  These instructions are targeted solely to bricks coupons.

Your internet browser.  That long string of gibberish-looking characters needs to be compatible with the browser you use to surf the internet.  Let me walk you through a couple of the major browsers:

Internet Explorer.  To print this coupon using Internet Explorer, IE, you will need to replace the “$” with either a “wi” or “vi”. Do this and you will be able to print in IE.

Firefox.  To print this coupon using this link in the Mozilla Firefox browser you will need to replace the dollar signs in the link above. Simply change the “$” in the link above to “wg” and you will be able to print this coupon in Mozilla.

Safari.  To print the same coupon, but using the Safari browser, you will need to change the “$” above to “xs”

Troubleshooting the link.  You will often come across bricks coupons with one of the codes already in them such as “vi”, “wi” and “wg”. The code tells you which browser it is compatible with. If you are using a different browser, then all you need to do is change those two letters.

Your turn: Did it work?  Can you resolve some of the printing problems now?  What problems are you still having?

I based a large portion of this content on an article from eHow.


  1. Gennifer says

    I have tried this with Safari and it did not work. I also get me a message about changing my printer settings.

  2. says

    what perfect timing! i was having issues printing Huggies coupons from savingabuckblog today (telling me i had to install the printer).

    there wasn't a dollar sign, but there was a 'vg'. i changed to 'vi' and voila! it printed!

    thanks carrie!

  3. Tiffany says

    THANK YOU !!! This was the perfect timing! I haven't been able to print in the last week due to this problem. Thanks so much! It worked for me by switching the letters.

  4. Janna says

    Thanks! I ran into similar symptoms with a different root cause last week, thought I'd pass it along in case anyone else has this problem. Last week I suddenly couldn't get the sites to recognize that I had the coupon printer installed, and tried reinstalling it a few times to no avail.

    Turned out our internet security software (Spyware Terminator) was updated last week and it was blocking the coupon printer, probably because the coupon printer tracks information about your computer to keep track of how many times you've printed the coupon.

    So now I turn off the realtime spyware monitoring just before I click the coupon print link, then turn it back on as soon as I'm done.

  5. Janna says

    Another printing tip –

    To stop wasting so much paper on those annoying coupons that print 1 per page with extra graphics that use up the entire page under the coupon, change your printer page size to "half letter (5 1/2 by 8 1/2)". Also change your margins to 0.25" on all 4 sides.

    You can still feed the printer full sheets of paper, the coupon prints fine, but if there is an extra graphic, that gets cut off halfway down the page, leaving you a nice clean half sheet to print something else on by flipping the page around (or if your printer can handle half pages, by cutting off the half page for later reuse)

  6. says

    this post has been shared and bookmark since earlier!!! and right now i wanted to print the Cheerios brick coupon and it would not work!!! i wanted my FREE cereal so i came back and made the changes.. i will have my free cereal manana! thank you very much!

  7. Heidi says

    I have tried numerous times printing coupons from the smart source website, only to be told I need to enable Java…which as I checked it, it already was. A Java security warning window comes up saying that this application requires a previous version of Java and forces me to either choose "run" or "cancel." I have tried both and then tried to print again…no luck. ARRRG! Any suggestions?

  8. Laura says

    I use Firefox for my Internet browsing, so sometimes I have trouble with coupons, too. The way that I remedy it is through this Firefox addon:
    All I need to do when I'm having trouble with a coupon is click the Firefox symbol in the right side of the bottom bar and it switches the page to be viewed in Internet Explorer. This usually remedies my coupon printing issues without having to change anything in the URL.

    Hope this helps!

  9. says

    I can't get the Target coupons to print, I'm using Safari. Any ideas? It just keeps saying they have printed when they haven't.


  10. Dawn says

    I use dial up and AOL. I can't print from Target site as it causes aol to encounter an error then relaunches aol and Target thinks I printed it. Also the colgate site does the same thing and unablel to print from that site. I can print from other sites like and betty crocker,, coupon cabin…. Any ideas?

  11. Robin says

    I am on a Macintosh using Firefox 3.5.7. I have been going right along printing coupons from all sources with no problems at all, until 2 days ago. Nothing on my end has changed. I have not installed any security updates, printer drivers or anything else at all. Now, the Bricks coupons act as if there is something wrong with my printer settings and I can't get past that screen. I HAD been using the Bricks tips above with great success, always changing it to "xs" and they worked like a charm. Until now. and RedPlum both keep asking me to install the software. I have run the "uninstaller" and then the installer over and over again to no avail and I can't get past that screen. Strangely, I can still print the Smartsource coupons. I read somebody's troubleshooting tips that suggested that I delete my cookies, so I tried that but it didn't help. I only have one printer, and it is set as the default printer. I can print from other programs with no problems. I have read all the troubleshooting tips on everybody's websites and there is not anything to help. Any ideas?

  12. Laura says

    I've been having the exact same problem with Firefox 3.5.7 on a Mac, except I can't use SmartSource, either. I'd always had trouble with some Bricks coupons, but now none of them work.

  13. Monica says

    Hello… I have done everything possible to change my "vg" to "wg" and it takes me to a page that it says "your coupons are printing" it shows a shopping cart… but NOTHING… it has been two weeks, any idea??

