How Menards’ Rebate Program Works

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Ever wonder how Menards’ rebate program works? It’s an old-fashioned mail-in rebate program that I love.  They always have some set of products that are free or deeply discounted after mail-in rebate.  Once you understand how the rebate program works, you will enjoy deeply discounted home goods.

How Menards Rebate Program Works

There is no longer a distinction between types of rebate items

It used to be that free-after-rebate items required you to purchase an additional $10 in non-rebated merchandise, whereas items where you paid something out of your pocket didn’t. As of January 1, 2011 that policy is no longer in effect. That means you can exclusively buy free-after-rebate merchandise.

You have to obtain and mail-in a paper rebate form for each type of item for which you are requesting a rebate

An example will help explain this.  If you buy 4 items on rebate, 3 packages of nails and 1 glue stick, then you’ll need 2 rebate forms; you’ll have one for the nails and another for the glue stick.  You can submit one rebate for multiples of the same item (1 form for the 3 packages of nails).  You get the forms at the Customer Service Desk or the Menards’ websiteBe honest with yourself about whether you’ll actually complete and mail-in the form. If you won’t do it, then this isn’t for you.  Don’t sweat it and move on.

You need to mail a “rebate receipt” along with the paper form

This prints out at the bottom of your receipt for any items qualifying for rebates.  Each rebate is numbered and that number is printed on the receipt.  You’ll use the rebate form that matches that number.

What if I return an item that had a rebate?

If you return an item that had a rebate available when you purchased it, be prepared to turn over the original cash register receipt and the rebate receipt. If you don’t have the rebate receipt, then the value of the rebate will be deducted from what’s returned to you, whether you submitted for the rebate or not.

Your rebate will come in the form of a Menards store credit

It functions like a gift card, but is a 4 x 6 index card-thing that holds your store credit.  It could easily get wet, wrecked or lost so keep it in a safe place.  Mine stays in an extra pocket of my coupon holder, since I guard that thing with my life :)

You can use the store credit from one rebate to pay for future rebate items, including “free after rebate” items

Sweet, huh?  It takes awhile, 2 months or so, for your store credit to arrive, but when it does you can use it for any future rebates.  You can pay for free-after-rebate items with it, or buy anything else your heart desires.

To find the great rebate deals I go to their weekly ad online and search for “rebate” to get a list of all the items that are being offered with a rebate. Weekly we share items whose final price after rebate is at least 75% off their regular price.

Other Tidbits About Shopping at Menards

I have also learned a couple other things about shopping at Menards.

Menards accepts manufacturer’s coupons

By the nature of what they sell there aren’t lots of matching coupons, but personally I have used battery coupons alongside sale and rebates.

Their signage is awesome

I love that they clearly mark where the rebated items are and help make them easy to find.  Sometimes I spot additional rebates within the store that weren’t in this week’s ad.  I have also found their Associates to be very helpful in pointing me to the sale and rebate items.

Rain checks aren’t always an option

Menards will honor the sale price of an item via rain check, if they are out of stock, but rebates are limited to the stock on hand. In the old days, they’d issue rain checks on items that were free after rebate, but that practice has been discontinued.

Their promotions typically run for two weeks, so if they are out of stock, check back a few days later as they may have received more. If you get a rain check they are good for 90 days.

Use integrity

Finally, use integrity. Some folks go overboard when dealing with rebates by having things mailed to multiple addresses and trying to cheat the system. Cheaters never win. Don’t do it because Menards doesn’t have to offer this to its customers and a few bad apples could spoil it for the rest of us.

Your turn: What questions do you have?  What else do you know about the Menards rebate program that I failed to mention?  What other stores have rebate programs of some sort?


  1. Laura says

    Here's another tip: the Menards rebates all go to the same address. (Some rebates are manufacturer rebates with different addresses and different requirements, such as a UPC symbol, but these are rare.) You can put all your rebates in the same envelope and only pay postage once. I have a supply of 60 cent stamps left over from our wedding invitations *man7* years ago; I use these stamps to cover the cost of those really good rebate weeks when there are 6 or 8 or even 10 or 12 rebates to send in.

