Allergic to Coupons? How-to Save Money without Them

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Are you allergic or otherwise averse to coupons, but want to save money?  There are things you can do to pocket your dollars without having to clip.  Danielle from Denver Metro Moms shares some of her best tips in this guest post:

Bring a list and plan ahead.  There have been several times when I’ve left for the grocery store without a list.  Once I get there I feel like I’m aimlessly roaming the isles trying to remember what I needed.  Usually I end up spending more than I need to and inevitably I forget something!  So, next time you’re headed to the store, jot down what you need and bring the list with you.  You’ll save time, gas money, and prevent frustration!

Eat Out for Less.  Let’s face it, we all enjoy eating out occasionally.  We do it either for entertainment, convenience, or simply not wanting to cook.  Next time do it for less.  Order water instead of a soda, and you’ll save at least $2 per drink.  Go for lunch instead of dinner when you can use a discounted lunch menu.  Eat a smaller meal at home then go for dessert.  Take advantage of sites like  Another option is sharing a meal with your spouse.  You’ll save yourself some calories and cash.

Stock up when you find a deal.  Next time you come across a good deal, stock up if your budget can handle it.  Most things freeze well or have a fairly long shelf life.  Make sure you pay attention to expiration dates.  It’s not really a deal if you end up throwing it out.  Look for “Manager Specials” in the meat department or clearance section on end caps.

Negotiate & Shop Around.  The other day we were in a store and I found a shirt I liked but it had a small spot on it.  I thought it would probably come out in the wash, but I wanted to see if they’d discount it because of the spot.  My husband said, “I’ve got to see this!”  Sure enough they knocked 15% off, I washed it and the spot came out.  Shopping around and negotiating applies to everything, but especially large ticket items.  Make sure you do your homework and find out who has the best price.  Most places will price match if you can prove the competitor’s price is better.

In the end, saving money may require a little more work sometimes, but it’ll allow you to keep more of your hard earned money.

Your turn: What other ways do you save money?  I know there are many simple things you can do to reduce cost and save more.  What do you do?


  1. says

    Hi everyone!

    I think when you are on an economy drive, coupons have their place.

    I am definitely thinking about many different ways to save money at the moment. I have gathered together a bunch of videos at which show you ways to save money on groceries, holidays, household bills, energy use, insurance products and your car.

    One of the videos features Stephanie from If you are organised and by in bulk I think money off grocery coupons can have their place in any thrifty household.

    Thanks again, keep up the good work!


  2. says

    A great tool that I found for saving money or at least finding the best deal on stuff is I buy and sell stuff on eBay and use get4it daily to find the best deal. Its a free price guide for eBay which gives the average price the last 30 days and lets you link directly to the best deal. Try it – no harm – its free.



  3. Sarah says

    Summertime is great for garage sales – but you can also get great deals at Thrift Stores or Consignment Shops – especially during the winter when the garage sales have stopped. "Savers" has multiple locations thoughout the cities (Apple Valley, Maplewood, Bloomington, Columbia Heights, St Cloud). They get donations weekly and tag the items with a different color. Then every Thurs-Sun they put the "oldest" color on sale for half off. Even better, whatever hasn't sold by Sunday becomes 99cents on Monday! This is a great way to get good used deals all winter long. In the summer I stock up on 99cent Winter Coats to donate for my church's coat drive. Even cheaper than garage sales usually!

  4. budget mommy says

    My area has 3 "Dollar Trees" that i know of, all right next door to a grocery store. I always go to the dollar tree 1st and get the rest at the grocery store. The Dollar Tree has LOTS of everyday items. NAMEBRAND and GENERIC food (non-perishable), cleaners, toothbrushes 5 for $1. Sure they are not the fancy namebrand toothbrushes but they work just fine for me. Dishes,placemats, kitchen stuff. Manicure and bath stuff. Baby stuff (not diapers tho) Toys.Gifts, party stuff. Wedding decorations! I love the collapsable storeage thingys for my closet. Helium birthday baloons (filled!) they normally cost like $10 everywhere else, right? Mt. Dew 20 oz that cost $1.7 at the gas station only $1 there. They have so much and everything is $1.00.

    Also if you walk through the isles at Target you'll find items that are "buy 5 get a $5 gift card."

    Right now it is Quaker products. I was planning on buying 2 Oatmeals anyway so I got 5 and got a giftcard with it. All together tonight I got 3 $5 gift cards and am well stocked up on foods that my kid will eat. In the past I've seen other gift card items such as 3 digiorno pizzas, 3 starbucks coffee, gift items, cheeze-its. Sometimes I see them in the ad, sometimes I don't.


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