Aldi Produce Deals (and Connection to Trader Joe’s)

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Before I highlight Aldi’s great deals on produce this week, I want to share something I learned.  Aldi (short for Albrecht Distribution) is owned by Theo Albrecht who also owns Trader Joe’s.  What?  Seriously?  Yep.  If you don’t believe me, then read Aldi and Trader Joe’sentries on Wikipedia.  All that to say, if you keep your eyes open you might notice some organic products at Aldi – I have heard reports online of that – and you’ll recognize similarities between the two low-cost stores.

Aldi often has the absolute best prices on produce.  In fact, if you know of a place to buy produce cheaper than Aldi let me know.

  • Cantaloupe $.99 each
  • Strawberries $1.19 per pack
  • Pineapple $1.99 each
  • Bananas $.45 per pound 
  • Watermelon $3.45 each


  1. Jennifer says

    I was at the Aldi in Champlin today. Sadly, the produce did not look good at all. The pineapple looked funny, the strawberries were moldy, but I did pick up a watermelon. They had the "stoplight peppers" for $1.99, but they didn't look very good either. I haven't shopped Aldi in probably a year. Now I remember why, it was very disappointing. Maybe it is better to shop on a certain day of the week when they get their produce deliveries???

    • says

      Jennifer – I hate it when the produce somewhere is yucky. Honestly, I have had a similar experience at nearly every store I've ever shopped. I think you're right though, that Sunday afternoon likely means the good stuff is picked over since they probably haven't gotten anything new since Thursday or Friday. If you'd be willing to try them again if you new the produce was fresher, then consider giving the store a call to ask when they get shipments and then shop based on that schedule. Thanks for sharing! –Carrie

  2. Penny says

    Yeah, the produce at Aldi is hit and miss. Strawberries in Blaine were moldy too….but we did get a watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, oranges and apples that all looked great. We always get our pineapples and baby carrots there.

    I love Aldi for snacks for the kids, and dairy products….I'm always amazed at how small my total is.

  3. Val says

    I haven't been too impressed with the condition of the produce at the Brooklyn Park ALDI either–and I shop there at least a couple times a month and the days of the week I shop on will vary. My daughter won't get produce at the ALDI by her (she lives in Chicago)…same problems I've had with moldy strawberries, etc. I imagine that just like a Cub or Rainbow, the quality of each ALDI can vary a bit. The one produce item I do get that has never had a problem, is the 3 pack of romaine hearts for $1.89 or something. It's always been excellent and what a bargain. I like lots of other things at ALDI too, like juice, bread, frozen items, baking goods.

    I had heard that ALDI and Trader Joe's are owned by the same company. Some of ALDI's merchandise is very high quality. They have bread that has no high fructose corn syrup in it, and it's not even expensive. It's always fun to try a new thing or 2 every time and just find out a little more about their inventory. Their frozen egg rolls, ground white meat chicken patties and Fit and Active frozen sandwiches are all tasty. And all very reasonably priced.

  4. Jennifer says

    I'm sure other places have problems with moldy produce, I just think they have the staff to remove it. My husband goes there to buy their frozen spicy sausage patties. He LOVES those. I don't think they have phone numbers posted for their stores. I went to their website and they don't even have a number or email for customer service. I'd have to mail a letter. :) Maybe I'll stop in later this week and ask…

    • says

      Jennifer – I also shop at the one in Champlin, so let me know what you find out about when they get new shipments. You're right that it is a staff issue too. Low cost comes with some trade offs. –Carrie

  5. Jennifer says

    I just have to comment that the watermelon I bought is WONDERFUL! For $3.45 I'll be heading back for more probably on Saturday. I'll check with the manager then about when they receive their produce deliveries.

  6. Jennifer says

    Carrie – just got back from the Champlin Aldi. I bought another watermelon, two packs of strawberries (all looked good!!!), a pineapple and a bunch of other stuff…but I asked a lady who was stacking the shelves about their produce delivery dates. She said they get a truck every other day. They just got a delivery today. She said its the same for all Aldi locations. Just passing the info along. :)

    • says

      Jennifer – Awesome! I was at the Brooklyn Park Aldi yesterday and snagged another cantaloupe, watermelon, 2 packages of strawberries, bananas and some bread crumbs, since I was out and their everyday price is the lowest (unless I were to make my own). My daughter has already eaten an entire pint of strawberries and she and my husband have already devoured a number of the bananas. My point – the produce yesterday looked good! Glad to hear you had the same experience and now we know how often they restock. –Carrie

  7. SUSAN GAIL says

    we recently moved to the jersey shore where we first saw ALDI…i have to say it is a fantastic store and will only become more impressive as it grows and becomes a standard…

    their pricing is to die for on virtually everything and in the last six months i'm noticing more name brands, not that it's important to me, but it's good to see them there…

    and i have found about 10 products in ALDI that i always bought at trader joes, but with our move there's no Joe's nearby…hopefully there will be more crossover items…

    and re produce…yes sometimes it isn't the best, but that too is a factor of store management…we've recently had a new mgr brought in, and many things have improved…so you might want to consider connecting with the regional or district mgr in your area and suggesting that changes be made or that the mgr improve the quality and selection of products…

    here's to aldi's continued success!! susan

  8. Erika says

    I grew up in Germany and my hometown had an Aldi and I always did my shopping there and never had a problem with buying food there.

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