    Also, we periodically get return address labels sent to us along with a request to donate money to whatevery charity. I keep these labels and use them on my Menards rebate forms. If I run out of labels, I prints some up on address label sheets from Walmart. It makes the rebates so quick and easy, it's a no-brainer. Unless, of course, the receipt gets left in a bag in my husband's car until after the rebates have expired, which has happened a time or two. Lesson learned: don't let husband do the shopping! :-)

  2. Noel says

    Do I need to have Menards Big Card for getting Menards rebates or can I use cash or Amex/Visa/Master/Discover card for those rebate items?

  3. says

    After purchasing, I look at all the rebate forms and identify "mail by dates", locate the earliest date. Fill out all the rebate forms and place them in your envelope with the rebate receipts AND write the earliest date on the upper left corner (above your return address) on the envelope. Now each week I contiune to get more rebates, fill out and place in the same envelope. When the date on the envelope arives, be sure to MAIL All your rebates. Save postage. If you miss the date, mail anyway, they will accept for some time after the "mail by date".

  4. Alana says

    One thing to keep in mind with these "free" rebates is that you are still paying tax for the items. So if you really don't have a need for them (either for yourself or to give them to someone you know would use them), then don't get them. You will end up wasting quite a bit of money on tax over time and will also just be cluttering your house up with stuff you're not using (which I know is not good for my mental health).

      • Paul says

        Actually in Illinois you have to. I’ve done this many times and our Menards charges tax on the amount before rebate regardless if you’re doing it for the first time or if you use a credit check for additional rebate items. Also, be cautious because in Illinois if you receive any rebates over $600 in a calendar year, you’re required to pay taxes on it and you’ll get a tax form that you’ll file.

        • Kevin says


          Are you sure about this? I also live in Illinois and have used the rebate cards to purchase items many times at my local Menards. I have never been charged sales tax. For example, if I purchase an item for $10 and use a $10 rebate card, my total out of pocket is zero. This only works for the rebate card and not for merchandise credit slips. Also, my rebates are well over $600 in a calendar year and I have never received a Form 1099.

        • Erich Riesenberg says

          Paying taxes for paying a discounted price is not logical.

          This is not income, it is a sale price.

  5. Aimee says

    So, when I saw these at the store, I didn't realize you had to make an additional $10 purchase, so I didn't. I sent in my rebate forms. Will I still get reimbursed? I guess if worse comes to worse, I could return the items (haven't used them yet) and get fully refunded. UGH!

    • says

      Aimee – I am not sure what will happen as I have never submitted a rebate without having purchased $10 in other products. It does take about 6 weeks or so for the rebate to process, so wait patiently and let us know what happens.

  6. steve says


    You will still get reimbursed as long as you sent in the rewards slip with the form. I have never had a problem.

  7. Pam says

    One note on sending a bunch of rebates in at the same time is that it will be one big rebate that you get back. The only issue with that is they don't reissue if you don't use it all at one time – it's use it or lose it.

  8. Natalie says

    I received a rebate today that was missing 2 items totaling $6 of missed credit, is there a # to call to get my credit back?

    • says

      Natalie – I've never had a problem, but if I did I'd start with a call to the store to speak with the Customer Service Manager and ask for a direct number to the rebate processing center since you can't get it easily online. Let us know what happens.

  9. brenda says

    We've never had a problem with not using the full amount on a rebate card. They usually write down what's left & then we use it the next time we're there. So it's not use it or lose it unless is expires. (we built a deck this summer & saved a lot of money buying tools & equipment w/rebates)

    • says

      Carolyn – I don't think they have an online coupon policy. I'd encourage you to call the store and ask. I have personally used printable coupons at Menards, but those kinds of things can vary from store-to-store.

  10. Ron says


    This is not true. The have always re-issued the unused amount back to the customer. I do this quite frequently. It is all based on the bar-code.

  11. ty says

    Do I only have to send ONLY the Rebate Receipt, or do I need to include the actual store itemized receipt? I have a BIG rebate coming and want to make sure I get it right! TIA!

  12. Amy says

    I noticed on the rebates that although the address is the same, the title (or addressee) is different. Does this matter?