  14. Mel says

    I'm trying to print Target coupons (using IE). It's making me install the couponactivator. When it's downloading, it gets stuck at 28% and just hangs there. I've tried this several times with no luck. Any suggestions?

  15. Alecia says

    I would love to use this web site but I am too poor to have internet access and the library will not allow any downloads on their computers so I cannot print out any of the coupons (well, none that I have tried so far). Hard for poor people to be frugal I guess.

  16. Andrea says

    On the Bricks coupons, when you go to print, check the lower right corner of the screen, there should be a link that says Help. Click on that and it should bring you to a form to fill out with your name and address. They will send the coupons to you by mail and you should receive them within a few days. Hope this helps!

  17. Sonja says

    I'm having the same problem now with FF 3.6.8. I have been printing fine and then all of the sudden, it is now telling me my print settings aren't compatible. I've tried running it from IE and FF to no avail. I've reinstalled the coupon printer and everything and still won't work. Anyone have any suggestions…I'm assuming this problem got fixed for you since it's been several months. Can print from smartsource but not, bricks or redplum. Can also still print from Target. Just doesn't make sense. TIA!

  18. Shannon says

    How do I print Target online coupons? It always says Google Chrome has stopped working. Any ideas on what I can do? I use Firefox usually.

  19. Jaclynn says

    This is exactly what happened to me and I have tried everything out there that I can find. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it a million times, and using IE or Firefox. Then I found that maybe it was my firefox update that had caused a problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of Firefox, still no solution. It always acts like I haven't installed the coupon printer or I get an error saying there is a problem with my printer (ie. make sure it is my default etc.) and I have checked that all out too. I even turned my firewall off and that didn't help.

  20. Leslie says

    If you have upgraded to Firefox 4 you need to go back to the 3.16.6 version to print coupons. That version is available through the firefox website!

  21. Helen says

    Hello I could use some help. I'm able to print some of the coupons posted but often get the message about my Java and browser not working together….I've tried several things and cannot make it work!

    I'm running FireFox 3.6.14 and have the latest version of JAVA and it is enabled…But, I still get the message:

    "It appears that Java is currently disabled on your computer. Please enable Java and try printing again.

    For instructions on how to enable Java in your web browser please visit our help page by clicking here."

    Anyone have suggestions???

  22. Annetta says

    I have an HP Officejet and am going through printer cartridges ever 3 months. It costs $30 for a black cartridge and $30 for the multicolor cartridge pack. When I get the "low ink" light, I even pull them out and shake them to get more use. How do I make coupon printing worth it when I'm paying approximately $20 per month on cartridges? Would you recommend a different printer?

  23. moo says

    I am having a major problem printing out bricks coupons using firefox on mac! I have so many good coupons I need to print out :( I keep getting the message about changing printer setting even after trying out different things. The trick that was working for me until yesterday was to hit the back button when I got the problem with printer setting page, but now that's not even working. I have never been able to print out bricks coupons using Safari which is actually what I prefer using. The post said to replace the “$”, but I don't see any "$" in the links I am getting. Are there any other suggestions? Please help.

  24. JoAnn Rasussen says

    Yes I would recommend a new printer. We were having the same problem until I bought a new printer with 4 ink cartridges. One black, one yellow, one blue and one red. You see when you use a color cartridge and lets say you are printing a sunset with lots of yellows…your yellow is going to be used up quickly and your red and blue could very well still be full…therefore telling you you need ink. With the seperate color cartridges you only replace one color at a time….leaving you with only replacing cartridges LESS than ever before! Hope that helps you!!


  25. says

    Carrie, I think this post needs an update. I'm running a nice newer Mac with Safari and Firefox, both, and I can't get most coupons (smartsource or to print in either browser. The error I get is that something is wrong with my printer settings; however, it appears to be something I have no means of changing. I cleared out all my printer history, left the one printer I own as the DEFAULT, and still nothing.

    The sites claim that I am probably having this problem because my printer is trying to store the coupon image after printing, and that I need to change the printer setting so it doesn't do this. There is no mention of that setting in my printer user manual, though, nor any indication of such a setting in the printer preferences/settings that come up on my computer.

    I think I am far from the only person having this problem. Help?

  26. ruth w says

    Carrie– I too have been having major problems printing coupons lately as well. Bricks in particular. It just keeps acting like it's sending it but never prints. The web address stuff no longer looks anything what you originally posted a few years ago. There is no $ sign to replace.

    Any hints or helps would be great.

    — ruth

  27. TRISHA says

    HELP HELP I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO PRINT COUPONS.COM FOR 2 WEEKS NOW AND ALSO CANNOT PRINT THE SMARTSOURCE. I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING DIFFERENT. sorry for the screaming but i am about to pull my hair out if the site tells me one more time to install the printer. I did it 2 yrs ago and in the past 2 weeks about 20 times. i have windows 7 and cannot understand what has happened at all. the only thing i can think of is that i tried to print a coupon from facebook for the crystal lite which never printed and ever since then nothing works or has come out. can anyone tell me how to fix this and has anyone else had this problem. By the way this same problem is on all of the computers in the house but my husband because i havent tried to print anything from facebook on his laptop and also this has happened also to a friend and her computer exact same problem. PLEASE HELP


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