  13. Amy says

    Can you please explain what this means: "Limit ten widgets in any combination total per rebate certificate. Limit one rebate receipt and certificate paid per person and/or address"

    So if I buy one widget today and buy two tomorrow, I can combine them and send them in with just one rebate certificate? But I bought one today and mailed in the receipt and rebate immediately. Then decided a week later to buy 2 more, I couldn't because it would result in another certificate issue to the same person at the same address (me)?

    Do I understand this correctly?

  14. gerald manning says

    i purchased some articales from princeton,in. menards store in janurary 2011 and was to get a rebate in a couple weeks they told me so far i haven:t received any rebate my ticket says rebate#4202 this rebate form was mailed on 1-6-2011 how long does take i'm getting older each day it was a11%rebate one for 4.23 and 16.46 thank you gerald l. manning 927 no. hart st princeton,in 47670

  15. Kate says

    I'm assuming based on what I've read above that you could most likely take the rebate receipts and have them loaded to a single gift card and only have to carry around that?

    Has anyone done that? I'm assuming it's no different then spending the money as you can still only spend it at Menards? If someone has tried/tries it, let me know if it works. :)

  16. nicole says

    I have a question about the limit on each item. For this week 8/14/11 they have the Vaseline lotion free with 5.00 rebate. If I fullfilled my rebate limit last month can I still do this rebate this month for the rebate limit? Or is it rebate limit on the lotion for life?

  17. Roz says

    to the last poster, Nicole, did last months have a different rebate number? if it did, i would assume it would be a different rebate, otherwise i don't know.

    And if u miss the deadline, go ahead and mail it anyway. I've mailed some in late and always still got them. a couple were even a few months late! i was actually surprised when i still got the rebates! :)

  18. Lena says

    My husband tried to use our rebates to load a gift card and he was not able to. However, I still feel like a more 'experienced' person like myself or anyone on the PYD website should try it before we all think it is not an option.

    • Lena says

      I just looked at my Menards receipt and have discovered why you should NEVER use your rebates to buy a gift card. It is because when you bought your item – you paid tax on the rebated amount. I always knew that and counted it towards my 'cost' of the item. What I did NOT know is that when you purchase with the rebate, the taxable total is what is left after the rebate. Meaning, you are credited the tax! For example: I have a $10 rebate that made my item free, so when I bought it, I actually paid $10*1.07125 or $10.71 (and I thought my cost was $0.71). Then I took my rebate and bought a $10 item that was taxable and my out of pocket was $0 – because they deduct the rebate and calculate the tax on the remaining amount of the transaction. If you buy a gift card, they calculate the tax and then deduct the gift card, so for this example, I would have paid another $0.71!

  19. Susan says

    There have been times when I mail the rebates late…and have always gotten them. But there have been a few instances, like now, where I don't have the rebate form…such as #5958. When I go to the Menards site I can't print one because it's passed it's date. Would I be able to send it in without a form, or should I use another form & cross off the rebate number putting this one on or is there a secret place to get an old form? Or do I just lose it? Thanks.

  20. mike says

    To Susan above, if you go into a Menards store, they can print from over a year ago… I work there, I will see if a rebate is still available when I go in tomm I will leave a reply on here if it is or not

  21. mike says

    Just so everyone knows I work at a Menards so if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask… btw Susan I am able to send you that rebate or a link to it if you like? Let me know…


  22. Jon says

    To mike,

    Let's say in the spring I bought a couple gallons of anti freeze that had rebates, sent in my rebate info, and received the rebate. Now, the same anti freeze is on special, with rebate, can I get this deal again? I'm not sure if it's the same rebate #, but it is the same product.


  23. Brandi says

    The customer service rep at Menards West St Paul told me that they only load 5 rebates per certificate. Does anyone know if they organize how many they'll do for you by number, dollar amount, or what? I'm wondering if I send five of them from xx80 through xx89, for example, if I'd get them any faster than if it's a random set of rebates.

  24. Emily says


    I am a team member at a Menards and I am not sure how they organize them. It could be just random on how they put them on the cards.

  25. Dan says

    A clerk at menards told me something about the rebate progam, that I don't think is true. Example I buy 2 tape measure for $3 each with the rebate of 2 they are free. I need to buy 4 the clerk said I could go back in line and get another rebate. I said you can't send only 1 rebate per address. She said that didn't matter because I have a different sales receipt. Is this true

    • Emily says


      I work at a menards. And no, technically it's not true. But you could send the rebates a few days apart in two different envelopes, though you would get two different rebates, or use a different address/name, and get two different ones also.

  26. Amy says

    Hi all, sorry to bring up questions so late in the game! I'm familiar with Menards rebates, I've used them several times. But now, doing it habitually, it's getting tricky. Can anyone help?!?

    *I send in forms in Nov & Dec. Dec is showing processed, but Nov is nowhere to be found! It hasn't been 6 weeks, so I'm hoping they just processed out of order. Has this happened to anyone else?

    *The rebate tracking form requires a 24-26 digit number, but menards rebate receipt has a 28 digit number! I can only track with my name/address, and they've entered it three ways so far! I'm wondering if a typo is responsible for my "missing" Nov submission, but since I can't use the receipt number to track, who knows. (PS, I've emailed the rebate site about this, waiting on a response)

    *Can I use more than one credit check per purchase?

    *Do I have to use the entire credit check in a purchase?

    *With the info from the last two Q's, what is your preferable way to submit? I've simply submitted everything I've purchased at once, when it's to the same PO Box, but I'm afraid I won't be able to use it all at once. I'm also afraid if I break it up I can't use more than one check per purchase.

    thanks in advance!


  27. Crystal says

    I'm kinda confused now. I got a different rebate receipt then I'm used to. It says Rebate #162 Receipt. Am I to guess that means 0162? I don't see no other 4 digit number. Also today's the final mailing date and they already took the rebate down from the site (looking for the name and neither are there.) Shouldn't they wait till the end of the day at least since I know I could send it out for a couple more hours?

  28. Emily says

    162 is the same as 0162,. The zero does NOT matter. If it was any other number than 0 then yes it would not be the same number.

  29. jean reaume says

    ok,so here is my problem…i purchased doors,and have my receipt and the rebate slip and number,,but,i dont have an address to sent it to…could you please send me the address..thanks in advance…jean reaume

  30. Virginia Ruby says

    My rebate form and rebate receipt were mangled by the post office. How can I get replacement copies?

  31. says

    Virginia – Beyond contacting Menards' customer service to see what they could do, I'm not sure. In the future, you may want to make a personal copy yourself of all rebates submitted so that you have a record of what you sent. I do that for other rebates, but not usually for Menards, although I may start doing that now.

  32. Jan says

    I'm confused, there are no phone numbesr on Menards' receipts so I can't call them as they are a new store here this year. Anyway my question is, I just received one receipt when purchasing my item, I noticed that the bottom of the receipt has a dotted line between the sale transaction and the rebate receipt, do I cut the rebate part off and send in with the rebate form and keep the top, as it is the return receipt? No one explained the exact procedure to me. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  33. Menards user says

    I have a menards merchandise credit of ~ $50 and we are moving to a city where the closest Menards store is 500miles!

    Is there a way to cash the merchandise credit?

    Pl. help!

  34. says

    I really don't think you can cash it in – sorry! :( Menards has a *lot* of items for your house and home besides the normal tools, building and gardening supplies. Maybe buy some water softener salt or swing through their grocery section to pick up items in bulk.




    • says

      Carl – The address to mail in your rebate form is found on the form itself that you should have picked up in the store after making your purchase. Menards does not have an online submission form, and I'm pretty sure you need to have the original rebate form from the store to submit your rebate.

  36. Brenda says

    I know I can send multiple rebates to the same address, but what do I put on the first line. Meaty Bones, Jack' Links, 6-pack socks, or something else?

  37. says

    Yes you can buy a Menards gift card with your rebate check. Just note that when using your rebate check, your tax will be reduced by the amount you use, not so with the Gift Card.

  38. marilena says

    i have my receipt rebates but i do not have the coupon rebate. what i should do? do i have to go to the store to claim for the coupon. even do the promotion ends this monday 6/11/13. my purchases was in 6/9. please advise.

  39. katherine says

    Make copies of everything you send in for a rebate and keep in mind there is no guarantee you will get your rebate even if it is submitted correctly. It looks like I lost over $300 in rebates because my request disappeared into thin air after I mailed it. As far as I know they could have tossed it in the garbage upon receipt and I have no recourse.

  40. Brian says

    If I go into the store and special order some vinyl siding and pay for it, will I be eligible for the 11% rebate if I purchase it while the sale is running?

  41. Kevin says

    Why does Menards make is so difficult to find the address to mail in rebates? Not on the receipt and very difficult to find on their website? Not impressed with their marketing strategy of rebates on everything….

  42. brett says

    hi there, i was wondering if this promotion was valid to Canadians? If I submit my rebate form with a Canadian return address, will Menards send my rebate to that address? one of the Menards employees said they would honor it but I wanted to double check before mailing. Thanks for any replies.

  43. Ken says

    Kevin – the address for mailing rebates is easy to find. It is clearly printed on every Menard’s rebate from I have ever used and I use a lot. The general address is PO Box 155, Elk Mound, WI. Just not sure of the Zip code since I do not have a rebate form with me as I write this.

  44. Lindsay says

    Does it matter what the “recepient” of the rebate is if I’m sending several rebates in the same envelope? For example, on the form I got on the website each has the item at the top of the address (rayovac 18pk batteries, po box 155… and led handy bulb, po box 155… etc). Should I just choose one?

  45. Michele says

    I have lost my original rebate receipt, so I am basically screwed! I have the original receipt, but with out the rebate receipts, if i try to return the item, I lost the amount of the rebate anyway, and if I send in the original receipt, they do not have to honor it? Looks like I am done shopping at Menard’s! They are not the only home improvement store out there!

  46. Mary Prince says

    I purchased 2 things on line and now I need to send in for a rebate. I only have copied receipts from the website. But it says I can’t send a printed receipt. What do I do?

  47. says

    Received my rebate check about 2 months ago. Now I can’t find the rebate check. Is there any way of getting a new check issued? I have the original receipt & a copy of the rebate #5504 receipt form.

  48. Brandy says

    After doing a large remodel job on our home I realized that we have misplaced our rebate slips or some of them anyways. Can I get a copy of these 3563…3339…3514…5964…3725. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!!

  49. Mark says

    Warning, don’t ask checkers for advice on rebates and gift cards at check out. Menards in Spencer Iowa was having the last day of the 11% off everything sale 6/14/2014. As I was walking through check out I asked the young girl working if I bought a gift card would I get the 11% rebate credit. She said yes and boom I look at the receipt and no rebate amount was credited for the 1000 dollar gift card. Guess what, you can’t return gift cards. Pretty slick on her part, now I have a 1000 dollar gift card to myself and the same credit card I bought it on in my pocket. I wish I had a different Menards to deal with, I’ve spent over 20 grand at this store in past 5 years and it’s always one poor customer service experience after another, from messed up orders to flat out wrong advice from their employees. What can you do when the people working there don’t have a clue?

      • Mary says

        They offered the 11% on gift cards for only a couple of weeks as a special promotion. They don’t normally do that. It is generally excluded from the 11% rebate.

  50. Shelly says

    I lost my receipt with the rebate. I printed another at the kiosk. Can I use this receipt to receive my rebate? I wouldn’t worry about a minimal amount, but this is a matter of $60…thanks for your consideration!

  51. Freak of Nature says

    1. Menards sometimes repeats rebates for the same items several weeks or months later. If Menards reuses the same rebate number then you can’t send in another rebate, but if a different rebate number is used you are free to send another one in. For this reason you should keep a duplicate of your rebate form so you can keep track of the rebate numbers used – the rebate form will also have item sku numbers on it. A simply list of the rebate numbers and the items would also work.

    2. For larger rebates I print a shipping label via PayPal and send the item via 1st Class Package commercial rates, which is cheaper than what you would pay at the post office. This shipping label includes a tracking number so you can prove it got to the rebate center. For extra large rebates of several hundred dollars add signature confirmation and/or insurance.

    3. I keep track of my rebates in a accounting ledger and physically place them on a dry erase board with a copy of the rebate form stapled to the receipt. They are numbered and cross referenced to the ledger. Once I get a rebate I place a checkmark on the receipt and in the book next to the rebate’s entry and then remove the rebate from the board.

    4. I never open any of the free items until I get the rebate in case I never receive the rebate – so I can take the items back if they cannot demonstrate that they sent one out.

    5. I don’t just buy anything at Menards to fulfill the $10 of additional purchases, I look at items that I am normally going to buy at say the grocery store and buy them at Menards instead, thus its like like buying my regular groceries and getting free items. Watch the food area in Menards as they need to move food items off the shelves as they get older and will discount them further. If food items are priced the same or close to my local Walmart I buy them at Menards instead because they pay their people more than Walmart.

  52. V. Morrow says

    I purchased over 1500 sq ft of carpet and padding 1 1/2 weeks ago during the “carpet padding .25 cent rebate” event. I purchased it online – big mistake. If I had purchased it at the store (which I wasn’t able to do), I would’ve received a “rebate receipt” at the bottom. But I purchased it online and there wasn’t ANYTHING said about the rebate on the confirmation email that I received. Menards had told me BEFORE I ordered that I would be eligible for the rebate and that I would receive a rebate form in my email. I printed the rebate form from and it very clearly states “Only the Original Rebate Receipt will be honored.” So I called the store, again. This time they said I should come into the store and print a duplicate receipt and mail my confirmation email AND the receipt copy and I should be good. The duplicate receipt I printed today says “Not valid for rebate submissions.” We’re talking about a rebate of almost $500 – ugh! So I inquire at the customer service desk – she says there was a link on the website WHEN I ORDERED that I should’ve printed the “online” rebate form from. WHAT?? I didn’t see a link, I wasn’t told about a special form for “online” rebate purchases, and it’s no longer on the site because the sale ended a week ago. She said to call Rebates International and ask – they don’t list a phone # on their site. Have I just been screwed out of a $500 rebate? Anybody else have the same experience? I’m so frustrated right now!

  53. Jess says

    V. Morrow,
    I work at Menards and have had a few complaints about the rebate link not coming in the email. Just print out the confirmation email, and if you can still find the rebate number go to and print off the rebate form (if you can’t, go to the store and ask the service desk if they can find the rebate that ended on whatever date it ended. They can find it easier than trying to search the website). All of the rebates are through Rebates International and they unfortunately don’t have a phone number, but you can email them asking what you should do or if it’s okay to send in the copy. Their website where you can email them is or just go to and click the customer service tab. What we usually do is using the copy of your receipt, we may be able to print a new original receipt, if not, you can send in your email confirmation, the copy of your receipt (or the original if we can look it up), the rebate form, and a letter with an explanation to your situation. I would try to contact Rebates International first through email, but sending the above items in usually works. They usually respond to emails within a day or 2. It shouldn’t take too long. I am sorry for your frustrating experience and I hope it works out for you. I wish it was easier than that and I hope they fix that flaw soon (the ordering online is fairly new, so I guess it might take awhile to work out all the bugs). Good luck.

    • V. Morrow says

      Well, I have gone back and forth with Rebates International, to no avail. They said I should’ve received the rebate receipt in my email confirmation. They said they would NOT accept anything other than the rebate receipt that was sent in the confirmation email. Soooo, since I absolutely DID NOT receive the right receipt, my next stop is customer service. Our local Menards said that if I didn’t get this resolved with them, we’d have to involve the local General Manager. This is really a Menards problem and I’m hoping they finally step up and take ownership. I know my reps at Home Depot would’ve taken care of this a lot sooner – not impressed with Menards so far :(

  54. Randy says

    It would be soooo nice if we could send in our rebates on line. Is that something that they may do sometime in the future?

    • Jessica says

      Jeff – did they give you the 11%? We bought a new water heater Friday evening, and wouldn’t you know – 11% rebate started on Sunday! Thanks!!

  55. Ellen Haverkamp says

    I bought a BUNCH of paint, 7 gal, however this is the first time I’ve dealt with Menards rebates. Did not realize I only had 30 days to redeem, AND that you have to print off a form online. I’m 3 days over, so Rebate #308 does not show up online. I’m an hour from the store, otherwise I’d drive in and see if someone in-store could help me find the rebate. Can anyone here help me with that? Thanks.

  56. Brenda says

    I think your best bet is to return it to the store for a refund if you still have the receipt with the rebate slip on it. If you don’t have the rebate slip they will take that amount off I was told

  57. darryl perkins says

    several times i have written ti jordyn becker . who suppose to be in charge of rebate refund and i haven’t receive my check yet.
    it’s been over 7 weeks and i’m staring to get the run around atthis point i feel if you not going to send the #6804 don not expect any future buisness.

    • says

      Darryl, I recommend contacting Menards about this. We at Pocket Your Dollars don’t have anything to do with Menards or their rebates, although we can certainly appreciate your frustration.

  58. Derek Bradway says

    I have been using Menard rebates for years. No problems. However, I have made a blunder. For each rebate, I photocopy the certificate and receipt for mailing the orginals. In August I made a large purchase, taking advantage of the 11% rebate promotion. I photocopied, and then I mailed. The next day when I went back to the photocopier I found the certificate still on the glass. It seems I mailed only the rebate receipt w/o a certificate. I did email Rebate International, but to date I have not gotten any confirmation they have this original receipt. I sent them a copy of my photocopies, but still nothing. What a mess. Over $3,500 in rebate money possibly out-the-window.

  59. Beza says

    Be aware that if you return anything off the receipt you are expecting an 11% rebate for, even if it is because the item rang up higher than the shelf price, there is a good chance you won’t get your rebate. This has happened to me twice. The last time I emailed them, they said I didn’t give them enough information, that I should send a copy of the email they sent me, a copy of the original receipt, the return receipt, and the rebate receipt. It cost me 71 cents to mail it at the post office to Jordyn Becker. When I didn’t hear anything I contacted her again and she said she never got the info in the mail from me. This was sent the beginning of September. Nothing but a run-around SCAM.

    • hemswam says

      Menards service desk people there say they dont deal with Rebate. I haven’t received my check for the rebate that shows status as issues from 3/5/15 it been a month so far. I asked the help desk in Menards they just wash their hands saying they dont deal with Rebates :-(

  60. Gretchen Williams says

    Received my rebate check. My question is, can I Give this to a family in need? A family had a fire and I would like to give it to them to help with repairs. If I sign it, will they have any trouble being able using it? Please, if anyone who works at Menards knows the 100% correct answer to this….please respond.

  61. says

    hi, i want to purchase some itemes at menards. but they said we will get rebate through merchandise credit this I have one doubt. after rebate check is came to my home can i use that check for purchase any item from any other shop or not. pls reply me. thank u.

  62. hemswam says

    I sent a rebate shows its been issued for about to $8 which i didnt receive in the mail. I sent a email through the Rebate center here in I have no response. actually i printed the status page asked me husband to go and check with the service desk in the store.

    Anybody had this situation? how to take care of this? Actually am now scared to buy any rebate stuffs from Menards…

  63. Mike says

    If a person finds a rebate receipt on the ground lost by someone and sends it in what will happen?

  64. Doug Mackey says

    I recently submitted an order to the local Menards (Salina Ks) for items to be delivered. when the items were delivered it was not by a Menards truck but a local trucking firm. I helped the driver unload the items and ask him for a receipt. he said he doesn’t work for Menards and didn’t have a receipt Or a check list of items. Since I had paid by credit card when I got to the store they told me to get my receipt from the kiosk. The kiosk receipt did not have a rebate ticket to send in for my rebate. I asked the store manager and he checked with the trucking firm but still not original receipt. This was a substantial order and I would like to get this rebate The amount of the order was $ 1857.18. I have had some returns on this order as well. one for $170.28 +tax and one for $268.92. How can I get my rebate without the original receipt.

    • says

      Hi Doug, I’d recommend speaking to Menards about this. We aren’t actually affiliated with them and therefore can’t be of any help. But I wish you the best of luck with this frustrating situation.

  65. Robin says

    Do you know if you missed the in store rebate date by one day, is there a chance you could still get 11% on your purchases?

    Thank you

      • Robin says


        Thank you for getting back with me. Menards 11% rebate offer ended May 30th and I made a large purchase on May 31. So my receipt does not have the rebate part and I do not have a rebate ticket number to use. Would I just sent the store receipt in and ask for a rebate? Thank you for any help.

  66. Carol says

    i purchased a total of 5 chairs that have a rebate offer of $10 each.
    I purchased 3 on one day and purchased 2 the next day.
    When I send the rebate form do I just send one form and enclosed both receipts, or do I need two forms?


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